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Empress Sunmyeong of the Korean Empire (20 November 1872 – 20 July 1907) was the consort of Emperor Yunghui, the last emperor of the Joseon Dynasty and Korea. She was born in 1872. She married Sunjong in 1882 and she died on 20 July 1907. She was a witness to her mother-in-law's assassination in 1895, when she stood in front of the Empress, attempting to protect her.[1] This may have contributed to her early death, as she was plagued by severe depression thereafter.[1] She was appointed as empress after her death. She died before her husband was enthroned.[2] She is buried with her husband and his second wife, Empress Sunjeong.[1]

Empress Sunmyeong
Empress Sunjeong of the Korean Empire.jpg
Empress Sunmyeong in 1909.
Empress consort of Korea
Reign1897 – 1904
PredecessorEmpress Myeongseong
Born20 November 1872
Died5 Nov 1904
SpouseSunjong of Korea


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