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WikiProject Concerts is a project intended to improve articles on concerts. The goal is to make the concert articles provide basic information in a quick and easy-to-read fashion. Its parent project is WikiProject Music.

Please feel free to ask any questions on the talk page. Below is a basic guide to writing an article on a specific concert.


Concerts are notable if they have received significant coverage in independent reliable sources. Such coverage might show notability in terms of artistic approach, financial success, relationship to audience, or other such terms. Sources which merely establish that a tour happened are not sufficient to demonstrate notability. Concerts which cannot be sufficiently referenced in 3rd party sources should be covered in a section on the artist's page rather than creating a dedicated article. One tour which meets notability standards does not make all concerts associated with that artist notable. Michael Jackson's 1988 Bad World Tour is an example of a notable concert.


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Concert article titles should be named after the tour or the residency, without quotation marks, for example, Wrecking Ball World Tour or Classic Cher. If there is another article (either an unrelated or a tour or residency article) with that name, then disambiguate by putting the artist(s) name in the title to make '<tour/residency name> (artist)', for example, On the Run (Paul McCartney).

The location of the tour (worldwide, European, North American etc.) should be included in the title if the tour's name, promotional poster and other reliable third-party sources are explicitly stating this; for example, Diamonds World Tour or North American Tour 2013. If a tour is, for example, worldwide, but the tour's name does not explicitly state this, then do not add it into the article's title; for example, The Girlie Show rather than "The Girlie Show World Tour". This applies for the word "tour" also, for example, Bon Jovi Live rather than "Bon Jovi Live Tour".

The type of venues the tour will be visiting (stadiums, arenas, theatres) should be included in the title if the tour's name, promotional poster and other reliable third-party sources are explicitly stating this, for example Take the Crown Stadium Tour or The First Japan Arena Tour (Girls' Generation). If a tour is, for example, an all-stadium tour, but the tour's name does not explicitly state this, then do not add it into the article's title; for example, On the Run Tour (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) rather than "On the Run Stadium Tour (Beyoncé and Jay-Z)".

The style of the title should follow the general Manual of Style for article titles, following the correct font style, symbols allowed and capitalization rules. This manual of style is still followed in the title, even if the tour name has a specific or unique stylization.


The tour name should be in boldface in the first sentence of the article and in infobox chronologies. If a tour name has a specific stylization, keep the first sentence of the article as the Wikipedia-preferred Manual of Style method (this should also be how the article's title is styled), followed by a bracket explaining the stylization in boldface, for example, the opening of ArtRave: The Artpop Ball is as follows:

ArtRave: The Artpop Ball (stylized as artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball) is the fourth headlining concert by American singer Lady Gaga.

The stylization should only be seen here, and when referring to the tour's name in full throughout the rest of the article, the correct Manual of Style should be followed.

When linking to tour articles, use piping to conceal the disambiguation terms if necessary, for example use the syntax [[The Monster Tour (Eminem and Rihanna)|The Monster Tour]], to make the link simply appear as The Monster Tour. However, on disambiguation pages leave the article as its original title and do not add a piped link, as this is discouraged.


Tables may be used to present tour date information, such as dates, venues, locations, and opening/support acts. Usually, this is done using Help:Wikitable; several examples with more features are included at WP:WHENTABLE. To meet WP web accessibility goals, tables normally should include a caption, scope of headers ( ! scope="col" | and ! scope="row" | ), and other concerns as outlined in MOS:DTAB and MOS:DTT. The latter also advises against including column headers in the middle of the table (such as those spanning several columns) and provides examples.


In titles of concerts in the English language, the Wikipedia standard is to capitalize:

  1. The first word and last word in the title.
  2. All other words except for:

Note that short verbs (Is, Are, Be, Do) and pronouns (Me, It, His) are capitalized.

In titles of concerts in a language other than English, following the capitalization found in most English-language sources is recommended.

Remember, tour names with a specific or unique stylization are identified in the opening sentence of the article, after the tour name is initially printed following the Manual of Style and capitalization style.


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The rating by importance is not currently implemented, as the project is currently rating articles based on their class for use by the Version 1.0 team and others, including this project itself. Importance is a parameter of potential use to the project itself, possibly in determining which articles are top contenders for future collaboration. However, as the specific importance of articles varies between projects, it is less of a priority right now than determining the quality of the articles which fall within the scope of this project.


See: Template:Infobox concert


To add an article to the music stubs category, use {{concert-stub}}. See Category:Music event stubs for more stubs and info.


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