Jeonju Yi clan

The Jeonju Yi clan (Korean전주 이씨; Hanja全州 李氏) is a Korean clan with the surname Yi. Their Bon-gwan is in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province.[1] The clan includes the former imperial House of Yi.

Jeonju Yi clan
Jeonju Lee clan family seal.svg
Current regionJeonju
FounderYi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰)

Their founder was Yi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰) who worked as Minister of Works (Korean사공; Hanja司空) in Silla.[1] His descendant, Yi Seong-gye, seized power in a military coup and founded Joseon in 14th century. According to history books published during the Joseon period such as Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty, he actually worked as Minister of Works (Korean사공; Hanja司空) in Silla, and he was the ancestor of a prestigious powerful clan that held influence from the Unified Silla period to the Goryeo period.[1] On the other hand, there were records that he was an immigrant from China. This is because the Jeonju Yi clan’s record named Wansan silrok said that Yi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰) originally lived in China,[2] but he went to Silla. Moreover, another record named Origin of Lee clan (Korean이씨 득성의 유래; Hanja李氏得姓之由來) said that Yi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰) was originally a descendant of Tang dynasty’s imperial family and lived in Jeonju after Yi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰) came to Silla. In addition, the ancestor of Yi Han (Korean이한; Hanja李翰) is one of the six Shilla surnames, and he is a descendant of Yangsan village head.[2] In the Joseon period, Jongbusi (宗簿寺, Royal Family Management Office), one of the government’s organizations, managed their records.

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