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My username comes from the fact that I am a player of Launchball.

A bit about me: I'm Thomas Michael William Patrick Sales. I'm 24 years old[1], and used to attend Overton Grange School as a sixth former[1] before moving on to study bookkeeping and Sage at Sutton College, Access to Higher Education in Business and in September 2016 I will move on to start a Mathematics degree with Foundation year.[2] I live in Churchill Road[3], North Cheam,[4] and have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome[1] and am on the special needs register; despite being of above average intelligence, I find it difficult to communicate, form social relationships and play creatively.[5] I am a Freeman of the City of London[1], member of the Royal Society of St. George[1] and am armigerous[1]. I was born to Jane Suzanne[6] Sales (née Southcott, 1 October 1963 - 26 January 2014)[6] and Michael Patrick Sales (18 March 1950 - 25 September 2017[7]). I have a sister, Genefer, who was a carer for me and my parents[8] and represented London at the 9th Pride of Britain Awards.[9]

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