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Welcome to WikiProject Women in Music, a WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biographies of women in music. Unfortunately, part of Wikipedia's systemic bias is that women in music are underrepresented. Let's change that!

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Most active pages within the project edit

  • project parentage
  • related projects and task forces
  • related portals
  • categories

Get involved edit

  • Tag the talk pages of relevant articles with the {{WikiProject Women in music}} banner so they can be automatically added to Category:WikiProject Women in music articles. See the Assessment page for further information.
  • Improve categorization of articles (see the category tree).
  • Create or translate a woman writer's biography; a redlinks list is maintained at Missing Articles List.
  • Expand or improve women writer biographies.
  • Cite edits with reliable sources. Content that isn't cited can be removed!
  • Remove templates from article pages after you successfully complete the task or fix the problem.
  • Requested tasks: Sometimes a larger cleanup activity needs a little more help than one editor can do. If you have a project that would be best completed with community help, add it here (please add tasks as bulleted (*) tasks so that they can be easily tracked below). This lists should not be for listing individual pages to work on: this is part of the reason for the article assessment system described elsewhere on this page. Rather, try to propose more systematic projects.
  • Find inspiration in example articles: The articles in the Featured article and Good article categories can provide examples of good layout and content coverage.

If you need help edit

  • Biography of living person
  • Infobox for musicians, singers, rappers, etc
  • Invitation to WikiProject Women in music
  • Library resources box
  • Project banner for talk pages
  • Userbox for project participants
  • Stub

Articles edit

Assessing importance edit

When assessing the importance of articles within WikiProject Women in music, its important to follow the following guidelines:

Article importance grading scheme
Label Criteria Examples
Top Individuals, works and concepts that are "core" topics for the study and communication of women musicians, singers, composers. Girl group
Hildegard of Bingen
Women in music
High Subject is very notable or significant within the study of women musicians and composers, music created by women or the public's perception of women in music. Lady Gaga
Amália Rodrigues
Women in musicology
Destiny's Child
Mid Subject is notable or significant within a specific scholarly community of interest or community of musical practices, or has broader cultural significance as a woman musician or composer, or a musical work created by a woman, but may not necessarily have significant long lasting impact or impact outside the subset of interested peoples. Pink
Missy Elliott
Low Subject is not very significant within the general study of women musicians, singers, composers or musical works created by women, nor very important for specific communities or bodies of scholarship, but meets the basic requirements for notability. This category might include topics of particular notability to other projects, but not to the topic of Women musicians and women's music. xx (album)
Brie Larson
List of awards and nominations received by Amy Winehouse

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