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Welcome to the LGBT portal!

The Castro
The Castro, a historic gay village in San Francisco

LGBT and variations are initialisms used to refer collectively to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Variations that are sometimes used include—but are not limited to—adding "Q" for queer or questioning, "I" for intersex, or "A" for asexual or aromantic. While LGBT is often used as a short way to refer to the various LGBT demographic groups, LGBT individuals themselves usually identify by other labels (such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer), or by no label at all.

Around the world, government policies regarding the LGBT community range from the death penalty for sexual acts to civil marriages or partnerships for same-sex couples. Living conditions around the world also range from near-unanimous acceptance of public displays of affection to total discrimination in all areas such as housing or employment.

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Willie Nelson

"Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other" (1981) is, "the famous gay cowboy song" by Latin country musician Ned Sublette, whose music features a, "lilting West Texas waltz (3/4 time at about 60–90 beats per minute) feel". The lyrics satirize the stereotypes associated with cowboys and gay men, such as in the lyrics relating western wear to the leather subculture with the line, "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?"

Country musician Willie Nelson's cover (iTunes single February 14, 2006) is the first LGBT-themed mainstream country song by a major artist.

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Ellen DeGeneres
Credit: Angela George
Ellen DeGeneres (right), with her wife Portia de Rossi (left), at a ceremony for DeGeneres to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ellen DeGeneres (born 26 January 1958) is an American stand-up comedian, television host, actress, and former television music competition judge. After DeGeneres came out publicly as a lesbian in an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997, her character Ellen Morgan on Ellen also came out to a therapist played by Winfrey. The series went on to explore various LGBT issues including the coming out process. Portia de Rossi (born 31 January 1973) is an Australian-American actress, model and philanthropist, best known for her roles as lawyer Nelle Porter on the television series Ally McBeal and Lindsay Fünke on the sitcom Arrested Development.

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Quentin Crisp in 1982

Quentin Crisp (25 December 1908 – 21 November 1999), born Denis Charles Pratt, was an English writer and raconteur. He became a gay icon in the 1970s after publication of his memoir, The Naked Civil Servant, brought to the attention of the general public his defiant exhibitionism and longstanding refusal to remain in the closet.

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