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Welcome to WikiProject Capital District. This is a collaboration of Wikipedians related to the Capital District (also known as the Capital Region) of upstate New York. The goal is to bring together resources dedicated to improving the coverage of the Capital District on Wikipedia and to organize information related to this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page, and see the list of goals below.

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Project Scope
Project Scope

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The Capital District of New York is a general geographical area in New York (similar to the upstate area) centered around the cities of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and more recently, Saratoga Springs. It is rich with national and local history. It is the original home of General Electric, contains the eastern end of the Erie Canal, houses the oldest technical university in the English-speaking world, and is home to the capital of New York State. The region is made up of a number of counties, but most specifically, Albany County, Rensselaer County, Schenectady County, and Saratoga County. The area is also now known as Tech Valley due to emergence of technological advancements based in the area in recent times. The Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce introduced the term in 1998.

Any article on the English Wikipedia that deals with a subject located in the area (see map at right) fits within the scope of this project and it is requested that the templates shown below be used to designate that.


Templates in Use

Some excellent research sources of information and images:

Sources related to Albany:

  • McEneney, Jack J. (2006). Albany: Capital City on the Hudson. Sun Valley, California: American Historical Press. ISBN 1892724537.
  • Munsell, Joel (1869). The Annals of Albany (2nd ed.). Albany, New York: Joel Munsell.
  • Reynolds, Cuyler (1906). Albany Chronicles: A History of the City Arranged Chronologically, From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Albany, New York: J. B. Lyon Company.
  • Albany, New York at Commons

Sources related to Troy:

Sources related to Schenectady:

Sources related to Dutch times:

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July 2011

  1. Sprouts of the Mohawk River
  2. Marcus T. Reynolds
  3. St. Joseph's Church (Albany, New York)

June 2011

  1. Bleecker Park
  2. Dana Park
  3. Tricentennial Park (Albany, New York)
  4. Tivoli Nature Preserve
  5. Lincoln Park (Albany)

May 2011

  1. Sheridan Hollow, Albany, New York
  2. North Albany, Albany, New York
  3. Pine Hills, Albany, New York

October 2010

  1. Malta Test Station
  2. Van Schaick House
  3. Matton Shipyard
  4. Gideon Putnam

September 2010

  1. Downtown Schenectady
  2. Bellevue, Schenectady, New York
  3. Albany Convention Center

August 2010

  1. Mont Pleasant, Schenectady, New York
  2. Hamilton Hill, Schenectady, New York
  3. Woodlawn, Schenectady, New York
  4. Albany City Hall 10x expansion
  5. Woodlawn Preserve
  6. Fort Nassau (North River) expansion
  7. Coat of arms of Albany, New York

July 2010

  1. Patroon Creek
  2. Rensselaer Lake10x expansion from 1-sentence stub
  3. Albany Pine Bushcomplete rewrite and expansion
  4. Wellington Row
  5. W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus

June 2010

  1. Bleecker Stadium
  2. Niska Isle
  3. Albany, Rensselaerville, and Schoharie Plank Road
  4. Van Schaick Island
  5. Hurstville, New York
  6. Fort Frederick (Albany)created from redirect
  7. Lake Albany
  8. Washington Park Historic District (Albany, New York)complete rewrite and expansion

May 2010

  1. Dongan Charter
  2. SUNY System Administration Building complete rewrite and expansion

April 2010

  1. Hotel Ten Eyck Project
  2. Aumic House, Guilderland
  3. Apple Tavern, Guilderland
  4. Albany Glassworks Site, Guilderland

March 2010

  1. Alcove, New York Expanded from stub
  2. Clarksville, Albany County, New York
  3. Joseph H. Allen
  4. New Salem, New York
  5. Slingerlands, New York Cleaned up and expanded from stub
  6. Feura Bush, New York Cleaned up and expanded from stub
  7. South Bethlehem, New York
  8. Kenwood, Albany, New York

February 2010

  1. Normansville, New York
  2. Elsmere, New York Changed from redirect
  3. Delmar, New York Greatly expanded
  4. Fort Hunter, Albany County, New York
  5. Fullers, New York
  6. Guilderland Center, New York
  7. Guilderland (hamlet), New York
  8. McKownville, New York
  9. Mannsville, Albany County, New York
  10. Roessleville, New York
  11. Karner, New York
  12. Lisha Kill, New York
  13. West Albany, New York
  14. Boght Corners, New York Greatly expanded
  15. Dunsbach Ferry, New York Greatly expanded

January 2010

  1. List of tallest buildings in Albany, New York
  2. East Greenbush, New York Greatly expanded
  3. Oakwood Cemetery (Troy, New York)
  4. North Greenbush, New York Greatly expanded
  5. Rensselaer, New York Greatly expanded
  6. Valley Falls, New York Increased history section (ongoing)

December 2009

  1. Watervliet, New York Greatly expanded history section
  2. Beeren Island
  3. Menands, New York

November 2009

  1. Helderberg Escarpment

October 2009

  1. Hartford Baptist Church
  2. Delaney Hotel
  3. Hoosick Falls Armory
  4. St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Hoosick Falls, New York)
  5. Hoosick Falls Historic District
  6. U.S. Post Office (Hoosick Falls, New York)
  7. Cambridge Historic District
  8. Revolutionary War Cemetery
  9. Salem Historic District (New York)
  10. Colleges and universities in New York's Capital District‎very preliminary
  11. U.S. Post Office (Granville, New York)
  12. South Granville Congregational Church
  13. Elisha Straight House
  14. U.S. Post Office (Lake George, New York)
  15. Old Warren County Courthouse Complex
  16. Hadley Parabolic Bridge
  17. Oakwood Cemetery (Troy, New York) Oakwood Cemetery (Troy, New York) 5x expansion
  18. Saratoga Gas, Electric Light and Power Company Complex
  19. U.S. Post Office (Saratoga Springs, New York)
  20. Gideon Putnam Burying Ground
  21. Hiram Charles Todd House

September 2009

  1. West Side Historic District (Saratoga Springs, New York)
  2. Tech Valley
  3. East Side Historic District (Saratoga Springs, New York)
  4. Union Mill Complex
  5. Brookside Museum
  6. National Bottle Museum
  7. U.S. Post Office (Ballston Spa, New York)
  8. Verbeck House
  9. Abraham Glen House
  10. U.S. Post Office (Scotia, New York)
  11. Schenectady Armory
  12. Elston Hall (former Hotel Van Curler)
  13. Union College Union College 5x expansion
  14. Union Street Historic District (Schenectady, New York)
  15. General Electric Realty Plot
  16. Foster Building
  17. List of Union College alumni List of Union College alumni
  18. Kiliaen van Rensselaer (Dutch merchant) Kiliaen van Rensselaer (Dutch merchant) 5x expansion

August 2009

  1. Timeline of town creation in New York's Capital District
  2. Map of Rensselaerswyck Map of Rensselaerswyck
  3. Arbor Hill, Albany
  4. 48 Hudson Avenue
  5. Streets of Albany, New York
  6. Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions

July 2009

  1. Van Rensselaer Island
  2. Tulip Festival (Albany, New York)
  3. Maiden Lane Bridge
  4. Kenmore Hotel
  5. Albany Lumber District
  6. Mansion Historic District
  7. Pastures Historic District
  8. Buildings at 744–750 Broadway

June 2009

  1. Manor of Rensselaerswyck (expanded)
  2. Albany Pump Station
  3. Garfield School (Brunswick, New York)
  4. Little Red Schoolhouse (Brunswick, New York)
  5. St. Mary's Church (Albany, New York)

April/May 2009

  1. Schenectady City Hall
  2. New York State Department of Education Building
  3. Cohoes Commons
  4. Stuyvesant Plaza
  5. Saratoga Mall (Wilton, New York)
  6. St. Francis Chapel (Colonie, NY)
  7. Colvin Central Plaza
  8. Westgate Plaza (Albany, New York)
  9. Mohawk Commons (Niskayuna, New York)
  10. Mohawk Mall (Niskayuna, NY)
  11. Northway Mall (Colonie, NY)
  12. Crosstown Plaza (Schenectady, NY)
  13. List of incorporated places in New York's Capital District
  14. Lafayette Park Historic District
  15. Rapp Road Community Historic District Rapp Road Community Historic District
  16. Albany Union Station
  17. Downtown Albany Historic District
  18. Berlin Central School District
  19. Luther Forest Technology Campus

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NY 22 in Petersburgh
NY 32 in Westerlo
Warren Chapel at Oakwood Cemetery

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Albany City Hall
The Pine Bush
Surrender of General Burgoyne
Houses in Hudson-Park
Antique District on River Street, Troy
Albany coats of arms
Houses on Ten Broeck Street, Albany
Opening paragraph of Dongan Charter
Houses on Elk Street near Lafayette Park
Court of Appeals Building
Remote view of the Port of Albany
St. Mary's Church
Street in the South End
Washington Park Playhouse

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  1. 2011 in Albany, New York

July 2010

  1. Interior of Albany Wal-Mart Supercenter

March 2010

  1. Albany New York at night
  2. Joseph H. Allen
  3. Joseph H. Allen's home

February 2010

  1. 1777 Map of New York and New Jersey

January 2010

  1. Canfield Casino
  2. Congress Park (Saratoga)
  3. Congress Park (Saratoga)
  4. Congress Park (Saratoga)

December 2009

  1. Entrance to Capital Holiday Lights
  2. Washington Park Bridge during Capital Holiday Lights
  3. Troy City Council in Chambers
  4. Troy City Council President Clem Campana
  5. Troy City Council Chamber
  6. SVG Map of the neighborhoods of Troy

November 2009

  1. Barberville Falls on the Poesten Kill, courtesy of Waterfall Guy at Flickr

October 2009

  1. Hartford Baptist Church and Cemetery, again courtesy of Dougtone
  2. Estabrook Octagon House, Hoosick Falls
  3. Hoosick Falls armory
  4. St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Hoosick Falls
  5. Downtown Hoosick Falls at dusk
  6. National Bottle Museum, Ballston Spa (not mine, but uploaded from Flickr user Dougtone)
  7. Hoosick Falls post office
  8. Hubbard Hall, Cambridge
  9. Hudson Valley Community College Campus Center
  10. Revolutionary War Cemetery, Salem
  11. Buildings on Main Street, Salem
  12. Granville post office
  13. South Granville Congregational Church
  14. Elisha Straight House, now Hartford Museum
  15. Lake George from village beach
  16. Downtown Lake George
  17. Judson Smith mural of Lake George area in post office lobby
  18. Lake George post office
  19. Old Warren County courthouse
  20. Hadley Parabolic Bridge (not mine, but uploaded from Flickr user Dougtone)
  21. Old electrical substation in Saratoga Springs
  22. Saratoga Springs post office
  23. Broadway, Saratoga Springs
  24. Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Brunswick
  25. Grave of Samuel Wilson in Oakwood Cemetery
  26. Gideon Putnam Burying Ground, Saratoga Springs
  27. Hiram Charles Todd House, Saratoga Springs
  28. 150+ photographic survey of Union College
  29. Former Senator Joseph Bruno
  30. Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari

September 2009

  1. Houses on Washington Street, Saratoga Springs
  2. Houses at Regent and Caroline streets, Saratoga Springs
  3. Union Mill Complex, Ballston Spa
  4. Brookside Museum, Ballston Spa
  5. Ballston Spa post office
  6. Verbeck House, Ballston Spa
  7. Abraham Glen House, now Scotia branch of Schenectady County library
  8. Scotia post office
  9. Schenectady Armory
  10. I-90 highway sign
  11. General Electric Research Laboratory
  12. Niskayuna town hall
  13. Jermain Street Houses
  14. Elston Hall at SCCC, formerly the Hotel Van Curler
  15. Schenectady Amtrak station platform view
  16. Houses on South Ferry Street, Schenectady
  17. Lawrence the Indian statue, Schenectady
  18. Houses on Union Street, Schenectady
  19. Houses on Stratford Road, Schenectady
  20. Schenectady Post Office
  21. Schenectady City Hall
  22. State Street, Schenectady
  23. Foster Building, Schenectady
  24. Saratoga Race Course panorama

August 2009

  1. Dormitory Authority of NY HQ
  2. Lark Street in Albany
  3. Broadway in Albany
  4. Hollywood Drive In
  5. Hollywood Drive In in Averill Park
  6. Lark Street
  7. North Pearl Street
  8. Engraving of K. K. van Rensselaer (partially restored)
  9. Burden Wheel (restored)
  10. Albany Union Station
  11. Washington County Farm
  12. Downtown Saratoga Springs
  13. Washington Park Boathouse/Playhouse
  14. Times Union Center Atrium
  15. Times Union Center
  16. Albany Academy
  17. Albany College of Pharmacy
  18. Christian Brothers Academy
  19. Home Savings Bank Building
  20. Quackenbush House
  21. Quackenbush House
  22. Albany Pump Station
  23. I-787 in Albany
  24. I-787 in Menands

July 2009

  1. Siena College
  2. Congress Street Bridge
  3. Russell Sage Hall
  4. Campus of Russell Sage College
  5. Bush Center at Russell Sage
  6. Proctor's Theater in Troy
  7. RPI Playhouse
  8. Troy Antique District
  9. Cannon Building
  10. 48 Hudson Avenue (Albany)
  11. Skyline of Troy
  12. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies at RPI
  13. Engraving of a farmhouse in Brunswick, New York (restored)
  14. Engraving of the original Rensselaer School (restored)
  15. Engraving of Troy Savings Bank Music Hall (restored)
  16. Engraving of Rensselaer School (later RPI, restored)
  17. Engraving of damage from Troy Fire, 1854 (restored)
  18. Engraving of damage from Troy Fire, 1820 (restored)
  19. View toward downtown from South Pearl Street
  20. Current St. Paul's Church engraving (restored)
  21. Old St. Paul's Church engraving (restored)
  22. Albany County Government Building
  23. Houses on Grand and Madison streets
  24. I-787 in Watervliet
  25. Downtown Troy, New York
  26. Saratoga Race Course entrance
  27. Saratoga Race Course
  28. Houses on Westerlo Street
  29. Little Red Schoolhouse c. 1913
  30. Garfield School c. 1881
  31. Philip Schuyler statue
  32. Kenmore Hotel
  33. North Pearl Street from Steuben Street
  34. Albany College of Pharmacy
  35. Albany Law School
  36. Palace Theater
  37. Panorama from Thacher Park
  38. Palace Theater
  39. Houses on Clinton Avenue
  40. Palace Theatre

June 2009

  1. Ten Broeck Mansion Garden
  2. Ten Broeck Mansion (rear)
  3. Ten Broeck Mansion (front)
  4. Capitol & Agency Bldg #4
  5. McGeary's Pub, Albany
  6. State Street, Albany
  7. St. Mary's Church, Albany
  8. St. Peter's Church, Albany
  9. Oakwood Cemetery Crematorium and Chapel
  10. Troy Panorama from Oakwood Cemetery
  11. Fire Alarm, Telegraph and Police Signaling Building
  12. Police Station in Troy
  13. Troy Public Library
  14. Library interior
  15. White Church in Brunswick
  16. Emma Willard School
  17. Garfield School in Brunswick
  18. Little Red Schoolhouse in Brunswick
  19. Capital District Montage
  20. Quad at RPI
  21. RPI Union
  22. Cathedral of All Saints
  23. New York State Cultural Education Center
  24. New York State Executive Mansion
  25. New York State Department of Education Building
  26. NYSED Building
  27. Port of Albany-Rensselaer

May 2009

  1. Albany, New York
  2. Albany Institute of History and Art
  3. Skyline of Albany from the Corning Tower
  4. Engineering Center (Union College)
  5. Memorial Chapel (Union College)
  6. Admissions Building (Union College)
  7. Troy Skyline
  8. Schenectady Post Office
  9. Schenectady County Office Building
  10. Schenectady City Hall (Rear)
  11. Schenectady City Hall
  12. Schaffer College (Union College)
  13. Proctor's Theatre, Schenectady
  14. Nott Memorial (Angled)
  15. Nott Memorial (Head on)
  16. Interior of the Nott Memorial
  17. I-787 in Troy
  18. West Hall at RPI
  19. Watervliet from Congress St Bridge
  20. Troy Sign (Prospect Park)
  21. Troy Record Building
  22. Troy Post Office
  23. Troy Monument Square
  24. Troy Antique District
  25. Rensselaer County Historical Society
  26. McCarthy Building (Troy)
  27. Hendrick Hudson Hotel (Troy)
  28. Washington Park (Troy)
  29. Brownstones on Washington Park (Troy)
  30. Green Island Bridge
  31. Brunswick Town Hall
  32. Collar City Bridge
  33. Brunswick Community Center
  34. Ned Pattison Office Building (Rensselaer County HQ)
  35. St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Troy
  36. River Street restaurants in Troy
  37. Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
  38. Troy City Hall
  39. State Quad at SUNY Albany
  40. Siena College
  41. SUNY Albany
  42. Fountain at SUNY Albany
  43. Nano Center at SUNY Albany
  44. Meteorology Center at SUNY Albany
  45. Albany skyline
  46. Greater Albany skyline
  47. New York State Court of Appeals
  48. Empire State Plaza
  49. King Fountain at Washington Park
  50. SUNY System Administration Building
  51. New York State Capitol (west face)
  52. New York State Capitol (east face)
  53. Rensselaer Rail Station (updated)
  54. Albany City Hall (updated)
  55. Alfred E. Smith Building (updated)

April 2009

  1. King Fountain (tulips in bloom)
  2. King Fountain at Washington Park
  3. Washington Park Boathouse
  4. EMPAC at twilight

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