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The year 1966 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in that year.

List of years in television (table)



Also in 1966
  • The 1951–53 CBS sitcom Amos & Andy is pulled from syndication broadcast due to complaints from civil rights organizations.
  • Macdonald Carey starts reciting the epigram "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives" at the beginning of his soap opera, Days of Our Lives, a tradition that continues today, over a decade after his death.



Ending this yearEdit

Date Show Debut
January 4 Rawhide 1959
January 8 Shindig! 1964
February 6 Mister Ed 1961
March 19 The Donna Reed Show 1958
March 21 Ben Casey 1961
April 1 The Flintstones 1960
April 7 Danger Man (UK) 1964
April 8 The Addams Family
April 12 McHale's Navy 1962
May 4 The Patty Duke Show 1963
May 8 This Hour Has Seven Days 1964
May 12 The Munsters
May 22 Perry Mason 1957
June 1 The Dick Van Dyke Show 1961
July 3 Ultra Q (Japan) 1966
August 29 Hullabaloo 1965
September 3 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 1952
September 4 My Favorite Martian 1963
October 14 Showdown & Chain Letter 1966
December 16 WJW-TV's Shock Theater 1963
December 23 Ready Steady Go!


Date Name Notability
February 19 Justine Bateman Actress (Family Ties)
February 22 Rachel Dratch Actress (Saturday Night Live)
April 4 Nancy McKeon Actress (The Facts of Life)
April 10 Brad William Henke Actor (Nikki, Going to California, October Road)
May 20 Mindy Cohn Actress (The Facts of Life)
May 23 H. Jon Benjamin Actor (Bob's Burgers)
June 8 Julianna Margulies Actress (ER, The Good Wife)
June 28 Sara Stewart Actress (Sugar Rush)
June 30 Mike Tyson Boxer
July 3 Sandra Lee Author, chef/host
July 11 Debbe Dunning Actress (Home Improvement)
Greg Grunberg Actor (Felicity, Heroes)
July 14 Matthew Fox Actor (Party of Five, Lost)
July 15 Kristoff St. John Actor (The Young and the Restless)
July 19 Nancy Carell Actress, comedian (Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Office) and wife of Steve Carell
July 29 Richard Steven Horvitz Actor (The Angry Beavers, Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
August 9 Patrick Petersen Actor (Knots Landing)
August 14 Halle Berry Actress (Living Dolls)
September 9 Adam Sandler Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
September 29 Jill Whelan Actress (The Love Boat)
November 2 David Schwimmer Actor (Ross on Friends)
December 4 Fred Armisen Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, Documentary Now!)
December 8 Matthew Labyorteaux Actor (Little House on the Prairie)
December 21 Kiefer Sutherland Canadian actor (24) and son of Donald Sutherland
December 27 Bill Goldberg WCW wrestler


Date Name Age Notability
March 3 Alice Pearce 48 Actress (Gladys Kravitz #1 on Bewitched)
William Frawley 79 Actor (Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy and Bub O'Casey on My Three Sons)
June 19 Ed Wynn 79 Actor, comedian (The Ed Wynn Show)
September 14 Gertrude Berg 66 Actress (The Goldbergs)
September 28 Eric Fleming 41 Actor (Gil Favor on Rawhide)
December 15 Walt Disney 65 Founder of Walt Disney Company (host of Disney TV series)