Aviapartner, whose origins date back to 1949 under the name of Herfurth Air Services to become 'Belgavia' in the late 1960s, is a Belgian company that provides ground handling services at 37 airports in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. Among the airports served are Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Düsseldorf, Rome, Nice, Toulouse and Málaga .

Founded1949 (as Belgavia)
Key people
Clive Sauvé-Hopkins,[1] CEO
ServicesAircraft ground handling
Aircraft maintenance


In 1949, Belgavia was founded in Antwerp, Belgium. In the coming years, they expanded their services to the airports of Ostend (1957), Liège (1965) and Brussels (1970). It took until the 90's for the company to go international. Basis in France and later in Germany were opened. In 1999, the name was changed to Aviapartner. The group expanded by taking over Servisair in Rotterdam (2002), Aero Groundservices in Amsterdam (2007) and SAT in Bordeaux and La Rochelle (2010).

In 2011, Aviapartner lost its handling licence in Brussels for seven years to Swissport. This could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and led to a major 24-hour strike in June 2011 that affected many flights and passengers.[2] Aviapartner went to court as they believed juridical mistakes had been made. The judge ruled that a new investigation was to be conducted and that, in the meantime, Aviapartner could continue operations at the airport. Before a new investigation was concluded, Swissport took over Flightcare, the other ground handling company at the airport. Note that only two handling licences are issued at the airport.

In 2012, Aviapartner announced a merge with the French Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), making them the biggest ground handler in Europe.[3] This merge failed.[4]

Range of ground handling servicesEdit

  • Passenger handling:

Check-in, ticketing, boarding assistance, lost and found baggage services, assistance to disabled passengers, passenger ground transportation.

  • Ramp handling:

Loading and unloading of baggage and cargo to/from aircraft on the ramp, ground power provision for aircraft, cleaning, water and sanitary services, freight and baggage transfer to terminal, crew transfer from aircraft to terminal/hotel, pushback and towing, with headset, aircraft de-icing.

  • Traffic operations:

Preparation of flight documentation, ground to air communication, calculation of weight and balance, set-up of loadsheet, crew briefing, flight supervision.

  • Cargo handling:

Warehousing, palletizing, import and export procedures, customs clearance, trucking services.

  • Courier handling:

Transfer of courier and express shipments to/from other warehouses and aircraft, handling of express flights operated from the Brussels Airport Courier center.

Airports served by AviapartnerEdit

Country Airport IATA ICAO Passenger Handling Ramp Handling Executive Handling Cargo Handling
  Belgium Brussels (HQ) BRU EBBR
  Belgium Antwerp ANR EBAW
  Belgium Liège LGG EBLG
  Belgium Ostend-Bruges OST EBOS
  France Bordeaux BOD LFBD
  France La Rochelle LRH LFBH
  France Lille LIL LFQQ
  France Lyon-Saint Exupéry LYS LFLL
  France Marseille MRS LFML
  France Montpellier MPL LFMT
  France Nantes NTE LFRS
  France Nice NCE LFMN
  France Saint-Nazaire SNR LFRZ
  France Strasbourg SXB LFST
  France Toulouse TLS LFBO
  Germany Düsseldorf DUS EDDL
  Germany Hannover HAJ EDDV
  Italy Bologna BLQ LIPE
  Italy Catania CTA LICC
  Italy Lamezia SUF LICA
  Italy Milan Linate LIN LIML
  Italy Milan Malpensa MXP LIMC
  Italy Palermo PMO LICJ
  Italy Reggio di Calabria REG LICR
  Italy Roma Ciampino CIA LIRA
  Italy Roma Fiumicino FCO LIRF
  Italy Torino TRN LIMF
  Italy Venice Marco Polo VCE LIPZ
  Netherlands Amsterdam Schiphol AMS EHAM
  Netherlands Rotterdam RTM EHRD
  Spain Fuerteventura FUE GCFV
  Spain Girona-Costa Brava GRO LEGE
  Spain Lanzarote ACE GCRR
  Spain Málaga AGP LEMG
  Spain Menorca MAH LEMH
  Spain Sevilla SVQ LEZL
  Spain Tenerife South TFS GCTS

Corporate Airlines at Amsterdam Airport SchipholEdit

Corporate Airlines at Brussels AirportEdit

Corporate Airlines at Nice AirportEdit


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol presented Aviapartner with 'The Best Handler Award' in 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2009 for its excellent performance in the areas of service, safety and co-operation.

Aviapartner received the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) registration for:

  • Amsterdam (December 2008)
  • Frankfurt (July 2009)
  • Düsseldorf (September 2009)
  • Munich (October 2009), Brussels (October 2009)
  • Milan-Malpensa (November 2009)
  • Nice (November 2009)
  • Lyon (December 2009)
  • Turin (May 2010)
  • Venice (June 2010)
  • Rotterdam (May 2011)


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