Badlands Observatory

The Badlands Observatory (IAU code 918) is an astronomical observatory named after the Badlands National Park, located in Quinn, South Dakota, near the city of Wall, United States. The observatory was founded in 2000.[2] by American amateur astronomer Ron Dyvig, who was associated with the Optical Sciences Center and Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona. While there, he occasionally participated in observing runs using the telescopes on Kitt Peak. Kitt Peak Observatory As of November 2016, a total of 25 numbered minor planets were discovered at the observatory. The Minor Planet Center credits these discoveries to Ron Dyvig and to the observatory, respectively. The main-belt asteroid (315495) 2008 AQ3 was discovered by Italian amateur astronomer Fabrizio Tozzi while using the Badlands Observatory telescope remotely via the Internet in 2008. [3] Asteroid 26715 South Dakota, discovered by Ron Dyvig in 2001, is named after the U.S. state South Dakota, where the Badlands observatory is located.[4]

Badlands Observatory
Named afterBadlands National Park Edit this on Wikidata
OrganizationBlack Hills Astronomical Society
Observatory code918
LocationQuinn, South Dakota, US
Coordinates43°59′27″N 102°7′51″W / 43.99083°N 102.13083°W / 43.99083; -102.13083Coordinates: 43°59′27″N 102°7′51″W / 43.99083°N 102.13083°W / 43.99083; -102.13083
unnamed26-inch reflector
Badlands Observatory is located in the United States
Badlands Observatory
Location of Badlands Observatory
Minor planets discovered: 8 [1]
see § List of discovered minor planets

When the observatory opened in a former medical facility, the town of Quinn installed hoods over the street lights to reduce light pollution.[5]

List of discovered minor planetsEdit

The Minor Planet Center credits the discovery of the following minor planets directly to the Badlands Observatory:[1]

(82361) 2001 MV6 23 June 2001 list
(134973) 2001 FA 16 March 2001 list
(160882) 2001 PC29 15 August 2001 list
(208349) 2001 RX10 11 September 2001 list
(220245) 2002 XR45 10 December 2002 list
(222433) 2001 QB 16 August 2001 list
(241780) 2001 OK 17 July 2001 list
(252591) 2001 XO1 9 December 2001 list

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