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George Henry Peters

George Henry Peters (approx. 1920)
Asteroids discovered: 3 [1]
536 Merapi May 11, 1904 MPC
886 Washingtonia November 16, 1917 MPC
980 Anacostia November 21, 1921 MPC

George Henry Peters (1863–October 18, 1947) was a US astronomer and a discoverer of minor planets.[1]

He worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory as an astrophotographer, discovering three asteroids and photographing the Sun's corona.[citation needed] He died in Washington, D.C.


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  • Corbis photo with caption: Dr. George Henry Peters, of the U.S. Naval Observatory at Washington, with the 46 inch (1.2 m) lens, weighing 150 pounds (68 kg) and capable of taking a photo 195,000,000 miles (314,000,000 km) away, which is to be used to photograph total eclipse of sun on January 24.]