Encyclopedia of Korean Culture

The Encyclopedia of Korean Culture (Korean한국민족문화대백과사전) is a Korean language encyclopedia published by the Academy of Korean Studies and DongBang Media Co. It was originally published as physical books from 1991 to 2001. There is now an online version of the encyclopedia.[1]

Encyclopedia of Korean Culture
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AuthorAcademy of Korean Studies: 3,800 named contributors; editorial staff
CountrySouth Korea
SubjectKorean studies
GenreReference encyclopedia
PublisherDongBang Media Co.
Publication date
Media type28 volumes (hardbound)
Websiteencykorea.aks.ac.kr (in Korean)
Encyclopedia of Korean Culture
Revised RomanizationHanguk Minjok Munhwa Daebaekgwasajeon
McCune–ReischauerHan'guk Minjok Munhwa Taebaekkwasajŏn

The articles in the encyclopedia are aimed at readers who want to learn about Korean culture and history, and were written by over 3,800 scholars and expert contributors — mainly associated with the Academy of Korean Studies. Munhwa Ilbo called it the most extensive encyclopedia of Korean studies.[2]

In 2001, the digital edition EncyKorea was published on CD-ROM and DVD.[2]

It is one of the most frequently used encyclopedias for Korean studies.[3]

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