Queen Wongyeong

Queen Wongyeong (원경왕후 민씨, 29 July 1365 – 18 August 1420), of the Yeoheung Min clan, was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and queen consort of Yi Bang-won, King Taejong; the third Joseon monarch; and mother of Yi Do, King Sejong; the fourth Joseon monarch.

Queen Wongyeong
Queen dowager of Joseon
Tenure9 September 1418 – 18 August 1420
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1400 – 9 September 1418
Crown Princess consort of Joseon
Born29 July 1365
Songgyeong, Cheoldong, (now Kaeseong, North Korea) Kingdom of Goryeo
Died18 August 1420 (1420-08-19) (aged 55)
Byeol Hall, Sugang Palace, Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
(m. 1382⁠–⁠1420)
  • Princess Jeongsun
  • Princess Gyeongseong
  • Princess Gyeongan
  • Prince Yangnyeong
  • Prince Hyoryeong
  • Yi Do, King Sejong
  • Princess Jeongseon
  • Prince Seongnyeong
  • Unnamed prince
Posthumous name
창덕소열원경왕후 彰德昭烈元敬王后
HouseYeoheung Min
FatherMin Je
MotherLady Samhanguk of the Yeosan Song clan

She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1400 until her husband's death in 1418 and honoured as Queen Jeong (정비), after which she was honoured as Queen Dowager Hudeok (후덕왕대비).


Future Queen Jeong was born as the third daughter of Min Je from the Yeoheung Min clan and Lady of the Yeosan Song clan. She married Yi Seong-gye’s fifth son, Yi Bang-won in 1382 at the age of 17 making her Princess Consort Jeongnyeong of Joseon. When her husband became Crown Prince in 1400, her royal title changed to Crown Princess Consort Jeongbin of Joseon, and was eventually given the royal title of Queen Consort Jeong of Joseon in that same year. She was Queen Consort of King Taejong of Joseon, the third king of Joseon. Her mother was given the royal title of "Princess Consort Samhanguk of the Yeonsan Song clan" (Hangul: 삼한국대부인, Hanja: 三韓國大夫人), and her father was given the royal title of "Internal Prince Yeoheung, Min Je" (Hangul: 여흥부원군 민제, Hanja: 驪興府院君 閔霽).

Queen Jeong is described as smart and ambitious and with an astute political ambition, who frequently intervened in state affairs.[1] She assisted her spouse in his way to the throne and convinced him to appoint their eldest son Yangnyeong as crown prince.[1] When he replaced their son as crown prince with the son of a concubine, Queen Jeong was enraged and her interference finally resulted in King Taejong executing her younger brothers in order to keep her and her family's ambition in check.[1]

Hyobin of the Cheongpung Kim clan was originally one of Queen Jeong's servants at the Min household before she became a concubine for King Taejong, and Shinbin of the Yeongwol Shin clan was also originally one of Queen Jeong's retinue of assistant court ladies.


Queen Wongyeong’s grandfather’s older brother, Min Yu, eventually became the 12th great-grandfather of Queen Inhyeon and the 17th great-grandfather to Empress Myeongseong.



  • Father — Min Je (閔霽) (1339 - 1408)
    • a) Grandfather — Min Byeon (민변, 閔忭) (? - 1377)
      • b) Great-Great-Grandfather — Min Jong-yu (민종유, 閔宗儒) (1245 - 1324)
        • c) Great-Great-Great-Grandfather — Min Hwang (민황, 閔滉)
          • d) Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather — Min In-gyun (민인균, 閔仁鈞)
      • b) Great-Great-Grandmother — Lady Yu (유씨, 兪氏)
    • a) Grandmother — Lady of the Yangcheon Heo clan (본관: 양천 허씨, 陽川 許氏)
  • Mother — Lady Samhanguk of the Yeonsan Song clan (삼한국대부인 여산 송씨, 三韓國大夫人 礪山 宋氏) (? - 1424)


4 older brothers, 2 older sisters, and 1 younger sister:

  • Older brother — Min Mu-gu (민무구, 閔無咎) (? - 1410)
    • Nephew — Min Chu (민추)
  • Older brother — Min Mu-jil (민무질, 閔無疾) (? - 1410)
    • Nephew — Min Chok (민촉)
    • Nephew — Min Bun (민분)
    • Nephew — Min Sam (민삼)
    • Niece — Lady Min (민씨)
    • Niece — Lady Min (민씨)
    • Niece — Lady Min (민씨)
  • Older brother — Min Mu-hyul (민무휼, 閔無恤) (? - 1416). Wife: Lady Lee of the Ugye Lee clan (우계 이씨, 羽溪 李氏)
    • Niece — Lady Min (여흥 민씨). Husband: Sim Jun (심준, 沈濬); Queen Soheon’s younger brother
    • Niece — Lady Min (여흥 민씨)
  • Older brother: Min Mu-hui (민무회, 閔無悔) (? - 1416)
    • Nephew — Min Nowi (민뇌)
    • Niece — Lady Min (여흥 민씨)
  • Older sister — Lady Min (여흥 민씨). Husband: Jo Pak (조박,趙璞) (1356 - 1408) of the Pyeongyang Jo clan (평양 조씨, 平壤 趙氏)
  • Older sister — Lady Min (여흥 민씨). Husband: Yi Cheon-woo, Prince Wonsan (이천우 완산군, 李天祐 完山君); King Taejong’s half-nephew
    • Nephew — Yi Gwing (이굉, 李宏). Wife: Lady of the Gyeonju Kim clan (경주 김씨); Queen Jeongan’s younger sister
  • Younger sister — Lady Min (여흥 민씨). Husband: No Han (노한, 盧閈) of the Gyoha No clan (교하, 交河) (1376 - 1443)
    • Nephew — No Mul-jae (노물재, 盧物栽) (1396 - 1446). Wife: Lady of the Cheongseong Sim clan; Queen Soheon’s second younger sister



5 sons and 4 daughters:

  • Princess Jeongsun (정순공주, 貞順公主) (1385 - 1460)
  • Princess Gyeongseong (경정공주, 慶貞公主) (1387 - 1455)
  • Princess Gyeongan (경안공주, 慶安公主) (1393 - 1415)
  • Yi Je, Prince Yangnyeong (이제 양녕대군, 李禔 讓寧大君) (1394 - 1462)
  • Yi Bo, Prince Hyoryeong (이보 효령대군, 李補 孝寧大君) (1396 - 1486)
  • King Sejong the Great (세종대왕, 世宗大王) (1397 - 1450)
  • Princess Jeongseon (정선공주, 貞善公主) (1404 - 1424)
  • Yi Jong, Prince Seongnyeong (이종 성녕대군, 李褈 誠寧大君) (1405 - 1418)
  • Unnamed prince (1412 - 1412)


  • 29 July 1365 - 1382: Lady Min (민씨, 閔氏), daughter of Min Je
  • 1382 - 1400: Princess Consort Jeongnyeong of Joseon (정녕옹주, 靖寧翁主)
  • 1400: Crown Princess Consort Jeongbin of Joseon (정세자빈, 貞世子嬪)
  • 1400 - 1418: Queen Consort Jeong of Joseon (정비, 靜妃)
  • 1418 - 18 August 1420: Queen Dowager Hudeok of Joseon (후덕왕대비, 厚德王大妃)
  • Posthumous title: Queen Wongyeong of Joseon (원경왕후, 元敬王后)

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Queen Wongyeong
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Deok (Jeongan)
of the Gyeongju Kim clan
Queen consort of Joseon
1400 – 9 September 1418
Succeeded by
Queen Gong (Soheon)
of the Cheongseong Sim clan
Preceded by
Queen Dowager Sundeok (Jeongan)
of the Gyeongju Kim clan
Queen dowager of Joseon
9 September 1418 – 18 August 1420
Succeeded by
Queen Dowager Uideok (Jeongsun)
of the Yeosan Song clan