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The Rock music WikiProject is a project that helps to assemble editors interested in rock subgenres. The aim of this project is to standardize and improve articles related to rock music and its sub-genres, as well as to create missing articles. This project replaces Wikipedia:WikiProject Hard Rock and expands its scope to cover both underground and mainstream components of rock music.

If you feel that you can make a positive contribution to the project, become a member by joining the list of members. If you don't know what to write or where to begin, or if you have doubts or ideas on how to improve an article, please address the project's discussion forum.

The goals of this WikiProject are:
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of rock music, by improving articles related to the subject.
  • Maintain and improve Portal:Rock music
If you are wondering where to start, take a look at these tasks:
  • Improve one of our Rock music good articles to featured status, bring another article up to good article standard, or contribute to featured or good article reviews from the list below.
  • Assess some Rock music articles for quality.
  • Review Rock music articles currently nominated for deletion or merging.
  • For other ideas, take a look at our semi-active to do list.
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The parents of this WikiProject are Wikipedia:WikiProject Culture, Wikipedia:WikiProject Arts, Wikipedia:WikiProject music and Portal:Music.

Similar WikiProjects include: WikiProject Albums, WikiProject Alternative music, WikiProject Electronic music, WikiProject Emo music, WikiProject Metal music (WikiProject Black Metal), WikiProject New Wave music, WikiProject WikiProject Progressive Rock and WikiProject Punk music.

We have three taskforces on the Rock music project: The Queens of the Stone Age taskforce, Regional and national music taskforce and Garage rock taskforce.


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Rock music

The four members of The Who in 1975 – Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon and Pete Townshend

The four members of The Who 1975 – Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon and Pete Townshend.
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? Use common sense. Ultimately, assume good faith on the part of others, be bold in editing because perfection is not required.
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I. Use references. This is an encyclopedia, so remember to include a ==References== section listing websites, newspapers, articles, books and other sources you used to write the article. New articles and statements added to existing articles may be deleted if unreferenced or referenced poorly. See Wikipedia:Verifiability, Wikipedia:Cite_sources and Wikipedia:References for more information.
II. Use proper spelling and grammar. This is a very important aspect of an article. There is helpful guidelines in regards to styles. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style (music) for more information.
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