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WikiProject North East England

Some Wikipedians have formed a Project to create and improve articles relating to North East England. This includes a wide variety of different topics ranging from transportation to well-known local landmarks.


As mentioned above, there are many areas encompassed by the project, with the scope being anything relating to the main counties officially labelled as North East England, namely County Durham, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Teesside and Tyne & Wear. The project aims to generally improve the coverage of the area on Wikipedia, as well as hopefully improve many to featured or good article status. To discuss ways in which to improve this project please discuss it on the Project talk page.

What can be done?Edit

The improvement of articles is vital on Wikipedia, not just to articles relating to North East England, but to every single article on the English Wikipedia. If you find yourself improving, creating and making changes to articles which relate to the North East and are not a member, you may wish to add your name to the participant list below, however this is completely optional. You can also add this page to your Watchlist and check on the to-do section and see if you have the time and resources to help out, even if you are only editing with minor edits, it is still greatly appreciated by fellow members of the Project and Wikipedians.


These are the templates which can be used on article talk pages and user talk pages. The first template should be placed on an articles' talk page and is used to assess an article by quality, priority and importance. The second and the fourth can be placed on a members' User Page, they can have the Userbox and/or the large banner, however this is optional. The third template should be used on article talk pages indicating to viewers that the article they viewed has relevance to the North East. The current picture displayed all of the templates will be replaced by a proper Project logo in the near future. If you see an article relating to North East England, please add the relevant template on to the article talk page.

What to type What it produces
WikiProject North East England (Rated NA-class)
 This article is within the scope of WikiProject North East England, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of North East England on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
NA This article has been rated as NA-Class on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.
{{User WP North East England}}
  Hello! I noticed you often edit articles which relate to North East England, so we at WikiProject North East England would like to invite you to become a member of the WikiProject. We work on creating, expanding and making general changes to North East England related articles. If you are interested in joining, feel free to visit the Project Page.

To-do listEdit

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

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The WikiProject North East England/Assessment page explains how to use the {{WPNorthEastEngland}} template to assess an article by quality and importance. Articles are automatically added to categories allowing members of the WikiProject to focus effort on key articles. Please support this by tagging all North East England articles with an importance - and if possible - a quality.

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Wikiproject North East England Participants Welcome to the Patricipants section of Wikiproject North East England! We are always accepting new members, so if you would like to join - please add your name!

To join, please add your name here by adding a bullet point (*) then adding four tildes which will display your Username, the time and date. An example of how this would be set is:

Please add your name belowEdit


Member userboxEdit

You may place {{User WP North East England}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

For other United Kingdom user templates, please see:


There are also many sub-pages of these categories which have articles in the which have not been tagged with {{WPNEE}} and need rating for importance and class.


The infobox is not designed to replace existing established infoboxes such as those on the Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland articles. Instead, it is designed to support articles such as suburbs and villages for which a full infobox would be unnecessarily large.

If you identify a North East England location without an infobox, you are encouraged to add one.


The infobox is called {{Infobox settlement}}. There are a number of parameters that are passed in to populate the box. If you do not know a piece of information, leave the value blank.

As a minimum, you should enter the Place parameter, which is the name of the article, and the Latitude and Longitude, as the dot on the map is driven by these two values.

SuburbOf is the urban area that the place is a suburb of. District is one of the boroughs that the place belongs to. The Parliament parameter is the Paliamentary constituency that the place belongs. Postcode area is the 3-4 letter postal district that the place belongs. Population (if known) is the number of people that live in the place.

Latitude and LongitudeEdit

The red dot on the map is automatically generated based on the lat. and long. supplied. When entering values, please ensure that you are using decimalised minutes and seconds and not base-60 as this can affect the location of the dot. For example decimalised version: 54.5, -1.75 would be expressed in base-60 as 54.3, -1.45. See here: Minute of arc in Cartography.

Lat and Long can be extracted from mapping tools such as Google Earth - hover your mouse over a location and view the Latitude and Longitude at the bottom of the screen.

If you do not have access to a mapping tool, but would like latitude and longitudes to display in an infobox, leave a note here and someone from the project will find the information for you.

Request for Latitude and LongitudeEdit

  • Article - Your name

Issues and enhancementsEdit

Suggestions for improvements to the infobox are always welcome - please leave your suggestion on the project talk page. If you spot a problem with information displayed in an infobox - be bold! and change it. If the problem is with the infobox itself, please leave a message on the project talk page or User talk:Elysium 73.

Tagging articlesEdit

Urgent help is required to leave the appropriate template on article talk pages which fall within the scope of the Project ({{WPNEE}}), you can find them by looking at the categories section above and looking at the sub categories.


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. automatically to references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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