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The 2018 Asian Para Games, officially known as the 3rd Asian Para Games and also known as Indonesia 2018, was a pan-Asian multi-sport event that held from 6 to 13 October 2018 in Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta. The event paralleled the 2018 Asian Games and was held for Asian athletes with disability.[3]

III Asian Para Games
2018 Asian Para Games logo.svg
Host cityJakarta, Indonesia
MottoThe Inspiring Spirit and Energy of Asia
(Indonesian: Semangat Inspirasi dan Energi Asia)
Nations participating43
Athletes participating2,762[1]
Events506 in 18 sports[2]
Opening ceremony6 October
Closing ceremony13 October
Officially opened byJoko Widodo
President of Indonesia
Officially closed byMajid Rashed
President of the Asian Paralympic Committee
Athlete's OathBanyu Tri Mulyo
Judge's OathBayu Widi
Coach's OathDinda Ayu Sekartaji
Torch lighterJendi Panggabean
Main venueGelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (opening ceremony)
Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium (closing ceremony)
WebsiteOfficial website
Incheon 2014 Hangzhou 2022  >

It was the first time Indonesia hosted the games. Events were held in the host city Jakarta and in Bogor Regency of West Java province. The opening ceremony was held at Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, while the closing ceremony was held at Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium next door. The games saw the debut of Bhutan as a participating nation and the introduction of chess to the Asian Para Games' program, with the removal of rowing, sailing, 5 and 7-a-side football, wheelchair dancesport and wheelchair rugby.

China led the medal tally for the third consecutive time. North Korea and South Korea march under the Korean Unification Flag at the opening ceremony and for the first time competed as a unified team in some events. They also won their first medals, one silver and one bronze medal as a unified team. In addition, Philippines and Kuwait won their first ever Asian Para Games gold medals, while Laos and East Timor won their first ever Asian Para Games medals including their first gold medals. There were 16 world, 63 Asian and 246 Asian Para Games records broken during the Games.[4]

Host cityEdit

As is the tradition of the event, since 2010, the Asian Para Games are usually held after every Asian Games in the same host country. On 29 February 2016, Indonesia signed the Asian Para Games host city contract at a ceremony in Jakarta, having confirmed as host city of the 2018 Asian Games in October 2014.[5][6][7]

Development and preparationsEdit

Branding and designEdit

Momo, mascot of the 2018 Asian Para Games

The emblem of the games was Harmony - Energy of Asia, modelled upon the circular roof of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, the main venue of the games. It represented harmony and balance within the natural environment and the people of the Asian community. The moving man in the center of the circle symbolize the movement and energy of the 2018 Asian Para Games participating athletes in achieving victory, while the 3 curves surrounding the man’s silhouette represents unity in diversity among Asian countries for mutual achievement. 5 different colours are used in the logo to represent the basic elements in Asian philosophy of Living and togetherness. Blue symbolized the sky, orange symbolized the sun, green symbolized the nature, purple symbolized proximity, wisdom, loyalty, and pride and red symbolized the spirit of solidarity.[8]

The official mascot of the Games is a Bondol eagle named Momo whose name is short for motivation and mobility. Momo represents the icon of the capital city of Jakarta and also represents spirit. Momo wears a Betawinese Belt with Sarong.

On 5 October 2018, Indonesia Asian Para Games Organizing Committee (INAPGOC) released the medal design to the public which is inspired by the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics medal, featuring the Asian Para Games logo on the obverse and the braille letters on the reverse. Each medal contains differing numbers of metal balls to allow the visually impaired to audibly distinguish their colour by shaking them.[9]

Marketing and promotionEdit

Merchandises including the mascot plush toy were sold at the Gelora Bung Karno Main stadium area during the games.

Official songsEdit

Six songs were released to promote the games, including the official theme song "Song of Victory", which was used as the background music for the games' broadcast title sequence.[10] Two songs were not specifically composed for the games, like "Sang Juara" by Naura and Zizi,[11] which is a version of the former's 2017 song "Juara" and a short version of 2016-released song "Manusia Kuat" by Tulus.[12]

1."Song of Victory"Ezra Lilipory
  • Ezra Lilipory
  • Dharana Moniaga
  • M. S. Alwi
2."Sang Juara" (The Champion) Andi Rianto
  • Naura
  • Zizi
3."I Wanna Dance"  
  • Ayesha feat. Tompi
4."Dream High"  3:10
5."Kita Semua Sama" (We are All the Same)
  • Raja Sapta Oktohari
  • Seno M. Hardjo
  • Ika Ratih Poespa
Kevaz Jones
  • Billy Talahatu
  • Glenn Fredly
  • Maria Calista
  • Nania Yusuf
  • Tasya Rosmala
  • feat. Rejoz
6."Manusia Kuat" (Strong Human)Tulus
  • Ferry Nurhayat
  • Ari Renaldi

Torch relayEdit

Like the torch relay of the 2018 Asian Games, the torch relay began at the Mrapen in Central Java on 5 September 2018 where the torch was lit using the Indonesian natural eternal flame to mark the 30-day countdown to the event.[13] The flame was passed to another 8 Indonesian cities.[14][15] Below is the schedule of the relay:

A day before the torch relay, the games' torch was introduced, in which its' design is inspired by Batik parang motif.[17]

Venues and infrastructureEdit


The 2018 Asian Para Games uses most venues that are used to host the 2018 Asian Games events. They are located in Jakarta and neighbouring West Java province.[18][19]

Gelora Bung Karno Sports ComplexEdit

Venue Events Capacity
Aquatic Stadium Swimming 7,800
Archery Field Archery 293
Basketball Hall Wheelchair basketball 2,400
Hockey Field (Court 2)[20] Lawn bowls 818
Main Stadium Opening ceremony, Athletics 77,193[21]
Madya Stadium Closing ceremony[22] 9,170[23]
Istora Badminton 7,166[24]
Shooting Range Shooting
Tennis Indoor Stadium Sitting volleyball 3,750

Central JakartaEdit

Venue Events Capacity Location
Cempaka Putih Sports Hall Chess Cempaka Putih
Jakarta International Expo Judo Kemayoran

East JakartaEdit

Venue Events Capacity Location
Jakarta International Velodrome Cycling (track) 3,000 Rawamangun
POPKI Sports Hall Wheelchair fencing Cibubur

North JakartaEdit

Venue Events Capacity Location
Ecovention Ancol Table tennis Ancol
Jaya Ancol Bowling Center Bowling
Klub Kelapa Gading Wheelchair tennis Kelapa Gading
Tanjung Priok Sports Hall Boccia Tanjung Priok

South JakartaEdit

Venue Events Capacity Location
Balai Kartini Goalball Setiabudi
Balai Sudirman Powerlifting Tebet

Jakarta Suburb (West Java)Edit

Venue Events Capacity Location
Sentul International Circuit Cycling (road race)[25] 50,000 Babakan Madang, Bogor Regency

Athletes' VillageEdit

The games uses the same Athletes' Village as the 2018 Asian Games which was built in Kemayoran.[26][27][28]


Like during the 2018 Asian Games, TransJakarta provides free bus rides involving 300 disabled-friendly buses which consists of 200 low-entry buses and 100 high-entry buses during the games for disabled athletes everyday and on weekend days during the games for the locals to encourage people to watch the games.[29][30]

The GamesEdit

Opening ceremonyEdit

The cauldron was being lit up

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Para Games took place on Saturday, 6 October 2018, at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia.[31] The event commenced at 19:00 Indonesia Western Time (UTC+7) and ended at 21:43 local time. Jay Subiyakto was the Associate creative director of the ceremony.[32][33][34][35][36] North and South Korea delegates marched together under one unified flag of Korea for the first time.

The games was officially opened by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.


The Games featured 18 sports which were split into 506 events, including chess which was included for the first time in the games' programme.[37][38]

In addition, there were 16 non-medal events contested at the games, 6 in Athletics and 10 in Swimming.

Participating National Paralympic CommitteesEdit

43 members of the Asian Paralympic Committee participated at the Games.[39] In addition, the two Koreas competed as one joint team in selected events, the first time doing so in any para sport event which makes it the 44th participant of the games. Both nations also marched together under one flag during the opening and closing ceremonies.[40] Bhutan and Yemen participated for the first time.

Below is a list of all the participating NPCs. The number of competitors per delegation is indicated in brackets.

Participating National Paralympic Committees
Number of athletes by National Paralympic Committees (by highest to lowest)

(*): Unlike Asian Games, athletes of unified Korean team at the games also competed under respective national team in individual events.


 OC  Opening ceremony  ●   Event competitions  1  Gold medal events  CC  Closing ceremony
October 6
Ceremonies OC CC N/A
  Archery 6 3 9
  Athletics 31 35 31 33 31 161
  Badminton 1 9 9 19
  Boccia 4 3 7
  Bowling 5 6 5 2 18
  Chess 12 12 24
Cycling   Road 8 5 13
  Track 4 4 6 14
  Goalball 2 2
  Judo 4 4 5 2 15
  Lawn bowls 1 5 1 3 5 15
  Powerlifting 3 4 4 3 3 3 20
  Shooting 3 4 2 2 2 13
  Sitting volleyball 2 2
  Swimming 16 20 20 16 18 16 106
  Table tennis 9 11 11 5 6 42
  Wheelchair basketball 1 1 2
  Wheelchair fencing 4 2 6 4 2 18
  Wheelchair tennis 3 3 6
Daily medal events 25 91 96 102 74 96 22 506
Cumulative Total 25 116 212 314 388 484 506
October 6

Closing ceremonyEdit

Venue of the closing ceremony

The 2018 Asian Para Games closing ceremony was held on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at the Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium in Jakarta.[41][42] In addition to local artists and a Hangzhou Asian Para Games promotional video segment, the South Korean girlband AOA performed in the ceremony. Vice Mayor of Hangzhou Wang Hong received the APC flag as the host of the next Games.

Medal tableEdit

The 2018 Asian Para Games had 506 events, resulted in 506 medal sets being distributed. One additional gold medal was awarded as there was a first-place tie in Swimming men's S7 100 m backstroke event. As a consequence, no silver medal was awarded in that event. One additional silver medal was awarded as there was a second-place tie in Athletics men's T45/46/47 high jump event. As a consequence, no bronze medal was awarded in that event.

Two bronze medals were awarded in most events in racket sports (18 in Badminton, 23 in Table tennis and 12 in Wheelchair fencing) and one martial art (15 in Judo). Furthermore, there was a third-place tie in the Bowling mixed singles TPB10 event, giving a total of 69 additional bronze medals.

On the other hand, 7 silvers and 37 bronze medals were not awarded in 37 events in 7 sports due to lack of participants: 2 bronze each in Archery and chess, 1 silver and 4 bronze in cycling, 4 bronze in lawn bowls, 6 silver and 18 bronzes in athletics, 1 bronze in swimming and 6 bronzes in table tennis. A silver medal was not awarded in judo due to the disqualification of a judoka in the finals. Some medals in athletics and judo were reallocated due to doping violation.[43]

As a result, a total of 1,541 medals comprising 507 gold medals, 497 silver medals and 537 bronze medals were awarded to athletes.

  *   Host nation (Indonesia)

2018 Asian Para Games medal table[44]
1  China (CHN)1728859319
2  South Korea (KOR)544446144
3  Iran (IRI)514342136
4  Japan (JPN)457083198
5  Indonesia (INA)*374751135
6  Uzbekistan (UZB)33241875
7  Thailand (THA)233350106
8  Malaysia (MAS)17262568
9  India (IND)15243372
10  Hong Kong (HKG)11162148
11  Philippines (PHI)1081129
12  Vietnam (VIE)882440
13  Kazakhstan (KAZ)5151333
14  Sri Lanka (SRI)55515
15  Iraq (IRQ)361120
16  Singapore (SGP)32510
17  Chinese Taipei (TPE)291425
18  United Arab Emirates (UAE)26311
19  Saudi Arabia (KSA)2338
20  East Timor (TLS)2013
  Pakistan (PAK)2013
22  Kuwait (KUW)1348
23  Oman (OMA)1315
24  Jordan (JOR)1203
25  Mongolia (MGL)1135
26  Laos (LAO)1001
27  Myanmar (MYA)0426
28  Bahrain (BRN)0213
  Macau (MAC)0213
30  Syria (SYR)0145
31  Korea (COR)0112
32  Qatar (QAT)0101
33  Turkmenistan (TKM)0011
Totals (33 NPCs)5074975371541

NPCs without medalEdit

Concerns and controversiesEdit

  • On 8 October 2018, Indonesian visually impaired judoka Miftahul Jannah was not allowed to compete in the Asian Para Games, after she refused to take off her hijab, a head cover which is prohibited from being worn during competition according to one of the long established International Judo Federation rule which states that the head of the judoka shall not be covered except for bandaging of a medical nature. President of the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee Senny Marbun said the incident occurred because of the committee’s negligence and the judo coach appointed by the committee was unaware of the rule and confused over it because of poor English.[45]
  • On 9 October 2018, Iran beat Iraq in the men's goalball group B match after the referee awarded Iran five penalties. The Iraqi team led 6-5 at half time in the Pool B match, but eventually fell to a 14-9 defeat. Iraqi coach Yosefian Mahmod blamed the referee for the loss saying the referee's decision disadvantaged the team.[46]

See alsoEdit


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