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Mixed-NOCs participation at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics

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Teams made up of athletes representing different National Olympic Committees (NOCs), called mixed-NOCs teams, participated in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. These teams participated in either events composed entirely of mixed-NOCs teams, or in events which saw the participation of mixed-NOCs teams and non-mixed-NOCs teams. When a mixed-NOCs team won a medal, the Olympic flag was raised rather than a national flag; if a mixed-NOCs team won gold, the Olympic anthem would be played instead of national anthems.

Mixed-NOCs participation at the Youth Olympic Games
Mixed-NOC teams participated under the Olympic flag
Mixed-NOC teams participated under the Olympic flag
At the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics
in Singapore
Medals Gold

The first medal count above include those won at events where all participating teams were mixed-NOC teams, as well as those won at events where some teams were mixed-NOC and others single-NOC.

Medals Gold

The second medal count above only includes medals won by mixed-NOC teams at events where there were also teams representing individual NOCs.



The concept of mixed-NOCs was newly introduced in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, in which athletes from different nations would compete in the same team, often representing their continent. This is in contrast to the Mixed team (IOC code: ZZX) found at early senior Olympic Games.

Medal summaryEdit

The following medal summary lists all nations whose athletes won a medal while competing for a mixed-NOCs team. If there is more than one athlete from the same nation on a medal-winning team, only one medal of that colour is credited, so therefore in this medal summary Italy are credited with only one gold rather than five for their participation in the gold-winning fencing team. The summary shows how many events at which a nation had an athlete in a medal-winning mixed-NOCs team; as an example, the United States had athletes in two gold-winning mixed-NOCs teams and athletes in two bronze-winning mixed-NOCs teams and is therefore listed with two golds and two bronzes.

A total of 63 National Olympic Committees, including hosts Singapore, had at least one athlete representing a mixed-NOCs team win a medal.

Mixed-NOCs medals — summary by athletes' nations
  *   Host nation (Singapore)
1  Italy (ITA)3126
2  Russia (RUS)2316
3  Great Britain (GBR)2114
4  United States (USA)2024
5  Poland (POL)1203
6  Belgium (BEL)1023
7  Austria (AUT)1012
  Hungary (HUN)1012
  Israel (ISR)1012
  Ukraine (UKR)1012
11  Bahamas (BAH)1001
  Belarus (BLR)1001
  Brazil (BRA)1001
  Cuba (CUB)1001
  Czech Republic (CZE)1001
  Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD)1001
  Dominican Republic (DOM)1001
  Jamaica (JAM)1001
  Japan (JPN)1001
  Kazakhstan (KAZ)1001
  Peru (PER)1001
  Portugal (POR)1001
  Slovakia (SVK)1001
  Spain (ESP)1001
  Switzerland (SUI)1001
26  New Zealand (NZL)0303
27  Australia (AUS)0213
  China (CHN)0213
  Germany (GER)0213
30  Turkey (TUR)0123
31  South Africa (RSA)0112
  South Korea (KOR)0112
33  Greece (GRE)0101
  Hong Kong (HKG)0101
  Malta (MLT)0101
  Mongolia (MGL)0101
  Nigeria (NGR)0101
  Oman (OMA)0101
  Senegal (SEN)0101
  Slovenia (SLO)0101
  Turkmenistan (TKM)0101
42  Romania (ROU)0022
43  Algeria (ALG)0011
  Andorra (AND)0011
  Argentina (ARG)0011
  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)0011
  Canada (CAN)0011
  Costa Rica (CRC)0011
  Egypt (EGY)0011
  Fiji (FIJ)0011
  Honduras (HON)0011
  India (IND)0011
  Libya (LBA)0011
  Lithuania (LTU)0011
  Mauritius (MRI)0011
  Mexico (MEX)0011
  Papua New Guinea (PNG)0011
  Singapore (SIN)*0011
  Tunisia (TUN)0011
  Uzbekistan (UZB)0011
  Venezuela (VEN)0011
  Zimbabwe (ZIM)0011
Totals (62 nations)30284199

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Fencing pictogram.svg FencingEdit

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Modern pentathlon pictogram.svg Modern pentathlonEdit

Table tennis pictogram.svg Table tennisEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed team
Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   Japan (JPN) Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   South Korea (KOR)   Gu Yuting (CHN) and
  Adem Hmam (TUN)

Tennis pictogram.svg TennisEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Boys' doubles
  Oliver Golding (GBR) and
  Jiří Veselý (CZE)
Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   Russia (RUS) Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   Slovakia (SVK)
Girls' doubles
Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   China (CHN) Won by a team representing the individual NOC of   Slovakia (SVK)   Tímea Babos (HUN) and
  An-Sophie Mestach (BEL)

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