The {{WPRock}} and {{WPRock disco}} templates have a class= parameter that provides an article assessment ratings:

Example: {{WPRock|class=FA}}

The following values may be used for the parameters. Please note that you must type them exactly as below as they are case-sensitive:

Article quality edit

If a rating is not assigned when the {{WPRock}} or {{WPRock disco}} are added, the article will be filed in Category:Unassessed Rock music articles by default. If assessing the article, the class should be assigned according to the grading scheme. A list of Unassessed and In dispute articles can be discussed at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Rock music/Assessment.

Quality scale edit

Importance scale edit

The following values may be used for the importance parameter (they should be entered exactly as given):

Importance parameter values (Category:Rock music articles by importance)
Value Meaning Examples Category
Top "Key" articles, considered indispensable N/A Category:Top-importance Rock music articles
High High-priority topics and needed subtopics of "key" articles, often with a broad scope; needed to complement any general understanding of the field N/A Category:High-importance Rock music articles
Mid Mid-priority articles on more specialised (sub-)topics; possibly more detailed coverage of topics summarised in "key" articles, and as such their omission would not significantly impair general understanding N/A Category:Mid-importance Rock music articles
Low While still notable, these are highly-specialised or even obscure, not essential for understanding the wider picture ("nice to have" articles) N/A Category:Low-importance Rock music articles

If the importance parameter is not yet set, or contains an invalid value, the article will be assigned to Category:Unknown-importance Rock music articles.

Note: For background and more details, see the archived discussion, Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Rock music/Archive 1#Importance scale.