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Just following how old RMs closed. I was going to say anyway (the above is coincidence) that the way you responded was exemplary. In ictu oculi (talk) 12:07, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

I've lived and worked in several countries - including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Poland. As a child I sailed - with my family of course - to Australia. I lived in a suburb of Brisbane for two and a half years.

I am interested in Basankusu, Democratic Republic of Congo, its surrounding area, people and languages. Basankusu is the place I wrote about first on Wikipedia. The conservation of flora and fauna in Congo is also of interest. I currently live in Basankusu; you can read about my life and work there in my blog.

I have a good working knowledge of Lingala (the language of a large part of the Congo) and French.

I love France, too: its history, language, people, food and drink. I've visited quite a few places in France and would love to do so again (soon I hope!).

Biggest MistakeEdit

I think that the biggest mistake editors can make is to think that they are writing for a local audience. Imagine that your article is being read by someone in Flint, Michigan, or Kanazawa, Ishikawa. They don't want to know the latest council election details, the times of the buses or the fact that the local Asda supermarket used to be a Netto supermarket and people preferred it that way. They really don't.

... and another thingEdit

So many articles are written like magazine articles. Is this because a lot of editors have never used an encyclopedia?


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