2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics

The 2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics were held in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.[1] The event served as classifiers for the 2011 World Championships in Athletics and took place from July 15–17, 2011.[2] It was the fourth time Puerto Rico hosted the event; the first time in Ponce in 1975, and later in San Juan in 1989 and 1997.[2]

23rd Central American and Caribbean Championships
Atletimo mayaguez.jpg
Dates15 – 17 July
Host cityMayagüez Mayaguez-flag.svg ,
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
VenueEstadio Centroamericano de Mayagüez
Participation449 athletes from
35 nations

The Jamaican delegation topped the medals table with 26 medals (ten of them gold). Mexico was the next most successful nation with ten golds and a total haul of twenty medals, while Trinidad and Tobago took third with five golds and fifteen medals. Cuba, which had dominated the previous three editions, sent a small, weakened delegation and finished fifth (although seven of its nine athletes won medals). The host nation, Puerto Rico, achieved a total of 14 medals, 3 of which were gold. This was a huge improvement for Puerto Rico since the last edition in 2009, winning 1 more gold medal and 8 more total medals than the previous championships. [3][4][5]

Two Championship records were set at the competition: Bianca Stuart equalled the women's long jump best of 6.81 metres and Mexican Juan Romero improved the 10,000 metres record by 26 seconds. Further to this, twelve national records were bettered during the competition. Jamaica's Korene Hinds was the only athlete to medal twice in individual events, taking the steeplechase title and a silver medal in the women's 1500 metres.

Among the competition highlights were the men's 400 metres hurdles (featuring Leford Green, Félix Sánchez and Jehue Gordon) and a duel between Renny Quow and Ramon Miller in the 400 metres. Vonette Dixon won a quick women's 100 metres hurdles where Brigitte Merlano and Lina Flórez became the first Colombians under thirteen seconds for the event. Levern Spencer secured her fourth consecutive high jump title. Cuban throwers Guillermo Martínez and Roberto Janet were the only other athletes who defended their titles from the 2009 edition.


The event had a budget of $650,000.00, the municipal government of Mayagüez has made a commitment to give $300,000.00 of these and the rest were from private sponsors. By April 28, 2011 twenty three participating countries had confirmed there attendance.

The final day of the event marked the first anniversary of the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games and included artistic presentation in an activity in the plaza in front of the Central American Torch.[6] The event was attended by Lamine Diack, the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).[5]


There were 449 athletes from 35 countries (33 member federations of the Central American and Caribbean Athletic Confederation (CACAC) and 2 of the 4 observer nations – Curaçao and Martinique) competing in total.[7] There were no athletes from Anguilla, French Guyana and Guadeloupe.

Athletes from Curaçao made their first appearance at the competition under their island's flag, following the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles the previous year.

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see 2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics – Results

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Keston Bledman (TRI) 10.05   Daniel Bailey (ATG) 10.11   Dexter Lee (JAM) 10.18
200 metres   Michael Mathieu (BAH) 20.60   Rondel Sorrillo (TRI) 20.64   Jason Young (JAM) 20.78
400 metres   Renny Quow (TRI) 45.44   Ramon Miller (BAH) 45.56   Erison Hurtault (DMA) 45.93
800 metres   Andy González (CUB) 1:48.15   Moise Joseph (HAI) 1:48.94   Joel Mejia (DOM) 1:49.67
1500 metres   Nico Herrera (VEN) 3:44.92   Jose Esparza (MEX) 3:45.78   Jon Rankin (CAY) 3:46.09 NR
5000 metres   José Uribe (MEX) 14:08.10   Luis Orta (VEN) 14:14.30   Julio Pérez (MEX) 14:22.01
10,000 metres   Juan Romero (MEX) 28:54.06 CR   Alejandro Suárez (MEX) 29:15.49   Milton Ayala (COL) 30:55.71
Half marathon   Luis Collazo (PUR) 1:07:08   Luis Rivera (PUR) 1:08:38   Oscar Ceron (MEX) 1:09:17
3000 m steeplechase   Luis Enrique Ibarra (MEX) 8:55.86   Fernando Roman (PUR) 8:58.95 NJR   Aaron Arias (MEX) 9:01.35
110 m hurdles   Eric Keddo (JAM) 13.49   Hector Cotto (PUR) 13.54 NR   Paulo Villar (COL) 13.60
400 m hurdles   Leford Green (JAM) 49.03   Félix Sánchez (DOM) 49.41   Jehue Gordon (TRI) 50.10
High jump   Trevor Barry (BAH) 2.28 m   James Grayman (ATG) 2.25 m   Darwin Edwards (LCA) 2.25 m
Pole vault   Cristian Sanchez (MEX) 5.00 m   Alexander Castillo (PUR) 4.90 m   César González (VEN) 4.90 m
Long jump   Tyrone Smith (BER) 8.06 m   Damar Forbes (JAM) 7.81 m   Raymond Higgs (BAH) 7.75 m
Triple jump   Samyr Laine (HAI) 17.09 m   Osniel Tosca (CUB) 16.22 m   Wilbert Walker (JAM) 16.01 m
Shot put   O'Dayne Richards (JAM) 19.16 m   Stephen Saenz (MEX) 18.66 m   Edder Moreno (COL) 18.52 m
Discus throw   Jason Morgan (JAM) 60.20 m   Mario Cota (MEX) 58.80 m   Quincy Wilson (TRI) 56.85 m
Hammer throw   Roberto Janet (CUB) 71.65 m   Roberto Sawyer (CRC) 65.96 m   Pedro Muñoz (VEN) 63.63 m
Javelin throw   Guillermo Martínez (CUB) 81.55 m   Arley Ibarguen (COL) 75.71 m   Jaime Dayron Marquez (COL) 74.07 m
Decathlon   Marcos Sanchez (PUR) 7397 pts   Claston Bernard (JAM) 7299 pts   Jonathan Davis (VEN) 6766 pts
20,000 m race walk   Allan Segura (CRC) 1:28:56.08   Joe Bonilla (PUR) 1:40:18.94   Luis Ángel López (PUR) 1:40:34.16
4×100 m relay   Jamaica
Lerone Clarke
Dexter Lee
Jason Young
Oshane Bailey
38.81   Trinidad and Tobago
Aaron Armstrong
Darrel Brown
Emmanuel Callender
Keston Bledman
38.89 NR   Saint Kitts and Nevis
Jason Rogers
Kim Collins
Antoine Adams
Brijesh Lawrence
39.07 NR
4×400 m relay   Bahamas
LaToy Williams
Avard Moncur
Michael Mathieu
Ramon Miller
3:01.33   Trinidad and Tobago
Lalonde Gordon
Jarrin Solomon
Deon Lendore
Renny Quow
3:01.65   Jamaica
Dwight Mullings
Riker Hylton
Dawayne Barrett
Leford Green

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Semoy Hackett (TRI) 11.27   Jura Levy (JAM) 11.36   Simone Facey (JAM) 11.39
200 metres   Nivea Smith (BAH) 22.80   Anthonique Strachan (BAH) 22.90   Anastasia Le-Roy (JAM) 23.13
400 metres   Shereefa Lloyd (JAM) 51.69   Patricia Hall (JAM) 51.85   Norma Gonzalez (COL) 51.90
800 metres   Gabriela Medina (MEX) 2:01.50   Rosemary Almanza (CUB) 2:02.23   Natoya Goule (JAM) 2:02.83
1500 metres   Sandra Lopez (MEX) 4:22.65   Korene Hinds (JAM) 4:23.78   Pilar McShine (TRI) 4:24.93
5000 metres   Marisol Romero (MEX) 16:05.68   Sandra Lopez (MEX) 16:06.83   Johana Rivero (COL) 17:23.01
Half marathon   Michelle Coira (PUR) 1:21:07   Maria del Pilar Diaz (PUR) 1:21:45   Maria Montilla (VEN) 1:22:20
3000 m steeplechase   Korene Hinds (JAM) 9:54.67   Beverly Ramos (PUR) 9:58.11   Sara Prieto (MEX) 10:42.65
100 m hurdles   Vonette Dixon (JAM) 12.77   Brigitte Merlano (COL) 12.89 NR   Lina Flórez (COL) 12.94
400 m hurdles   Andrea Sutherland (JAM) 56.75   Yolanda Osana (DOM) 57.23   Katrina Seymour (BAH) 57.24 NJR
High jump   Levern Spencer (LCA) 1.82 m   Marielys Rojas (VEN) 1.82 m   Fabiola Ayala (MEX) 1.79 m
Pole vault   Keisa Monterola (VEN) 4.00 m   Milena Agudelo (COL) 3.95 m   Andrea Zambrana (PUR) 3.80 m
Long jump   Bianca Stuart (BAH) 6.81 m =CR NR   Arantxa King (BER) 6.47 m   Yvonne Trevino (MEX) 6.30 m
Triple jump   Ayanna Alexander (TRI) 13.50 m   Aida Villareal (MEX) 13.40 m   Ana José (DOM) 13.11 m
Shot put   Cleopatra Borel-Brown (TRI) 19.00 m   Angela Rivas (COL) 17.12 m NR   Annie Alexander (TRI) 17.05 m
Discus throw   Denia Caballero (CUB) 62.06 m   Brittany Borrero (PUR) 54.03 m   Allison Randall (JAM) 52.75 m
Hammer throw   Eli Johana Moreno (COL) 67.97 m   Rosa Rodríguez (VEN) 65.74 m   Natalie Grant (JAM) 62.46 m
Javelin throw   Fresa Nuñez (DOM) 54.29 m NR   Flor Ruiz (COL) 54.02 m   Abigail Gomez (MEX) 53.13 m
Heptathlon   Gretchen Quintana (CUB) 5704 pts   Francia Manzanillo (DOM) 5601 pts   Peaches Roach (JAM) 5589 pts
10,000 m track walk   Milangela Rosales (VEN) 47:19.91   Sandra Galvis (COL) 48:23.59   Wilane Cuebas (PUR) 55:52.53
4×100 m relay   Trinidad and Tobago
Magnolia Howell
Michelle-Lee Ahye
Ayanna Hutchinson
Semoy Hackett
43.47   Jamaica
Jura Levy
Anastasia Le-Roy
Simone Facey
Patricia Hall
43.63   Bahamas
V'Alonne Robinson
Nivea Smith
Cache Armbrister
Anthonique Strachan
4×400 m relay   Jamaica
Andrea Sutherland
Shereefa Lloyd
Natoya Goule
Patricia Hall
3:29.86   Dominican Republic
Raysa Sanchez
Diana Taylor
Rosa Fabian
Yolanda Osana
3:34.73   Trinidad and Tobago
Alena Harriman
Magnolia Howell
Josanne Lucas
Afiya Walker

Medal tableEdit

Men 400 metres hurdles final

  *   Host nation (Puerto Rico)

1  Jamaica1061026
2  Mexico76720
3  Trinidad and Tobago63514
4  Bahamas52310
5  Cuba5207
6  Puerto Rico*38314
7  Venezuela33410
8  Colombia16714
9  Dominican Republic1427
10  Bermuda1102
  Costa Rica1102
13  Saint Lucia1012
14  Netherlands Antilles0202
15  Cayman Islands0011
  Saint Kitts and Nevis0011
Totals (17 nations)454545135

Participating nationsEdit


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