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WikiProject Erie was started on March 25, 2007, to coordinate work on articles related to Erie, Pa. and Northwest Pennsylvania in the English Wikipedia.

Anyone interested in contributing is encouraged to sign up below and post any ideas and/or suggestions on the Talk page. Feel free to edit this page and add any articles that need serious work or that you feel require attention below in the Open Tasks sections.


The sun sets over Presque Isle during one of the 8 Great Tuesday concerts on a hot August 2006 night.

This WikiProject aims to coordinate improvement efforts on articles related to Erie, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area including Northwestern Pennsylvania.

It is also an aim of this project to bring the Erie city article up to Featured Article status, in part by bringing it up to the standards defined by WikiProject Cities.

This is an open project that is owned and controlled by all its members. Its open tasks are a compilation generated by many of its members. All concerns with elements of this project should be discussed on the Talk page.


March 25, 2007: WikiProject Erie begins - After noticing WikiProjects for Pittsburgh and Youngstown, I decided that Erie needed one. As you may notice, this page is pretty much a knock-off of those two (Ytown and Pgh). The Pgh project page is awesome. If you've got some time, please check it out. And take notice to the Talk page, too. It's how I'd like to see Erie's WikiProject page be used. --Write_On_1983 talk | contribs 05:08, 26 March 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
May 25, 2007: WikiProject Erie is two months old with four members. Erie, PA is well on the way to becoming a Good Article. I'd like to start tagging Crawford County, PA and Warren County, PA articles for the project. --T. Wiki
June 2, 2007 Erie has been listed as a Good Article. Well done to all that contributed.--T. Wiki 12:46, 2 June 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
July 7, 2007Erie has been listed as a Featured Article.treyis the editor that has sex in their sig 21:08, 7 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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Project members, please see the Project Templates to add special Erie boxes to your user page to identify yourself as a member of the project.


Wikipedia Administrators and System Operators have essential tools at their disposal to greatly improve WikiProject Erie articles. Please utilize them for tasks you find needing their assistance and attention.

None Named Yet


  • Write_On_1983 talk | contribs - One of them m'up 'ers that really loves Erie and most of what it has to offer
  • ​​​​​​​​Niagara ​​Don't give up the ship - was thinking of starting a wikiproject for Erie; has edited a lot of Erie-related articles
  • Pat - a grad student at Mercyhurst College who lives in Erie and has revised a couple of Erie-related articles between class assignments; will try to help out
  • vishwin60 - I live all the way down in SE PA, but I will still help. I mainly do transportation and style editing.
  • treyjay–jay(UTC) Recently unbanned. Founding member.
  • ​​DNCampertalkcontribs - Lives in Albion, Pennsylvania. Would like to contribute topics like History and anything relevant to Albion.
  • Infero Veritas (talk) - Just let me know what needs done.
  • Diligence 5960 (talk) - Any way I can help, just let me know on my user page.
  • Snowman304 (talk) -live near Erie, thought I'd help out you fine folks
  • AC5230 talk - Erie native, probably going to main the radio department in my service to the Greater Erie region

Clipboard.svg TasksEdit

Feel free to add any articles that need to be addressed or improved to this list. When adding a page, place {{WikiProject Erie}} on the articles talk page. Please remember to sign all additions in this section.


  • Keep Erie, Pennsylvania, as compact as possible, moving as much details into sub-articles as is reasonable
  • Keep all Erie-related articles properly categorized
  • Patrol changes to Erie-related articles
  • Turn Erie, Pennsylvania, into a featured article  Done
  • Improve the stub articles related to Erie and identify and tag new Erie-related stub articles

Erie suburbsEdit

It is recommended that pages for municipalities surrounding Erie be updated.




Census-designated placesEdit

Census-designated places are geographical areas designated by the U.S. Census Bureau for the purposes of compiling demographic data. They are not actual jurisdictions under Pennsylvania law. Other unincorporated communities, such as villages, may be listed here as well.

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Articles that achieved FA status

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Articles that were featured in the Did You Know? section on the Main Page

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Articles that achieved GA status

  Needing attentionEdit

Please list below any Erie-related articles that need help.


Please list below requests for any articles relating to the Erie-area. Should you be inclined to do so, you may create the page yourself, but please remember to tag it to the Erie Project.

Erie Business Center - I have been trying (first article), but no luck :D. Any expert help would be great!

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Erie-related images that are promoted to featured picture


Please list below requests for any photos relating to the Erie-area. Should you be inclined to do so, you may take the photo yourself, but please remember to tag it to the Erie Project. Put the requests in order from most important to least.


Project templatesEdit

The following are templates related to WikiProject Erie:

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{{WikiProject Erie}}

Designates that an article as part of WikiProject Erie. Placed on the article's Talk page.
WikiProject Erie (Rated NA-class)
 WikiProject Erie is part of WikiProject Erie, which is building a comprehensive and detailed guide to the Erie, Pennsylvania, including the surrounding counties of Crawford and Warren, and related subjects on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, visit the project page, where you can join the project.
NA This article has been rated as NA-Class on the project's quality scale.
{{Erie, PA}}

Placed at the bottom of a major Erie-related article.

Designates that a user is a member of WikiProject Erie. Placed on the member's user page and/or their associated talk page.
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Ad for WikiProject Erie.
{{User WPErie}}

Designates that a user is a member of WikiProject Erie. Placed on the member's user page and/or their associated talk page. Can be used in addition to or instead of the banner above.
 This user is a member of
WikiProject Erie.
{{Erie Invite}}

An invitation to be placed on a user's talk page, who has made major edits to Erie-related articles, to join WikiProject Erie.
Hello WikiProject Erie! You are receiving this message because we've noticed your excellent edits on the Erie-related page {{{1}}}. We need your assistance at WikiProject Erie. This is a new WikiProject and there is much work to do. Please head over to the project page, add your name, and help us enhance and increase the coverage of Erie related articles.
{{User Erie}}

Designates that a user is from Erie, Pa. Placed on the member's user page and/or their associated talk page. Doesn't require membership in this project to use.
 This user lives in or hails from Erie. 
{{User:Niagara/Userboxes/Erie, PA}}

Designates that this user is currently residing in Erie, PA. Placed on the member's user page and/or their associated talk page. Doesn't require membership in this project to use.
 This user lives in or hails
from Erie