Queen Sindeok

Queen Sindeok (신덕왕후 강씨, 12 July 1356 – 15 September 1396), of the Goksan Kang clan, was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and queen consort of Yi Dan, King Taejo; the first monarch of the Korean Joseon Dynasty. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1392 until her death in 1396 and honoured as Queen Hyeon (현비). She was a political advisor of King Taejo and had a great influence on the founding of Joseon.

Queen Sindeok
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1392 – 15 September 1396
Born12 July 1356
Kingdom of Goryeo
Died15 September 1396 (1396-09-16) (aged 40)
Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Dan, King Taejo
  • Princess Gyeongsun
  • Yi Bang-Beon, Grand Prince Muan
  • Yi Bang-Seok, Grand Prince Uian
Posthumous name
HouseGoksan Kang
FatherGang Yun-Seong
MotherLady Jinsan of the Jinju Gang clan


She was born in Hwanghae Province in 1356. Her father was Kang Yun-Seong. During the Goryeo Dynasty, a son of the first wife of king was named Crown Prince but Queen Sindeok and Prime Minister Jeong Do-jeon convinced him to nominate her son, Grand Prince Uian as Crown Prince.

After Queen Sindeok died in 1396, her husband built a royal tomb for her. Prime minister, Jeong Do-jeon, planned to kill the sons of Queen Shinui to protect his position in the court and position of Crown Prince. Yi Bang-won, heard about the plan and came to palace where he killed Jeong Do-jeon and Queen Sindeok's sons. This event is known as First Strife of Princes.



  • Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kang Deuk-ham (강득함, 康得咸)[1]
  • Great-Grandfather
    • Kang Suk-jae (강숙재, 康淑才)
  • Grandfather
    • Kang Seo (강서) (1347 - 1424)
  • Grandmother
  • Father — Gang Yun-Seong (강윤성)
    • Uncle - Kang Yun-gwi (강윤귀, 康允貴)
    • Uncle - Kang Yun-chong (강윤충, 康允忠)[2]
  • Mother — Lady Jinsan of the Jinju Kang clan (증 진산부부인 진주 강씨, 晉山府夫人 晉州 姜氏)
    • Uncle - Kang Yun-ui (강윤의, 康允誼)
    • Uncle - Kang Yun-hwi (강윤휘, 康允暉)
      • Cousin - Kang Yeong (강영, 康永)
      • Cousin - Kang Woo (강우, 康祐)
    • Uncle - Kang Yun-bo (강윤부, 康允富)
  • Siblings
    • Older brother - Kang Gye-kwon (강계권, 康繼權) (? - 1413)
    • Older brother - Kang Yun-kwon (강유권, 康有權)
      • Niece - Lady Kang of the Goksan Kang clan
        • Nephew-in-law - Lee Sang-hang (이상항, 李尙恒)



  • Daughter — Princess Gyeongsun (? – 8 September 1407) (경순공주). Husband: Yi Je (1365 – 1398) (이제, 李濟).[3] Adoptive son: Yi Yun (이윤, 李潤)
  • Son — Yi Bang-Beon, Grand Prince Muan (1381 – 6 October 1398) (이방번 무안대군). Wife: Grand Princess Consort Samhanguk of the Kaesong Wang clan (삼한국대부인 개성 왕씨).[4][5][6] Adoptive son: Yi Hyo-sun, Prince Pungan (풍안군 이효손, 豊安君 李孝孫) (1403 - 1463)[7]
  • Son — Yi Bang-Seok, Grand Prince Uian (1382 – 6 October 1398) (이방석 의안대군). Wives: Crown Princess Yu of the Yu clan (현빈 유씨), Lady Samhanguk, Crown Princess Sim of the Buyu Sim clan (? – 1448) (삼한국대부인 현빈 심씨, 三韓國大夫人 賢嬪 沈氏). Son: Yi Won-sun (원손, 元孫) (29 May/14 June 1398 - 26 August/6 October 1398)

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  1. ^ He is a 4th great-grandson of Kang Ji-yeon
  2. ^ Yi Ja-chun’s (King Taejong’s father) older brother, Yi Ja-heung, Prince Wanchang (이자흥 완창대군, 完昌大君), became his brother-in-law. Kang also became the cousin/brother-in-law to King Taejong
  3. ^ Was granted the royal title of “Prince Heungan, Yi Je” (흥안군 이제, 興安君 李濟). Son of Yi In-rip (이인립) of the Seongju Yi clan (성주 이씨, 星州 李氏)
  4. ^ Was also known as “Princess Gyeongnyeong” (경녕옹주, 慶寧翁主)
  5. ^ Eldest daughter and third child of Wang Woo, Prince Jeongyang (정양군 왕우, 定陽君 王瑀) (? - 23 March 1397) and Lady No of the Gyoha No clan (교하 노씨, 交河盧氏)
  6. ^ She is a 8th great-granddaughter of King Injong of Goryeo and a 7th great-granddaughter of King Shinjong of Goryeo through her father.
  7. ^ He is a grandnephew of King Taejong through his older half-brother, Yi Wan-gye, Prince Wanpung (완풍대군, 完豊大君)

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Queen Sindeok
Goksan Kang
Royal titles
New title
Queen consort of Joseon
1392 – 15 September 1396
Succeeded by
Queen Deok (Jeongan)
of the Gyeongju Kim clan