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Observations of small Solar System bodies

Cumulative number of astrometric observations (in millions) stored in the Minor Planet Center's database per last reported month of each year since 1995. As of May 2019, the database contains 214,148,024 records, 99.5% of which are observations of minor planets.[1]

Observations of minor planets as well as comets and natural satellites of the Solar System are made by astronomical observatories all over the world and reported to the Minor Planet Center (MPC), a service of the International Astronomical Union. The MPC maintains a data base that stores all observations submitted by these registered observatories. An astrometric record consist of the position, brightness and timestamp of an observed object, besides additional information. The data base contains more than 200 millions records gathered over the past two centuries.[2]

The MPC assigns for each observatory a 3-digit observatory code, also known as MPC or IAU codes. The code is in the range 000 to Z99 and serves as a unique identifier for the reported observations. The MPC periodically published a revised "List Of Observatory Codes" with newly registered observatories in their Minor Planet Circulars. Over time, the number of astronomical observatories worldwide has been growing constantly and contains 2095 observatory codes as of October 2018.[3]

On numbering, often years later, the MPC determines the discovery among all the reported observations for an object. This does not need to be the earliest dated observation, also see precovery. The date of the selected observation will become the object's discovery date, and the corresponding observing astronomer or facility will become its discoverer.[4] The discovery circumstances are given in the catalog of numbered minor planets.

Observational recordEdit

An astrometric observational record includes the position, timestamp, and absolute brightness of an observed object. Typically, an observatory observes an objects at least three times within a short timespan during the same night. The records are then reported together with the individual code of the observatory to the Minor Planet Center. These are then compared to MPC's internal database and a new provisional designation is assigned if no match is found. The observational records are published by the MPC on a weekly basis. Summaries are published in the Minor Planet Circulars several times a year.[5]


Date (UT) J2000 RA J2000 Dec Magn Location Ref
1980 03 21.59633 13 51 40.18 −02 46 38.6 260Siding Spring Observatory-DSS MPS 15065

The example shows the first observational record for the Jupiter trojan (21271) 1996 RF33 as found in the lower section of the MPC's corresponding object page.[6] The observation was taken on 21 March 1980 at 14 hours 18 minutes and 43 seconds (1980 03 21.59633). The position of the object is given in the celestial coordinate system as declination (DEC) and right ascension (RA). The observation was taken by the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia and later released by the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) using the observatory's archived photographic plates with a dedicated IAU code (260). The observation was published in the Minor Planets and Comets Supplement (MPS) on the continual page number 15065 on 21 June 2000.[5][6]

Astrometric data baseEdit

MPC's astrometric data base contains more than 200 millions entries, split up into 199.9 million minor-planet observations as well as 0.4 and 0.6 million observations of comets and satellites, respectively.[1] It first entry by date is the discovery observation of Ceres made by G. Piazzi on 1 January 1802. Before the end of the 1950s, records were published in a variety of non-MPC journals.

Former publishing journalsEdit

  • APO – Annales de l'Observatoire de Paris: Observations
  • AN – Astronomische Nachrichten
  • RM – Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • HD – Mitteilungen der Landessternwarte Heidelberg


Among the observations of an object, one will be determined by the MPC as the discovering observation and its timestamp as the discovery date. This typically happens years after the first observations when an object is numbered and additional observation have secured the object's orbit sufficiently. While the discovery date is typically defined by the object's first obtained observation, there are many exceptions, as the rules for discovery are intricate and have changed over time.[4] For example, an object needs to be observed several times over (at least) two consecutive nights. As nowadays most discoveries are made by dedicated surveys and observing facilities, and the MPC typically does not give credit to more than three individual astronomers, most discoveries of minor planets are credited to a facility (identified by its observatory code) rather than to individual astronomers.

List of observatory codesEdit

The following list contains an observatory's name and code as used by the MPC, its location and, optionally, a link to the corresponding article on Wikipedia and an external link to the observatory webpage.[3]

Obs. code
Description Country Region MPC-list
000 Royal Observatory, Greenwich   ENG Greenwich
001 Isaac Roberts' Observatory   ENG Crowborough
002 Rayleigh Observatory, Chelmsford borough, Essex   ENG Rayleigh
003 Montpellier Observatory (Observatoire de la Babote; Montpellier Babote Observatory)   Occ Montpellier
004 Toulouse Observatory   Occ Toulouse
005 Paris Observatory (Observatoire de Paris; Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)   IDF Meudon
006 Fabra Observatory (Observatori Fabra)   CT Fabra Observatory, Barcelona
007 Paris Observatory (Observatoire de Paris; Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)   IDF Paris
008 Algiers Observatory (Centre de Recherche en Astronomie Astrophysique et Géophysique)   - Algiers-Bouzareah
009 Uecht Observatory (Sternwarte Uecht, Solar Observatory at Uecht)   SWG Berne-Uecht
010 CERGA Observatory (Centre de recherches en géodynamique et astrométrie) Src   PACA Caussols
011 Wetzikon Observatory (Sternwarte Wetzikon)   SWG Wetzikon
012 Royal Observatory of Belgium (Uccle Observatory; Observatoire Royal de Belgique; Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van België)   BCR Uccle
013 Leiden Observatory (Sterrewacht Leiden)   ZH Leiden
014 Marseille Observatory   PACA Marseilles
015 Sonnenborgh Observatory   Utrecht Utrecht
016 Besançon Astronomical Observatory (Observatoire de Besançon)   BFC Besançon
017 Hoher List Observatory (Observatorium Hoher List)   RP Hoher List
018 Düsseldorf-Bilk Observatory (Sternwarte Bilk)   NRW Düsseldorf-Bilk
019 Neuchâtel Observatory   SWF Neuchatel
020 Nice Observatory (Observatoire de Nice); observer: Matthieu Conjat Src:21   PACA Nice
021 Karlsruhe Observatory (Sternwarte Karlsruhe)   BW Karlsruhe
022 Observatory of Turin (Pino Torinese; Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino)   P Pino Torinese
023 Wiesbaden Observatory (Sternwarte Wiesbaden)   HE Wiesbaden
024 Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory (Heidelberg Observatory; Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl)   BW Heidelberg-Konigstuhl
025 Stuttgart Observatory   BW Stuttgart
026 Zimmerwald Observatory (Observatorium Zimmerwald)   SWG Berne-Zimmerwald
027 Brera Astronomical Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)   Lo Milan
028 Würzburg Observatory (Sternwarte der Universität Würzburg)   FB Wurzburg
029 Hamburg Observatory (Bergedorf Observatory; Hamburger Sternwarte)   H Hamburg-Bergedorf
030 Arcetri Observatory (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)   Tu Arcetri Observatory, Florence
031 Sonneberg Observatory   TH Sonneberg
032 Jena Observatory (Astrophysikalisches Institut und Universitäts-Sternwarte Jena)   TH Jena
033 Karl Schwarzschild Observatory (Karl-Schwarzschild-Observatorium)   TH Karl Schwarzschild Observatory, Tautenburg
034 Monte Mario Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma Sede di Monte Mario)   La Monte Mario Observatory, Rome
035 Østervold Observatory (Copenhagen University Observatory; Københavns Universitet Astronomisk Observatorium)   - Copenhagen
036 Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana)   - Castel Gandolfo
037 Collurania-Teramo Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Collurania-Teramo)   Ab Collurania Observatory, Teramo
038 Astronomical Observatory of Trieste (Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste)   F Trieste
039 Lund Observatory (Lunds Universitet Institutionen för astronomi)   Skåne Lund
040 Lohrmann Institute   SN Lohrmann Institute, Dresden
041 Innsbruck Observatory   Ty Innsbruck
042 Einstein Tower   BB Potsdam
043 Asiago Astrophysical Observatory (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Asiago)   V Asiago Astrophysical Observatory, Padua
044 Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte)   Cam Capodimonte Observatory, Naples
045 Vienna Observatory (since 1879) (Universitäts-Sternwarte Wien)   Vi Vienna (since 1879)
046 Kleť Observatory, České Budějovice (Hvězdárna Kleť)   JC Klet Observatory, Ceske Budejovice
047 Poznań Observatory (Obserwatorium Astronomiczne Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu)   WV Poznań
048 Hradec Králové Observatory (Hvězdárna Hradec Králové)   Hradec Králové Hradec Kralove
049 Kvistaberg Observatory   Up Uppsala-Kvistaberg
050 Stockholm Observatory (before 1931) (Stockholms observatorium)   Stockholm (before 1931)
051 Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope   WC Cape
052 Stockholm Observatory (since 1931) (Saltsjöbaden Observatory)   Stockholm-Saltsjobaden
053 Konkoly Observatory (Konkoly Obszervatórium)   Budapest Konkoly Observatory, Budapest (since 1934)
054 Brorfelde Observatory (Brorfelde Observatoriet)   - Brorfelde
055 Kraków Observatory   LPV Cracow
056 Skalnaté pleso Observatory (Observatórium Skalnaté pleso)   Prešov Skalnate Pleso
057 Belgrade Observatory   - Belgrade
058 Königsberg Observatory (before 1944)  
Kaliningrad Kaliningrad
059 Lomnický štít Observatory (Observatórium Lomnický štít)   Prešov Lomnicky Stit
060 Warsaw University Observatory   MV Warsaw-Ostrowik
061 Uzhgorod Observatory   Zakarpattia Uzhgorod
062 Iso-Heikkilä Observatory (Turku Observatory; Turun observatorio)   SW Turku
063 Tuorla Observatory (Turku-Tuorla; Tuorlan observatorio)   SW Turku-Tuorla
064 Kevola Observatory (Turku-Kevola; Kevolan tähtitorni)   SW Turku-Kevola
065 Traunstein Observatory   FB Traunstein
066 National Observatory of Athens   - Athens
067 Lvov University Observatory, Lviv University   Lviv Lvov University Observatory
068 Lvov Polytechnic Institute   Lviv Lvov Polytechnic Institute
069 Baldone, near Riga   - Baldone
070 Vilnius Observatory (before 1939)  
Vilnius Vilnius (before 1939)
071 Rozhen Observatory or Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory   - NAO Rozhen, Smolyan
072 Scheuren Observatory   NRW Scheuren Observatory
073 Bucharest Astronomical Observatory   - Bucharest
074 Boyden Observatory   Free State Boyden Observatory, Bloemfontein
075 University of Tartu Old Observatory active until 1964 (formerly Dorpat Observatory until 1919) not to be confused with modern Tartu Observatory   Tartu Tartu
076 Johannesburg-Hartbeespoort Observatory (Union Observatory Annex), Hartbeespoort   North West Johannesburg-Hartbeespoort
077 Yale-Columbia Southern Station (1925–1951) Src   Gauteng Yale-Columbia Station, Johannesburg
078 Union Observatory (Johannesburg Observatory; Republic Observatory; Transvaal Observatory)   Gauteng Johannesburg
079 Radcliffe Observatory   Gauteng Radcliffe Observatory, Pretoria
080 Istanbul Observatory   - Istanbul
081 Leiden Southern Station, Hartbeespoort (Leiden Station, Johannesburg)   North West Leiden Station, Johannesburg
082 St. Pölten Observatory   LA St. Polten
083 Golosseevo-Kiev Observatory   Kiev (city) Golosseevo-Kiev
084 Pulkovo Observatory   Saint Petersburg Pulkovo
085 Kiev Observatory   Kiev (city) Kiev
086 Odessa Observatory   - Odessa
087 Helwan Observatory   - Helwan
088 Kottomia Observatory   - Kottomia
089 Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory   Mikolaiv Nikolaev
090 Mainz Observatory   RP Mainz
091 Nurol Observatory (Observatoire de Nurol)   ARA Observatoire de Nurol, Aurec sur Loire
092 Toruń Centre for Astronomy (Piwnice Astronomical Observatory; Piwnice Obserwatorium Astronomiczne)   KPV Torun-Piwnice
093 Skibotn Observatory   - Skibotn
094 Simeiz Observatory   - Crimea-Simeis
095 1. Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (Крымская астрофизическая обсерватория)
2. Crimean Astronomical Station [ru] of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute (Крымская астрономическая станция ГАИШ; Южная станция ГАИШ)
3. MARGO (Gennadiy Borisov's private observatory)
  - Crimea-Nauchnij
096 Merate Observatory   Lo Merate
097 Wise Observatory   - Wise Observatory, Mitzpeh Ramon
098 Cima Ekar Observing Station (Stazione osservativa di Asiago Cima Ekar; also see #043 and #209)   V Asiago Observatory, Cima Ekar
099 Lahti Ursa Observatory (Lahden Ursan tähtitorni)   Päijät-Häme Lahti
100 Ähtäri Observatory   South Ostrobothnia Ahtari
101 Kharkov Observatory (Astronomical Observatory of Kharkov National University, ХАО)   Kharkiv Kharkov
102 Zvenigorod Observatory   Moscow Zvenigorod
103 Ljubljana Observatory   Ljubljana Ljubljana
104 Pistoia Mountains Astronomical Observatory (San Marcello Pistoiese; Osservatorio Astronomico della Montagna Pistoiese; Osservatorio di Pian dei Termini, Pian dei Termini Observatory)   Tu San Marcello Pistoiese
105 Moscow Observatory   Moscow Moscow
106 Črni Vrh Observatory (Observatorij Črni Vrh)   Primorska Crni Vrh
107 Cavezzo Observatory, (Osservatorio Astronomico Geminiamo Montanari)   ER Cavezzo
108 Montelupo Observatory   Tu Montelupo
109 Kouba Observatory   - Algiers-Kouba
110 Rostov Observatory   Yaroslavl Rostov
111 Piazzano Observatory   Tu Piazzano Observatory, Florence
112 Pleiade Observatory   V Pleiade Observatory, Verona
113 Drebach Observatory (Volkssternwarte Drebach), Schönbrunn   SN Volkssternwarte Drebach, Schoenbrunn
114 Zelenchukskaya Station of the Engelhardt Observatory (see #136), Kazan University Observatory)   Karachay-Cherkessia Engelhardt Observatory, Zelenchukskaya Station
115 Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) (also see #114)   Karachay-Cherkessia Zelenchukskaya
116 Giesing Observatory, München-Giesing   FB Giesing
117 Sendling Observatory, Munich   FB Sendling
118 Modra Observatory (Astronomické observatórium Modra; Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory, Modra)   Bratislava Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory, Modra
119 Abastuman Observatory   - Abastuman
120 Višnjan Observatory (Zvjezdarnica Višnjan)   - Visnjan
121 Kharkov University, Chuguevskaya Station   Kharkiv Kharkov University, Chuguevskaya Station
122 Pises Observatory (Observatoire des Pises)   Occ Pises Observatory
123 Byurakan Observatory   - Byurakan
124 Castres Observatory (Observatoire de Castres)   Occ Castres
125 Tbilisi Observatory   - Tbilisi
126 Monte Viseggi Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Monte Viseggi)   Li Monte Viseggi
127 Bornheim Observatory   NRW Bornheim
128 Saratov Observatory of the Saratov State University   Saratov Saratov
129 Ordubad Observatory   - Ordubad
130 Lumezzane Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico Serafino Zani)   Lo Lumezzane
131 Observatoire de l'Ardèche   ARA Observatoire de l'Ardeche
132 Bédoin Observatory (Observatoire de Bédoin); observer: Pierre Antonini   PACA Bedoin
133 Les Tardieux Observatory   PACA Les Tardieux
134 Großschwabhausen Observatory of the Jena Observatory (see #032) near Jena   TH Groszschwabhausen
135 Kasan Observatory   Tatarstan Kasan
136 Engelhardt Observatory of the Kazan University Observatory   Tatarstan Engelhardt Observatory, Kasan
137 Givatayim Observatory   - Givatayim Observatory
138 Village-Neuf Observatory   GE Village-Neuf
139 Antibes Observatory; observer: Laurent Brunetto[7]   PACA Antibes
140 Augerolles Observatory   ARA Augerolles
141 Hottviller Observatory (Observatoire de Hottviller)   GE Hottviller
142 Sinsen Observatory   NRW Sinsen
143 Gnosca Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Gnosca; observer: Stefano Sposetti)   SWI Gnosca
144 Bray et Lu Observatory   IDF Bray et Lu
145 's-Gravenwezel Observatory   VLG 's-Gravenwezel
146 Frignano Observatory   - Frignano
147 Suno Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Suno; Osservatorio Astronomico Galileo Galilei) Src   P Osservatorio Astronomico di Suno
148 Guitalens Observatory (Observatoire de Guitalens; observer: Alain Klotz)[7]   Occ Guitalens
149 Beine-Nauroy Observatory   GE Beine-Nauroy
150 Maisons Laffitte Observatory   IDF Maisons Laffitte
151 Eschenberg Observatory (Sternwarte Eschenberg)   SWG Eschenberg Observatory, Winterthur
152 Moletai Astronomical Observatory (MAO)   - Moletai Astronomical Observatory
153 Stuttgart-Hoffeld Observatory   BW Stuttgart-Hoffeld
154 Cortina Obsrevatory (Associazione Astronomica Cortina; Osservatorio Astronomico del Col Drusciè "Helmut Ullrich"), Cortina d'Ampezzo   V Cortina
155 Ole Rømer Observatory   - Ole Romer Observatory, Aarhus
156 Catania Astrophysical Observatory   Si Catania Astrophysical Observatory
157 Frasso Sabino Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico Virginio Cesarini – Frasso Sabino) Src   La Frasso Sabino
158 Promiod Observatory (Osservatorio Dalai Lama di Promiod)   Ao Promiod
159 Monte Agliale Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Monte Agliale)   Tu Monte Agliale
160 Castelmartini Observatory Src   Tu Castelmartini
161 Cerrina Tololo Observatory   P Cerrina Tololo Observatory
162 Potenza Observatory   B Potenza
163 Roeser Observatory   - Roeser Observatory, Luxembourg
164 St. Michel sur Meurthe Observatory   GE St. Michel sur Meurthe
165 Piera Observatory (Observatori Astronomic de Piera)   CT Piera Observatory, Barcelona
166 Úpice Observatory (Hvězdárna v Úpici)   Hradec Králové Upice
167 Bülach Observatory (Sternwarte Bülach)   SWG Bulach Observatory
168 Kourovskaya Observatory   Sverdlovsk Kourovskaya
169 Airali Observatory   P Airali Observatory
170 Begues Observatory (Observatorio de Begues)   CT Observatorio de Begues
171 Flarestar Observatory   - Flarestar Observatory, San Gwann
172 Onnens Observatory   SWF Onnens
173 St Clotilde Observatory (Observatoire Sainte-Clotilde)  
Réunion St. Clotilde, Reunion
174 Nyrölä Observatory (Nyrölän observatorio), Jyväskylä   CF Nyrola Observatory, Jyvaskyla
175 Bagnoud Observatory   SWF F.-X. Bagnoud Observatory, St-Luc
176 Consell Observatory (Observatorio Astronómico de Consell)   IB Observatorio Astronomico de Consell
177 Le Cres Observatory, observer: Raymond Poncy [7]   Occ Le Cres
178 Collonges Observatory observer: Jean-Gabriel Bosch[7]   ARA Collonges
179 Monte Generoso Observatory (Osservatorio del Monte Generoso)   SWI Monte Generoso
180 Mauguio Observatory   Occ Mauguio
181 Makes Observatory (Observatoire des Makes; observers: Jean-Paul Teng, Andre Peyrot, Alain Klotz)[7]  
Réunion Observatoire des Makes, Saint-Louis
182 St Paul Observatory  
Réunion St. Paul, Reunion
183 Starlab Observatory   Karachay-Cherkessia Starlab Observatory, Karachay-Cherkessia
184 Valmeca Observatory   PACA Valmeca Observatory, Puimichel
185 Jura Observatory (Observatoire astronomique jurassien)   SWF Observatoire Astronomique Jurassien-Vicques
186 Kitab Observatory, Mt. Maydanak   Kashkadarya Kitab
187 Borowiec Astrogeodynamic Observatory   WV Astronomical Observatory, Borowiec
188 Majdanak Observatory   Kashkadarya Majdanak
189 Geneva Observatory (old observatory; before 1967)   SWF Geneva (before 1967)
190 Gissar Observatory   RR Gissar
191 Dushanbe Observatory   RR Dushanbe
192 Tashkent Observatory   Tashkent Tashkent
193 Sanglok Observatory   Khatlon Sanglok
194 Tivoli Observatory   - Tivoli
195 Untermenzing Observatory   FB Untermenzing Observatory, Munich
196 Homburg-Erbach Observatory   SL Homburg-Erbach
197 Bastia Observatory   ER Bastia
198 Wildberg Observatory (Observatorium Wildberg) Src   BW Wildberg
199 Buthiers Observatory (Observatoire de Buthiers)   CVL Buthiers
200 Beersel Hills Observatory   VLG Beersel Hills Observatory
201 Jonathan B. Postel Observatory, Promiod   Ao Jonathan B. Postel Observatory
202 Tamaris Observatoire   PACA Tamaris Observatoire, La Seyne sur Mer
203 GiaGa Observatory   Lo GiaGa Observatory
204 Schiaparelli Observatory   Lo Schiaparelli Observatory
205 Osservatorio Casalecchio di Reno   ER Obs. Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna
206 Haagaar Observatory   - Haagaar Observatory, Eina
207 Osservatorio Antonio Grosso   Lo Osservatorio Antonio Grosso
208 Rivalta Observatory   ER Rivalta
209 Asiago-DLR Asteroid Survey (ADAS) at the Cima Ekar Station (#098) of the Asiago Observatory (#043)   V Asiago Observatory, Cima Ekar-ADAS
210 Almaty Observatory (Alma-Ata Observatory; now: Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory, #N42, near Big Almaty Lake)   - Alma-Ata
211 Scandicci Observatory   Tu Scandicci
212 La Dehesilla Observatory (Observatorio La Dehesilla)  
AN Observatorio La Dehesilla
213 Montcabre Observatory (Observatorio Montcabre)  
CT Observatorio Montcabre
214 Garching Observatory   FB Garching Observatory
215 Buchloe Observatory   FB Buchloe
216 Côtes de Meuse Observatory (Observatoire des Côtes de Meuse)   GE Observatoire des Cote de Meuse
217 Assah Observatory   - Assah
218 Hyderabad Observatory   - Hyderabad
219 Japal-Rangapur Observatory   - Japal-Rangapur
220 Vainu Bappu Observatory   - Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur
221 IAS Observatory   - IAS Observatory, Hakos
222 Yerres-Canotiers Observatory   IDF Yerres-Canotiers
223 Madras Observatory (Indian Institute of Astrophysics)   - Madras
224 Ottmarsheim Observatory, observer: Claudine Rinner   GE Ottmarsheim
225 Northwood Ridge Observatory, Northwood   NH Northwood Ridge Observatory
226 Guido Ruggieri Observatory   V Guido Ruggieri Observatory, Padua
227 OrbitJet Observatory   NY OrbitJet Observatory, Colden
228 Bruno Zugna Observatory   F Bruno Zugna Observatory, Trieste
229 G. C. Gloriosi Astronomical Observatory   Cam G. C. Gloriosi Astronomical Observatory, Salerno
230 Mount Wendelstein Observatory   FB Mt. Wendelstein Observatory
231 Vesqueville Observatory   WAL Vesqueville
232 Masquefa Observatory   CT Masquefa Observatory
233 Sauro Donati Astronomical Observatory   Tu Sauro Donati Astronomical Observatory, San Vito
234 Coddenham Observatory   ENG Coddenham Observatory
235 CAST Observatory   F CAST Observatory, Talmassons
236 Tomsk Observatory   Tomsk Tomsk
237 Baugy Observatory   CVL Baugy
238 Grorudalen Optical Observatory   - Grorudalen Optical Observatory
239 Michael Adrian Observatory   HE Trebur
240 Herrenberg Observatory (Herrenberg Sternwarte) at Herrenberg   BW Herrenberg Sternwarte
241 Schaerding Observatory   UA Schaerding
242 Varennes Observatory   Occ Varennes
243 Umbrella Observatory   NI Umbrella Observatory, Fredenbeck
244 Geocentric Occultation Observation SPACE geocentric Geocentric Occultation Observation
245 Spitzer Space Telescope SPACE Earth-trailing Spitzer Space Telescope
246 Klet Observatory near Earth and other unusual objects observations team and telescope (KLENOT) at Kleť Observatory (#046)   JC Klet Observatory-KLENOT
247 Roving Observer SPACE geocentric Roving Observer
248 Hipparcos SPACE geostationary Hipparcos
250 Hubble Space Telescope SPACE LEO Hubble Space Telescope
251 Arecibo Observatory   PR Arecibo
252 Goldstone DSS 13, at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex   CA Goldstone DSS 13, Fort Irwin
253 Goldstone DSS 14, at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex   CA Goldstone DSS 14, Fort Irwin
254 Haystack Observatory   MA Haystack, Westford
255 Evpatoria Observatory   - Evpatoria
256 Green Bank Telescope   WV Green Bank
257 Goldstone DSS 25, at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex   CA Goldstone DSS 25, Fort Irwin
258 Gaia space observatory SPACE L2 Gaia
259 EISCAT Tromso UHF   - EISCAT Tromso UHF
260 Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) at Siding Spring Observatory (see #413)   NSW Siding Spring Observatory-DSS
261 Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) at Palomar Observatory (see #675)   CA Palomar Mountain-DSS
262 Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) at ESA's La Silla see #809   Co European Southern Observatory, La Silla-DSS
266 New Horizons KBO Search with the Subaru Telescope   HI New Horizons KBO Search-Subaru
267 New Horizons KBO Search with the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope   HI New Horizons KBO Search-CFHT
268 New Horizons KBO Search with the Magellan II (Clay) telescope   Af New Horizons KBO Search-Magellan/Clay
269 New Horizons KBO Search with the Magellan I (Baade) telescope   Af New Horizons KBO Search-Magellan/Baade
277 Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (ROE)   SCT Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh
278 Peking, Transit of Venus site   Beijing Peking, Transit of Venus site
279 Seeberg Observatory, Gotha (1787–1857)   TH Seeberg Observatory, Gotha (1787-1857)
280 Lilienthal Observatory   SH Lilienthal
281 Bologna Observatory   ER Bologna
282 Nîmes Observatory   Occ Nîmes
283 Bremen Observatory   HB Bremen
284 Driesen Observatory, formerly Germany   LV Driesen
285 Flammarion Observatory   IDF Flammarion Observatory, Juvisy
286 Yunnan Observatory   Yunnan Yunnan Observatory
290 Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) at Mount Graham (also see #G83)   AZ Mt. Graham-VATT
291 LPL/Spacewatch II   AZ LPL/Spacewatch II
292 Burlington Observatory   NJ Burlington, New Jersey
293 Burlington remote site Observatory   NJ Burlington remote site
294 Astrophysical Observatory, College of Staten Island   NY Astrophysical Obs., College of Staten Island
295 Catholic University Observatory   DC Catholic University Observatory, Washington
296 Dudley Observatory (after 1893), Schenectady   NY Dudley Observatory, Albany (after 1893)
297 Middlebury College Observatory of Middlebury College   VT Middlebury
298 Van Vleck Observatory, Middletown   CT Van Vleck Observatory
299 Bosscha Observatory   - Bosscha Observatory, Lembang
300 Bisei Spaceguard CenterBATTeRS   33 Bisei Spaceguard Center-BATTeRS
301 Observatoire du Mont Mégantic   QC Mont Megantic
302 University of the Andes, Venezuela station (not built)   Mérida University of the Andes station
303 Llano del Hato National Astronomical Observatory (Observatorio Astronómico Nacional de Llano del Hato)   Mérida OAN de Llano del Hato, Mérida
304 Las Campanas Observatory   Af Las Campanas Observatory
305 Hainan Island Station – (of the Purple Mountain Obs.; see #330)   Shaanxi Purple Mountain, Hainan Island station
306 Taya Beixo Observatory   Lara Observatorio Taya Beixo, Barquisimeto
307 Shattuck Observatory   NH Shattuck Observatory, Hanover
309 Paranal Observatory   Af Cerro Paranal
312 Tsingtao field Station, Xisha Islands   Kaohsiung Tsingtao field station, Xisha Islands
318 Quinns Rock Observatory   WA Quinns Rock
319 Perth Observatory, Perth-Lowell Telescope   WA Perth Observatory, Perth-Lowell Telescope
320 Chiro Observatory   WA Chiro Observatory
321 Craigie Observatory   WA Craigie
322 Perth Observatory, (Bickley-MCT)   WA Perth Observatory, Bickley-MCT
323 Perth Observatory, (Bickley)   WA Perth Observatory, Bickley
324 Shaho Station of the Beijing Astronomical Observatory   Beijing Peking Observatory, Shaho Station
327 Xinglong Station (NAOC) of the Beijing Astronomical Obs.   Hebei Peking Observatory, Xinglong Station
330 Purple Mountain Observatory   Jiangsu Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanking
333 Desert Eagle Observatory   AZ Desert Eagle Observatory
334 Tsingtao Observatory   Shandong Tsingtao
337 Sheshan Observatory, formerly Zô-Sé   Shanghai Sheshan, formerly Zo-Se
340 Toyonaka Observatory   27 Toyonaka
341 Akashina Observatory   20 Akashina
342 Shishikui Observatory   36 Shishikui
343 Younchun Observatory   Gyeonggi Younchun
344 Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory (BOAO)   North Gyeongsang Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory
345 Sobaeksan Optical Astronomy Observatory   North Chungcheong Sobaeksan Optical Astronomy Observatory
346 KNUE Astronomical Observatory   Sejong-si KNUE Astronomical Observatory
347 Utsunomiya-Imaizumi Observatory   - Utsunomiya-Imaizumi
348 Ayabe Observatory   26 Ayabe
349 Ageo Observatory   11 Ageo
350 Kurohone Observatory   10 Kurohone
351 Sakamoto Observatory   25 Sakamoto
352 Konan Observatory   25 Konan
353 Nishi Kobe Observatory   28 Nishi Kobe
354 Kawachi Observatory   09 Kawachi
355 Hadano Observatory   14 Hadano
356 Kogota Observatory   04 Kogota
357 Shimotsuma Observatory   08 Shimotsuma
358 Nanyo Observatory   06 Nanyo
359 Wakayama Observatory   30 Wakayama
360 Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory   38 Kuma Kogen
361 Sumoto Observatory   28 Sumoto
362 Ray Observatory   01 Ray Observatory
363 Yamada Observatory   40 Yamada
364 YCPM Kagoshima Station   46 YCPM Kagoshima Station
365 Uto Observatory   29 Uto Observatory
366 Miyasaka Observatory   19 Miyasaka Observatory
367 Yatsuka Observatory   32 Yatsuka
368 Ochiai Observatory   19 Ochiai
369 Chichibu Astronomical Observatory, Naoto Satō   11 Chichibu
370 Kochi Observatory   39 Kochi
371 Tokyo-Okayama (Okayama Astrophysical Observatory; OAO) of the Tokyo Observatory   33 Tokyo-Okayama
372 Geisei Observatory   39 Geisei
373 Oishi Observatory   30 Oishi
374 Minami-Oda Observatory   28 Minami-Oda Observatory
375 Uzurano Observatory   28 Uzurano
376 Uenohara Observatory   19 Uenohara
377 Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto University (Kwasan and Hida Observatories) Src   26 Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto
378 Murou Observatory   29 Murou
379 Hamamatsu-Yuto Observatory   22 Hamamatsu-Yuto
380 Ishiki Observatory   23 Ishiki
381 Kiso Observatory, University of Tokyo   20 Tokyo-Kiso
382 Norikura Observatory, of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory   13 Tokyo-Norikura
383 Chirorin Observatory   20 Chirorin
384 Shimada Observatory   22 Shimada
385 Nihondaira Observatory   22 Nihondaira Observatory
386 Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa   19 Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa
387 Dodaira Observatory of Tokyo Astronomical Obs.   11 Tokyo-Dodaira
388 Mitaka Observatory, Mitaka, Tokyo (of National Astronomical Observatory)   13 Tokyo-Mitaka
389 Tokyo Astronomical Observatory (before 1938)   13 Tokyo (before 1938)
390 Utsunomiya Observatory   09 Utsunomiya
391 Ayashi Station of the Sendai Obs.   04 Sendai Observatory, Ayashi Station
392 JCPM Sapporo Station   01 JCPM Sapporo Station
393 JCPM Sakura Station   08 JCPM Sakura Station
394 JCPM Hamatonbetsu Station   01 JCPM Hamatonbetsu Station
395 Tokyo-Asahikawa   01 Tokyo-Asahikawa
396 Asahikawa Observatory   01 Asahikawa
397 Sapporo Science Center   01 Sapporo Science Center
398 Nagatoro Observatory   11 Nagatoro
399 Kushiro Observatory   01 Kushiro
400 Kitami Observatory   01 Kitami
401 Oosato Observatory   11 Oosato
402 Dynic Astronomical Observatory   25 Dynic Astronomical Observatory
403 Kani Observatory   21 Kani
404 Yamamoto Observatory   07 Yamamoto
405 Kamihoriguchi Observatory   10 Kamihoriguchi
406 Bibai Observatory   01 Bibai
407 Kahoku Observatory   06 Kahoku
408 Mount Nyukasa Station   20 Nyukasa
409 Kiyose and Mizuho   13 Kiyose and Mizuho
410 Sengamine Observatory   28 Sengamine
411 Oizumi Observatory   10 Oizumi
412 Iwaki Observatory   07 Iwaki
413 Siding Spring Observatory   NSW Siding Spring Observatory
414 Mount Stromlo Observatory   ACT Mount Stromlo
415 Kambah Observatory, near Canberra   ACT Kambah
416 Barton Observatory, near Canberra   ACT Barton
417 Yanagida Astronomical Observatory   17 Yanagida Astronomical Observatory
418 Tamworth Observatory   NSW Tamworth
419 Windsor Observatory   NSW Windsor
420 Sydney Observatory   NSW Sydney
421 Mt. Kajigamori   39 Mt. Kajigamori, Otoyo
422 Loomberah Observatory   NSW Loomberah
423 North Ryde Observatory   NSW North Ryde
424 Macquarie Observatory, near Canberra   ACT Macquarie
425 Taylor Range Observatory   Qld Taylor Range Observatory, Brisbane
426 Woomera Observatory   SA Woomera
427 Stockport Observatory   SA Stockport
428 Reedy Creek Observatory   Qld Reedy Creek
429 Hawker Observatory   ACT Hawker
430 Rainbow Observatory   NSW Rainbow Observatory, near Coonabarabran
431 Mount Tarana Observatory   NSW Mt. Tarana Observatory, Bathurst
432 Boambee Observatory   NSW Boambee
433 Bagnall Beach Observatory   NSW Bagnall Beach Observatory
434 S. Benedetto Po Observatory   Lo S. Benedetto Po
435 G. Colombo Astronomical Observatory   V G. Colombo Astronomical Observatory, Padua
436 Livergnano Observatory (Osservatorio di Livergnano)   ER Osservatorio di Livergnano
437 Haverford Observatory   PA Haverford
438 Smith College Observatory   MA Smith College Observatory, Northampton
439 ROTSE-III   NM ROTSE-III, Los Alamos
440 Elginfield Observatory   ON Elginfield Observatory
441 Swilken Brae Observatory   SCT Swilken Brae, St. Andrews
442 Gualba Observatory   CL Gualba Observatory
443 Plomer Observatory (Observatorio Astronomico Plomer)   BA Obs. Astronomico Plomer, Buenos Aires
444 Star Cruiser Observatory, Anza   CA Star Cruiser Observatory
445 Observatori d'Ontinyent   V Observatorio d'Ontinyent
446 Kingsnake Observatory   TX Kingsnake Observatory, Seguin
447 Centennial Observatory   CO Centennial Observatory
448 Desert Moon Observatory, observers: Janet and Berton L. Stevens Src, Src   NM Desert Moon Observatory, Las Cruces
449 Griffin Hunter Observatory   SC Griffin Hunter Observatory, Bethune
450 Carla Jane Observatory   NC Carla Jane Observatory, Charlotte
451 West Skies Observatory   KS West Skies Observatory, Mulvane
452 Big Cypress Observatory   FL Big Cypress Observatory, Fort Lauderdale
453 Edwards Raven Observatory   CA Edwards Raven Observatory
454 Maryland Space Grant Consortium Observatory   CA Maryland Space Grant Consortium Observatory
455 CBA Concord   CA CBA Concord
456 Daventry Observatory   ENG Daventry Observatory
457 Partizanske Observatory   Trenčín Partizanske
458 Guadarrama Observatory   MD Guadarrama Observatory
459 Smith River Observatory   NH Smith River Observatory, Danbury
460 Area 52 Observatory   AR Area 52 Observatory, Nashville
461 Piszkéstető Station – of the Konkoly Obs., see #561 and #053; Src   - University of Szeged, Piszkesteto Stn. (Konkoly)
462 Mount Belleview Observatory   MD Mount Belleview Observatory
463 Sommers–Bausch Observatory   CO Sommers-Bausch Observatory, Boulder
464 Toby Point Observatory   RI Toby Point Observatory, Narragansett
465 Takapuna Observatory   Au Takapuna
466 Mount Molehill Observatory   Au Mount Molehill Observatory, Auckland
467 Stardome Observatory (Auckland Observatory)   Au Auckland Observatory
468 Campo Catino Astronomical Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico Campo Catino)   La Astronomical Observatory, Campo Catino
469 Courroux Observatory   SWF Courroux
470 Ceccano Observatory   La Ceccano
471 Houstrup Observatory   - Houstrup
472 Merlette Observatory   PACA Merlette
473 Remanzacco Observatory   F Remanzacco
474 Mount John University Observatory (University of Canterbury Mount John Observatory; UCMJO),   Ca Mount John Observatory, Lake Tekapo
475 Observatory of Turin (before 1913)   P Turin (before 1913)
476 Grange Observatory Src   P Grange Observatory, Bussoleno
477 Galleywood Observatory   ENG Galleywood
478 Lamalou-les-Bains Observatory   Occ Lamalou-les-Bains
479 Sollies-Pont Observatory   PACA Sollies-Pont
480 Cockfield Observatory   ENG Cockfield
481 Moorwarfen Observatory  
SCT Moorwarfen
482 St. Andrews Observatory (Observatory of the University of St Andrews)   - St. Andrews
483 Carter Observatory   Mrl Carter Observatory, Black Birch Station
484 Happy Valley Observatory   W Happy Valley, Wellington
485 Carter Observatory   W Carter Observatory, Wellington
486 Palmerston North Observatory   MW Palmerston North
487 Macnairston Observatory   SCT Macnairston Observatory
488 Newcastle upon Tyne   ENG Newcastle upon Tyne
489 Hemingford Abbots Observatory   ENG Hemingford Abbots
490 Wimborne Minster Observatory   ENG Wimborne Minster
491 Centro Astronómico de Yebes   CM Centro Astronomico de Yebes
492 Mickleover Observatory   ENG Mickleover
493 Calar Alto Observatory   AN Calar Alto
494 Stakenbridge Observatory, near Kidderminster   ENG Stakenbridge
495 Altrincham Observatory   ENG Altrincham
496 Bishopstoke Observatory   ENG Bishopstoke
497 Ascot-Loudwater Observatory   ENG Ascot-Loudwater
498 Earls Barton Observatory   ENG Earls Barton
499 Cheam Observatory   ENG Cheam
500 Geocentric (e.g. IRAS) SPACE - Geocentric
501 Herstmonceux Observatory   ENG Herstmonceux
502 Colchester Observatory   ENG Colchester
503 Cambridge Observatory   ENG Cambridge
504 Le Creusot Observatory (Src)   BFC Le Creusot
505 Simon Stevin Observatory   North Brabant Simon Stevin
506 Bendestorf Observatory   NI Bendestorf
507 Nyenheim Observatory   Gelderland Nyenheim
508 Zeist Observatory   Gelderland Zeist
509 La Seyne sur Mer Observatory   PACA La Seyne sur Mer
510 Siegen Observatory   NRW Siegen
511 Haute-Provence Observatory (Observatoire de Haute-Provence; OHP)   PACA Haute Provence
512 Leiden Observatory (Sterrewacht Leiden; before 1860)   ZH Leiden (before 1860)
513 Lyons Observatory   ARA Lyons
514 Mundenheim Observatory (1907–1913)   RP Mundenheim (1907-1913)
515 Dhaun Observatory (Volkssternwarte Dhaun)   RP Volkssternwarte Dhaun, near Kirn
516 Hamburg Observatory (before 1909), German Empire   H Hamburg (before 1909)
517 Geneva Observatory (Observatory of Geneva) (from 1967)   SWF Geneva (from 1967)
518 Marine Observatory   H Marine Observatory, Hamburg
519 Meschede Observatory   NRW Meschede
520 Bonn Observatory   NRW Bonn
521 Remeis Observatory (Dr. Remeis-Sternwarte)   FB Remeis Observatory, Bamberg
522 Observatory of Strasbourg (Observatoire de Strasbourg)   GE Strasbourg
523 Frankfurt Observatory   HE Frankfurt
524 Mannheim Observatory   BW Mannheim
525 Marburg Observatory Src   HE Marburg
526 Kiel Observatory   SH Kiel
527 Altona Observatory (Sternwarte Altona)   H Altona
528 Göttingen Observatory   NI Göttingen
529 Christiania Observatory   - Christiania
530 Lübeck Observatory   SH Lubeck
531 Collegio Romano Observatory (Osservatorio del Collegio Romano)   La Collegio Romano, Rome
532 Munich Observatory (Universitäts-Sternwarte München; Bogenhausener Sternwarte; Sternwarte zu Bogenhausen) Königlichen Src   FB Munich
533 Padua Observatory   V Padua
534 Leipzig Observatory (since 1861)   SN Leipzig (since 1861)
535 Palermo Astronomical Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo "Giuseppe S. Vaiana")   Si Palermo
536 Babelsberg Observatory (Berlin Observatory after 1913)   BB Berlin-Babelsberg
537 Urania Observatory of Berlin; Berlin Urania Observatory (Urania Sternwarte)   B Urania Observatory, Berlin
538 Austrian Naval Observatory or Pola Observatory; (Sternwarte der kaiserlichen und königlichen Kriegsmarine in Pola; Marine-Sternwarte Pola) located in Pola, now Pula, Croatia   - Pola
539 Kremsmünster Observatory Scr   UA Kremsmunster
540 Davidschlag Observatory (Linz Observatory; Private Observatory Meyer/Obermair; Sternwarte Davidschlag)   UA Linz
541 Štefánik's Observatory (Prague Observatory)   Prague Prague
542 Falkensee Observatory   BB Falkensee
543 Leipzig Observatory (before 1861), German Empire  
SN Leipzig (before 1861)
544 Wilhelm Foerster Observatory (Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte)   B Wilhelm Foerster Observatory, Berlin
545 Vienna Observatory (before 1879), Austria-Hungary   Vi Vienna (before 1879)
546 Oppolzer Observatory   Vi Oppolzer Observatory, Vienna
547 Breslau Observatory (former German Empire; now: Wroclaw University Astronomical Observatory)   LSV Wroclaw, former Breslau
548 Berlin Observatory (1835–1913) (Berliner Sternwarte, Berlin Observatory, before 1913)   B Berlin (1835-1913)
549 Uppsala Astronomical Observatory (UAO; Astronomiska observatoriet i Uppsala)   Up Uppsala
550 Schwerin Observatory   MV Schwerin
551 Hurbanovo Observatory, formerly O'Gyalla   Nitra Hurbanovo, formerly O'Gyalla
552 San Vittore Observatory (Osservatorio San Vittore)   ER Osservatorio S. Vittore, Bologna
553 Chorzów Observatory   SV Chorzow
554 Burgsolms Observatory   NI Burgsolms Observatory, Wetzlar
555 Cracow-Fort Skała Observatory   LPV Cracow-Fort Skala
556 Reintal Observatory   FB Reintal, near Munich
557 Ondřejov Observatory (Observatoř Ondřejov); observers: Marek Wolf, Josef Hanuš[7]   SK Ondrejov
558 Warsaw Observatory   MV Warsaw
559 Serra La Nave Observatory   Si Serra La Nave
560 Madonna di Dossobuono Observatory (Osservatorio Madonna di Dossobuono)   V Madonna di Dossobuono
561 Piszkéstető Station – of the Konkoly Obs., Budapest,see #461 and #053   - Piszkesteto Stn. (Konkoly)
562 Figl Observatory   LA Figl Observatory, Vienna
563 Seewalchen Observatory   UA Seewalchen
564 Herrsching Observatory   FB Herrsching
565 Bassano Bresciano Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Bassano Bresciano)   Lo Bassano Bresciano
566 Haleakala-NEAT/GEODSS   HI Haleakala-NEAT/GEODSS
567 Chions Observatory (Osservatorio di Chions; Chaonis Observatory)   F Chions
568 Mauna Kea Observatory   HI Mauna Kea
569 Helsinki Observatory   Uusimaa Helsinki
570 Vilnius Observatory (since 1939)   - Vilnius (since 1939)
571 Cavriana Observatory (Osservatorio "Giordano Bruno")   Lo Cavriana
572 Cologne Observatory   NRW Cologne
573 Eldagsen Observatory   NI Eldagsen
574 Gottolengo Observatory   Lo Gottolengo
575 La Chaux de Fonds Observatory   SWF La Chaux de Fonds
576 Burwash Observatory   ENG Burwash
577 Metzerlen Observatory   SWG Metzerlen Observatory
578 Linden Observatory  
Gauteng Linden Observatory
579 Novi Ligure Observatory   P Novi Ligure
580 Graz University Observatory   S Graz
581 Sedgefield Observatory   WC Sedgefield
582 Orwell Park Observatory   ENG Orwell Park
583 Odessa-Mayaki Observatory   Odessa Odessa-Mayaki
584 Leningrad Observatory   Saint Petersburg Leningrad
585 Kiev comet station   Kiev (Oblast) Kyiv comet station
586 Pic du Midi Observatory (Observatoire du Pic du Midi)   Occ Pic du Midi
587 Sormano Astronomical Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano)   Lo Sormano
588 Eremo di Tizzano Observatory   ER Eremo di Tizzano
589 Santa Lucia Stroncone Astronomical Observatory (Osservatorio Astrometrico Santa Lucia Stroncone); observers: Antonio Vagnozzi[7]   U Santa Lucia Stroncone
590 Metzerlen Observatory   SWG Metzerlen
591 Resse Observatory   NI Resse Observatory
592 Solingen Observatory   NRW Solingen
593 Monte Argentario Observatory   Tu Monte Argentario
594 Monte Autore Observatory   La Monte Autore
595 Farra d'Isonzo Observatory (Astronomical Observatory of Farra d'Isonzo; Osservatorio Astronomico di Farra d'Isonzo)   F Farra d'Isonzo
596 Colleverde di Guidonia Observatory (Osservatorio Colleverde di Guidonia)   La Colleverde di Guidonia
597 Springe Observatory   NI Springe
598 Loiano Observatory (Osservatorio Astronomico di Loiano)   ER Loiano
599 Campo Imperatore Near-Earth Object Survey (CINEOS)   Ab Campo Imperatore-CINEOS
600 TLC Observatory   ER TLC Observatory, Bologna
601 Engelhardt Observatory   SN Engelhardt Observatory, Dresden
602 Urania Observatory   Vi Urania Observatory, Vienna
603 Bothkamp Observatory (Sternwarte Bothkamp), near Kiel Src   SH Bothkamp
604 Archenhold Observatory (Archenhold Sternwarte)   B Archenhold Sternwarte, Berlin-Treptow
605 Marl Observatory   NRW Marl
606 Norderstedt Observatory   SH Norderstedt
607 Hagen Observatory   NRW Hagen Observatory, Ronkhausen
608 Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory (AMOS) Haleakala-AMOS   HI Haleakala-AMOS
609 Osservatorio Polino Observatory   U Osservatorio Polino
610 Pianoro Observatory   ER Pianoro
611 Starkenburg Observatory (Heppenheim Observatory; Starkenburg-Sternwarte)   NI Starkenburg Sternwarte, Heppenheim
612 Lenkerbeck Observatory   NRW Lenkerbeck
613 Heisingen Observatory   NRW Heisingen
614 Soisy-sur-Seine Observatory   IDF Soisy-sur-Seine
615 Observatory of Saint-Veran (Src)   PACA St. Veran
616 Brno Observatory   South Moravia Brno
617 Arbonne-la-Forêt Observatory   IDF Arbonne la Foret
618 Martigues Observatory   PACA Martigues
619 Sabadell Observatory   CT Sabadell
620 Observatorio Astronómico de Mallorca, observer: Reiner Stoss, Salvador Sánchez, Jaume Nomen[7]   IB Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca
621 Bergisch Gladbach Observatory   NRW Bergisch Gladbach
622 Oberwichtrach Observatory   SWG Oberwichtrach
623 Liège Observatory   WAL Liege
624 Dertingen Observatory   BW Dertingen
625 Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory (AMOS) Kihei   HI Kihei-AMOS Remote Maui Experimental Site
626 Geel Observatory   VLG Geel
627 Blauvac Observatory ; observer: René Roy[7]   PACA Blauvac
628 Turtle Star Observatory Src   NRW Mulheim-Ruhr
629 Szeged Observatory, JATE Observatory   - Szeged Observatory
630 Osenbach Observatory   GE Osenbach
631 Hamburg-Georgswerder   H Hamburg-Georgswerder
632 San Polo A Mosciano   Tu San Polo A Mosciano
633 Romito Observatory   Lo Romito
634 Crolles Observatory   ARA Crolles
635 Pergignan Observatory   Occ Pergignan
636 Walter Hohmann Observatory (Essen Observatory) Src   NRW Essen
637 Hamburg-Himmelsmoor Observatory   H Hamburg-Himmelsmoor
638 Detmold Observatory   NRW Detmold
639 Dresden Observatory   SN Dresden
640 Senftenberger Observatory (Senftenberger Sternwarte)   SK Senftenberger Sternwarte
641 Overberg Observatory   WC Overberg
642 Oak Bay   BC Oak Bay, Victoria
643 OCA-Anza Observatory (Orange County Astronomers – Anza)   CA OCA-Anza Observatory
644 Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) at (Palomar Observatory)   CA Palomar Mountain/NEAT
645 Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), Sunspot, at (Apache Point Observatory)   NM Apache Point-Sloan Digital Sky Survey
646 Santana Observatory, observer: Robert Stephens, see #G79 and #U81[7]   CA Santana Observatory, Rancho Cucamonga
647 Stone Finder Observatory   AB Stone Finder Observatory, Calgary
648 Winer Observatory, Sonoita   AZ Winer Observatory, Sonoita
649 Powell Observatory, Louisburg   KS Powell Observatory, Louisburg
650 Temecula Observatory   CA Temecula
651 Grasslands Observatory, Tucson   AZ Grasslands Observatory, Tucson
652 Rock Finder Observatory   AB Rock Finder Observatory, Calgary
653 Torus Observatory   WA Torus Observatory, Buckley
654 Table Mountain Observatory, Wrightwood-PHMC   CA Table Mountain Observatory, Wrightwood-PHMC
655 Sooke Observatory   BC Sooke
656 Victoria Observatory   BC Victoria
657 Climenhaga Observatory   BC Climenhaga Observatory, Victoria
658 National Research Council of Canada (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Saanich)   BC National Research Council of Canada
659 Heron Cove Observatory, Orcas   WA Heron Cove Observatory, Orcas
660 Leuschner Observatory, Berkeley   CA Leuschner Observatory, Berkeley
661 Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Priddis   AB Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Priddis
662 Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton   CA Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton
663 Red Mountain Observatory, Ivins   UT Red Mountain Observatory
664 Manastash Ridge Observatory, Ellensburg   WA Manastash Ridge Observatory
665 Wallis Observatory   CA Wallis Observatory
666 Moorpark College Observatory, Ventura County   CA Moorpark College Observatory
667 Wanapum Dam Observatory   WA Wanapum Dam
668 San Emigdio Peak   CA San Emigdio Peak
669 Ojai Observatory   CA Ojai
670 Camarillo Observatory   CA Camarillo
671 Stony Ridge Observatory   CA Stony Ridge
672 Mount Wilson Observatory   CA Mount Wilson
673 Table Mountain Observatory   CA Table Mountain Observatory, Wrightwood
674 Ford Observatory   CA Ford Observatory, Wrightwood
675 Palomar Observatory   CA Palomar Mountain
676 San Clemente Observatory   CA San Clemente
677 Lake Arrowhead   CA Lake Arrowhead
678 Fountain Hills Observatory   AZ Fountain Hills
679 National Astronomical Observatory (Mexico)   Baja California San Pedro Martir
680 Los Angeles Observatory   CA Los Angeles
681 Calgary Observatory   AB Calgary
682 Crescent Butte Observatory; observer Edwin E. Sheridan (discoverer of minor planets)   UT Kanab
683 Goodricke-Pigott Observatory, Tucson   AZ Goodricke-Pigott Observatory, Tucson
684 Prescott Observatory   AZ Prescott
685 Williams Observatory   AZ Williams
686 U. of Minn. Infrared Obs., Mt. Lemmon (UMN Mount Lemmon Observing Facility)   AZ U. of Minn. Infrared Obs., Mt. Lemmon
687 Northern Arizona University   AZ Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
688 Lowell Observatory, Anderson Mesa Station   AZ Lowell Observatory, Anderson Mesa Station
689 United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (NOFS)   AZ U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff
690 Lowell Observatory, observer: Brian Skiff   AZ Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
691 Spacewatch at Kitt Peak, Steward Observatory   AZ Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak-Spacewatch
692 Steward Observatory   AZ Steward Observatory, Tucson
693 Catalina Station   AZ Catalina Station, Tucson
694 Tumamoc Hill at Steward Observatory   AZ Tumamoc Hill, Tucson
695 Kitt Peak National Observatory   AZ Kitt Peak
696 Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory   AZ Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins
697 MDM Observatory at Kitt Peak, McGraw-Hill   AZ Kitt Peak, McGraw-Hill
698 Mt. Bigelow   AZ Mt. Bigelow
699 Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search (LONEOS) at Anderson Mesa Station, Lowell Observatory   AZ Lowell Observatory-LONEOS
700 Chinle Observatory   AZ Chinle
701 Junk Bond Observatory, Sierra Vista   AZ Junk Bond Observatory, Sierra Vista
702 Joint Observatory for cometary research (now the site of Magdalena Ridge Observatory)   NM Joint Obs. for cometary research, Socorro
703 Catalina Sky Survey, Tucson   AZ Catalina Sky Survey
704 Lincoln Laboratory ETS (Lincoln Laboratory's Experimental Test Site), Socorro, (also see LINEAR)   NM Lincoln Laboratory ETS, New Mexico
705 Apache Point, Sunspot (Apache Point Observatory)   NM Apache Point
706 Salida Observatory   CO Salida
707 Chamberlin field station   CO Chamberlin field station
708 Chamberlin Observatory, Denver   CO Chamberlin Observatory, Denver
709 W & B Observatory, Warren & Beverly" Offutt Observatory   NM W & B Observatory, Cloudcroft
710 MPO Observatory   CO MPO Observatory, Florissant
711 McDonald Observatory   TX McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis
712 USAF Academy Observatory   CO USAF Academy Observatory, Colorado Springs
713 Thornton Observatory   CO Thornton
714 Bagdad Observatory   AZ Bagdad
715 Jornada Observatory   NM Jornada Observatory, Las Cruces
716 Palmer Divide Observatory; observer: Brian D. Warner   CO Palmer Divide Observatory, Colorado Springs
717 Prude Ranch Observatory   TX Prude Ranch
718 University of Utah, Tooele   UT Tooele
719 Etscorn Observatory (Frank T. Etscorn Campus Observatory, Socorro New Mexico Tech Astronomy Club Src   NM Etscorn Observatory
720 Universidad de Monterrey Observatory, Nuevo León   - Universidad de Monterrey
721 Lime Creek Observatory   NE Lime Creek
722 Missouri City Observatory   TX Missouri City
723 Cottonwood Observatory   OK Cottonwood Observatory, Ada
724 National Observatory (Observatorio Astronómico Nacional; Observatorio de Tacubaya)   - National Observatory, Tacubaya
725 Fair Oaks Ranch Observatory   TX Fair Oaks Ranch
726 Fire in the Sky Observatory   MN Brainerd
727 Zeno Observatory   OK Zeno Observatory, Edmond
728 Corpus Christi   TX Corpus Christi
729 Glenlea Astronomical Observatory   MB Glenlea Astronomical Observatory, Winnipeg
730 University of North Dakota, Grand Forks   ND University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
731 Rose-Hulman Observatory   IN Rose-Hulman Observatory, Terre Haute
732 Oaxaca Observatory   - Oaxaca
733 Allen Observatory   TX Allen, Texas
734 Farpoint Observatory   KS Farpoint Observatory, Eskridge
735 George Observatory (Needville Observatory)   TX George Observatory, Needville
736 Houston Observatory   TX Houston
737 New Bullpen Observatory   GA New Bullpen Observatory, Alpharetta
738 Observatory of the State University of Missouri   MO Observatory of the State University of Missouri
739 Sunflower Observatory   KS Sunflower Observatory, Olathe
740 SFA Observatory   TX SFA Observatory, Nacogdoches
741 Goodsell Observatory   MN Goodsell Observatory, Northfield
742 Drake University   IA Drake University, Des Moines
743 University of Minnesota   MN University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
744 Doyan Rose Observatory   IN Doyan Rose Observatory, Indianapolis
745 Glasgow Observatory   MO Morrison Obervatory, Glasgow
746 Brooks Astronomical Observatory   MI Brooks Observatory, Mt. Pleasant
747 Highland Road Park Observatory (a.k.a. Baton Rouge Observatory)   LA Highland Road Park Observatory
748 Van Allen Observatory   IA Van Allen Observatory, Iowa City
749 Oakwood Observatory   GA Oakwood
750 Hobbs Observatory   WI Hobbs Observatory, Fall Creek
751 Lake Saint Louis Observatory   MO Lake Saint Louis
752 Puckett Observatory   GA Puckett Observatory, Mountain Town
753 Washburn Observatory   WI Washburn Observatory, Madison
754 Yerkes Observatory   WI Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay
755 Optec Observatory   MI Optec Observatory
756 Dearborn Observatory   IL Dearborn Observatory, Evanston
757 High Point Observatory   NC High Point
758 Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory (BCC Observatory; Brevard Community College Observatory)   FL BCC Observatory, Cocoa
759 Nashville Observatory   TN Nashville
760 Goethe Link Observatory   IN Goethe Link Observatory, Brooklyn
761 Quail Hollow Observatory   FL Zephyrhills
762 Four Winds Observatory   MI Four Winds Observatory, Lake Leelanau
763 King City Observatory   ON King City
764 Puckett Observatory   GA Puckett Observatory, Stone Mountain
765 Cincinnati Observatory   OH Cincinnati
766 Michigan State University Observatory   MI Michigan State University Obs., East Lansing
767 Angell Hall Observatory   MI Ann Arbor
768 UM-Dearborn Observatory   MI Dearborn Observatory
769 McMillin Observatory   OH McMillin Observatory, Columbus
770 Crescent Moon Observatory   OH Crescent Moon Observatory, Columbus
771 Boyeros Observatory (Observatorio de Rancho Boyeros)   - Boyeros Observatory, Havana
772 Boltwood Observatory   ON Boltwood Observatory, Stittsville
773 Warner and Swasey Observatory – Cleveland   OH Warner and Swasey Observatory, Cleveland
774 Warner and Swasey Nassau Station – Chardon   OH Warner and Swasey Nassau Station, Chardon
775 Sayre Observatory   PA Sayre Observatory, South Bethlehem
776 Foggy Bottom Observatory   NY Foggy Bottom, Hamilton
777 Toronto Observatory   ON Toronto
778 Allegheny Observatory   PA Allegheny Observatory, Pittsburgh
779 David Dunlap Observatory   ON David Dunlap Observatory, Richmond Hill
780 Leander McCormick Observatory   VA Leander McCormick Observatory, Charlottesville
781 Quito Observatory   - Quito
782 Quito, comet astrograph station   - Quito, comet astrograph station
783 Rixeyville Observatory   VA Rixeyville
784 Stull Observatory   NY Stull Observatory, Alfred University
785 Fitz-Randolph Observatory   NJ Fitz-Randolph Observatory, Princeton
786 United States Naval Observatory (USNO; since 1893)   D.C. U.S. Naval Obs., Washington (since 1893)
787 United States Naval Observatory (USNO; before 1893)   D.C. U.S. Naval Obs., Washington (before 1893)
788 Mount Cuba Observatory   DE Mount Cuba Observatory, Wilmington
789 Litchfield Observatory (Hamilton College), Oneida County; not to be confused with #845   NY Litchfield Observatory, Clinton
790 Dominion Observatory   ON Dominion Observatory, Ottawa
791 Flower and Cook Observatory   PA Flower and Cook Observatory, Philadelphia
792 University of Rhode Island   RI University of Rhode Island, Quonochontaug
793 Dudley Observatory (before 1893)   NY Dudley Observatory, Albany (before 1893)
794 Vassar College Observatory   NY Vassar College Observatory, Poughkeepsie
795 Rutherford Observatory   NY Rutherford
796 Stamford Observatory   CT Stamford
797 Yale University Observatory – New Haven   CT Yale Observatory, New Haven
798 Yale University Observatory – Bethany   CT Yale Observatory, Bethany
799 Winchester Observatory   MA Winchester
800 Boyden Station of the Harvard Observatory   - Harvard Observatory, Arequipa
801 Oak Ridge Observatory (George R. Agassiz Station)   MA Oak Ridge Observatory
802 Harvard College Observatory   MA Harvard Observatory, Cambridge
803 Taunton Observatory   MA Taunton
804 Santiago-San Bernardo Observatory   - Santiago-San Bernardo
805 Cerro El Roble Station (of Chile's National Astronomical Observatory, see #806), Santiago   - Santiago-Cerro El Roble
806 National Astronomical Observatory (Chile)   - Santiago-Cerro Calán
807 Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory   Co Cerro Tololo Observatory, La Serena
808 Félix Aguilar Observatory (Observatorio Félix Aguilar; Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar; Dr. Carlos U. Cesco Observatory; Estación de Altura Carlos Ulrico Cesco)   J El Leoncito
809 La Silla Observatory of the European Southern Observatory (ESO)   Co European Southern Observatory, La Silla
810 George R. Wallace Jr. Astrophysical Observatory (WAO)   MA Wallace Observatory, Westford
811 Maria Mitchell Observatory   MA Maria Mitchell Observatory, Nantucket
812 Viña del Mar Observatory   - Vina del Mar
813 Santiago-Quinta Normal (1862–1920) (see #806, National Astronomical Observatory)   - Santiago-Quinta Normal (1862-1920)
814 North Scituate Observatory   RI North Scituate
815 Santiago-Santa Lucia (1849–1861) (see #806, National Astronomical Observatory)   - Santiago-Santa Lucia (1849-1861)
816 Rand Observatory   NY Rand Observatory
817 Sudbury Observatory   MA Sudbury
818 Gémeaux Observatory (Observatoire Gémeaux)   QC Gemeaux Observatory, Laval
819 Val-des-Bois Observatory   QC Val-des-Bois
820 Tarija Observatory   - Tarija
821 Bosque Alegre Station (Estación Astrofísica de Bosque Alegre) of the Córdoba Observatory, see #822   Cór Cordoba-Bosque Alegre
822 Argentine National Observatory (Córdoba Observatory; Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba; Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba)   Cór Cordoba
823 Fitchburg Observatory   MA Fitchburg
824 Lake Clear Observatory   NY Lake Clear
825 Granville Observatory   MA Granville
826 Plessisville Observatory, Plessisville   QC Plessissville
827 Saint-Félicien Observatory   QC Saint-Felicien
828 Assonet Observatory   MA Assonet
829 Leoncito Astronomical Complex (Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito), also see #808   J Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito
830 Hudson Observatory   NH Hudson
831 Rosemary Hill Observatory   FL Rosemary Hill Observatory, University of Florida
832 Etters Observatory   PA Etters
833 Mercedes Observatory (Observatorio Astronomico de Mercedes)   BA Obs. Astronomico de Mercedes, Buenos Aires
834 Argentinian Association of Amateur Astronomers (Asociación Argentina Amigos de la Astronomía; A.A.A.A., asaramas)   BA Buenos Aires-AAAA
835 Drum Hill Station   MA Drum Hill Station, Chelmsford
836 Furnace Brook Observatory   RI Furnace Brook Observatory, Cranston
837 Jupiter Observatory; Boca Raton Observatory at Boca Raton; observer: B. A. Segal Src   FL Jupiter
838 Dayton Observatory   OH Dayton
839 La Plata Astronomical Observatory (Observatorio Astronómico de La Plata)   LP La Plata
840 Flint Observatory   MI Flint
841 Martin Observatory   VA Martin Observatory, Blacksburg
842 Gettysburg College Observatory   PA Gettysburg College Observatory
843 Emerald Lane Observatory   AL Emerald Lane Observatory, Decatur
844 Los Molinos Observatory (Observatorio Astronómico Los Molinos)   - Observatorio Astronomico Los Molinos
845 Clinton B. Ford Observatory; not to be confused with #789   NY Ford Observatory, Ithaca
846 Principia Astronomical Observatory   IL Principia Astronomical Observatory, Elsah
847 Lunar Cafe Observatory   MI Lunar Cafe Observator, Flint
848 Tenagra Observatory Src   OR Tenagra Observatory, Cottage Grove
849 Everstar Observatory (EverStaR Observatory)   KS Everstar Observatory, Olathe
850 Cordell-Lorenz Observatory   TN Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, Sewanee
851 Burke-Gaffney Observatory   NS Burke-Gaffney Observatory, Halifax
852 River Moss Observatory   MO River Moss Observatory, St. Peters
853 Biosphere 2 Observatory   AZ Biosphere 2 Observatory
854 Sabino Canyon Observatory   AZ Sabino Canyon Observatory, Tucson
855 Wayside Observatory   MN Wayside Observatory, Minnetonka
856 Roach Motel Observatory   CA Riverside
857 Iowa Robotic Observatory   AZ Iowa Robotic Observatory, Sonoita
858 Tebbutt Observatory   NM Tebbutt Observatory, Edgewood
859 Wykrota Observatory (Observatório Wykrota) at CEAMIG (Centro de Estudos Astronômicos de Minas Gerais)   MG Wykrota Observatory-CEAMIG
860 Valinhos Observatory   SP Valinhos
861 Barão Geraldo Observatory   SP Barao Geraldo
862 Saku Observatory   - Saku
863 Furukawa Observatory   - Furukawa
864 Kumamoto Civil Astronomical Observatory (KCAO)   - Kumamoto
865 Emmy Observatory   NY Emmy Observatory, New Paltz
866 United States Naval Academy   MD U.S. Naval Academy, Michelson
867 Saji Observatory   - Saji Observatory
868 Hidaka Observatory   - Hidaka Observatory
869 Tosa Observatory   - Tosa
870 Campinas Observatory (Observatório de Campinas; Observatório Municipal de Campinas "Jean Nicolini")   SP Campinas
871 Akou Observatory   - Akou
872 Tokushima Observatory   36 Tokushima
873 Kurashiki Observatory, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory   33 Kurashiki Observatory
874 Pico dos Dias Observatory (Observatório Pico dos Dias)   MG Observatorio do Pico dos Dias, Itajubá
875 Yorii Observatory   - Yorii
876 Honjo Observatory   - Honjo
877 Okutama Observatory   - Okutama
878 Kagiya Observatory   - Kagiya
879 Tōkai Observatory   23 Tokai
880 National Observatory (Brazil) (Rio de Janeiro Observatory; Observatório Nacional; ON)   RJ Rio de Janeiro
881 Toyota Observatory   23 Toyota
882 JCPM Oi Station   - JCPM Oi Station
883 Shizuoka Observatory   22 Shizuoka
884 Kawane Observatory   - Kawane
885 JCPM Yakiimo Station   22 JCPM Yakiimo Station
886 Mishima Observatory (at Susono, Shizuoka and Mishima, Shizuoka)   22 Mishima
887 Ojima Observatory   10 Ojima
888 Gekko Observatory   22 Gekko
889 Karasuyama Observatory   - Karasuyama
890 JCPM Tone Station   - JCPM Tone Station
891 JCPM Kimachi Station   - JCPM Kimachi Station
892 YGCO Hoshikawa and Nagano Stations   20 YGCO Hoshikawa and Nagano Stations
893 Sendai Astronomical Observatory (Sendai Municipal Observatory)   - Sendai Municipal Observatory
894 Kiyosato Observatory   - Kiyosato
895 Hatamae Observatory   - Hatamae
896 Yatsugatake South Base Observatory (near #386 Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa)   13 Yatsugatake South Base Observatory
897 YGCO Chiyoda Station (YGCO: Yamaneko Group of Comet Observers)   - YGCO Chiyoda Station
898 Fujieda Observatory   22 Fujieda
899 Toma Observatory   - Toma
900 Moriyama Observatory   25 Moriyama
901 Tajimi Observatory   21 Tajimi
902 Ootake Observatory   - Ootake
903 Fukuchiyama and Kannabe Observatory   - Fukuchiyama and Kannabe
904 Go-Chome and Kobe-Suma Observatory   - Go-Chome and Kobe-Suma
905 Nachi-Katsuura Observatory   30 Nachi-Katsuura Observatory
906 Cobram Observatory   Vic Cobram
907 Melbourne Observatory   Vic Melbourne
908 Toyama Observatory   - Toyama
909 Snohomish Hilltop Observatory   WA Snohomish Hilltop Observatory
910 OCA–DLR Asteroid Survey (ODAS) at Caussols   - Caussols-ODAS
911 Collins Observatory (Eileen M. Collins Observatory), Corning   NY Collins Observatory, Corning Community College
912 Carbuncle Hill Observatory, observer: Donald Pray; also see #I00   RI Carbuncle Hill Observatory, Greene
913 Kappa Crucis Observatory (Observatorio Kappa Crucis)   - Observatorio Kappa Crucis, Montevideo
914 Underwood Observatory   MA Underwood Observatory, Hubbardston
915 River Oaks Observatory   TX River Oaks Observatory, New Braunfels
916 Oakley Observatory   IN Oakley Observatory, Terre Haute
917 Pacific Lutheran University Keck Observatory   WA Pacific Lutheran University Keck Observatory
918 Badlands Observatory   SD Badlands Observatory, Quinn
919 Desert Beaver Observatory   AZ Desert Beaver Observatory
920 RIT Observatory (Rochester Institute of Technology)   NY RIT Observatory, Rochester
921 SW Institute for Space Research   NM SW Institute for Space Research, Cloudcroft
922 Timberland Observatory   AL Timberland Observatory, Decatur
923 Bradstreet Observatory   PA The Bradstreet Observatory, St. Davids
924 Cégep de Trois-Rivières Observatory (Observatoire du Cégep de Trois-Rivières)   - Observatoire du Cegep de Trois-Rivieres
925 Palominas Observatory