DHL Aviation

DHL Aviation is a division of DHL (owned by Deutsche Post) responsible for providing air transport capacity. It is not a single airline but a group of airlines that are either owned, co-owned or chartered by DHL Express. Deutsche Post World Net fully rebranded to Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) in 2009.

DHL Aviation
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IATA ICAO Callsign
Various Various Various
Founded1969 (1969)
Fleet size198
Parent companyDHL
HeadquartersBonn, Germany

In the United States, DHL Airways was renamed Astar Air Cargo in 2003, which in turn operated air freight services as a cargo airline for DHL up until June 2012.[1]


DHL currently owns six main airlines, which provide services in various global regions:

  • European Air Transport Leipzig (EAT Leipzig) is responsible for the major part of the network for Europe, and for long haul services to the Middle East and Africa. From its hub at the Leipzig/Halle Airport it operates a fleet of Boeing and Airbus freighters.[2]
  • DHL Air UK (DHL Air) is based at East Midlands Airport, was purchased by DHL in August 1989 and has since July 2000 been operating a fleet of Boeing 757 Freighters on intra European services and a fleet of new built Boeing 767 freighters, primarily on transatlantic routes.[3][4][5]
  • DHL Aero Expreso is the subsidiary in Central and South America Hub in Tocumen, Panamá, operating a fleet of Boeing 737-400, 757-200 and 767-300 freighters in Central and South America, as well as serving destinations in the Caribbean and Florida.
  • SNAS/DHL (DHL International) handles Middle East destinations from its headquarters and main regional hub at Bahrain International Airport, operating a fleet of Boeing 767 freighters.[6] The fleet is deployed throughout the Middle East and in Africa.
  • Blue Dart Aviation is based at Chennai International Airport, India, with a fleet of Boeing 757 freighters. It provides services for the Indian network of DHL and regional charters.[7]
  • DHL Air Austria is based at Vienna International Airport, Austria, with a fleet of Boeing 757 freighters.[8]

DHL also owns the following smaller subsidiary airlines:

As of December 2007 DHL had stakes in the following airlines, some of which also operate under the DHL brand or livery:[9]

In 2021, DHL Aviation announced the relocation of one of their main hub operations from Bergamo to Milan Malpensa Airport, where they opened new logistics facilities.[12]


A DHL Airbus A300-600RF operated by EAT Leipzig.
A DHL Airbus A330-200F operated by EAT Leipzig.
A DHL ATR 42-320F operated by DHL de Guatemala.
A DHL Boeing 747-400BCF operated by Kalitta Air.
A DHL Boeing 757-200PCF operated by EAT Leipzig.
A DHL Boeing 767-200BDSF operated by ABX Air.
A DHL Boeing 777F now operated by Atlas Air.

As of September 2022, the DHL Aviation fleet currently consists of the following aircraft:[13]

DHL Aviation fleet
Aircraft In
Orders Operator Notes
Airbus A300-600RF 36 9 Air Hong Kong
4 ASL Airlines Ireland
22 European Air Transport Leipzig
1 Solinair
Airbus A321-200P2F 2 2 6 SmartLynx Malta [14]
Airbus A330-200F 5 3 European Air Transport Leipzig
1 ASL Airlines Ireland
1 Air Hong Kong
Airbus A330-300P2F 11 2 European Air Transport Leipzig
3 ASL Airlines Ireland
3 Air Hong Kong
2 DHL Air UK
ATR 42-300F 3 1 DHL Ecuador
1 DHL de Guatemala
1 Vensecar Internacional
ATR 72-200F 3 3 Solenta Aviation
Boeing 737-400SF 18 4 Swiftair
1 Air Ghana
1 ASL Airlines Ireland
2 DHL Aero Expreso
3 Cargoair
2 Mesa Airlines
2 iAero Airways
3 Kalitta Charters
Boeing 737-800BCF 9 6 2 iAero Airways
1 Swiftair
Boeing 747-400F 3 3 Polar Air Cargo
Boeing 747-400BCF 2 2 Kalitta Air
Boeing 747-8F 6 6 Polar Air Cargo
Boeing 757-200SF 5 5 DHL Air UK
Boeing 757-200PCF 31 4 DHL Aero Expreso
5 DHL Air UK
9 European Air Transport Leipzig
17 DHL Air Austria
6 Blue Dart Aviation
Boeing 767-200BDSF 13 1 21 Air
1 Sky Taxi
4 DHL International Aviation ME
3 ABX Air
4 Amerijet International
Boeing 767-300BCF 30 1 7 Tasman Cargo Airlines
4 DHL Air UK
2 DHL Aero Expreso
7 Kalitta Air
3 ABX Air
4 Polar Air Cargo
8 DHL International Aviation ME
Boeing 777F 20 8 12[15] AeroLogic [16][17]
6 Atlas Air
5 Kalitta Air
1 Singapore Airlines[18]
Eviation Alice 12 DHL International Aviation ME Deliveries to commence in 2024.[19]
Total 197 40

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