1606 (MDCVI) was a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar and a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar, the 1606th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 606th year of the 2nd millennium, the 6th year of the 17th century, and the 7th year of the 1600s decade. As of the start of 1606, the Gregorian calendar was 10 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until 1923.

Millennium: 2nd millennium
1606 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar1606
Ab urbe condita2359
Armenian calendar1055
Assyrian calendar6356
Balinese saka calendar1527–1528
Bengali calendar1013
Berber calendar2556
English Regnal yearJa. 1 – 4 Ja. 1
Buddhist calendar2150
Burmese calendar968
Byzantine calendar7114–7115
Chinese calendar乙巳年 (Wood Snake)
4302 or 4242
    — to —
丙午年 (Fire Horse)
4303 or 4243
Coptic calendar1322–1323
Discordian calendar2772
Ethiopian calendar1598–1599
Hebrew calendar5366–5367
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat1662–1663
 - Shaka Samvat1527–1528
 - Kali Yuga4706–4707
Holocene calendar11606
Igbo calendar606–607
Iranian calendar984–985
Islamic calendar1014–1015
Japanese calendarKeichō 11
Javanese calendar1526–1527
Julian calendarGregorian minus 10 days
Korean calendar3939
Minguo calendar306 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar138
Thai solar calendar2148–2149
Tibetan calendar阴木蛇年
(female Wood-Snake)
1732 or 1351 or 579
    — to —
(male Fire-Horse)
1733 or 1352 or 580




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