Yeosan Song clan

Yeosan Song clan (Korean여산 송씨; Hanja礪山 宋氏) is one of the oldest Korean clans. Their Bon-gwan was in Yeosan, present day Iksan, North Jeolla Province. According to the research in 2015, the number of Yeosan Song clan was 298, 231. Their founder was Song Yu-ik (송유익, 宋惟翊). He was a descendant of Song Ju-eun who is the ancestor of the main three Song clans since the Gojoseon days. He became Prince of Yeosan (hanja: 礪山君) after his great-grandson, Song Song-rye (송송례, 宋松禮) (1207 - 1298), defeated the last military leader Im Yoo-mu (임유무, 林惟茂) (1248 - 1270), who lead the Mushin Government "무신정권" in the Goryeo days and was granted nobility by King Chungryeol of Goryeo. There are claims by Chinese scholers that Song Yu-ik was from the Ministry of Revenue during the Tang Dynasty but it seems only the names were the same but the founder of the clan and the mentioned are two different people as the time period does not match and the Yeosan Song chronicles does not mention anything.

Yeosan Song clan
여산 송씨
여산 송씨의 종문.svg
Current regionIksan
FounderSong Yu ik [ja]
Connected membersGyeongheo
Song Giwon
Song Dae-kwan
Song Du-yul
Song Sang-hyeon
Song Young-gil
Song Yo-chan
Queen Jeongsun
Song Yoo-geun
Song Eun-bum
Song Ikpil
Song Ju-seok
Song Tae-kon
Song Hae
Song Hye-kyo
Song Oh-kyun
Song Yi-kyun