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The year 1967 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in 1967.

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Ending this yearEdit

Date Show Debut
March 14 Combat! 1962
March 17 The Green Hornet 1966
April 9 Ultraman (Japan)
April 15 Flipper 1964
April 22 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 1965
May 21 Kimba the White Lion (Japan) 1966
August 29 The Fugitive 1963
September 1 Rango 1967
The Time Tunnel 1966
September 3 What's My Line? 1950
September 4 Gilligan's Island 1964
October 4 Batfink 1966
Unknown The Porky Pig Show 1964


Date Name Notability
January 2 Tia Carrere American actress (Relic Hunter)
January 24 Phil LaMarr Actor (Mad TV, Samurai Jack)
February 5 Chris Parnell Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock)
February 13 Carolyn Lawrence Actress (voice of Sandy on SpongeBob SquarePants and Cindy on Jimmy Neutron)
February 20 Kath Soucie Actress (voice of Phil and Lil on Rugrats)
May 4 Ana Gasteyer Actress (Suburgatory, Lady Dynamite, People of Earth)
June 21 Jim Breuer Stand-up comedian, actor (Saturday Night Live)
July 1 Pamela Anderson Model and actress (Baywatch)
July 16 Will Ferrell Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
July 20 Reed Diamond Actor (Homicide: Life on the Street, Dollhouse)
July 25 Matt LeBlanc Actor (Joey on Friends)
September 7 Leslie Jones Actress and comedain (Saturday Night Live)
September 27 Debi Derryberry Voice actress (voice of Jimmy on Jimmy Neutron)
October 18 Eric Stuart Voice actor (voice of Brock and James on Pokémon) and singer
October 28 Julia Roberts Actress
November 8 Courtney Thorne-Smith Actress (According to Jim)
November 13 Jimmy Kimmel Talk show host (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
November 28 Anna Nicole Smith Model and actress (The Anna Nicole Show) (died 2007)
December 13 Jamie Foxx Actor (In Living Color) and singer


Date Name Age Notability
January 21 Ann Sheridan 51 Actress (Another World)
February 21 Charles Beaumont 38 Screenplay writer (Twilight Zone)
May 30 Claude Rains 77 Actor
June 29 Jayne Mansfield 34 Actress