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Welcome to WikiProject UK Railways. This WikiProject exists to improve the range and quality of articles related to the railways of the United Kingdom. It also covers the railways of the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, though these are not part of the UK. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or see the Task list further down this page.



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The aim of this Wikiproject is to coordinate the huge number of articles relating to railways and rail transport in its different forms within the United Kingdom. It is hoped to produce a more structured and clearer arrangement for users. Its scope includes the history of the railways of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as the current situation covering everything from the architecture, companies and structure, passengers, plans for the future as well as the trains themselves. Plus hopefully it will help keep articles up to date in the changing industry we have today. This WikiProject was started on 6 April 2006 and needs lots of work doing, so if you can help out please do! Everyone is welcome to join and help out no matter how much you know about railways, just add your name to the members list and check back here to see what's going on.

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Here is a list of WikiProject UK Railways members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of members, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Joined
10mmsocket Talk Consistency of content and presentation of information across articles. WP:MOS compliance, especially those aspects that relate to people with a visual impairment 3 January 2022
2006toyotacorrola Talk British Rail, RES, more into the trains then the tracks but I like railsigns 29 September 2022
7severn7 Talk I'm putting stuff in about the various railways of Shropshire; particularly those around the Severn. Unknown
A1personage Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Aaroncrudge Talk Interested in and knowledge of railways particularly in the South East of England. 4 January 2023
Absolutelypuremilk Talk Interested in modern railways, especially the North of England and London. 13 December 2015
ACBest Talk I will do anything I can, particularly Lincolnshire stations. See my recent additions to Gainsborough Central and also, see what I have offered to this project on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject UK Railways 8 April 2007
Achmelvic Talk WikiProject UK Rail Founder 6 April 2006
Adam37 Talk Economic purposes (utility) past and present. New railway lines and services. 8 July 2013
Adambro Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Aidan Croft Talk I am interested entirely in the North Staffordshire Railway, its officers, stations, history and lines etc. Unknown
Ajcoxuk Talk Interested in aspect of modern railway, especially around my local area of N. Herts. Unknown
Alarics Talk more interested in lines and services than in the hardware Unknown
Alzarian16 Talk mostly working on modern rolling stock articles Unknown
AmosWolfe Talk former main line driver and current heritage railway volunteer in Northamptonshire. Unknown
Ansbaradigeidfran Talk Interest in and some knowledge about railways in North Wales and around Cardiff. 27 March 2008
AvidWriter123 Talk Interest in and some knowledge about railways in Southern England and London. 10 December 2022
B.w1203 Talk Large wealth of knowledge of AC EMUs, Railways in East Anglia, and the Great Eastern Railway 19 Jan 2022
BazJ96 Talk General post-1948 history plus NE England in general. 1960s trainspotter! Unknown
Bhtpbank Talk Worked in the UK railway industry for 21 years, doing electrification design. For the last 2 years living in the USA. All aritcles related to electric trains and their infrastructure. Not relevant
Bigpants Talk Live and work in the north-west of England. Unknown
Billreid Talk gone as far as I can with the Morayshire Railway. Hope to start expanding Great North of Scotland Railway soon. Unknown
BlackJack Talk interested in history of steam locomotives and railway networks. Unknown
Bluebellnutter Talk currently working on LB&SCR A1 class among others. Unknown
Bluegoblin7 Talk I frequently help out at the EVR, and I am mainly interested in BR Diesel Traction. Another interest is in Crich Tramway Village. I have recently updated this page and added a complete stock list. Unknown
BNC85 Talk I'm interested in the history of British Rail, liveries, corporate design, visual identity, station architecture and disused railways. Special interests include Tyne and Wear Metro, Network South East, Passenger transport executives, Regional Railways, ScotRail, Tyneside Electrics and rail in the North East and Yorkshire. 25 February 2017
Britishrailclass91 Talk Mostly images but other stuff as well. Unknown
Britmax Talk Anything that seems to need doing, or I think is a good idea. I'm not always right. Unknown
Bruern Crossing Talk Interested in the railways of North and West Oxfordshire. Unknown
Bruvtakesover Talk Mainly interested in the Scottish east coast railways 6 April 2012
Btline Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
BudgieJane Talk Mainly Southern electric and South Wales, both prototype and modelling. Especially interested in getting the typography right, so that tables look their best; also interested in getting information correct and up-to-date on the page, and consistent within the page and between pages 11 December 2013
BulldozerD11 Talk Mainly adding Banner to obscure articles found, (whilst tagging for other projects), copy edit,link, add unref /improve tags. Unknown
Bulleid Pacific Talk Southern Railway and constituent companies steam locomotive classes. Unknown
Caledonianl Talk Info on railway stuff in the UK, etc. 23 January 2019
Calvinps Talk Scotland – General editing on railway stations around Scotland, etc. Unknown
Chip123456 Talk GWML, SWML. Other English & Welsh stations and other bits 16 March 2012
ChrisRCentral Talk Work in the rail industry in the UK, interested in UK rolling stock and railway operations. My nearest line is the WCML (West Coast Main Line), in particular, the south part of it! 16 February 2021
Class444SWRail Talk Most interested in modern rolling stock and services in the south, although enjoys most aspect of railways 20 December 2022
Class455fan1 Talk Interested in UK rolling stock as well as train operating companies in the UK, particularly in London and the South East 19 July 2016
ColourSarge Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
CoolSkittle Talk No interest provided 21 October 2018
Cooltrainer_Hugh Talk Stations, closed stations, routes, closed routes, various other bits and bobs. Unknown
Coradia175 Talk Interested in all railways with a particular focus on the Merseyrail, Northern and Wales & Borders franchises and their associated rolling stock. Member of the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters' Association 8 April 2015
CravinChillies Talk early railways, steam and stations 29 August 2017
CrigLStone Talk a railway historian and activist, have a bookcase full of railway history. Unknown
DAFMM Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
DankJae Talk Interested in railways in Wales and the English bordering regions. Also maps, which I sometimes make. 12 August 2022
Danners430 Talk Interested in preserving UK Rail wiki pages as reliable sources of information that can be used by anyone. 4 April 2023
Das48 Talk a former trainspotter interested in Southern Railway and its constituents. Unknown
Davey2010 Talk Interested in UK trains & train companies. 26 August 2013
DavidAHull Talk UK Railways, especially 1949–66 and current, Immingham, LD&ECR, GCR, Derbyshire and Lancashire. 26 April 2013
Davidvaughanwells Talk Great Eastern, South Eastern, East Yorkshire,East Anglian Rail, Australian diesels 1 August 2014
David Biddulph Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
DBailey635 Talk Particular interest in Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway and fixing line diagrams. Unknown
DBaK Talk Clueless but interested. North London, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. 19 August 2022
Dennisman Talk Can help with East Anglia and London Unknown
Divy Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Djminisite Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Dommmmadden16 Talk Railways in the North West of England 22 December 2018
Dottorre Talk Current UK Railway Operational Information Unknown
Dpaajones Talk I try to keep Wikipedia up to date with regards to the Railways of Shropshire Unknown
Dr Greg Talk primarily disused stations and lines in and near Lancashire Unknown
Dr Sludge Talk Train Driver: UK Train Driving & Traction + Rulebook + Signalling + ERTMS 4 March 2016
Eastern Nat Talk Mainly steam in Essex and Suffolk + shipping from local ports ; London Underground 10 May 2012
Eccentral8688 Talk Manchester Metrolink, former railways, light rail 4 April 2024
EdJogg Talk GWR and BR (pre-privatisation) + industrial railways; South East railways (W. London/Berkshire/Surrey); London Underground; all things steam!! Also created Ilfracombe Branch Line and stations. Unknown
Edvid Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Edward Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
EdwardRussell Talk Hoping to improve the grammatical quality of articles, particularly relating to my main interest of government policy relating to the railways. 30 December 2012
EliminatorJR Talk Mainly BR diesel traction, though I'm going to look at other areas soon – currently hammering away at Class 47 in an attempt to get it to GA status from its original disorganised state. Unknown
The Emperor of Byzantium Talk Mainly BR during the 1970–80's, and it Privatization in the 1990's. I'm also going to look at LMS and it's stations (which it over from the L&YR, mostly in west Lancashire. 18 October 2012
EP111 Talk Wirral, the Wirral Line stations, depots &, in particular, the disused Birkenhead Dock Branch. I'd quite like it to be turned into a heritage railway. Help me improve the articles, if you can. 14 January 2012
Ephemeral Candybar Talk I am particularly interested in the preservation of pre-modern BR locomotives, especially those that reside on the West Somerset Railway. 29 January 2019
Erebus555 Talk Focus mainly on West Midlands railway stations and features. Unknown
Exodus662 Talk All present railway lines in Mainland Britain. 15 July 2020
Ferdinand4321 Talk Trainspotter and self confessed saddo. Will add any information I think is missing Unknown
FGWQPR Talk Trainspotter from Cornwall, will keep an eye on Cornish rail stations. Unknown
Fingerpuppet Talk Stations and lines in the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire, with a side order of Greater Manchester when I have time! Unknown
Flying Stag Talk Lifelong enthusiast, with bias to West Midlands and Wales, partic interstest in the complexities of railway geography and history Unknown
GammaRadiator Talk Stations in and around Northern Essex, portrayals of railways in train simulators 7 February 2015
Garethdennis Talk Main focus is on covering high speed rail, however I often find myself tidying up articles elsewhere and doing other general bits and bobs. 14 May 2010
Gawthorpe Dave Talk mainly expanding the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway & its constituent companies. Unknown
Geof Sheppard Talk working on South West England, and also broad gauge railways Unknown
Geoking66 Talk formatting and templates, fix spelling and grammar Unknown
Gim67gb Talk Main interests are creating & updating articles on stations & routes in the Midlands, Wales, North of England & Scotland 2 June 2016
Gingerblokey Talk Added history to Great Yarmouth railway station and have added more info to some other pages, very interested in UK railways Unknown
Globbet Talk Mechanical engineering, especially steam. Unknown
Gmac67 Talk mainly focussing on expanding articles on stations & routes in the Midlands and North of England Unknown
Goose Talk Accidents! Macabre, maybe, but something can always be learned from them. Maybe also something about the Modernisation Plan, perhaps even its own article Unknown
GRALISTAIR Talk Interested in modern railways, especially infrastructure and even more interested in electrification 3 January 2018
Gray-martyn Talk Added modernization plans to Birmingham Moor Street and is consistantly knowledgable upon the network of the centro region in particular Unknown
Grizzlyqi Talk working on expanding the stub articles for the stations on the Berks and Hants Line. I started with Newbury and I have now done Hungerford, Newbury Racecourse and most recently Thatcham. Unknown
Gwernol Talk Narrow gauge and industrial railways (see List of British Narrow Gauge Railways and British industrial narrow gauge railways) and Welsh railways Unknown
halowithhorns89 Talk Broad, narrow and standard gauge, UK and Republic of Ireland, (Channel Islands and Isle of Man limited) Articles on railway stations, currently information mostly for 1825 to 1985. In process of bringing station pages up to date with each other(info boxes, brief history), specialise in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Ireland and Wales Unknown
Hassocks5489 Talk I can offer help on tickets and fare systems, railway stations generally (especially ex-Network SouthEast area), recent (since 1970s/1980s) closures and openings, and info about TOCs and regions. Ticket systems are my main thing, though. Unknown
HJ Mitchell Talk Railway architecture, bridges, etc (including railway-related war memorials). Assorted other interests, especially the HST. 5 December 2011
Horizon22 Talk Mainly statistics and data for lines/stations etc. 19 January 2016
Hortensio Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Huangcjz Talk Improving London and South/East England and modern EMU/DMU articles. 4 August 2009
Iaineight Talk Bristol, Gloucestershire & Somerset Related Articles. Unknown
Ilovejames5 Talk British Railways steam locomotives, particularly LNER locomotives. Also i joined on 6 December 2022, so I’m new. 18 December 2022
Jake the Editor Man Talk I know a bit about railways in East anglia + london Underground. Unknown
JalenFolf Talk Anti-vandalism, copyedits, and general maintenance and organization of service tables, as well as categorization by operating company. 3 August 2022
Jamesbrownontheroad Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
JamesVilla44 Talk Railway Network in the West Midlands and where services run to from there 26 May 2023
Jamko31 Talk Knowledge of railways in the north of England but I also have an interest in the rest of the country. Unknown
Jason Rees Talk Live in Stevenage and travel between stevenage and hitchin at least 5 times a week so will be able to help out a bit on FCC GNER and HULL Trains will help out wherever else I can Unknown
jdan Talk Currently working on improving articles about stations in the West Midlands in particular. 22 May 2011
Johndarm Talk Railway professional based in York. Will add to anything I can. Unknown
Jorvik Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Jozg44 Talk I started the Meon Valley Railway article, which is still in need of attention. Generally interested in the pre-grouping railway era (late 19th/early 20th century). Unknown
Jrgnet Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
JST9 Talk mostly rolling stock articles 11 August 2014
Karl304 Talk Primarily railways in Northern Ireland and their associated rolling stock, but occasionally also railways in Scotland. April 2017
Kilopylae Talk I'll try to help out across the board - I'll likely end up focusing on the South West of England, grammar, and consistency between articles 17 February 2019
Leeds United FC fan Talk Yorkshire 4 January 2016
Lewisskinner Talk Currently piling through West Riding of Yorkshire and Midland Main Line Unknown
Likelife Talk Mainly Railways in London & the South East region, franchises, stations and the Midland Main Line. Unknown
Long Robin 79 Talk Great Central Railway – Nottingham Victoria, all railways in general can help/assist with West of Scotland/Ayrshire 7 April 2012
Lord Castellan Creed Talk Knowledge on narrow gauge, and also how they are made. Unknown
lordmwa Talk Wants to make it all better – most knowledge around the South Unknown
LordSavage1997 Talk After creating articles for pretty much every railway station capable of sustaining its own article and had matching dates within the sources, I'm now going through the entire A-Z of the closed railway stations in Britain and adding short descriptions, images and references where necessary. I'm also purging Railscot from existence, after an RfC was passed stating that it wasn't a reliable source anymore. Armed with a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the most generic username of the times, suffering is indeed at hand. 2 August 2017
Lukeno94 Talk I am a fan of locos, particularly steamers. I've done a fair bit of work on infoboxes. I've also started a couple of articles, or re-written articles, of early steam locomotives. 17 March 2012
Lukew151 Talk Currently based on the South Coast, concentrating on fixes to local lines. 10 April 2013
Luky-h2 Talk Interest in heavy & light rail (i am connected to light rail), going to help find facts and write articles 14 March 2023
lxxxi Talk Interested in trains/railways and willing to help. Unknown
Lynbarn Talk Mainly narrow gauge (esp.L&B), and pier railway(esp. S-on-S} interests. Unknown
Mackensen Talk I categorize images on Commons. Unknown
MajorScafellPike Talk Predominantly rail infrastructure (tunnels, viaducts and the like!) and railways in the Midlands 6 July 2022
Manor 7812 Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Mark999 Talk Bristol area and infoboxes ect... Unknown
Marky7890 Talk Working on South West – depots, stations and lines, Also make updates to First Great Western article Unknown
Martin H. Heron Talk Improving articles on various stations, especially those in the South East and London. 12 June 2012
mattbuck Talk Photography, Bristol area, maps, units, London, etc. Whatever I happen to come upon really. 2008
Mattdaviesfsic Talk Units, South East, stations, automated announcements, TOCs etc etc 28 December 2021
MattKitty Talk Blackpool and the Fylde Unknown
Maxopolitan Talk Improving articles specialising in rolling stock and TOCs 8 August 2023
Mbreckers Talk Will concentrate on the Ayrshire Coast Line, but also will work on Glasgow to Edinburgh via Shotts and any others I happen to pass by 6 July 2015
Mertbiol Talk south and southeast lines and stations. Unknown
Mildertduck Talk Based in County Durham, but have done work tidying up ECML articles Unknown
Mindi Crayon Talk Particuarly enjoy the challenge of making route diagrams. Mine so far are Railways in Sandy and Southeastern High Speed 25 May 2020
Mjroots Talk Southern Railway, also been working on CFBS and RBM lines in France. Unknown
Motacilla Talk Railway history in the British Isles, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria Unknown
Mpvide65 Talk south east, mainly Chiltern lines from London. Unknown
mtpt Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Murgatroyd49 Talk General interest and finding suitable images for articles 5 October 2019
Mwsmith20 talk Trying to improve grammar/citations in railway / bus history articles, mainly south of England related 5 August 2023
NetworkkEd Talk General Railway knowledge - currently working with Network Rail, will try and place any knowledge onto here. 6 January 2019
Nightfury talk Interest in Southern and Western (predominately south/south-west Wales) regions. 24 April 2019
Notech2 talk Mainly interested in the Western region, especially HSTs and GWR steam 11 August 2023
Nthep Talk LMS and constituents especially in the North Midlands and Yorkshire Unknown
Oshawott_12 Talk Fix the rail charts to Services from Refrences or External Links when browsing 14 July 2018
Pcfantask Talk The North west and West Midlands Railways 14 December 2015
Pebbens Talk No interest provided 1 May 2011
Peeky44 Talk know about and have access to books on the Isle of Wight railways, also regularly travel on FGW. Unknown
Pencefn Talk Mainly work on Historical Scottish Railways; started with western Caledonian Railway predecessor companies, but moved onto other lines. Unknown
Peter Shearan Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Pickle UK Talk The South East (Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London), Stoke on Trent and Railway electrification Unknown
Pigsonthewing Talk particularly stations in Birmingham & West Midlands. Also interested in the addition of coordinates and the Geo microformat to articles. Unknown
Pkbwcgs Talk Cleaning up most articles related to train stations and train classes. 14 October 2017
PlusAnotherUser Talk Interested mostly on railways in Hampshire but also most main lines. I also fix links and spellings Unknown
Pintodog Talk Rural lines in Oxfordshire & the Thames valley that were closed by Beeching, among other things. 5 August 2021
Pyrotec Talk started expanding the Caledonian Railway article, got interested in the rivalry with the G&SWR and the North British, particularly steamer services on the Clyde – started Paisley Canal Line (Cal – G&SWR rivalry) as a diversion. Unknown
Railway forum Talk Owner and Director of National Preservation Unknown
Railway_Uk Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Rattey Talk Interested in railways since the early 1970s. Worked for BR and successors from early 1980s into early 2010s. Main interest is LB&SCR and successors. 05 November 2023
Raywil Talk A bit of everything, but mainly North West England, particularly the Wirral area. Unknown
RedrO ehT Talk I live in West Yorkshire but I work on and am interested in any obscure railway in England! 31 May 2022
Redrose64 Talk spotted my first loco at Banbury railway station on 21 Mar 1979 and it just grew from there Unknown
RFBailey Talk General, with a preference for the contemporary over the historical 18 April 2006
Robin S. Taylor Talk Created the Armorial of railways in Great Britain 04 February 2022
Romfordian Talk Interested in railways in Cornwall, and East London. Also First generation diesels and DMUs 11 May 2007
Rsloch Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Rushey Platt Talk railwayman for 20+ years, interested in railway history and geography, esp. East Anglia and North London Unknown
RuthAS Talk the Railway history of NW England, particularly Manchester area Unknown
SageWater Talk Post 1990s EMUs & DMU/DEMU Rolling Stock + South East Stations. 22 March 2017
Scillystuff Talk West Riding of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Unknown
S.C.Ruffeyfan Talk loved trains since a baby. Unknown
Secretlondon Talk Whatever takes my fancy, generally stations 17 March 2024
Seemplez Talk Trains are my thing, will help with anything. 17 September 2019
sheffieldposh Talk Sheffield Victoria / Sheffield Midland, The Woodhead Route, Stations In Lincolnshire 13 April 2013
Sherlock800 Talk I love trains, particularly like trains in the United Kingdom. 17 Febuary 2021
Sgreen93 Talk ECML. 8 May 2010
sillybillypiggy Talk Southearstern and tfl Unknown
Sillything Talk Especially interested in GWR, GCR and MRR, but also keen on all the others, lost lines in particular. Unknown
Simmo676 Talk working on railway lines in North East England, past and present Unknown
Simplyrailway Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Simply south Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Skully Collins Talk Travel into Manchester every weekday (for University) on the Crewe to Manchester line, Class 323 are a common sight. 4 December 2007
SkymasterUK Talk Interested in the current railways around Hampshire and Dorset 25 October 2015
sleeming88 Talk Particularly interested in the current and lost railways around Teesside, North Yorkshire and East Yorshire. Unknown
Smasher72 Talk No Interest Provided 27 October 2012
someone else 90 Talk keen and frequent user of Southern West Coastway trains, and also fair knowledge of the rest of the Southern network Unknown
Steel City Ady Talk Life member of Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust Ltd and member of AC Loco Group. Unknown
Sunil060902 Talk Member of the Great Eastern Railway Society and has visited every railway station in London. 25 October 2011
talltim Talk Bit of everthing, but mainly South Yorkshire and Deryshire. Unknown
Tankerton Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
TAS Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Tbo 157 Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
TC60054 Talk Both tramways and railways, of no specific area 19 May 2019
Teedy92 Talk Bringing latest information about stations in Devon Unknown
Tgl59 Talk General interest - often as a result of looking into specifics to find no available information 26 January 2021
The busman1982 Talk Isle of Wight Locomotives Unknown
TheFrog001 Talk Mainly London and surrounding areas, for spelling, grammar, and to fight vandalism 11 March 2020
The joy of all things Talk Yorkshire, North of England, Statistics, Freight. I do have images. 8 November 2015
TheMagikCow Talk Hertfordshire and London Railways. Trainspotting. 22 July 2014
The Navigators Talk Infrastructure, Railfreight, Privatization of British Rail. 3 January 2010
TheScottish801 Talk To fix Scottish Train Pages and Intersted in trains in the south of England. 18 March 2022
Thomas85753 Talk Railways in East Anglia and all UK trains themselves 27 October 2013
Thomas888b Talk Redesigned pages to new blocked look. Greater Anglia & GEML 26 April 2011
Thryduulf Talk General interest in the network and stations, particularly in the West Country and London. Most active in editorial things, proofreading, formatting and the like. 6 April 2006
TicketMan Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
TimMassey Talk returning to interest in railways after 25 year lapse. My OCD means that I will make multiple minor amendments to improve the flow of articles; spelling, punctuation, etc. September 2014
Tom29739 Talk Interested in railways around the West Midlands and the West Coast Main Line, also rolling stock and the privatisation of British Rail. 15 September 2019
Tombomp Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Tom The Tomato Talk A fan of the more modern side of multiple units and locomotives, mainly post 1968. 9 August 2013
Trains2050 Talk A fan of uk suburban railway. 10 June 2020
Trainsofew28 Talk Branch lines and Community rail partnerships. I also am a bit of a train spotter 29 November 2020
Trident13 Talk a fan of God's Wonderful Railway and anything associated with it, be that old or modern as a result of commuting on FGW. Having just written five articles on various South Wales railways, and added the article on the SAR NGG 13 Class Garratt depolyed on the Welsh Highland Railway, I have also found a liking for creating rote maps using the existing German language tool. Unknown
Veganfishcake Talk Updating usage stats for stations, as well as other useful corrections and additions. 7 July 2012
Verbarson Talk GWR locomotives and history; preserved GWR locomotives and railways; preserved railways in NE England, Wales, Isle of Man. 4 December 2021
Voice of Clam Talk Railways in West Midlands and Wales, particularly narrow gauge. Have camera, will travel! 2 June 2006
Vox Humana 8' Talk No Interest Provided Unknown
Vulcan44 Talk Mainly Swanage Railway and Southern Railway, but as well 1st generation DMUs/EMUs and DEMUs. Working on Southern Railway Carriages and Pullman Coaches. 28 April 2014
WatcherZero Talk Light Rail networks and GM commuter Rail Unknown
Welsh Talk WP Assessment and fixing station red links in Wales and beyond April 2012
Welshleprechaun Talk No Interest Provided 4 August 2009
Willsmith3 Talk Welsh Narrow Gauge. Works for Vale of Rheidol Railway. Volunteer at the Fairbourne Railway and Talyllyn Railway. 17 November 2007
Witchwooder Talk Volunteer at the Corris Railway. Interested in the Cheshire Lines Committee network, particularly in Cheshire, and the railways of the Isles of Man and Wight. Unknown
Wizzy011 Talk Suburban and Commuter Rail 26 June 2015
Worley-d Talk Generally going around cleaning up spelling and grammar if needs be. Also specialising on stuffies in the Black Country. Unknown
WSmith26997 Talk Generally London related although interested in the wider UK network. 10 August 2019
WT79 The Engineer Talk Mostly Welsh railways, and railways in Buckinghamshire as that is where I live, but fairly broad with an non-specific interest in most railways. Volunteer at the Talyllyn Railway and occasionally at the Corris Railway. 4 January 2020
WVRMad Talk Mostly interested in the Railways around the western Gloucestershire, I create route diagrams for railways across the country. Unknown
XAM2175 Talk Primarily 1980s and onwards. 22 September 2022
XTOV Talk working on railways of the North Yorkshire Moors area (past and present) and the NER in general. Unknown
Year1989 Talk Improving articles. Mainly in Derbyshire / Midlands area. Unknown