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Welcome to WikiProject Women! We're a group of editors who aim to improve Wikipedia's coverage of women's topics. WikiProject Women brings Wikipedia users of all genders, sexual orientations, geographic locations, and personal backgrounds together to discuss and collaborate on coverage of women's content across Wikipedia. Know that we warmly welcome you to participate in the project's scope, whether or not you are a project member.

Attendees at the 2013 Women in the Arts edit-a-thon in Washington, DC


This project addresses the under-representation of content on Wikipedia about women (both real and fictional) and covering women's perspectives. Only 17% of Wikipedia biographies are about women.[1] It also addresses women's works, such as the paintings they created, books they wrote, scientific discoveries they made or the organizations they created. Think of this as an umbrella group which unites more specific women's projects, one which attempts to look broadly at coverage of women on Wikipedia as part of the bigger picture and how we can improve it. Readers and editors may not know that there's a project for women artists, scientists or writers, but if they reach this page, they can fork away to more specific areas if they wish.

First and foremost, this project is about "content", including creating new articles and adding or improving content in existing articles! Our Featured Articles and Good Articles are the best examples of our work. To counter Wikipedia's systemic bias against covering women's biographies, women's work and women's perspectives, which occurs because the vast majority of editors are male (see the article on Gender bias in Wikipedia for more details), we have a department, Women in Red, that works on missing articles about notable women.

We track lots of areas connected with Women+Wikipedia. Some of these include new articles, articles posted in the Did you know? section of Wikipedia's main page, events, meetups, edit-a-thons, scholarly articles, and newspaper articles.

Get involved!Edit

What can you do?


For those who like to write, you can create, expand or improve articles. For general guidelines for writing biographies, there are several resources, such as the Women in Red's Primer for creating women's biographies, Manual of style for biographies, writing about women (a helpful essay), the biographies of living persons policy, and the notability guideline for biographies.

Creating articles that will survive an Article for Deletion review requires that, at minimum, the new article cite several reliable sources such as published books and major newspapers and magazines, and that the text not be copied directly from another website or another source. If there is already an article about a woman or a woman's work, you can expand the article by adding information. To avoid having your added sentences "reverted" (removed), you should provide a reliable source for any information or claim that is likely to be challenged. You do not have to provide a source for "The capital of France is Paris", but a statement about an award that a woman won or a scientific achievement she made should usually be sourced.

Another task for editors who want to reduce gender bias on Wikipedia is to review articles about women to look for biased writing, such as text that defines women primarily in terms of their relationship to other people. An article about a woman scientist should begin more like this:

Susan Trang (1900–1980) was a Canadian astronomer. She is known for her series of comet discoveries in the 1930s, her books on astrophysics and for winning the Nebula Award in 1975.

Instead of:

Susan Trang (1900–1980) was a Canadian astronomer. She was the daughter of scientist [name of father], the wife of [name of husband], the noted [name of profession] and the mother of [name of adult child], the well-known [child's profession].

The essay "Writing About Women" covers these matters in more detail.

Non-writing tasksEdit

There are a lot of non-writing tasks which need attention too, such as tagging the talk pages of relevant articles with project banners associated with sister and daughter projects, assessing article quality on talk pages, improving biography categorization at Category:Women by occupation, and adding reliable sources to existing articles, particularly for articles about women or their work that are proposed for deletion. (In some cases, a handful of reliable, high-quality sources can save an article from being deleted.) Other non-writing tasks include adding categories to articles (an article about a woman engineer may be categorized under Canadian engineers, but there may be other categories that she could fit into, such as Canadian professors, Canadian authors or Canadian inventors); adding images of women or their works or creations to articles (see adding images essay); and wiki-linking terms and names within the article. (If you link men in a woman's article, it is good practice to go to the men's articles and ensure that the woman is linked in those articles as well.)


If you have questions about these tasks or editing in general, leave a note on our talk page or stop by the Teahouse where there are hosts standing by to answer questions from newer editors.

How are we organized?Edit

WikiProject Women has a loose affiliation with many other WikiProjects, Task Forces, and a User Group; check out our Affiliates navigation box for a list of them. WikiProject Women has several departments, including article creation, article improvement, DYK? articles, and events. They are described in more detail on this page and if you follow their links.


If you would like to help, please add your user name to the members' list! Anyone with a Wikipedia user account—regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity—is free to join. If you do not already have a free Wikipedia user account, click here to read some reasons to create one. Joining the project is easy! Add your name here in alphabetical order:

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See Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Featured Articles for a complete list of articles on women which have reached Featured Article status.

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See Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Good Articles for a list of over 1000 articles on women which have reached Good Article status.

Good article of the weekEdit

Fatima Massaquoi-Fahnbulleh (1904–1978) was a pioneering educator in Liberia. After completing her education in the United States, she returned to Liberia in 1946, where she contributed much to the cultural and social life of the country.

Born into a family of African royalty, Massaquoi grew up in the care of an aunt in Njagbacca, in the Garwula District of Grand Cape Mount County of southern Liberia. After seven years, she returned to the northwestern part of the country in Montserrado County, where she began her schooling. In 1922 she accompanied her father, a diplomat, to Hamburg, Germany, where she completed her studies in medicine at the University of Hamburg in 1937. She moved to the United States for further education, studying sociology and anthropology at Lane College, Fisk University and Boston University. While in the US, she collaborated on a dictionary of the Vai language and wrote her autobiography, though a legal battle ensued over the rights to her story. She won an injunction barring others from publishing and returned to Liberia in 1946, immediately beginning collaboration to establish a university there, which would become the University of Liberia.

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  • In Conducting, a section about the role of women conductors was deleted.


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  1. ^ TAMARA RASAMNY. 'Mind the Gap: Highlighting Women's Representation on Wikipedia'

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