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The year 1971 involved some significant events in television. Below is a list of notable TV-related events.

List of years in television (table)
In home video





Ending this yearEdit

Date Show Debut
January 7 Nancy 1970
March 23 Julia 1968
March 29 Mayberry R.F.D. 1960
April 2 Dark Shadows 1966
April 27 Green Acres 1965
May 5 The Johnny Cash Show 1969
June 6 The Ed Sullivan Show 1948
July 4 Hogan's Heroes 1965
July 24 UFO (UK) 1970
September 7 The Beverly Hillbillies 1962
September 9 Family Affair 1966
September 10 That Girl
October 22 What's New 1959

Changes of network affiliationEdit

Show Moved from Moved to
Hee Haw CBS Syndication
Let's Make a Deal ABC
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Road Runner Show CBS


Date Name Notability
January 1 Suzanne Virdee British regional newscaster (Midlands Today)
January 5 Jayne Middlemiss UK presenter (Orange Playlist)
January 7 Jeremy Renner American actor (The Unusuals)
January 12 Jay Burridge UK presenter (SMart)
January 13 Sarah Tansey UK actress (Heartbeat)
January 14 Yiolanda Koppel UK presenter
January 15 Regina King American actress (227)
January 16 Julia Ford English actress
January 19 Shawn Wayans American actor (In Living Color, The Wayans Bros.)
January 20 Pixie McKenna Irish presenter (Embarrassing Bodies)
January 23 Lorne Spicer British presenter (Cash in the Attic)
February 1 Michael C. Hall American actor (Six Feet Under, Dexter)
Hynden Walch American actress (Chalkzone, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!)
February 4 Trent Dawson American actor (As the World Turns)
February 12 Scott Menville American actor (Full House, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!)
February 15 Alex Borstein American actress and comedian (Mad TV, Family Guy)
February 16 Amanda Holden UK actress (Wild at Heart)
February 23 Melinda Messenger British presenter, model (Live from Studio Five)
February 25 Sean Astin American actor (Special Agent Oso, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and son of Patty Duke
March 2 Lisa Lackey Australian actress (Heroes)
March 4 Shavar Ross American actor (Diff'rent Strokes)
March 5 Yuri Lowenthal American voice actor (Ben 10)
March 9 Emmanuel Lewis American actor (Webster)
March 11 Johnny Knoxville American actor and host (Jackass)
March 13 Tracy Wells American actress (Mr. Belvedere)
March 16 Alan Tudyk American actor (Firefly, Dollhouse, Suburgatory), voice actor (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
March 20 Murray Bartlett Australian actor (Guiding Light)
Alexander Chaplin American actor (Spin City)
March 22 Keegan-Michael Key American actor and comedian (Mad TV, Key & Peele, Playing House)
March 27 Nathan Fillion Canadian-American actor (Castle)
April 12 Nicholas Brendon American actor (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds)
Shannen Doherty American actress (Beverly Hills, 90210)
April 15 Andrew Daly American actor and comedian (Mad TV, Review)
April 18 Fredro Starr American rapper and actor (Moesha)
April 20 Brody Hutzler American soap opera actor
April 28 Simbi Khali American actress (Martin, 3rd Rock from the Sun)
May 1 Shep (British dog) British dog actor (Blue Peter) (died 1987)
May 12 Jamie Luner American actress (Just the Ten of Us, Melrose Place)
May 26 Matt Stone American writer/animator (South Park)
June 4 Noah Wyle American actor (ER, Falling Skies)
June 5 Mark Wahlberg American actor/producer (Entourage)
July 4 Koko American sign language gorilla
July 9 Dani Behr English presenter, actress (I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!)
Scott Grimes American actor (Party of Five, ER, American Dad!)
July 12 Kristi Yamaguchi American professional ice skater (Dancing with the Stars winner)
July 20 Sandra Oh Canadian actress (Grey's Anatomy)
July 30 Tom Green Candian comedian (The Tom Green Show)
Christine Taylor American actress (Hey Dude)
August 9 Kate Sanderson English presenter (Newsround)
August 10 Angie Harmon American actress (Law & Order, Rizzoli & Isles)
August 29 Carla Gugino American actress (Karen Sisco, Threshold)
September 2 Lisa Snowdon British presenter (Britain's Next Top Model)
September 8 Brooke Burke Dancing with the Stars winner (season 7), co-host (seasons 10–17)
September 9 Natasha Kaplinsky British presenter (Strictly Come Dancing winner)
September 16 Amy Poehler American actress (Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, voice of Bessie Higgenbottom on The Mighty B)
September 17 Bobby Lee American actor and comedian (Mad TV)
September 21 Alfonso Ribeiro American actor and host (Silver Spoons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, America's Funniest Home Videos)
Luke Wilson American actor (Enlightened)
September 25 Jessie Wallace British actress (EastEnders)
September 28 Liza Walker British actress (Teenage Health Freak)
September 30 Jenna Elfman American actress (Dharma & Greg)
October 5 Samuel Vincent Canadian voice actor (Edd on Ed, Edd n Eddy)
October 13 Sacha Baron Cohen British comedian (Da Ali G Show)
October 20 Snoop Dogg American rapper and actor (Doggy Fizzle Televizzle)
October 29 Winona Ryder American actress
November 5 Corin Nemec American actor (Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Stargate SG-1)
November 10 John Roberts American actor (Bob's Burgers)
November 23 Lisa Kushell American comedian and actress (Mad TV)
Chris Hardwick American stand-up comedian, actor (voice of Otis on Back at the Barnyard)
November 25 Christina Applegate American actress (Married... with Children)
November 29 Gena Lee Nolin American actress and model (The Price is Right, Baywatch)
December 14 Michaela Watkins American actress (Saturday Night Live, Trophy Wife, Casual)
December 26 Jared Leto American actor (My So-Called Life)


Date Name Age Notability
March 11 Philo Farnsworth 64 Television pioneer
March 16 Bebe Daniels 70 Actress (42nd Street)
December 12 David Sarnoff 80 Television pioneer
December 30 Melba Rae 49 Actress (Search for Tomorrow)
December 31 Pete Duel 31 Actor (Alias Smith and Jones)