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List of minor planet discoverers

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This is a list of all astronomers who are credited by the Minor Planet Center (MPC) with the discovery of one or several minor planets.[1] A second table lists all institutional discoverers of minor planets such as observatories and surveys (see § Discovering dedicated institutions). As of May 2019, the MPC credits a total of 541,128 numbered minor planets to 1020 astronomers and 235 institutional discoverers (e.g. observatories, telescopes and surveys), respectively.

For how a discovery is made and a detailed description of the table, see observations of small Solar System bodies and § Notes, respectively.

Discovering astronomersEdit

Astronomer Discoveries DOB–DOD Country Link-label; info, links, and notes Name(s) at MPC Cite
Hiroshi Abe (astronomer) 28 1958–pres.   H. Abe; H. Abe (5379)
Masanao Abe 2 1967–pres.   M. Abe; disc: MPC and MPC M. Abe (8926)
Mark Abraham (astronomer) 3 n.a.   M. Abraham; amateur, Src M. Abraham
Christopher Aikman 4 1943–pres.   G. C. L. Aikman; G. C. L. Aikman
Makio Akiyama 16 1950–pres.   M. Akiyama; Susono Observatory M. Akiyama (4904)
Vladimir Albitsky 10 1891–1951  
V. Albitskij; Simeiz Observatory V. Albitskij (1783)
Gregory Scott Aldering 4 1962–pres.   G. Aldering; G. Aldering (26533)
Heikki A. Alikoski 13 1912–1997   H. Alikoski; Turku Obs. H. Alikoski (1567)
Éric J. Allen 1 n.a.   É. J. Allen; E. J. Allen
Rhiannon Lynne Allen 3 n.a.   R. L. Allen; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC R. L. Allen; L. Allen
Jeff T. Alu 24 1966–pres.   J. Alu; amateur J. Alu (4104)
Leonard L. Amburgey 2 1945–pres.   L. L. Amburgey; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC L. L. Amburgey
A. David Andrews 1 1933–pres.   A. D. Andrews; A. D. Andrews
Milan Antal 17 1935–1999   M. Antal; M. Antal (6717)
Plinio Antolini 4 1920–2012   P. Antolini; amateur, (bio-it) P. Antolini
Pierre Antonini 35 n.a.   P. Antonini; amateur P. Antonini (12580)
Masakatsu Aoki 2 1957–pres.   M. Aoki; amateur; unrelated to 5337 M. Aoki
Rolf Apitzsch 72 1943–pres.   R. Apitzsch; amateur, (bio-de) R. Apitzsch (29214)
Masaru Arai 45 1952–pres.   M. Arai; amateur M. Arai (21082)
Hiroshi Araki 3 n.a.   H. Araki; unrelated to 4718 H. Araki
Sylvain Arend 51 1902–1992   S. Arend; S. J. Arend (1502)
Claire Armstrong 1 n.a.   C. Armstrong; amateur, wife of M. Armstrong C. Armstrong (15967)
Mark Armstrong (astronomer) 2 1958–pres.   M. Armstrong; amateur, husband of C. Armstrong, unrelated to 6469 M. Armstrong
Atsuo Asami 7 n.a.   A. Asami; A. Asami
David J. Asher 10 1966–pres.   D. J. Asher; D. J. Asher (6564)
Karl Augustesen 6 1945–pres.   K. Augustesen; K. Augustesen (5171)
Walter Baade 10 1893–1960   W. Baade; W. Baade (1501)
Ulrika Babiaková 14 1976–2002   U. Babiaková; U. Babiakova (32531)
Paolo Bacci 1 1968–pres.   P. Bacci; amateur; (bio-it) P. Bacci (108205)
Hannes Bachleitner 2 1965–pres.   H. Bachleitner; also Johannes Bachleitner, amateur, disc: MPC and MPC H. Bachleitner (172932)
Solon Irving Bailey 1 1854–1931   S. I. Bailey; unrelated to 449922 S. I. Bailey
David D. Balam 56 n.a.   D. D. Balam; D. D. Balam (3749)
Loren C. Ball 107 1948–pres.   L. Ball; amateur L. Ball
Thomas J. Balonek 9 n.a.   T. J. Balonek; T. J. Balonek; T. Balonek
Odette Bancilhon 1 1908–1998   O. Bancilhon; disc: List of minor planets: 1001–2000#333 O. Bancilhon (1713)
Susan Banh 1 n.a.   S. Banh; (bio-it) S. Banh
Nigel P. Bannister 1 n.a.   N. P. Bannister; University of Leicester N. P. Bannister
Yoshiaki Banno 1 1952–1991   Y. Banno; Y. Banno (3394)
Cesare Barbieri 7 1942–pres.   C. Barbieri; C. Barbieri (13992)
John C. Barentine 1 1976–pres.   J. C. Barentine; John Caleb Barentine J. C. Barentine (14505)
Kristina M. Barkume 1 n.a.   K. M. Barkume; (bio-it) K. M. Barkume
Ewan Barr 5 n.a.   E. Barr; (bio-it) E. Barr
Sergio Barros 7 n.a.   S. Barros; (bio-it) S. Barros
Sandro Bartolini 1 1974-pres.   S. Bartolini; unrelated to 12399 S. Bartolini (11337)
Maria A. Barucci 3 n.a.  
M. A. Barucci; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC M. A. Barucci; M. Barucci (3485)
Ivo Baueršíma 1 1931–pres.  
I. Baueršíma; (bio-de) I. Bauersima
Johann M. Baur 15 1930–2007   J. M. Baur; amateur, (bio-de) J. M. Baur (11673)
David E. Beatty 1 n.a.   D. Beatty; (bio-it); unrelated to 2925 D. Beatty
D. Beaver 1 n.a.   D. Beaver; amateur, co-discoverer with J. Dellinger at Needville, TX D. Beaver
Andrew C. Becker 643 1973–pres.   A. C. Becker; (bio-it) A. C. Becker (5280)
Jim Bedient 6 n.a.   J. Bedient; J. Bedient
E. S. Beeson 1 n.a.   E. S. Beeson; unrelated to 5241 E. S. Beeson
Raoul Behrend 13 1964–pres.   R. Behrend; (bio-fr) R. Behrend (18874)
Bruce Edward Behymer 1 1983–pres.   B. E. Behymer; (bio-it) B. E. Behymer
Sergey Belyavsky 36 1883–1953   S. Belyavskyj; S. Beljavskij
Graham E. Bell 56 n.a.   G. Bell; G. Bell
Federico Bellini 3 n.a.   F. Bellini; (bio-it), unrelated to 18509 F. Bellini
Yuri A. Belyaev 7 n.a.   Yu. A. Belyaev; it:Jurij A. Beljaev, fr:Iouri Beliaïev, unrelated to 2030 Yu. A. Belyaev
Denis Bergeron 2 1956–pres.   D. Bergeron; (bio-it) D. Bergeron
Fabrizio Bernardi 11 1972–pres.   F. Bernardi; F. Bernardi (27983)
Laurent Bernasconi 12 1966–pres.   L. Bernasconi; amateur, (bio-fr) L. Bernasconi (13793)
K. Berney 1 n.a.   K. Berney; K. Berney
Gary M. Bernstein 3 n.a.   G. Bernstein; unrelated to 4476 G. Bernstein
Emanuel Bettelheim 1 n.a.   E. Bettelheim; E. Bettelheim
Francesco Biasci 1 n.a.   F. Biasci; F. Biasci
Wolf Bickel 671 1942–pres.   W. Bickel; amateur W. Bickel (4324)
Jamie Biggs 1 n.a.   J. Biggs; J. Biggs
Guillaume Bigourdan 1 1851–1932   G. Bigourdan; disc: 390 G. Bigourdan
Gary W. Billings 6 n.a.   G. W. Billings; amateur, (bio-fr) G. W. Billings (73703)
Richard P. Binzel 3 1958–pres.   R. P. Binzel; R. P. Binzel (2873)
Kurt Birkle 9 1939–2010   K. Birkle; (bio-de) K. Birkle (4803)
Peter Birtwhistle 87 1958–pres.   P. Birtwhistle; amateur, Src P. Birtwhistle (65100)
Manolo Blasco 5 n.a.   M. Blasco; (bio-it) M. Blasco
Adam Block (astronomer) 1 1973–pres.   A. Block; (bio-it) A. Block (172525)
Andrea Boattini 296 1969–pres.   A. Boattini; A. Boattini (8925)
Hermann Boehnhardt 1 n.a.   H. Boehnhardt; H. Boehnhardt
Andreas Boeker 2 1964–2011   A. Boeker; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it),[2] A. Boeker (29483)
Michel Bœuf 12 n.a.   M. Boeuf; (bio-it) M. Boeuf
Henri M. J. Boffin 11 n.a.   H. Boffin; H. M. J. Boffin; H. Boffin
Alfred Bohrmann 9 1904–2000   A. Bohrmann; A. Bohrmann (1635)
Tom Boles 1 1944–pres.  
T. Boles; amateur T. Boles (7648)
Dennis Borgman 1 1952–pres.   D. Borgman; D. Borgman (95219)
Freimut Börngen 538 1930–pres.   F. Börngen; F. Borngen (3859)
Alphonse Borrelly 18 1842–1926   A. Borrelly; A. Borrelly (1539)
Grégoire Bourban 2 n.a.   G. Bourban; disc: MPC and MPC G. Bourban
Paul Bourgeois 1 1898–1974   P. Bourgeois; (bio-it) P. Bourgeois (1543)
Edward L. G. Bowell 571 1943–pres.   E. Bowell; E. Bowell (2246)
Louis Boyer (astronomer) 40 1901–1999   L. Boyer; L. Boyer (1215)
Richard P. Boyle 2 1943–pres.   R. P. Boyle; disc: MPC and MPC, Src R. P. Boyle (302849)
Joseph L. Brady 1 n.a.   J. L. Brady; (bio-it) J. L. Brady
Nigel Brady (astronomer) 7 n.a.   N. Brady; N. Brady
Steve Brady (astronomer) 2 n.a.   S. Brady; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) S. Brady
Alexis Brandeker 4 1974–pres.   A. Brandeker; A. Brandeker
Vanja Brcic 2 n.a.   V. Brcic; (bio-it) V. Brcic
John Broughton 1179 1952–pres.   J. Broughton; amateur J. Broughton (24105)
Jeffery A. Brown 1 n.a.   J. A. Brown; Src J. A. Brown
Michael E. Brown 29 1965–pres.   M. E. Brown; M. E. Brown (11714)
Ladislav Brožek 23 1952–pres.   L. Brožek; L. Brozek
Jim Bruton 2 n.a.   J. Bruton; James Bruton, disc: MPC and MPC, Src J. Bruton
Dan Bruton 5 1967–pres.   W. D. Bruton; (bio-fr) W. D. Bruton
Jacobus Albertus Bruwer 4 1915–pres.   J. A. Bruwer; (bio-it) J. A. Bruwer (1811)
Emil Buchar 1 1901–1979   E. Buchar; (bio-it) E. Buchar (3141)
Marc W. Buie 927 1958–pres.   M. W. Buie; M. W. Buie (7553)
Christian Buil 5 n.a.   C. Buil; amateur, (bio-fr) C. Buil (6820)
Geoffrey Burks 1 n.a.   G. Burks; G. Burks
Matthew R. Burleigh 1 n.a.   M. R. Burleigh; M. R. Burleigh
Bella A. Burnasheva 13 1944–pres.   B. A. Burnasheva; B. A. Burnasheva (4427)
Robert Burnham Jr. 1 1931–1993   R. Burnham; R. Burnham (3467)
Joseph A. Burns 1 1941–pres.   J. A. Burns; J. A. Burns (2708)
Schelte J. Bus 1683 1956–pres.   S. J. Bus; S. J. Bus (3254)
Matthias Busch 13 1968–pres.   M. Busch; amateur Src and Src M. Busch (7687)
Philippe Buttani 1 1966–pres.   P. Buttani; amateur, (bio-fr) P. Buttani (18167)
Luca Buzzi 7 1982–pres.   L. Buzzi; amateur, (bio-it) L. Buzzi (6517)
Rodolfo Calanca 1 n.a.   R. Calanca; (bio-it) R. Calanca
Michael P. Candy 3 1928–1994   M. P. Candy; (bio-it) M. P. Candy (3015)
Albino Carbognani 1 n.a.   A. Carbognani; A. Carbognani
Luigi Carnera 16 1875–1962   L. Carnera; L. Carnera (39653)
Don W. Carona 1 n.a.   D. W. Carona; D. W. Carona
Alfredo Caronia 4 n.a.   A. Caronia; (bio-it) A. Caronia
Rafael Carrasco Garrorena 1 1902–1981   R. Carrasco; (bio-it), unrelated to 4171 R. Carrasco
Uri Carsenty 1 1949–pres.   U. Carsenty; (bio-fr) U. Carsenty (13333)
Claudio Casacci 8 1958–pres.   C. Casacci; C. Casacci (4814)
James Len Casady 3 n.a.   L. Casady; L. Casady
Ferrán Casarramona 2 n.a.   F. Casarramona; (bio-it) F. Casarramona
Ricard Casas (astronomer) 2 n.a.   R. Casas; (bio-it) R. Casas
Flavio Castellani 6 n.a.   F. Castellani; (bio-it) F. Castellani
Vincenzo Silvano Casulli 194 1944–pres.   V. S. Casulli; amateur V. S. Casulli (7132)
Gabriele Cattani 18 n.a.   G. Cattani; G. Cattani
Cyril Cavadore 4 1969–pres.   C. Cavadore; (bio-it) C. Cavadore (9811)
Marco Cavagna 19 1958–2005   M. Cavagna; amateur M. Cavagna (10149)
G. Cavalletti 1 n.a.   G. Cavalletti; G. Cavalletti
Anthony J. Cecce 18 n.a.   A. J. Cecce; (bio-fr) A. J. Cecce
Vasco Cecchini 2 1932–pres.   V. Cecchini; amateur, (bio-it) V. Cecchini (13798)
Edvardas Černis 1 n.a.   E. Černis; E. Cernis
Kazimieras Černis 118 1958–pres.   K. Černis; K. Cernis
Vincenzo Cerulli 1 1859–1927   V. Cerulli; disc: MPC V. Cerulli (31028)
Carlos Ulrrico Cesco 19 19XX–1987   C. U. Cesco; C. U. Cesco (1571)
Mario R. Cesco 6 n.a.   M. R. Cesco; son of C. U. Cesco, (bio-it) M. R. Cesco
Brian C. Chaboyer 1 n.a.   B. Chaboyer; IAU B. Chaboyer
Jean Chacornac 6 1823–1873   J. Chacornac; J. Chacornac (1622)
Marcus Tristan Chamberlin 2 n.a.   M. T. Chamberlin; disc: MPC, unrelated to 9250 M. T. Chamberlin
Zhang Jiaxiang 1 1932–pres.   C.-H. Chang; C.-H. Chang (4760)
Man-Ti Chang 5 n.a.   M.-T. Chang; M.-T. Chang
Zhāng Yùzhé 1 1902–1986   Y. C. Chang; Y. C. Chang (2051)
Auguste Charlois 99 1864–1910   A. Charlois; A. Charlois (1510)
Robin Chassagne 1 1962–pres.   R. Chassagne; (bio-it) R. Chassagne (15037)
Robert Chemin 1 n.a.   R. Chemin; (bio-it) R. Chemin (3913)
Jun Chen 11 n.a.  
J. Chen; J. Chen
Tao Chen (astronomer) 3 1980–pres.   T. Chen; disc: MPC, (bio-it) T. Chen (19873)
Lyudmila Chernykh 267 1935–2017  
L. I. Chernykh; Ludmila I. Chernykh L. I. Chernykh (2325)
Nikolai Chernykh 537 1931–2004  
N. S. Chernykh; Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh N. S. Chernykh (2325)
Dennis K. Chesney 38 n.a.   D. K. Chesney; D. K. Chesney
Dmitry Chestnov 18 n.a.   D. Chestnov; Dmitrij Nikolaevič Čestnov D. Chestnov; D. N. Chestnov
Eugene Chiang 1 1973–pres.   E. Chiang; (bio-it) E. Chiang
Paolo Chiavenna 15 n.a.   P. Chiavenna; P. Chiavenna
Jack B. Child 13 1951–pres.   J. B. Child; (bio-fr) J. B. Child (4580)
K.-J. Choo 1 n.a.   K.-J. Choo; K.-J. Choo
Per Rex Christensen 1 n.a.   P. R. Christensen; (bio-it) P. R. Christensen
Bernard Christophe 86 n.a.   B. Christophe; amateur, (bio-fr) B. Christophe
Joseph Churms 2 1926–1994   J. Churms; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) J. Churms
Jacqueline Ciffréo 1 n.a.   J. Ciffréo; disc: 108P/Ciffréo; (fr) J. Ciffreo
James L. Clem 1 n.a.   J. L. Clem; CV J. L. Clem
Roy Clingan 60 1950–pres.   R. Clingan; amateur, (bio-it) R. Clingan (33747)
Edwin Foster Coddington 3 1870–1950   E. F. Coddington; E. F. Coddington
S. Cofré 11 n.a.   S. Cofré; S. Cofre
Jérôme Eugène Coggia 5 1849–1919   J. Coggia; J. Coggia
Seth M. Cohen 1 n.a.   S. Cohen; unrelated to MPC S. Cohen
Robert Francis Coker 4 n.a.   R. Coker; (bio-it) R. Coker
François Colas 1 1959–pres.   F. Colas; (bio-it) F. Colas (9553)
Simon Collander-Brown 2 n.a.   S. Collander-Brown; disc: MPC, Src S. Collander-Brown
Matthew Collier (astronomer) 2 n.a.   M. Collier; disc: MPC, unrelated to MPC, (bio-fr) M. Collier
Michael Collins (astronomer) 50 n.a.   M. Collins; Myke Collins, unrelated to MPC, (bio-fr) M. Collins
Ermes Colombini 4 1956–pres.   E. Colombini; amateur, mentioned: MPC E. Colombini (7030)
Enrico Colzani 1 n.a.   E. Colzani; amateur, (bio-it) E. Colzani
Josep Comas i Solà 11 1868–1937   J. Comas i Solà; J. Comas Sola (1102), (1655)
Paul G. Comba 690 1926–2017  
P. G. Comba; amateur P. G. Comba (7636)
Martin Connors 1 1954–pres.   M. Connors; M. Connors (13700)
Walter R. Cooney Jr. 47 1962–pres.   W. R. Cooney Jr.; amateur W. R. Cooney Jr. (35365)
Pablo Cottenot 1 n.a.   P. Cottenot; disc: MPC P. Cottenot
Fernand Courty 2 1862–1921   F. Courty; disc: MPC and MPC F. Courty
Philip Herbert Cowell 1 1870–1949   P. H. Cowell; P. H. Cowell (1898)
Greg Crawford 3 n.a.   G. Crawford; at Bagnall Beach Observatory, unrelated to 7327 G. Crawford
Lucy D. Crespo da Silva 1 1978–2000   L. Crespo da Silva; Lucy d'Escoffier Crespo da Silva, (bio-it) L. Crespo da Silva (96747)
Kiyoshi Kurosu 2 1965–pres.   K. Cross; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) K. Cross
Alex Cruz (astronomer) 2 n.a.   A. Cruz; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, unrelated to 21502, (bio-it) A. Cruz
Balázs Csák 2 1979–pres.   B. Csák; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) B. Csak
Steve Cullen 1 n.a.   S. Cullen; LightBuckets S. Cullen
Leland E. Cunningham 4 1904–1989   L. E. Cunningham; Leland Erskin Cunningham L. E. Cunningham (1754)
Heber Doust Curtis 1 1872–1942   H. D. Curtis; unrelated to 3621 H. D. Curtis
Karl F. J. Cwach 1 n.a.   K. F. J. Cwach; amateur, (bio-it) K. F. J. Cwach
Germano D'Abramo 3 1973–pres.   G. D'Abramo; G. D'Abramo (16154)
Heinrich Louis d'Arrest 1 1822–1875   H. d'Arrest; disc: MPC H. d'Arrest (9133)
Ivano Dal Prete 1 n.a.   I. Dal Prete; amateur, (bio-it) I. Dal Prete
Nichole M. Danzl 6 n.a.   N. Danzl; (bio-it) N. Danzl (10720)
E.-M. David 1 n.a.   E.-M. David; E.-M. David
Donald R. Davis 1 n.a.   D. Davis; D. Davis (3638)
Richard G. Davis 4 n.a.   R. G. Davis; (bio-fr) R. G. Davis
Matt Dawson (astronomer) 6 1959–pres.   M. Dawson; amateur, Src M. Dawson (13750)
Leo Anton Karl de Ball 1 1853–1916  
K. de Ball; disc: MPC K. de Ball
Peter De Cat 18 n.a.   P. De Cat; (bio-it) P. De Cat
Annibale de Gasparis 9 1819–1892   A. de Gasparis; A. de Gasparis (4279)
David R. De Graff 2 n.a.   D. R. De Graff; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) D. R. DeGraff
Miguel de Pascual Martínez 1 n.a.   M. de Pascual; disc: MPC, (bio-it) M. de Pascual
José De Queiroz 3 1954–pres.   J. De Queiroz; amateur J. De Queiroz
Charles P. de Saint-Aignan 12 1977–pres.  
C. P. de Saint-Aignan; C. P. de Saint-Aignan (5995)
Giovanni de Sanctis 42 1949–pres.   G. DeSanctis; G. De Sanctis (3268)
James A. DeYoung 1 n.a.   J. DeYoung; USNO-astronomer,Src (bio-it) J. DeYoung
Henri Debehogne 741 1928–2007   H. Debehogne; H. Debehogne (2359)
Catherine E. Delahodde 1 1974–pres.   C. E. Delahodde; C. E. Delahodde (15008)
Joseph A. Dellinger 77 1961–pres.   J. Dellinger; amateur, (bio-it) J. Dellinger (78392)
Eugène Joseph Delporte 66 1882–1955   E. Delporte; E. Delporte (1274)
Audrey C. Delsanti 2 1976–pres.   A. C. Delsanti; disc: MPC and MPC. Src A. C. Delsanti; A. Dalsanti
Christophe Demeautis 9 n.a.   C. Demeautis; amateur, (bio-fr) C. Demeautis (14141)
Alíz Derekas 3 1977–pres.   A. Derekas; (bio-it) A. Derekas
Alexander Nikolaevich Deutsch 1 1901–1986  
A. Deutsch; Aleksandr Nikolaevič Dejč, disc: MPC A. Deutsch
Harlan Devore 1 n.a.   H. Devore; (bio-it) H. Devore
Dennis di Cicco 60 1950–pres.   D. di Cicco; D. di Cicco (3841)
Aldo Di Clemente 1 1948–pres.   A. Di Clemente; amateur A. Di Clemente (91214)
Andrea Di Paola 11 1970–pres.   A. Di Paola; A. Di Paola (27130)
Mario Di Sora 5 1961–pres.   M. Di Sora; amateur, (bio-it) M. Di Sora; M. DiSora (21999)
Wilhelm Dieckvoß 2 1908–1982   W. Dieckvoß; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-de) W. Dieckvoss (1706)
Elizabeth R. Dillon 1 n.a.   E. R. Dillon; amateur, (bio-it) E. R. Dillon (78393)
William G. Dillon 53 1957–pres.   W. G. Dillon; (bio-it) W. G. Dillon (78393)
Alessandro Dimai 1 1962–pres.   A. Dimai; amateur, (bio-it) A. Dimai (25276)
David S. Dixon 25 1947–pres.   D. S. Dixon; amateur, at Jornada Observatory (715), (bio-it) D. S. Dixon (51741)
Petar Đurković 2 1908–1981   P. Đurković; see DMP P. Djurkovic
Jerzy Dobrzycki 1 1927–2004   J. Dobrzycki; disc: MPC, (bio-it) J. Dobrzycki
Fabio Dolfi 3 1966–pres.   F. Dolfi; amateur F. Dolfi (26177)
Sauro Donati 22 1959–pres.   S. Donati; amateur, (bio-it) S. Donati (69977)
Alain Doressoundiram 2 1968–pres.   A. Doressoundiram; (bio-fr) A. Doressoundiram (7456)
François Dossin 5 1927–1998   F. Dossin; (bio-fr) F. Dossin
Luiz Duczmal 2 n.a.   L. Duczmal; Luiz Henrique Duczmal, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) L. Duczmal
Raymond Smith Dugan 16 1878–1940   R. S. Dugan; R. S. Dugan (2772)
R. Scott Dunbar 10 n.a.   R. S. Dunbar; Roy Scott Dunbar, (bio-it) R. S. Dunbar; S. Dunbar (3718)
A. Dunn 1 n.a.   A. Dunn; inferred, unrelated to MPC A. Dunn
Philippe Dupouy 2 1952–pres.   P. Dupouy; amateur, (bio-it) P. Dupouy (214485)
Douglas Tybor Durig 49 1961–pres.   D. T. Durig; (bio-it) D. T. Durig
Chris F. Durman 1 n.a.   C. F. Durman; (bio-it), discovery with Bev M. Ewen-Smith C. F. Durman
Marino Dusić 2 n.a.   M. Dusić; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-de) M. Dusic
Ron Dyvig 16 n.a.   R. Dyvig; (bio-it) R. Dyvig
Max Eastman (astronomer) 9 n.a.   M. Eastman; amateur, (735), Src M. Eastman
J. Edmonds 1 n.a.   J. Edmonds; inferred J. Edmonds
Ilgmārs Eglītis 13 1951–pres.   I. Eglītis; (bio-fr) I. Eglitis (320153)
Norbert Ehring 5 1937–pres.   N. Ehring; amateur, (bio-de),[2] N. Ehring
Leonid Elenin 15 1981–pres.   L. Elenin; amateur L. Elenin
James L. Elliot 1 1943–2011   J. L. Elliot; J. L. Elliot (3193)
Eric Walter Elst 3868 1936–pres.   E. W. Elst; E. W. Elst (3936)
Gary P. Emerson (astronomer) 1 n.a.   G. Emerson; (bio-it), unrelated to 8225 G. Emerson
Mark Emmerich 2 1967–pres.   M. Emmerich; amateur,[2] Guidestar (A17), disc: MPC and MPC with Sven Melchert M. Emmerich
Kin Endate 624 1960–pres.   K. Endate; amateur K. Endate (4282)
Emil Ernst 1 1889–1942   E. Ernst; (bio-de) E. Ernst
Gilbert A. Esquerdo 2 1976–pres.   G. A. Esquerdo; disc: MPC and MPC G. A. Esquerdo (14026)
N. Wyn Evans 1 n.a.   W. Evans; Src, unrelated to 3032 W. Evans
Bev M. Ewen-Smith 1 n.a.   B. M. Ewen-Smith; (bio-it), co-discovery with Chris F. Durman B. M. Ewen-Smith
Giancarlo Fagioli 21 1940–pres.   G. Fagioli; amateur, (bio-it) G. Fagioli (27959)
Norman Falla 7 n.a   N. Falla; amateur, (bio-it), Src N. Falla
Tony L. Farnham 3 1964–pres.   T. L. Farnham; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC T. L. Farnham (16946)
K. L. Faul 1 n.a.   K. L. Faul; inferred K. L. Faul
Gina Fedon 3 n.a.  
G. Fedon; (bio-it) G. Fedon
James Ferguson (American astronomer) 3 1797–1867   J. Ferguson; USNO-astronomer,Src J. Ferguson (1745)
M. Ferrando 7 n.a.   M. Ferrando; co-discoverer with R. Ferrando M. Ferrando
Rafael Ferrando 199 1966–pres.   R. Ferrando; R. Ferrando (161545)
Walter Ferreri 15 1948–pres.   W. Ferreri; W. Ferreri (3308)
Mario A. Ferrero 2 1904–1965   M. Ferrero; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) M. Ferrero (7684)
Ignacio Ramón Ferrín Vázquez 12 1943–pres.   I. R. Ferrín; (bio-it) I. R. Ferrin; I. Ferrin
Martin Fiedler 5 1978–pres.   M. Fiedler; amateur, (bio-de) M. Fiedler
Greg Fisch 1 n.a.   G. Fisch; (bio-it) G. Fisch
Alan Fitzsimmons 16 n.a.   A. Fitzsimmons; (bio-it); (HP and Src) A. Fitzsimmons (4985)
Ellen Fletcher 1 n.a.   E. Fletcher; inferred Src E. Fletcher
Hans Jørn Fogh Olsen 4 1943–pres.   H. J. Fogh Olsen; (bio-it) H. J. Fogh Olsen (5323)
Sergio Foglia 2 1972–pres.   S. Foglia; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, related: (197P/LINEAR-it) S. Foglia (13147)
Wilhelm Julius Foerster 1 1832–1921   W. Förster; Wilhelm Foerster, MPC-typo: Forster W. Forster (6771)
Giuseppe Forti 49 1939–2007   G. Forti; Beppe Forti, at Arcetri Observatory G. Forti (6876)
Filip Fratev 23 n.a.   F. Fratev; founder (A79) F. Fratev
Richard Fredrick 1 1953–pres.   R. Fredrick; amateur R. Fredrick (41943)
T. F. Fric 1 n.a.   T. F. Fric; inferred, co-discovery with R. J. Gilbrech T. F. Fric
Royal Harwood Frost 1 1879–1950   R. H. Frost; disc: MPC R. H. Frost
Hiroshi Fujii 2 n.a.   H. Fujii; wrong person? H. Fujii
Tetsuya Fujii 22 1960–pres.   T. Fujii; amateur T. Fujii (4343)
Yasuhide Fujita 3 1961–pres.   Y. Fujita; amateur, Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory Y. Fujita (11974)
Hideo Fukushima 2 1953–pres.   H. Fukushima; (bio-it) H. Fukushima (6345)
Gábor Fűrész 1 1978–pres.   G. Fűrész; (bio-it) G. Furesz
Toshimasa Furuta 82 n.a.   T. Furuta; T. Furuta
Fumihiko Futaba 2 n.a.   F. Futaba; inferred; disc: MPC and MPC F. Futaba
Marissa Gahran 2 n.a.   M. Gahran; disc MPC and MPC (bio-it) M. Gahran
Steven L. Gaiser 1 n.a.   S. L. Gaiser; inferred S. L. Gaiser
Štefan Gajdoš 12 1959–pres.   Š. Gajdoš; (bio-it) S. Gajdos (213636)
Avishay Gal-Yam 1 1970–pres.   A. Gal-Yam; (bio-it) A. Gal-Yam
Adrián Galád 80 n.a.   A. Galád; A. Galad (32008)
Emanuela Galliani 1 n.a.   E. Galliani; amateur, (bio-it) E. Galliani
Paul Garossino 11 1953–pres.   P. Garossino; Paul G. A. Garossino P. Garossino (78394)
Gordon J. Garradd 31 1959–pres.   G. J. Garradd; Gordon John Garradd, amateur G. J. Garradd (5066)
Antonio Garrigós-Sánchez 1 1961–pres.   A. Garrigós-Sánchez; amateur, (B37), Src and Src A. Garrigos
Romain Gauderon 4 n.a.   R. Gauderon; (bio-it), co-discoveries with R. Behrend R. Gauderon
Michael Geffert 5 1953–pres.   M. Geffert; (bio-de), Src, Src, Src, not to be confused with Martin Geffert M. Geffert (12747)
Tom Gehrels 4660 1925–2011  
T. Gehrels; T. Gehrels (1777)
Oleg Geraščenko 1 n.a.   O. Geraščenko; Oleg Gerashchenko, (bio-it) O. Gerashchenko
Vladimir Gerke 1 n.a.   V. Gerke; amateur, Src V. Gerke
Herta Gessner 1 n.a.   H. Gessner; (bio-it) H. Gessner
Pierangelo Ghezzi 18 n.a.   P. Ghezzi; amateur, (bio-it) P. Ghezzi
Alex R. Gibbs 1 1967–pres.   A. R. Gibbs; with Catalina Sky Survey, discoverer of comets, disc: MPC, (bio-it) A. R. Gibbs (14220)
James B. Gibson (astronomer) 27 n.a.   J. Gibson; (bio-it) J. Gibson (2742)
Henry L. Giclas 17 1910–2007   H. L. Giclas; H. L. Giclas (1741)
Richard Gierlinger 38 1967–pres.   R. Gierlinger; amateur at (B21), (bio-it) R. Gierlinger (136367)
Richard J. Gilbrech 1 n.a.   R. J. Gilbrech; inferred, co-discovery with T. F. Fric R. J. Gilbrech
Alan C. Gilmore 42 n.a.   A. C. Gilmore; A. C. Gilmore (2537)
Valter Giuliani 22 1960–pres.   V. Giuliani; (bio-it) V. Giuliani
Brett J. Gladman 20 1966–pres.   B. Gladman; B. Gladman (7638)
Mitch Glaze 1 n.a.   M. Glaze; inferred, amateur, at (649) M. Glaze
Arianna E. Gleason 5 1980–pres.   A. Gleason; A. Gleason (10639)
Tom Glinos 15 1960–pres.   T. Glinos; amateur, (bio-it) T. Glinos (7124)
Hermann Goldschmidt 14 1802–1866  
H. Goldschmidt; amateur H. Goldschmidt (1614)
David B. Goldstein (astronomer) 1 n.a.   D. B. Goldstein; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) D. B. Goldstein
Josep Juliá Gómez Donet 1 n.a.   J. J. Gomez; (bio-it) J. J. Gomez (90140)
François Gonnessiat 2 1856–1934   F. Gonnessiat; F. Gonnessiat (1177)
Luis E. González 2 n.a.   L. E. González; Luis Eduardo González, disc: MPC, MPC, and C/1981 M1, Img, (bio-it) L. E. Gonzalez
Vittorio Goretti 32 1939–2016   V. Goretti; Src V. Goretti (7801)
Paul Götz 20 1883–1962   P. Götz; Max Wolf's assistant P. Gotz (2278)
Andrew Graham (astronomer) 1 1815–1908   A. Graham; disc: MPC A. Graham
Albert D. Grauer 4 1942–pres.   A. D. Grauer; (bio-it) A. D. Grauer (18871)
Tommy Grav 4 1973–pres.   T. Grav; (bio-de) T. Grav (12309)
Mauro Graziani 2 n.a.   M. Graziani; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, co-discoverer w/ F. Tozzi, (bio-it) M. Graziani
Robert Greimel 1 n.a.   R. Greimel; inferred, Src R. Greimel
Dave Grennan 2 n.a.   D. Grennan; disc: MPC, HP, chng Dave to David Grennan D. Grennan
Markus Griesser (astronomer) 10 1949–pres.   M. Griesser; amateur, Eschenberg Observatory, (bio-de) M. Griesser (11547)
Ian P. Griffin 26 1958–pres.   I. P. Griffin; (bio-de) I. P. Griffin
A. Grigsby 2 n.a.   A. Grigsby; inferred, disc: MPC and MPC A. Grigsby
John Gross (astronomer) 7 1959–pres.   J. Gross; amateur J. Gross (33800)
Arie William Grossman 1 n.a.   A. Grossman; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) A. Grossman
Gavril Grueff 1 n.a.   G. Grueff; (bio-it) G. Grueff
C. Gualdoni 1 n.a.   C. Gualdoni; C. Gualdoni
Joan Guarro i Fló 5 n.a.  
J. Guarro i Fló; (bio-it) J. Guarro
Daria Guidetti 2 n.a.   D. Guidetti; D. Guidetti
Ernesto Guido 6 1977–pres.   E. Guido; E. Guido (120361)
Amanda Sickafoose Gulbis 2 n.a.   A. Gulbis; disc: MPC (parents) and MPC A. Gulbis
Cynthia Gustava 3 n.a.   C. Gustava; (bio-it) C. Gustava
Knut Anton Walter Gyllenberg 1 1886–1952   K. Gyllenberg; (bio-it) K. Gyllenberg
Bernhard Häusler 1 1958–pres.   B. Häusler; amateur, Src B. Haeusler
Olivier R. Hainaut 2 1966–pres.   O. R. Hainaut; O. R. Hainaut (14972)
Mark Hammergren 2 1964–pres.   M. Hammergren; (bio-it) M. Hammergren (7917)
Terry Handley 7 1952–2015   T. Handley; amateur T. Handley (16695)
A. T. Hansen 1 n.a.   A. T. Hansen; Src A. T. Hansen
Leif Hansen (astronomer) 1 n.a.   L. Hansen; (bio-it) L. Hansen
M. W. Hansen 1 n.a.   M. W. Hansen; inferred M. W. Hansen
Karl Ludwig Harding 1 1765–1843   K. Harding; disc: MPC K. Harding (2003)
Eugene A. Harlan 2 1921–2014   E. A. Harlan; (bio-it) E. A. Harlan
Malcolm Hartley 3 1947–pres.  
M. Hartley; (bio-fr) M. Hartley (4768)
Johannes Franz Hartmann 3 1865–1936   J. Hartmann; unrelated to MPC J. Hartmann
Takashi Hasegawa 1 n.a.   T. Hasegawa; unrelated to MPC T. Hasegawa
Shuji Hayakawa 41 1958–pres.   S. Hayakawa; Syuji Hayakawa, (bio-it) S. Hayakawa (4647)
David Healy (astronomer) 216 1936–2011   D. Healy; D. Healy (66479)
Zsuzsanna Heiner 14 1949–pres.   Z. Heiner; (bio-it) Z. Heiner
Joseph Helffrich 13 1890–1971   J. Helffrich; J. Helffrich (2290)
Eleanor F. Helin 904 1932–2009   E. F. Helin; E. F. Helin (3267)
Stephan Hellmich 1 n.a.   S. Hellmich; DLR–Asteroids and Comets, Src, Img S. Hellmich
Karl Ludwig Hencke 2 1793–1866   K. L. Hencke; K. L. Hencke (2005)
Arne Henden 1 1950–pres.   A. Henden; A. Henden (33529)
Prosper-Mathieu Henry 7 1849–1903   P. M. Henry; P. M. Henry
Paul-Pierre Henry 7 1848–1905   P. P. Henry; P. P. Henry
David R. Herald 3 n.a.   D. Herald; amateur D. Herald (3696)
Carl W. Hergenrother 32 1973–pres.   C. W. Hergenrother; C. W. Hergenrother (3099)
Kenneth E. Herkenhoff 2 n.a.   K. Herkenhoff; (bio-it) K. Herkenhoff
Ejnar Hertzsprung 2 1873–1967   E. Hertzsprung; E. Hertzsprung (1693)
Merrill Hess 2 1955–pres.   M. Hess; amateur M. Hess (162158)
David Higgins (astronomer) 1 1961–pres.   D. Higgins; amateur, disc: MPC D. Higgins (33750)
Richard E. Hill 7 1949–pres.   R. Hill; Richard Erik Hill, Richard Rik Hill, (bio-it), Src R. Hill (118945)
John Russell Hind 10 1823–1895   J. R. Hind; J. R. Hind (1897)
Tsutomu Hioki 56 n.a.   T. Hioki; (bio-it) T. Hioki (5072)
Masanori Hirasawa 52 n.a.   M. Hirasawa; M. Hirasawa
Joe Hobart 36 1944–pres.   J. Hobart; chng to Joseph R. Hobart J. Hobart (4225)
Sebastian F. Hönig 567 1977–pres.   S. F. Hönig; (bio-it), Src S. F. Hoenig (51983)
Cuno Hoffmeister 5 1892–1968   C. Hoffmeister; C. Hoffmeister (1726), (4183)
William Holliday (astronomer) 1 n.a.   W. Holliday; inferred W. Holliday
Matthew J. Holman 11 1967–pres.   M. J. Holman; M. J. Holman (3666)
Robert Holmes (astronomer) 15 1956–pres.   R. Holmes; Robert E. Holmes Jr., amateur, Astronomical Research Inst. (H21) Src, (bio-it) R. Holmes (5477)
Henry E. Holt 689 1929–pres.   H. E. Holt; H. E. Holt (4435)
Paulo R. Holvorcem 198 1967–pres.   P. R. Holvorcem; Paulo Holvorcem P. R. Holvorcem; P. Holvorcem (13421)
Ulrich Hopp 1 n.a.   U. Hopp; (bio-it) U. Hopp
H. Hori 3 n.a.   H. Hori; disc: MPC, MPC and MPC.[3] H. Hori
Felix Hormuth 82 1975–pres.   F. Hormuth; F. Hormuth (10660)
Kamil Hornoch 1 1972–pres.   K. Hornoch; amateur K. Hornoch (14124)
Irwin K. Horowitz 1 n.a.   I. Horowitz; (bio-it) I. Horowitz
Tara Houlden 1 n.a.   T. Houlden; with Emily Ross T. Houlden
Léo Houziaux 3 1932–pres.   L. Houziaux; (bio-fr) L. Houziaux (24945)
Meredith Howard 1 n.a.   M. Howard; inferred, unrelated to MPC M. Howard
Ellen Howell 1 1961–pres.   E. Howell Bus; former wife of S. J. Bus; discoverer of comet 88P/Howell; DMP; (bio-it); E. Howell Bus (2735)
Xiangyao Hsiao 13 n.a.   X. Y. Hsiao; disc: MPC; grandfather 349785 X. Y. Hsiao; H.-Y. Hsiao
Edwin Hubble 1 1889–1953   E. Hubble; E. Hubble (2069)
John Huchra 1 1948–2010   J. Huchra; J. Huchra (4656)
Gary Hug 302 n.a.   G. Hug; amateur G. Hug
Joseph Hunaerts 2 1912–1979   J. Hunaerts; Joseph J. Hunaerts, disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-fr) J. Hunaerts
Kiichirō Furukawa 92 1929–2016   K. Furukawa; MPC-typo: Hurukawa K. Hurukawa (3425)
Dieter Husar 1 1947–pres.   D. Husar; (bio-it) D. Husar (211343)
Robert Hutsebaut 10 1941–pres.   R. Hutsebaut; amateur, (bio-it) R. Hutsebaut (117572)
Giampiero Iatteri 1 1941–2004   G. Iatteri; amateur, (bio-it) G. Iatteri (29561)
Yasukazu Ikari 20 n.a.   Y. Ikari; (bio-it) Y. Ikari
Kustaa Aadolf Inkeri 1 1908–1997   K. Inkeri; (bio-it), unrelated to MPC K. Inkeri
Shigeru Inoda 17 1955–2008   S. Inoda; amateur, (bio-de) S. Inoda (5484)
Masaru Inoue (astronomer) 12 n.a.   M. Inoue; unrelated to 6637, (bio-it) M. Inoue
Sergei I. Ipatov 8 1952–pres.   S. I. Ipatov; Sergij Ivanovič Ipatov, Sergueï Ivanovitch Ipatov, (bio-it) S. I. Ipatov; S. Ipatov (14360)
Michael J. Irwin 8 n.a.   M. J. Irwin; unrelated to 3959, (bio-fr) M. J. Irwin; M. Irwin
Koichi Itagaki 3 1947–pres.   K. Itagaki; amateur, (bio-it) K. Itagaki (14551)
Kazuyoshi Itō 1 n.a.   K. Itō; K. Ito
Miguel Itzigsohn 15 18XX–1978   M. Itzigsohn; (bio-es) M. Itzigsohn (1596)
Nikolaj Ivanov 3 n.a.   N. Ivanov; unrelated to MPC, (bio-it) N. Ivanov
Violeta G. Ivanova 14 n.a.   V. G. Ivanova; V. G. Ivanova; V. Ivanova (4365)
Jurij Mykolajovyč Ivaščenko 2 1961–pres.   Y. Ivaščenko; Yuri Ivaščenko, disc: MPC, (bio-it) Y. Ivashchenko
Masayuki Iwamoto 6 1954–pres.   M. Iwamoto; M. Iwamoto (4951)
Shun-ei Izumikawa 2 n.a.   S. Izumikawa; S. Izumikawa
Gerhard Jackisch 1 n.a.   G. Jackisch; (bio-it) G. Jackisch
Cyril Jackson (astronomer) 72 1903–1988  
C. Jackson; C. Jackson (2193)
Cristóvão Jacques (astronomer) 6 n.a.   C. Jacques; (bio-it) C. Jacques
Jost Jahn 1 1959–pres.   J. Jahn; amateur, discovery of (471926) aka 2013 KN6 at (C95) SATINO Remote Obs.; Src; (bio-it) J. Jahn (10340)
Quentin Jamieson 3 n.a.   Q. Jamieson; Q. Jamieson
Hamilton M. Jeffers 1 1893–1976   H. M. Jeffers; Hamilton Moore Jeffers H. M. Jeffers (1934)
Peter Jekabsons 2 1943–1990   P. Jekabsons; amateur, (bio-it) P. Jekabsons (3188)
Benjamin Jekhowsky 12 1881–1975  
B. Jekhovsky; B. Jekhovsky (1606)
Kåre S. Jensen 1 n.a.   K. S. Jensen; (bio-it) K. S. Jensen
Poul Jensen (astronomer) 98 n.a.   P. Jensen; at Brorfelde Observatory P. Jensen (5900)
Young-Beom Jeon 43 n.a.   Y.-B. Jeon; Y.-B. Jeon
David C. Jewitt 52 1958–pres.   D. C. Jewitt; D. C. Jewitt; D. J. Jewitt (6434)
Zhang-Wei Jin 1 n.a.   Z.-W. Jin; Jin Zhangwei, inferred, (bio-it) Z.-W. Jin
Ernest Leonard Johnson 18 18xx–1977   E. L. Johnson; E. L. Johnson
Michael L. Johnson 2 n.a.   M. L. Johnson; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) M. L. Johnson
Gilbert R. Jones 5 n.a.   G. R. Jones; inferred, disc: MPC G. R. Jones
Richard E. Jones 2 n.a.   R. E. Jones; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) R. E. Jones
Amy B. Jordan (astronomer) 1 n.a.   A. B. Jordan; A. B. Jordan
Charles W. Juels 475 1944–2009   C. W. Juels; amateur C. W. Juels (20135)
Mario Jurić 125 1979–pres.   M. Jurić; M. Juric
Anlaug Amanda Kaas 1 n.a.   A. A. Kaas; A. A. Kaas
Tetsuo Kagawa 115 1969–pres.   T. Kagawa; at Gekko Observatory T. Kagawa (6665)
Franz Kaiser 21 1891–1962   F. Kaiser; Heidelberg astronomer F. Kaiser (3183)
Watari Kakei 3 1947–pres.   W. Kakei; (bio-fr) W. Kakei
Dušan Kalmančok 7 1945–pres.   D. Kalmančok; D. Kalmancok (29824)
Lars Kamél 2 1960–pres.   L. Kamél; disc: MPC and MPC L. Kamel (4254)
Karl Walter Kamper 3 1941–1998   K. W. Kamper; (bio-it) K. W. Kamper
Kiyotaka Kanai 1 1951–pres.   K. Kanai; amateur K. Kanai (26168)
Ethan Kandler 3 n.a.   E. Kandler; (bio-it) E. Kandler
Jens Kandler 25 1973–pres.   J. Kandler; (bio-de) J. Kandler; J. Kander (8861)
Hiroshi Kaneda 705 1953–pres.   H. Kaneda; orbit computer H. Kaneda (4677)
Lyudmila Karachkina 130 1948–pres.   L. G. Karachkina; L. G. Karachkina (8019)
Stefan Karge 52 1963–pres.   S. Karge; amateur S. Karge (378917)
Ádám Kárpáti 2 n.a.   Á. Kárpáti; disc: MPC and MPC, unrelated to MPC A. Karpati
Galina Ričardovna Kastel' 9 n.a.  
G. R. Kastel'; ITA astronomer, (bio-it) G. R. Kastel' (3982)
John J. Kavelaars 8 1966–pres.   J. J. Kavelaars; J. J. Kavelaars (154660)
Kōyō Kawanishi 13 1959–pres.   K. Kawanishi; K. Kawanishi (5591)
Nobuhiro Kawasato 105 n.a.   N. Kawasato; N. Kawasato (4910)
James Edward Keeler 2 1857–1900   J. E. Keeler; J. E. Keeler (2261)
János Kelemen 2 n.a.   J. Kelemen; disc: MPC and MPC, Src, Src J. Kelemen
Susan D. Kern 8 1977–pres.   S. D. Kern; Susan D. Benecchi (née Kern), at Space Telescope Science Institute, (bio-it) S. D. Kern (21458)
James W. Kessel 26 n.a.   J. W. Kessel; J. W. Kessel
B. Khafizov 1 n.a.   B. Khafizov; B. Khafizov
Pamela M. Kilmartin 41 n.a.   P. M. Kilmartin; P. M. Kilmartin (3907)
Seung-Lee Kim 1 n.a.   S.-L. Kim; inferred S.-L. Kim
Randolph L. Kirk 1 n.a.   R. Kirk; (bio-it) R. Kirk
Karsten Kirsch 3 n.a.   K. Kirsch; co-disc: MPC, MPC and MPC, (bio-it) K. Kirsch
László L. Kiss 51 1972–pres.   L. Kiss; (bio-it) L. Kiss (113202)
Minoru Kizawa 12 1947–pres.   M. Kizawa; M. Kizawa
Marcel Klein 2 1984–pres.   M. Klein; amateur, disc: MPC and MPC, Src[2] M. Klein
Arnold Richard Klemola 16 1931–pres.   A. R. Klemola; (bio-de) A. R. Klemola (1723)
Jan T. Kleyna 8 n.a.   J. Kleyna; (bio-it) J. Kleyna
Rainer Kling 78 1952–pres.   R. Kling; amateur, (bio-de) R. Kling (185639)
Alain Klotz 7 1947–pres.   A. Klotz; amateur, (bio-fr) A. Klotz (10222)
Mary Ellen Knewston 1 n.a.   M. Knewtson; (vs. Knewston), inferred, amateur M. Knewtson
Zoran Knežević (astronomer) 1 1949–pres.   Z. Knežević; Z. Knezevic (3900)
André Knöfel 15 1963–pres.   A. Knöfel; amateur, (bio-de) A. Knofel (16438)
Viktor Knorre 4 1840–1919  
V. Knorre; Victor Karlovich Knorre V. Knorre (14339)
Jurō Kobayashi 2 1949–pres.   J. Kobayashi; amateur, (bio-it) J. Kobayashi (6022)
Takao Kobayashi 2479 1961–pres.   T. Kobayashi; T. Kobayashi (3500)
Michal Kočer 9 n.a.   M. Kočer; disc: MPC, (bio-it) M. Kocer
Bernd Koch 3 1955–pres.   B. Koch; amateur, (bio-it) B. Koch (191494)
Peter Kocher 93 1939–pres.   P. Kocher; amateur, (bio-fr), HP P. Kocher (115950)
Michael König 2 1966–pres.   M. König; amateur, disc: MPC, Src[2] M. Koenig
Luboš Kohoutek 76 1935–pres.   L. Kohoutek; L. Kohoutek (1850)
Masahiro Koishikawa 19 1952–pres.   M. Koishikawa; M. Koishikawa (6097)
Takuo Kojima 45 1955–pres.   T. Kojima; amateur, (bio-it) T. Kojima (3644)
Ales Kolář 2 n.a.   A. Kolář; disc: MPC and MPC, (differs from Jan Kolář MPC, MPC) A. Kolar
Eberhard Koldewey 2 1937–pres.   E. Koldewey; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) E. Koldewey (11352)
Peter Kolény 35 n.a.   P. Kolény; P. Koleny
Arthur König (astronomer) 1 1895–1969   A. König; son of Arthur Peter König, (bio-it) A. Konig (3815)
August Kopff 68 1882–1960   A. Kopff; A. Kopff (1631)
Korado Korlević 1295 1958–pres.   K. Korlević; amateur K. Korlevic (10201)
Leonard Kornoš 37 1956–pres.   L. Kornoš; (bio-it) L. Kornos (23899)
Stanislav Alexandrovich Korotkiy 2 1983–pres.   S. Korotkiy; amateur, (bio-it) S. Korotkiy (231649)
Hiroki Kosai 93 1933–pres.   H. Kosai; at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory H. Kosai (3370)
Georgiy U. Koval'chuk 2 n.a.   G. Koval'chuk; disc: MPC and MPC G. Kovalchuk
Charles T. Kowal 22 1940–2011   C. T. Kowal; Charles Thomas Kowal C. T. Kowal
Richard Kowalski 1 1963–pres.   R. A. Kowalski; disc: MPC R. A. Kowalski (7392)
Rainer Kracht 3 1948–pres.   R. Kracht; amateur, HP, (bio-it) R. Kracht (234761)
Thilo Kranz 1 n.a.   T. Kranz; Src T. Kranz
Rainer Kresken 13 n.a   R. Kresken; disc: MPC R. Kresken
Mike Kretlow 8 1967–pres.   M. Kretlow; (bio-it)[2] M. Kretlow (9938)
Charles J. Krieger 1 1898–pres.   C. J. Krieger; Charles John Krieger, (bio-it) C. J. Krieger
A. Kriete 1 n.a.   A. Kriete; inferred A. Kriete
Timur Valer'evič Krjačko 61 1970–pres.   T. V. Kryachko; amateur, (bio-it) T. V. Kryachko; T. Kryachko (269589)
Marcin Kubiak 1 n.a.   M. Kubiak; M. Kubiak
Jeremy Martin Kubica 22 n.a.   J. Kubica; disc: MPC J. Kubica
Kazuo Kubokawa 1 1903–1943   K. Kubokawa; K. Kubokawa (6140)
François Kugel 359 1959–pres.   F. Kugel; Observatoire Chante-Perdrix (A77) F. Kugel (120375)
Zoltán Kuli 38 n.a.   Z. Kuli; inferred, Src Z. Kuli
György Kulin 21 1905–1989   G. Kulin; G. Kulin (3019)
Pratibha Kumar 3 n.a.   P. Kumar; wife of V. Reddy, disc: MPC, MPC and MPC, Src, Src P. Kumar
Nikolaj Efimovič Kuročkin 2 1923–2003   N. E. Kuročkin; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) N. E. Kurochkin
Hirohisa Kurosaki 1 1970–pres.   H. Kurosaki; H. Kurosaki (23938)
Stefan Kürti 7 1960–pres.   S. Kürti; amateur, Src S. Kurti (132798)
Lothar Kurtze 1 1972–pres.   L. Kurtze; amateur,[2] L. Kurtze
Reiki Kushida 1 n.a.   R. Kushida; amateur, wife of Y. Kushida, disc: MPC R. Kushida (5239)
Yoshio Kushida 56 1957–pres.   Y. Kushida; amateur, husband of R. Kushida Y. Kushida (5605)
Michał Kusiak 8 1986–pres.   M. Kusiak; Src M. Kusiak (376574)
Peter Kušnirák 292 1974–pres.   P. Kušnirák; P. Kusnirak (17260)
Jaroslav Květoň 2 n.a.  
J. Květoň; disc: MPC, (bio-it) J. Kveton
Andrzej Kwiek 1 n.a.   A. Kwiek; disc: MPC, (bio-fr) A. Kwiek
Peter Kyrylenko 1 1987–pres.   P. Kyrylenko; at Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory P. Kyrylenko (281459)
Juan Lacruz 60 n.a.   J. Lacruz; (bio-it) J. Lacruz
Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist 146 1944–pres.   C.-I. Lagerkvist; at Uppsala Astronomical Observatory C.-I. Lagerkvist; C. Lagerkvist (2875)
Joanny-Philippe Lagrula 1 1870–1941   J. Lagrula; disc: MPC J. Lagrula (1412)
Luciano Lai 13 1948–pres.   L. Lai; (bio-it) L. Lai (11100)
Carl Otto Lampland 1 1873–1951   C. O. Lampland; disc: MPC C. O. Lampland (1767)
Werner Landgraf 7 1959–pres.   W. Landgraf; W. Landgraf (3132)
Jeffrey A. Larsen 2 1967–pres.   J. A. Larsen; (bio-fr) J. A. Larsen (7657)
Stephen M. Larson 2 n.a.   S. M. Larson; (bio-fr) S. M. Larson (3690)
Tod Richard Lauer 1 1957–pres.   T. Lauer; T. Lauer (3135)
Vygandas Laugalys 1 n.a.   V. Laugalys; (bio-it) V. Laugalys
Marguerite Laugier 21 1896–1976   M. Laugier; M. Laugier (1597)
Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent 1 18XX–1900   J. J. P. Laurent; "J.J.P." vs "J.", disc: MPC, (bio-fr) J. J. P. Laurent (162)
Stephen P. Laurie 50 n.a.   S. P. Laurie; amateur S. P. Laurie
Kenneth J. Lawrence 33 1964–pres.   K. J. Lawrence; of Palomar Planet-Crossing Asteroid Survey K. J. Lawrence (4969)
Susannah Lazar 1 1982–pres.   S. Lazar; amateur, (bio-it) S. Lazar
Charles le Morvan 1 1865–1933   C. le Morvan; disc: MPC, (bio-fr) C. le Morvan
Carlos Leal (astronomer) 9 n.a.   C. Leal; unrelated to 19426, (bio-fr) C. Leal
Byung-Chol Lee 37 n.a.   B.-C. Lee; (bio-it) B.-C. Lee
L. Lee 1 n.a.   L. Lee; inferred L. Lee
Tae-Hyung Lee 1 1964–pres.   T. H. Lee; (bio-it) T. H. Lee
Jonathan P. Leech 1 n.a.   J. P. Leech; inferred J. P. Leech
Gerhard Lehmann 21 1960–pres.   G. Lehmann; amateur, (bio-de) G. Lehmann (8853)
Gregory J. Leonard 11 n.a.   G. J. Leonard; (bio-it) G. J. Leonard
Otto Lesser 1 1830–1887   O. Lesser; disc: MPC O. Lesser
Ken Levin 5 n.a.   K. Levin; amateur K. Levin (99862)
Stephen Levine (astronomer) 1 1965–pres.   S. Levine; Stephen E. Levine S. Levine (19123)
David H. Levy 63 1948–pres.   D. H. Levy; D. H. Levy; D. Levy (3673)
Wendee Levy 4 1948–pres.   W. Levy; Wendee Esther Wallach Levy, wife of D. H. Levy, (bio-it) W. Levy (6485)
William Liller 2 1927–pres.   W. Liller; W. Liller (3222)
Lin Qisheng (astronomer) 65 1964–pres.   C.-S. Lin; a.k.a. Lin Chi-Sheng, (bio-it) C.-S. Lin; C. S. Lin (175451)
Hung-Chin Lin 80 n.a.   H.-C. Lin; (林宏欽), H.-C. Lin
Robert Linderholm 26 1933–2013   R. Linderholm; R. Linderholm
Karl Lohnert 4 1885–1944   K. Lohnert; Karl Julius Lohnert, (bio-it) K. Lohnert (11434)
A. Lokalov 1 n.a.   A. Lokalov; disc: MPC A. Lokalov
Vladimir O. Lokot' 2 n.a.   V. Lokot'; disc: MPC and MPC V. Lokot
Álvaro López-García 12 1941–pres.   Á. López-G.; (bio-it) A. Lopez (4657)
Ángel López Jiménez 58 1955–pres.   Á. López J.; (bio-it) A. Lopez
Jean-Marie Lopez 4 n.a.   J.-M. Lopez; amateur J.-M. Lopez; J. M. Lopez
Joachim Lorenz 6 1955–pres.   J. Lorenz; amateur, disc: MPC,[2] J. Lorenz
Wilhelm Lorenz (astronomer) 4 1886–1918   W. Lorenz; Karl Wilhelm Lorenz, (bio-it), (bio-de) W. Lorenz
Miklós Lovas 2 1931–pres.   M. Lovas; at Konkoly Observatory, (bio-it) M. Lovas (73511)
Andrew Lowe 508 1959–pres.   A. Lowe; amateur, orbit computer, (bio-it), HP A. Lowe (4091)
Percival Lowell 1 1855–1916   P. Lowell; disc: MPC P. Lowell (1886)
Paul Luckas 2 1962–pres.   P. Luckas; amateur, (bio-it) P. Luckas (131186)
Christian B. Luginbuhl 3 1955–pres.   C. B. Luginbuhl; (bio-it) C. B. Luginbuhl (7393)
Kjell Lundgren 2 1950–pres.   K. Lundgren; at Uppsala Astronomical Observatory K. Lundgren (11934)
Federica Luppi 1 n.a.   F. Luppi; F. Luppi
Robert Luther 24 1822–1900   R. Luther; R. Luther (1303)
Jane Luu 39 1963–pres.   J. X. Luu; J. X. Luu (5430)
Lucas M. Macri 1 1972–pres.  
L. Macri; (bio-it) L. Macri
Hiroshi Maeno 7 n.a.   H. Maeno; (bio-it) H. Maeno
John Mahony (astronomer) 9 n.a.   J. Mahony; amateur, Src J. Mahony
Marie Mahrová 4 1947–pres.  
M. Mahrová; (bio-it) M. Mahrova
Renu Malhotra 1 1961–pres.  
R. Malhotra; R. Malhotra (6698)
Franco Mallia 15 1961–pres.   F. Mallia; amateur, (bio-it) F. Mallia (21685)
Francesco Manca 26 1966–pres.   F. Manca; amateur F. Manca (15460)
Jan Karel Mánek 1 1961–pres.   J. Manek; amateur J. Manek (22697)
Brian G. W. Manning 19 1926–2011   B. G. W. Manning; amateur B. G. W. Manning (3698)
Massimiliano Mannucci 1 1970–pres.   M. Mannucci; amateur, unrelated to MPC; (bio-it) M. Mannucci
José Manteca 13 n.a.   J. Manteca; Pepe Manteca, (bio-it) J. Manteca
Ilan Manulis 1 1947–pres.   I. Manulis; inferred I. Manulis (13615)
Frédéric Maréchal 2 1952–pres.   F. Maréchal; amateur, (bio-it) F. Marechal
Wladimiro Marinello 3 n.a.   W. Marinello; amateur, (bio-it) W. Marinello (229836)
Mark Scott Marley 1 n.a.   M. S. Marley; (bio-it) M. S. Marley
Brian G. Marsden 1 1937–2010   B. G. Marsden; B. G. Marsden (1877)
Albert Marth 1 1828–1897   A. Marth; disc: MPC A. Marth
Axel Martin 3 1968–pres.   A. Martin; amateur, (bio-it) A. Martin (15924)
Terry Martin (astronomer) 1 n.a.   T. Martin; Src T. Martin
Carlos T. Martinez 5 n.a.   C. T. Martinez; Src C. T. Martinez
Gianluca Masi 26 1972–pres.   G. Masi; discoverer of variable stars G. Masi (21795)
Joseph Masiero 54 1982–pres.   J. Masiero; J. Masiero (8255)
Egisto Masotti 3 1947–pres.   E. Masotti; amateur, (bio-it) E. Masotti (22401)
Adam Massinger 7 1888–1914   A. Massinger; (bio-de) A. Massinger (760)
Giuseppe Massone 1 n.a.   G. Massone; inferred G. Massone
Mary Alice Mathison 1 n.a.   M. A. Mathison; inferred, (bio-it) M. A. Mathison
Stanislav Matičič 2 n.a.   S. Matičič; inferred S. Maticic
Damir Matković 2 n.a.   D. Matković; (bio-it) D. Matkovic
Robert D. Matson 187 1962–pres.   R. Matson; Robert Matson, Rob Matson, (bio-it) R. Matson (73491)
Masanori Matsuyama 19 1950–pres.   M. Matsuyama; amateur, Japanese: 松山正則, (bio-de) M. Matsuyama (4844)
Daniel Matter 5 1957–pres.   D. Matter; amateur, (bio-it) D. Matter (59833)
Alain Maury 9 1958–pres.   A. Maury; A. Maury (3780)
D. Mayes 1 n.a.   D. Mayes; inferred D. Mayes
Emiliano Mazzoni 2 1953–pres.   E. Mazzoni; amateur, (bio-it) E. Mazzoni (49469)
Michele Mazzucato 6 1962–pres.   M. Mazzucato; Michele T. Mazzucato, (bio-it) M. Mazzucato (35461)
John V. McClusky 157 n.a.   J. V. McClusky; J. V. McClusky
Billy D. McCormack 1 n.a.   B. D. McCormack; B. D. McCormack
Jennie McCormick 1 n.a.   J. McCormick; J. McCormick
Alric D. McDermott 1 n.a.   A. D. McDermott; A. D. McDermott
David McDonald (astronomer) 2 1964–pres.   D. McDonald; Dave McDonald, amateur D. McDonald (21782)
Stephen W. McDonald 1 n.a.   S. McDonald; S. McDonald
James E. McGaha 6 1946–pres.   J. McGaha; amateur, (bio-it) J. McGaha (10036)
P. McKenzie 1 n.a.   P. McKenzie; inferred P. McKenzie
David McLeish (astronomer) 1 n.a.   D. McLeish; (bio-it) D. McLeish
Robert H. McNaught 483 1956–pres.  
R. H. McNaught; R. H. McNaught (3173)
Jeffrey S. Medkeff 10 1968–2008   J. Medkeff; J. Medkeff (41450)
Karen Jean Meech 3 1959–pres.   K. J. Meech; K. J. Meech (4367)
Carol Neese 1 1958–pres.   C. Neese; Carol Lynn Neese, MPC-typo: Meese C. Meese (9211)
Sven Melchert 2 1968–pres.   S. Melchert; amateur,[2] Guidestar (A17), disc: MPC and MPC with Mark Emmerich S. Melchert
Philibert Jacques Melotte 1 1880–1961   P. Melotte; disc: MPC P. Melotte
J. Dave Mendenhall 1 n.a.   J. D. Mendenhall; (bio-it) J. D. Mendenhall
Jean-Claude Merlin 66 1954–pres.   J.-C. Merlin; (bio-fr) J.-C. Merlin (57658)
Szabolcs Mészáros 5 1981–pres.   S. Mészáros; (bio-it) S. Meszaros
Joel Hastings Metcalf 41 1866–1925   J. H. Metcalf; J. H. Metcalf (726), (792)
Natal'ja Vital'evna Metlova 1 n.a.   N. V. Metlova; (bio-it) N. V. Metlova
Michel Meunier 1 n.a.   M. Meunier; amateur, (bio-it) M. Meunier
Erich Meyer 22 1951–pres.   E. Meyer; amateur E. Meyer (7940)
Maik Meyer 16 1970–pres.   M. Meyer; amateur, (bio-de), Src M. Meyer (52005)
J. Michaud 1 n.a.   J. Michaud; inferred J. Michaud
Marco Micheli 12 1983–pres.   M. Micheli; ESA/Pan-STARRS1 it:wikinews M. Micheli (10277)
René Michelsen 5 n.a.   R. Michelsen; R. Michelsen (10285)
Celina Mikolajczak 4 n.a.   C. Mikolajczak; (bio-it) C. Mikolajczak
Herman Mikuž 21 n.a.   H. Mikuž; (bio-it) H. Mikuz
R. Miles 1 n.a.   R. Miles; inferred R. Miles
Robert L. Millis 6 n.a.   R. Millis; occultation, at Lowell Observatory, (bio-it), (bio-fr) R. Millis (2659)
Elia Millosevich 2 1848–1919   E. Millosevich; E. Millosevich (69961)
Matt Mills (astronomer) 1 n.a.   M. Mills; inferred M. Mills
Rudolph Minkowski 1 1895–1976   R. Minkowski; R. Minkowski (11770)
Tetsuyasu Mitani 1 1927–2004   T. Mitani; disc: MPC, (bio-it) T. Mitani (3289)
Seidai Miyasaka 4 1955–pres.   S. Miyasaka; S. Miyasaka (3555)
Takashi Mizuno (astronomer) 1 1955–pres.   T. Mizuno; amateur, (bio-it) T. Mizuno (6392)
Yoshikane Mizuno 52 1954–pres.   Y. Mizuno; at Kani Observatory Y. Mizuno (4541)
Marko Moilanen 1 n.a.   M. Moilanen; (bio-it) M. Moilanen
Lawrence Alan Molnar 70 1959–pres.   L. A. Molnar; (bio-it) L. A. Molnar (8245)
Jean Montanne 1 n.a.   J. Montanne; (bio-it) J. Montanne
Nico Montigiani 1 n.a.   N. Montigiani; (bio-it) N. Montigiani
Didier Morata 1 1954–pres.   D. Morata; amateur, (bio-it) D. Morata (14643)
Stéphane Morata 1 1977–pres.   S. Morata; amateur, (bio-it) S. Morata (14643)
Zdeněk Moravec 93 1968–pres.   Z. Moravec; Z. Moravec
Hiroshi Mori (astronomer) 45 1958–pres.   H. Mori; amateur, (bio-it) H. Mori (19190)
Nicholas Moskovitz 1 1981–pres.   N. Moskovitz; N. Moskovitz (8254)
Patrick M. Motl 9 n.a.   P. M. Motl; disc: MPC, (bio-it) P. M. Motl
Stefano Mottola 6 n.a.   S. Mottola; (bio-it) S. Mottola; S. Motolla (5388)
Antonín Mrkos 274 1918–1996   A. Mrkos; at Kleť Observatory A. Mrkos (1832)
Jean Mueller 13 1950–pres.   J. E. Mueller; at Second Palomar Sky Survey J. E. Mueller (4031)
Masaru Mukai 13 1949–pres.   M. Mukai; unrelated to 4750 M. Mukai
Gustavo Muler 23 1967–pres.  
G. Muler; G. Muler (458063)
John-Derral Mulholland 1 1934–2008   J.-D. Mulholland; (bio-it) J. D. Mulholland
Ulisse Munari 49 1960–pres.   U. Munari; at the Astronomical Observatories of Padua and Asiago U. Munari (7599)
J. Muñoz 1 n.a.   J. Muñoz; inferred, (Manteca-it) J. Munoz
Osamu Muramatsu 73 1949–pres.   O. Muramatsu; O. Muramatsu (5606)
Juan Carlos Muzzio 2 1946–pres.   J. C. Muzzio; at La Plata Institute of Astrophysics, (bio-it) J. C. Muzzio (6505)
Atsushi Nakajima (astronomer) 3 n.a.   A. Nakajima; disc: MPC A. Nakajima
Akimasa Nakamura 112 1961–pres.   A. Nakamura; at the Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory A. Nakamura (10633)
Tsuko Nakamura 3 1943–pres.   T. Nakamura; (bio-it) T. Nakamura (6599)
Akio Nakanishi 2 1964–pres.   A. Nakanishi; amateur A. Nakanishi (8702)
Orlando A. Naranjo 38 1951–pres.   O. A. Naranjo; (bio-it) O. A. Naranjo
Michael Nassir 1 n.a.   M. Nassir; M. Nassir
Akira Natori 32 1956–pres.   A. Natori; at Nihondaira Observatory, (bio-it) A. Natori (5520)
Edgar Rangel Netto 8 n.a.   E. R. Netto; at Valongo Observatory, (bio-de) E. R. Netto (3175)
Grigory Neujmin 74 1885–1946  
G. N. Neujmin; G. N. Neujmin (1129)
Vitaly Nevsky 6 n.a.   V. Nevski; Vitalij Nevskij, Vitaliy Nevskiy, amateur, (B42), image, Comet ISON V. Nevski
Phil Nicholson 1 n.a.   P. Nicholson; P. Nicholson
Seth Barnes Nicholson 2 1891–1963   S. B. Nicholson; disc: MPC and MPC S. B. Nicholson (1831)
Tsuneo Niijima 32 1955–pres.   T. Niijima; amateur T. Niijima (5507)
V. L. Nixon 1 n.a.   V. L. Nixon; V. L. Nixon
Michael C. Nolan 1 1963–pres.   M. C. Nolan; at Arecibo Observatory, (bio-it) M. C. Nolan (9537)
Jaume Nomen 55 1960–pres.  
J. Nomen; at Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca J. Nomen (56561)
Toshiro Nomura 13 1954–pres.   T. Nomura; T. Nomura (6559)
Hans Ulrik Nørgaard-Nielsen 2 n.a.   H. U. Nørgaard-Nielsen; disc: MPC, (bio-it) H. U. Norgaard-Nielsen
Artyom Novichonok 20 1982–pres.   A. Novichonok; Comet ISON, Src A. Novichonok; A. O. Novichonok
Andrew J. Noymer 7 1971–pres.   A. J. Noymer; (bio-it) A. J. Noymer (4956)
Donal O'Ceallaigh 3 n.a.   D. O'Ceallaigh; Src D. O'Ceallaigh
Erwin Obermair 7 1946–2017   E. Obermair; amateur E. Obermair (9236)
Eran O. Ofek 1 n.a.   E. O. Ofek; HP E. O. Ofek
Warren B. Offutt 18 1928–2017   W. Offutt; W. Offutt (7639)
Youhei Ohba 3 n.a.   Y. Ohba; at ISAS Y. Ohba
Okuro Oikawa 8 1896–1980   O. Oikawa; O. Oikawa (2667)
Gregory Wayne Ojakangas 2 n.a.   G. Ojakangas; disc: MPC and MPC, (bio-it) G. Ojakangas
Arto Oksanen 1 n.a.   A. Oksanen; amateur A. Oksanen
Tomimaru Okuni 130 1931–pres.   T. Okuni; amateur T. Okuni (7769)
Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers 2 1758–1840   H. W. Olbers; H. W. Olbers (1002)
C. Michelle Olmstead 46 1969–pres.   C. M. Olmstead; at Lowell Observatory C. M. Olmstead (3287)
Csilla Orgel 2 n.a.   C. Orgel; inferred C. Orgel
José Luis Ortiz Moreno 1 1967–pres.   J. L. Ortiz; disc: MPC, unofficial discoverer Haumea J. L. Ortiz (4436)
Michel Ory 202 1966–pres.   M. Ory; amateur M. Ory (67979)
Yoshiaki Oshima 61 1952–pres.   Y. Oshima; at Gekko Observatory Y. Oshima (5592)
Liisi Oterma 54 1915–2001   L. Oterma; at Turku Observatory L. Oterma (1529)
Satoru Otomo 148 1957–pres.   S. Otomo; amateur S. Otomo (3911)
Rafael Pacheco 57 1954–pres.   R. Pacheco; amateur R. Pacheco (25001)
Deborah Lynne Padgett 1 n.a.   D. Padgett; inferred D. Padgett
Johann Palisa 122 1848–1925   J. Palisa; J. Palisa (914)
Ernesto Palomba 2 1967–pres.   E. Palomba; disc: MPC and MPC E. Palomba (95951)
Amanda Papadimos 4 n.a.   A. Papadimos; inferred A. Papadimos
Sensi Pastor 1 n.a.   S. Pastor; La Murta Observatory (J76) S. Pastor
Praskov'ja Georgievna Parchomenko 2 1886–1970  
P. Parchomenko; Praskoviya Georgievna Parchomenko, (bio-it) P. Parchomenko (1857)
Yun-Ho Park 2 n.a.   Y.-H. Park; (bio-it) Y.-H. Park
Joel W. Parker 2 1962–pres.   J. W. Parker; at Southwest Research Institute, inferred J. W. Parker (13751)
Q. A. Parker 1 n.a.   Q. A. Parker; at Siding Spring Q. A. Parker
Alois Paroubek 1 n.a.   A. Paroubek; (bio-it) A. Paroubek
André Patry 9 1902–1967   A. Patry; at Nice Observatory A. Patry (1601)
Thierry Pauwels 147 1957–pres.   T. Pauwels; at Uccle Observatory T. Pauwels (12761)
Thomas Payer 4 1978–pres.   T. Payer; amateur,[2] T. Payer
Fernando Pedichini 1 n.a.   F. Pedichini; F. Pedichini
Jean-Claude Pelle 10 1942–pres.   J.-C. Pelle; Jean Claude George Pelle, amateur, (bio-fr) J. C. Pelle (84011)
Randy Pepper 2 n.a.   R. Pepper; amateur, Fort Bend Astronomy Club, (bio-it) R. Pepper
Zenón M. Pereyra 1 n.a.   Z. Pereyra; disc: MPC, (bio-it) Z. Pereyra
Henri Joseph Anastase Perrotin 6 1845–1904   J. Perrotin; J. Perrotin (1515)
Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peters 48 1813–1890  
C. H. F. Peters; C. H. F. Peters (100007)
George Henry Peters 3 1863–1947   G. H. Peters; USNO-astronomer,Src G. H. Peters
Jean-Marc Petit 7 1961–pres.   J.-M. Petit; (bio-fr) J.-M. Petit; J. Petit (7740)
Holly Phaneuf 2 n.a.   H. Phaneuf; amateur, (bio-it) H. Phaneuf
Jeffrey L. Phinney 4 1957–pres.   J. Phinney; disc: MPC, MPC, MPC and MPC J. Phinney (46793)
Giuseppe Piazzi 1 1746–1826   G. Piazzi; disc: Ceres G. Piazzi (1000)
Paolo Pietrapiana 2 n.a.   P. Pietrapriana; amateur, disc: MPC, (bio-it) P. Pietrapiana
Michael Pietschnig 3 n.a.   M. Pietschnig; amateur, Src M. Pietschnig
Jana Pittichová 5 n.a.   J. Pittichová; inferred J. Pittichova
Guido Pizarro (astronomer) 8 n.a.   G. Pizarro; brother of Oscar Pizarro, at La Silla, (bio-it) G. Pizarro (4609)
Oscar Pizarro 1 n.a.   O. Pizarro; brother of Guido Pizarro, (bio-it) O. Pizarro (4609)
Gianpaolo Pizzetti 4 1961–pres.   G. P. Pizzetti; amateur, (bio-it) G. P. Pizzetti; G. Pizzetti (233559)
John Platt (computer scientist) 2 1963–pres.   J. Platt; J. Platt
C. E. Plunkett 1 n.a.   C. E. Plunkett; inferred C. E. Plunkett
G. A. Plyugin 7 1925–pres.   G. A. Plyugin; Gurij Antonovič Pljugin, (bio-it) G. A. Plyugin
Regina Podstanická 1 1928–2000   R. Podstanická; (bio-it) R. Podstanicka
Norman Pogson 8 1829–1891   N. R. Pogson; Norman Robert Pogson N. R. Pogson (1830)
Radosław Poleski 1 n.a.   R. Poleski; R. Poleski
David Polishook 12 1976–pres.   D. Polishook; David L. Polishook, MIT and Tel Aviv University, (bio-it) D. Polishook (8464)
Isidre Pòlit 1 1880–1958  
I. Pòlit; Isidre Pòlit i Boixareu, (bio-it) I. Polit (1708)
Christian Pollas 26 1947–pres.   C. Pollas; at Côte d'Azur Observatory, (bio-fr) C. Pollas (4892)
Hejno Iogannović Potter 1 1929–2007   H. Potter; Kheino Potter, disc: MPC, (bio-it) H. Potter (7320)
Valentino Pozzoli 3 n.a.   V. Pozzoli; inferred V. Pozzoli
Alexander Pravda 52 n.a.   A. Pravda; (bio-it) A. Pravda
Petr Pravec 351 1967–pres.   P. Pravec; P. Pravec (4790)
Donald P. Pray 3 1949–pres.   D. P. Pray; at Carbuncle Hill Obs.Src and Sugarloaf Obs. Src, (bio-it) D. P. Pray (35364)
Milorad B. Protić 7 1911–2001   M. B. Protić; M. B. Protitch (22278)
Andrew W. Puckett 22 1977–pres.   A. W. Puckett; Andrew Wayne Puckett A. W. Puckett (184011)
Ulisse Quadri 1 1953–pres.   U. Quadri; amateur, (bio-it) U. Quadri (10200)
Herbert Raab 1 1969–pres.   H. Raab; amateur, Src H. Raab (3184)
David L. Rabinowitz 34 1960–pres.