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Welcome to the WikiProject Melbourne!
This WikiProject is a collaboration of project participants to create, expand, and organise articles relating to the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Our total progress at 30 March, 2011:

Total progress in the Project is estimated from 1635 articles.

We need your help! If you are a Melburnian, or an expat, or you have some knowledge or insight about the city, you can:

Visit the Australian Wikipedians' notice board for collaboration on Australian articles in general.

New articles edit

This is a list of recently created Melbourne-related articles. Please add new additions to the top of the list.

Things to do edit

Open tasks edit

- Fill in short articles about suburbs and other stub/start articles here: Open tasks talk page

Here are some WikiProject Melbourne articles which attract a high number of "page hits" but are only rated as Stub Class, or otherwise need additonal citations or attention:
Suburbs: Derrimut, South Wharf, Menzies Creek, Save Our State (Australia)
Landmarks: 101 Collins Street, 120 Collins Street, Bourke Place, Hamer Hall, Melbourne Mint
Events: Melbourne International Festival of Brass, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Great Bookie Robbery, Extreme weather events in Melbourne
Transport: All of the stations on the Puffing Billy Railway need expanding or merging to the main article, especially the request stops which are just tin sheds
Sporting Clubs: Caroline Springs George Cross FC
Streets: Little Bourke Street, Hardware Lane, Hosier Lane
People: Alannah Hill, Meek (street artist), Vexta
Institutions: Eltham High School, Glen Eira Town Hall, Boxing Day Test
Miscellaneous: Collins St., 5 pm, Yarra Valley, Coops Shot Tower, Melbourne Talk Radio, Melbourne University Publishing, The Herald and Weekly Times,
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Clean up edit

Cleanup listings contains all articles, with talk pages in Category:WikiProject Melbourne articles, which have been flagged for cleanup.

All users are welcome to help in editing or fixing any page on these lists. Please remember to take the appropriate tag(s) off the page when you have completed cleaning an article. Also, document what you have done, on the article's talk page, for the reference of other editors.

Here are some of the Clean up listing categories:

Photographs edit

See: Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Melbourne

Adopt an article edit

Similar to the Wikipedia:Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight, but on a smaller scale, you might want to "adopt" an article. This would involve doing the research, writing, and picture-taking (if possible) for either a non-existent article or a stub. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced.

Current adoptions edit

In the beginning edit

A few Wikipedians have got together to make some suggestions about how we might organise data in articles about Melbourne. These are only suggestions, things to give you focus and to get you going, and you shouldn't feel obligated in the least to follow them. But if you don't know what to write or where to begin, following the below guidelines may be helpful. Mainly, we just want you to write articles!'

Scope edit

The areas covered by this project are listed below. Each area has its own page for the discussion and formulation of guidelines and conventions, as well as for listing examples of the best articles. If a page does not yet exist for a particular area, feel free to create it and propose how that part of the Project might be organised.

Note that progress and the number of articles is estimated and shown as a guide only.

Geography edit

Updated 15 March 2011


Melbourne is home to one of the world's largest urban sprawls, and its many suburbs boast an amazing cultural diversity.
List of Melbourne suburbs  |  Category: Suburbs of Melbourne

Article List:Suburbs of Melbourne

60% Complete
Melbourne Suburbs
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 8 950 0.88
C 46 729 0.74
Start 232 600 0.61
Stub 97 497 0.49
List 0
Totals 383 587 0.60

Parks and gardens

Greenery is everywhere: from the many tree-lined boulevards to the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Category:Parks in Melbourne
Main article: Melbourne parks and gardens

Article List:Parks in Melbourne

52% complete
Parks in Melbourne
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 1 751 0.75
C 7 765 0.68
Start 24 549 0.53
Stub 15 427 0.42
List 1 346 0.35
Totals 48 520 0.52

Government edit

Updated 15 March 2011

Local Government Areas

Melbourne is broken up into local Cities and Shires, each with its own local council and Mayor.
Local Government Areas of Victoria  |  Category: Local Government Areas in Melbourne

Article List:Local Government Areas in Melbourne

87% complete

Local Government Areas in Melbourne
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 2 1020 1.00
C 2 966 0.97
Start 23 872 0.86
Stub 3 801 0.82
List 0
Totals 30 873 0.87

Mayors and Lord Mayors

Melbourne's first Mayor was inaugurated in 1842, and the first Lord Mayor in 1902.
List of Mayors and Lord Mayors of Melbourne

Mayors and Lord Mayors of Melbourne

12% complete
Mayors and Lord Mayors
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 3 994 0.89
C 1 524 0.52
Start 8 529 0.51
Stub 12 360 0.35
Not started 72 0 0.00
List 1 589 0.59
Totals 97 124 0.12

Town Halls

In 1994 reforms and amalgamations to the Local Government structure in Victoria resulted in 210 councils being reduced to the current 79. This means that a number of present day councils areas having more than one Town Hall.

List of town halls in Melbourne

Article List:Town halls in Melbourne

37% complete
Town Halls in Melbourne
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 0
C 0
Start 11 539 0.55
Stub 10 467 0.43
Not started 7 0 0.00
List 1 488 0.49
Totals 29 500 0.37

Transport edit

Updated 15 March 2011

Railway lines

Australia's first train steamed through Melbourne in 1854.
Railways in Melbourne  |  Category: Railway lines in Melbourne
Template: Melbourne railway lines

Article List:Railway lines in Melbourne

68% Complete
Railway Lines
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 9 766 0.75
C 6 744 0.75
Start 17 654 0.65
Stub 5 584 0.58
List 1 634 0.63
Totals 38 664 0.68

Railway stations

Melbourne's suburban network consists of 209 stations, placing it in the top 10 worldwide.
List of Melbourne railway stations  |  Category: Railway stations in Melbourne

Article List:Railway stations in Melbourne

Article List:Tourist railway stations in Melbourne

Article List:Proposed railway stations in Melbourne

47% complete
Railway stations
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 2 657 0.66
C 6 649 0.75
Start 90 504 0.51
Stub 128 426 0.43
List 2 662 0.66
Totals 228 457 0.47
Types of trains

From the Red Rattler to the Silver Hitachi and the Smiley Comeng.
Category: Melbourne rail rollingstock  |  Template: Melbourne rail rollingstock

Article List:Melbourne rail rollingstock

71% Complete
Melbourne rail rollingstock
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 1 832 0.83
C 3 725 0.73
Start 4 667 0.66
Stub 0
List 0
Totals 8 702 0.71
Closed railways

The evolution of the railways has left ghost stations across the city.
List of closed Melbourne railway stations  |  Category: Closed Melbourne railway lines, Category: Disused railway stations in Melbourne

Article List:Closed Melbourne railway lines

Article List:Closed Melbourne railway stations

41% Complete
Closed Railways
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 1 665 0.67
C 4 579 0.58
Start 5 430 0.43
Stub 41 380 0.38
List 0
Totals 51 396 0.41

With the largest tram network in the world, Melbourne held onto its trams when almost every other city dumped them in the mid-20th century.
Trams in Melbourne  |  Category: Melbourne tram vehicles  |  Category:Tram routes in Melbourne |  List of Melbourne tram routes

Article List:Tram routes in Melbourne

Article List:Trams in Melbourne

Article List:Melbourne tram vehicles

57% complete
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 2 1000 0.88
C 2 870 0.87
Start 33 607 0.58
Stub 17 527 0.52
List 0
Totals 55 604 0.57

Freeways and highways

Melbourne's freeway network is growing all the time.
List of Melbourne freeways  |  List of Melbourne highways
Category: Highways and freeways in Melbourne

Article List:Highways and freeways in Melbourne

58% complete
Freeways and highways
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 2 979 0.94
C 8 722 0.72
Start 15 572 0.58
Stub 15 502 0.47
List 1 510 0.51
Totals 41 565 0.58

Category:Streets in Melbourne

Article List:Streets in Melbourne

56% complete
Streets in Melbourne
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 0
C 4 735 0.66
Start 38 615 0.61
Stub 30 502 0.47
List 0
Totals 72 537 0.56

Buildings and Institutions edit

Updated 30 March 2011

Buildings, structures and landmarks

Category:Heritage-listed buildings in Melbourne | Tall buildings in Melbourne

Article List:Buildings and structures in Melbourne

Article List:Heritage-listed buildings in Melbourne

Article List:Sports venues in Melbourne

56% complete
Buildings, structures and landmarks
Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 5 981 0.96
B 4 725 0.71
C 22 825 0.82
Start 144 575 0.59
Stub 106 463 0.46
List 4 430 0.41
Totals 285 524 0.56

Category:Organisations based in Melbourne | List of high schools in Melbourne | Category:Sporting clubs in Melbourne

Article List:Melbourne football (soccer) clubs

Article List:Sporting clubs in Melbourne

Article List:Schools in Melbourne

Article List:Organisations based in Melbourne

Quality Articles Median score % complete
GA 0
B 17 1271 0.99
C 21 738 0.79
Start 141 544 0.54
Stub 90 406 0.43
List 1 477 0.48
Totals 270 522 0.55

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