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Two Canadian National freight trains meet at a small remote yard in Alberta in May 1985
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In rail transport, a train is a vehicle or (more frequently) a string of vehicles capable of being moved along a continuous line of rails or other guideway for the purpose of conveying freight or passengers between points on a predetermined route. The train may be hauled or propelled by one or more vehicles designed exclusively for that purpose (locomotives) or may be driven by a number of motors incorporated in all or several of the vehicles (multiple units).

As of 2016, there are approximately 1,051,767.605 kilometres (653,538.091 mi) of railway track in use worldwide. (World Bank)

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Trains at Waterloo East station as seen from the London Eye in 2008

Waterloo East railway station, also known as London Waterloo East, is a railway station in central London on the line from Charing Cross through London Bridge towards Kent, in the south-east of England. It is to the east of London Waterloo railway station and close to Southwark tube station. The station opened in 1869 as Waterloo Junction, to provide a connection between the London and South Western Railway at Waterloo, and the South Eastern Railway at Charing Cross. A dedicated line was built between Waterloo and Waterloo East, which was later converted to a footpath. Trains originally ran to Cannon Street, but after competition from the London Underground, these were withdrawn as a wartime measure in 1916. The station continued to be connected to Waterloo mainline via a footbridge. Waterloo East was given its current name in 1977, and remains an important interchange in London. It is part of the London station group.

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Heritage train in Jordan

A heritage train pulled by a steam locomotive operates on the former Hejaz Railway in Jordan in February 2007.

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Preserved Great Western Railway autocoach number 190 in 2005

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January 17
Hiawatha Line car


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A two-car train at Pike's Peak summit in 2012
  • March 13, 2018 – Following a closure over winter for maintenance, Broadmoor, the operator of the Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway, the highest railway in North America, announces that the railway will remain closed for 2018, and could possibly not reopen. The owners cited the infrastructure age, which was first put in place in 1891, and continuing maintenance as the primary reason for the closure. Cog railway experts from Switzerland have recommended electrifying the line. (News 13; Colorado Springs Independent)
The rear car of train number C2072 to Beijing South on February 23, 2018
  • February 23, 2018China Railway Corporation reports that 12.2 million passenger trips were taken on the company's trains on Thursday, February 22, 2018, setting a new record for services following the Spring Festival holiday. Known as 'Chunyun,' the travel rush around the holiday is the busiest time for rail travel on the network every year. (Xinhua)
  • January 31, 2018 – The first Class 331 EMU for Northern Rail in the United Kingdom is unveiled at the CAF factory in Zaragoza. It will be tested in the Czech Republic before being delivered to the UK. (Rail Magazine)
The first of five train sets for Brightline is hauled by the Union Pacific Railroad through Manteca, California on the Fresno Subdivision in December 2016 on its way to Florida


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