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Sky Sport (New Zealand)

Sky Sport is a group of sports-oriented television channels operated by New Zealand's satellite pay-TV company, Sky Network Television.

Sky Sport
Sky Sport logo
Launched18 May 1990
NetworkSky Television
Picture format1080i (HDTV) 16:9
SloganThe Home of Sport
Life Needs More Sport
CountryNew Zealand
Pacific Islands
Sky050 Sky Sport News
051 Sky Sport 1
052 Sky Sport 2
053 Sky Sport 3
054 Sky Sport 4
055 Sky Sport 5
056 Sky Sport 6
057 Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports
058 Sky Sport 8
059 Sky Sport 9
Vodafone TV200 Sky Sport News
201 Sky Sport 1
202 Sky Sport 2
203 Sky Sport 3
204 Sky Sport 4
205 Sky Sport 5
206 Sky Sport 6
207 Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports
208 Sky Sport 8
209 Sky Sport 9


Sky Sport 1 is the original Sky Television sport channel in New Zealand. It was first introduced in 1990 as Sky Sport on the Sky UHF service.

A sister channel, Sky Sport 2 was launched in 1997 when Sky introduced a nationwide analogue direct broadcasting via satellite (DBS) service, followed by a third channel, Sky Sport 3 in 2003 and Sky Sport 4 in 2013.

On 1 August 2019, Sky launched five more Sky Sport channels, numbered from 5 to 9. Additionally all the channels were be re-aligned to be sport-specific, and a Sky Sport News channel was launched providing the latest news and updates from across all sports.


Ten main channels comprise the Sky Sport service[1]

Channel Name Content
050 Sky Sport News Provides the latest sport news and updates, supplied by simulcasts of Sky and Fox Sports News.
051 Sky Sport 1 24/7 rugby union coverage.
052 Sky Sport 2 24/7 cricket coverage.
053 Sky Sport 3 Netball coverage and a mix of other sports.
054 Sky Sport 4 Rugby league coverage and a mix of other sports.
055 Sky Sport 5 Motorsport coverage and a mix of other sports.
056 Sky Sport 6 24/7 golf coverage.
057 Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports 24/7 association football coverage.
058 Sky Sport 8 General sport coverage.
059 Sky Sport 9 General sport coverage.

All Sky Sport channels are broadcast in 1080i high-definition.

Pop-up channelsEdit

Additional Sky Sport channels are launched in order to broadcast major events such as the Australian Tennis Open and Olympics Games.

Former LogosEdit


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