Yangcheon Heo clan

Yangcheon Heo clan (Korean양천 허씨; Hanja陽川 許氏) was one of the Korean clans. Their Bon-gwan was in Gangseo District, Seoul. According to the 2015 Korean census, the number of Yangcheon Heo clan is 149,505. Their founder was Heo Seon mun [ja]. He was the descendant of Heo Hwang-ok,[1] the quuen consort of Suro, the first king of the Gaya confederacy. Heo Seon mun was appointed as Gongamchonju (Hanja: 孔巖村主) because Heo Seon mun made an achievement when Taejo of Goryeo in Goryeo conquered Gyeon Hwon and offered resources.[2]

Yangcheon Heo clan
양천 허씨 종문.svg
Current regionGangseo District, Seoul
FounderHeo Seon mun [ja]
Connected membersKim Bo-sung
Huh Gak
Hur Kyoung-min
Heo Gyun
Heo Nanseolheon
Heo Mok
Huh Young-man
Hur Jae
Heo Jeok
Huh Jung-moo
Heo Jun

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