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The year 1970 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of notable television-related events in that year.

List of years in television (table)

For the American TV schedule, see: 1970–71 United States network television schedule.



  • January 1 - WXTV becomes a full time Spanish station, which they remained ever since.
  • January 3 – Jon Pertwee makes his first appearance as the Third Doctor in the Doctor Who serial Spearhead from Space. It also marks the first time that the series was broadcast in colour.
  • January 19 – CBS launches Operation 100, a plan to beat NBC's ratings in the last 100 days of the season, using the slogan "The man can't bust our network."
  • February 7 - The Hollywood Palace variety series airs its 192nd and final hour-long episode on ABC, with Bing Crosby in his 31st appearance as guest host.
  • March 7 – The "eclipse of the century" is covered by all three American networks.
  • March 16 – The FCC's "Miami channel 10 case" comes to a definite end as the station becomes WPLG.
  • March 26 – The first privately owned television station in Thailand, Channel 3, opens in Bangkok.
  • May 31 - WAPI-TV 13 in Birmingham ends nine years of dual affiliation with NBC and CBS, becoming an exclusive affiliate of NBC, and WBMG 42 in Birmingham, WCFT-33 in Tuscaloosa and WHMA-40 in Anniston affiliate exclusively with CBS. Previously, Channels 33, 40 and 42 aired programming from NBC and CBS that was not aired on Channel 13.
  • July 31 – Chet Huntley anchors his final newscast with David Brinkley and retires, bringing down the curtain on a 14-year career at NBC News and, thus, as chief anchor of The Huntley-Brinkley Report. The next Monday, August 3, the program is renamed NBC Nightly News, its title to this day.
  • August 2 – NBC expands full-service newscasts to seven nights a week with NBC Sunday News; it replaces The Frank McGee Report.
  • September 5 - The Banana Splits Adventure Hour & H.R. Puffnstuff airs on NBC for the last time, airing the same Christmas Specials, which were previously shown on December 13, the previous year. Freeform airs it again on New Year's Eve in 2016.
  • October 5 – The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) begins broadcasting and National Educational Television is shut down.
  • October 14 – The first Turkish television series Kaçaklar was released.
  • December 25 – Pluto's Christmas Tree is broadcast on BBC1, the first complete Mickey Mouse cartoon to be shown on television in colour.
  • In a cliffhanger on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow, businessman Sam Reynolds is believed to be dead after he perished in Africa. One of the first "exotic" deaths for a soap opera character, it was in tune with actor Robert Mandan's wish to leave the show.
  • "Country" comedian and Grand Ole Opry star Minnie Pearl makes her first appearance on Hee Haw.
  • Lloyd Robertson replaces Warren Davis as anchor of CBC Television's The National.



Ending this yearEdit

Date Show Debut
April 3 The Flying Nun 1967
Here Come the Brides 1968
April 4 Petticoat Junction 1963
May 7 Daniel Boone 1964
May 15 Get Smart 1965
May 26 I Dream of Jeannie
May 27 The Wednesday Play 1964
June 14 Spider-Man 1967
June 19 The Tim Conway Show 1970
December 13 The Tim Conway Comedy Hour


Date Name Notability
January 20 Skeet Ulrich Actor (Jericho)
January 21 Ken Leung Actor (Lost, The Night Shift)
January 26 Tracy Middendorf Actress (Scream)
January 29 Heather Graham Actress (Scrubs)
Janice Kawaye Voice actress (voice of Jenny on My Life as a Teenage Robot)
February 19 Bellamy Young Actress (Scandal)
March 3 Julie Bowen Actress (Ed, Boston Legal, Modern Family)
March 18 Queen Latifah Actress, talk show host (The Queen Latifah Show)
March 27 Elizabeth Mitchell Actress (Lost, V, Revolution)
March 28 Vince Vaughn Actor and producer
April 5 Wendy Braun Actress (Lost)
April 13 Ricky Schroder Actor (Silver Spoons, NYPD Blue)
April 21 Rob Riggle Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
April 25 Jason Lee Actor (Earl Hickey on My Name is Earl)
April 29 Uma Thurman Actress and singer
May 4 Will Arnett Actor (Arrested Development, 30 Rock)
May 17 Jordan Knight Singer (The Surreal Life: Fame Games)
May 18 Tina Fey Actress and comedian (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock)
June 17 Will Forte Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Last Man on Earth)
June 26 Chris O'Donnell Actor (Grey's Anatomy, The Company, NCIS: Los Angeles)
July 30 Dean Edwards Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, Celebrity Deathmatch, The Sopranos)
August 15 Anthony Anderson Actor (All About the Andersons, Black-ish)
August 18 Malcolm-Jamal Warner Actor (The Cosby Show)
August 23 Jay Mohr Actor, comedian (Ghost Whisperer, Gary Unmarried)
River Phoenix Actor (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) (died 1993)
August 31 Debbie Gibson Singer (Celebrity Apprentice)
September 3 Maria Bamford Actress and comedian (CatDog, Adventure Time, Lady Dynamite)
September 8 Rikki Simons Voice actor (Invader Zim)
September 27 Tamara Taylor Actress (Bones)
October 2 Kelly Ripa Actress, talk show host (All My Children)
October 8 Matt Damon Actor (30 Rock)
October 12 Kirk Cameron Actor (Growing Pains)
October 19 Chris Kattan Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Middle)
October 24 Raul Esparza Actor (Hannibal)
October 28 Greg Eagles Voice actor (Grim on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
December 1 Sarah Silverman Actress, comedian and singer (Saturday Night Live, The Sarah Silverman Program.)
December 12 Jennifer Connelly Actress (The $treet)
December 31 Chandra West Canadian actress (The Gates)


Date Name Age Notability
April 23 Herb Shriner 51 Actor, game show host (Two for the Money)
April 30 Inger Stevens 35 Actress (Katy on The Farmer's Daughter)
June 11 Frank Silvera 55 Actor (The High Chaparral)
August 30 Del Moore 54 Actor, comedian (Life with Elizabeth)
September 29 Edward Everett Horton 84 Actor, narrator (The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show)