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The Jura Observatory (French: Observatoire astronomique jurassien) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the Jura Astronomy Society (French: Société Jurassienne d'Astronomie; SJA). Built in 1993/1998, it is located near Vicques in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland. Its IAU observatory code is 185.

Jura Observatory
Alternative namesObservatoire Astronomique Jurassien-Vicques Edit this at Wikidata
OrganizationJura Astronomy Society (Société jurassienne d'astronomie)
Observatory code185
LocationVicques, Canton of Jura, Switzerland.
Coordinates47°21′10″N 7°25′18″E / 47.35278°N 7.42167°E / 47.35278; 7.42167Coordinates: 47°21′10″N 7°25′18″E / 47.35278°N 7.42167°E / 47.35278; 7.42167
Altitude505 m
Télescope Bernard Comte "TBC61"Cassegrain/Nasmith
Jura Observatory is located in Switzerland
Jura Observatory
Location of Jura Observatory
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Minor planets discovered: 8 [1]
see § List of discovered minor planets

On August 28, 2008, Michel Ory discovered the periodic comet P/2008 Q2 (Ory) at the observatory.

Oukaïmeden ObservatoryEdit

The Jura Astronomy Society, in collaboration with French amateur astronomer Claudine Rinner and the Cadi Ayyad University, also participates in the Morocco Oukaïmeden Sky Survey (MOSS), using a remote 0.5-meter telescope at Oukaïmeden Observatory (J43), which is operated by the university since 2007. The observatory is located in the High Atlas mountains, 50 kilometers south of Marrakech, Morocco.[2]

List of discovered minor planetsEdit

42113 Jura 15 January 2001 list
42191 Thurmann 14 February 2001 list
46095 Frédérickoby 15 March 2001 list
77755 Delémont 13 August 2001 list
(289600) 2005 GR9 1 April 2005 list
360762 FRIPON 4 January 2005 list
(450390) 2005 PN5 8 August 2005 list
(469748) 2005 PO5 9 August 2005 list

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