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WikiProject Auckland
WikiProject Auckland aims to improve articles relating to the Auckland urban area. Feel free to contribute to any articles relating to this WikiProject and add your name to our list of participants.

Scope edit

This project aims to:

  • Improve articles related to the Auckland urban area. This includes articles about the wider Auckland Region that also include coverage of the Auckland urban area, but does not include ones about parts of the Region that have little to do with the main urban area. For example, the article about Warkworth is not included.
  • Support Auckland-related articles by ensuring that there are plenty of high-quality articles to showcase.
  • Ensure that articles are well organised, through the use of categories, and that due attention is paid to the farther reaches of the project.
  • Highlight articles about Auckland that many readers might be unaware of.
  • Oversee the development of Auckland-related articles - for example, through the Collaboration of the fortnight.
  • Provide a clear structure of how Auckland articles are arranged.
  • Coordinate efforts and peer review articles.

Article assessment edit

Templates edit

The following templates are related to Auckland:



Click on the relevant template and select 'What links here' from the left-hand side of the page to see articles that have been tagged with that stub template - this will give you a list of such articles you can then expand.

Banner {{WikiProject Auckland}}
For the WikiProject:Auckland banner on article talk pages.

User page templates
Show that you're part of this project by adding one of these to your userpage:
Invitation, {{WPAUK invite}}
Poster, {{Auckland_user_poster}}
Userbox, {{User Auckland}},
Userbox 2, {{User WikiProject Auckland}}

General strategy and discussion forums edit

Use the project talk page to discuss any issues. Comments on the layout of the project are welcome.

Tasks edit

Moving the project forward

  • Add links to Auckland articles and related pages – expand this in any way you see fit.
  • Tag Auckland-related articles, and assess content/importance.
  • Add to this list if you have further ideas.

Image requests edit

Further information: Commons Category:Auckland

Requested Auckland photographs
Please place requests for images below.

Commendation material edit

The following Auckland-related articles are Featured articles and Good articles on WikiProject Auckland and / or appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page.

  • Featured Articles -- (FA)
  • Good Articles -- (GA)

Adopt an article edit

Similar to the Collaboration of the fortnight, but on a smaller scale, you might want to "adopt" an article. This would involve doing the research, writing, and picture-taking (if possible) for either a non-existent article or a stub. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced. You can also add any articles to be worked on in the To-Do Section of the project.

Task console edit

Collaboration of the fortnight edit

Submit your nominations for Collaboration of the fortnight - !.

Participants edit

To join WikiProject Auckland, add your details in the fashion shown below.

Username Nationality Areas of interest
1. Taifarious1 (talk · contribs)  New Zealand (born),
 United States
(Creator of this WikiProject), Auckland, NZ politics, US politics, created: New Zealand-United States relations and Wikipedia:WikiProject Los Angeles.
2. Leaderofearth (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Theatre, Speedway racing, Transport.
3. Esradekan (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Music, Motorsport.
4. Danver (talk · contribs)  India (born),
 New Zealand
Music, Computing, Games, Acting.
5. Boomshanka (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Music, Rugby, Sport, Geography, History.
6. Matthewedwards (talk · contribs)  England (born),
 United States (residing)
Music, Lists, Television, Radio, some Sports.
(I lived in NZ for two years)
7. Oliverdl (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Music, Computer, Electronics, Games
8. KSeti (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Gaming (Electonic and Non-Electronic), Badminton, Electronics, Arts and Crafts
9. Domster (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Philosophy, computer science, politics, New Zealand music.
10. Nzv8fan (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Computer Science, Education, Politics, Environment, Motorsport.
11. Elchuddy (talk · contribs)  England (born),
have lived in  New Zealand
Sport, Music, Geography, Travel. [I lived in AKL for 9 months]
12. GCFreak2 (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Computers, electronics, games, public transport
13. Arsenalfan2 (talk · contribs)  England (born),
I live in  New Zealand
Computers, Politics, Gaming,Linux, Open Source
14. Liamodwyer13 (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Music, Books
15. Joshualam (talk · contribs)  New Zealand (born), living in  Hong Kong Computers, Music, Geography
16. Metagraph (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Geography of Auckland, Auckland Schools, New Zealand Landmarks.
16. DerbyCountyinNZ (talk · contribs)  New Zealand History, Geography, Sports
17. Kliu1 (talk · contribs)  Republic of China (born),  New Zealand (citizen),  Australia (residing and citizen of) Computers, Politics, Gaming
18. Ingolfson (talk · contribs)  New Zealand (residing) Auckland, History, Transport
19. James.pole (talk · contribs)  New Zealand (residing) Auckland, Communcations (e.g. Mobile Phones), Deaf Culture, Transport (e.g. Railways)
20. Lord_Shivan (talk · contribs)  New Zealand (residing) Interested in the daily activity of Auckland
21. Rgp2130 (talk · contribs)  India (born),  New Zealand (citizen),  New Zealand (residing) Auckland, Sports, Games, Music, Cinema, History, Video games
22. Lyradog (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Interested in Auckland Transport, History, Cinema, Wellington, Geography
23. ImperialismGo (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Psychology, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Politics
24. Blacksmith (talk · contribs)  England (born),  New Zealand (citizen), Cinema, Video Games, Mathematics, Computers
25. Tom_Webb (talk · contribs)  Samoa (born),  New Zealand (citizen), Auckland
26. Mar4d (talk · contribs)  Pakistan (born),
 New Zealand &
 Australia (dual citizen)
Mostly NZ migration and diaspora articles
27. Go_placidly_amid_the_noise (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Not-for-profits, Charities, Business, Auckland, Bay of Plenty
28. duncnbiscuit (talk · contribs)  England(born),  New Zealand Business, Auckland
29. Prosperosity (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Auckland, music, history
30. NZWill (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Auckland
31. Winnieswikiworld (talk · contribs)  New Zealand Auckland, art history, history, culture

Member userbox edit

You may place {{User WikiProject Auckland}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

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