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BluegrassBanjo.jpg Welcome to the Roots music WikiProject, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of musically commonly classified as Folk, Roots or Traditional music.
We provide guidelines and recommendations, facilitate discussion, and encourage cooperation in creating, expanding and maintaining Roots music related articles.

(For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects).


To do list

*Edit this list via the talk page.


The project includes any articles in the following categories

The project does not include Art music or popular music such as Classical music, even if it's non-Western (such as Indian classical music), unless there is some distinct connection to one of the above categories.

While Country music falls within the scope of the project, it is best dealt with at WikiProject Country Music.


General guidelines for improving folk/traditional/roots articles


  • Ensure that it meets the appropriate Notability guideline. Most traditional songs will be covered by one of the following criteria:
    • "covered in sufficient independent works" (e.g. covered in Child, and someone else)
    • "performed independently by several notable artists, bands or groups"
  • Use the Traditional Song boilerplate: {{Template:Traditional Song boilerplate}}
  • Fill in the boilerplate and remove any headings which you are absolutely sure are irrelevant (otherwise leave them for others to fill in if you can't)
  • Ensure that it complies with the guidelines at Wikipedia:WikiProject Songs and Wikipedia:WikiProject Music/MUSTARD
  • While the lyrics may be quoted for discussion purposes, the full text of the lyrics should (if public domain) be placed on Wikisource; see s:Child's Ballads, for example. A crosslink can be placed by using {{wikisourcepar|Child's Ballads/3}} or something similar. Possibly the link {{ Template:Copy section to Wikisource }} will be useful too
  • Lead paragraph (not a section). Keep it short and to the point; It should probably mention "<song name> is a traditional song...".

Groups / Artists Articles

In addition to the usual policies and guidelines, please make sure you understand the specific guidelines related to music related articles. Also make sure you are familiar with:


Anyone can participate in this WikiProject! Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest. You may wish to add one of our userboxes to your profile as well.

  1. TimNelson (talk · contribs) -- (Anglo-Celtic) Electric Folk music
  2. Ogg (talk · contribs) -- Traditional song and instrumental
  3. Bluewave (talk · contribs) -- Folk music of Britain (and some of the musical developments it has inspired)
  4. DGG (talk) 07:29, 4 August 2007 (UTC) traditional folk, but not as an expert, rather a side interest from folklore & history more generally.
  5. Kmzundel 10:41, 13 August 2007 (UTC) Mostly American contemporary (singer-songwriter) folk.
  6. Pishogue (talk · contribs) -- dabbler in British traditional, some American
  7. Dannygutters (talk · contribs) -- Interested in American Folk and Blues artists, with a particular interest in the Chicago area
  8. Pustelnik (talk · contribs)--US and Canadian folklore, some singer-songwriter
  9. Teambb1 (talk · contribs) British (mainly English) traditional songs and performers
  10. Darrell Wheeler (talk · contribs) Guitarist and luthier with a strong interest in traditional country blues and folk.
  11. ChaoticReality (talk · contribs) -- UK based folk fan and musician.
  12. JanderVK (talk · contribs) -- Traditional European Folk, Neofolk, Neo-Medieval music, and Folk Metal.
  13. Sabrebd (talk · contribs) -- Enthusiast and musician/songwriter - Blues music, American and British Folk and Folk Rock
  14. Leahtwosaints (talk · contribs) --Raised on Guthrie/Leadbelly stuff. Focus: Derek Trucks, Gov't Mule, The Allman Brothers Band and Rory Gallagher, (how do people miss him?) Also some Dixie Chicks, Fairport Convention, Dave Matthews Band, Willie Dixon's huge songwriting list, and specifically, Blues rock's roots, esp. slide guitarists. I'm on the article cleanup group and provide photos for musician's biographies if asked.
  15. Omarcheeseboro (talk · contribs) -- Appalachian Folk, John Cohen in the mountains type stuff. See my userpage for relevant articles I created.
  16. BillyJack193 (talk) 18:12, 9 April 2009 (UTC) protest songs
  17. Redrose64 (talk) 14:00, 17 August 2009 (UTC) Fairport, Steeleye and associated. That includes acoustic acts like Carthy/Swarbrick.
  18. I.M.S. (talk) 20:59, 9 September 2009 (UTC) I'm interested in the backwaters of folk and bluegrass, artists such as Tommy Jarrell, Dock Boggs and Roscoe Holcomb.
  19. DrFree (talk) 22:35, 1 September 2010 (UTC) I'm interested in making scores, lyrics and midi files for traditional music readily accessible and usable for amateur musicians.
  20. BootleggerWill (talk · contribs) -- I'm interested in country blues musicians such as Blind Willie McTell and Mississippi John Hurt, adding infoboxes and pictures to articles, wikifying articles, and transcribing traditional lyrics.
  21. GeoBardRap 03:03, 18 July 2011 (UTC) Fiddle.
  22. North8000 (talk) 11:51, 20 May 2011 (UTC) Interested in most folk music and folk music topics. Working on sorting out Folk/Roots/Traditional Music articles
  23. Sensei48 (talk · contribs) -- Interested in pop-folk groups of the 1950s and 60s; Irish folk music; individual songs and ballads; folk revivals in the U.S.; revival-era performers of all stripes.
  24. Empirecontact (talk · contribs) -- musical act pages; gathering related images; learning what's needed to make a GA.
  25. Theologiae (talk · contribs) -- I adore Celtic music, indie folk, folktronica, blues and Italian singer-songwriter folk; I also listen to a lot of Tom Waits, Italian folk rock musicians and enjoy Simon & Garfunkel, amongst others.
  26. Anne Delong (talk · contribs) -- I am an amateur fiddler and mandolinist. I hope to start a Wikiproject about bluegrass music, and I've started a topic page at User:Anne Delong/Bluegrass Topics. I am also a member of a mandolin orchestra and a regular participant in Celtic fiddle jams.
  27. Hillbillyholiday talk Howdy! - I am currently working on creating new mento and calypso artists and related articles. Recent DYK for the excellent Lord Flea. Created Count Lasher and Lord Messam. Others in progress.
  28. Aharrygill(talk) - I am a mandolin and tin whistle player who organises a regular acoustic music session. I play mainly Irish dance music and slow airs. My first folk related article is The Iron Muse with others to follow.
  29. Joe Fogey I was born in 1950 and live in Plymouth, Devon. I've been interested in folk music for 51 years I play a bit and sing. I've written some articles on songs, about Walter Pardon, and on Transportation Ballads.
  30. Scberry (talk · contribs) -- I am interested in folk, bluegrass, and country music, with a emphasis on artists who are not or are under represented on Wikipedia.
  31. Allreet (talk · contribs) I have been editing/writing music-related Wikipedia articles since 2007. I also host a weekly Americana/Roots program on a local public radio station (U.S.) so I'm interested in all related genres.
  32. Tamtam90 (talk · contribs) -- As ethnographer, I write or improve articles on English, German and Russian (sometimes, other) traditional folk songs. I also translated several songs from their native languages into the foreign ones (ru, en, de, es) and created in ru-wiki and here {{Infobox folk song}}.
  33. CumbrianCorrector (talk · contribs) -- Interested in British and Irish folk music and a supporter of the use of Roud numbers in folk song articles.
  34. KarenJoyce (talk · contribs) -- Interested in several traditions. I'm attending the Washington Revels Daily Antidote of Song and editing as I sing along with Peggy Seeger, Michael Doucet, Tony Barrand, Ysaye Maria should join me!

Notable ArticlesEdit

New Articles

Feel free to add your new Roots music-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please) or help out with items that appear here. When they have passed GA or FA review, move them from these sections. If you need assistance on your new article also add it to the to do list.

The assessment department focuses on determining and tracking the quality of Wikipedia's Roots music articles; the resulting statistics are used to aid in recognizing excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work.
The outreach department acts as a central location for various member outreach work, including project newsletters, recruitment and welcoming banners, and other related initiatives.
The review department conducts both informal peer reviews of articles, as well as formal reviews for A-Class status; it also provides a centralized forum for viewing external reviews (such as featured article candidacies) within the project's scope. It will exist when the Collaboration process demands it. The link WP:PR may be useful.
The translation department serves to enhance Wikipedia's Roots music content by translating material from or to non-English articles and sources for use within the project. To coordinate this, it includes a staff of volunteer translators for various languages.
The department typically works on translating featured articles from or to other-language Wikipedias; project members may request assistance with other material on the department page, or directly from one of the listed translators. This department will exist when someone wants to create it.


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