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What is this?Edit

This a Wikiproject dealing with articles related to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Its founding was inspired by the 2005 Frankfurt Wikimania [1] and the printing of a Wikireader (Wikipedia:WikiReader/Frankfurt) of Frankfurt articles, it aims to further advance the translation of the German Wikipedia articles related to Frankfurt.

Like the other major German-language city translation project, Wikipedia:WikiProject Vienna, if it advances to a certain level it can become a proper member of Wikipedia:WikiProject Cities.

How can I help?Edit

Below is the list of articles related to Frankfurt. You can do any or all of the following:

  • Add any articles that you think need to be translated. Buildings, places, transport, business, people, whatever...
  • Check that links are correct. The German names may not be appropriate, for example because they are needlessly disambiguating things that have no alternatives on the English Wikipedia, or perhaps because they need disambiguations for things that do. Move pages around if necessary.
  • Put {{WikiProject Germany|Frankfurt=yes}} at the top of talk page of the article, if it's not already there. This will help others find this page. Tagged discussion pages are collected in Category:WikiProject Frankfurt articles
  • Translate it! You don't have to get it right or complete instantly, just put in any amount of work you feel comfortable with. Please do translate section headers first, so other people will know what is and isn't done, and our readers won't see articles that are suddenly cut off.
  • Don't forget to add a transwiki link back to the German Wikipedia, with [[de:Article name]].
  • Collect written or translated articles in Category:Frankfurt or one of its daughters.

City organizationEdit

  • We still have to decide on the naming of the various city divisions, Stadtteile, Ortsbezirke, Stadtbezirke, etc. The problem is that we can't just call them all city districts; we might have to use the German names and then have separate pages explaining what they mean in this context. The Vienna project has done something similar.

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Wish listEdit

The following tables will list top 10 subjects (strictly non-NPOV) for different categories to see whether or not English articles already exist.


Altstadt Altstadt
Innenstadt Innenstadt
Westend Westend
Nordend Nordend
Bockenheim Bockenheim
Bornheim Bornheim
Sachsenhausen Sachsenhausen
Bahnhofsviertel Bahnhofsviertel
Gallusviertel Gallusviertel
Höchst Höchst


Main Main
Rhein-Main-Gebiet Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region
Taunus Taunus
Nidda Nidda
Offenbach Offenbach
Hanau Hanau
Bad Homburg Bad Homburg
Oberursel Oberursel
Stadtwald Frankfurt City Forest
Wetterau Wetterau

Streets, squares & bridgesEdit

Römerberg Römerberg (Frankfurt)
Zeil Zeil
Hauptwache Hauptwache
Konstablerwache Konstablerwache
Kaiserstraße Kaiserstraße
Eschenheimer Tor Eschenheimer Tor
Schaumainkai Schaumainkai
Alte Brücke Old Bridge (Frankfurt)
Eiserner Steg Eiserner Steg
Judengasse Frankfurter Judengasse

Buildings & structuresEdit

Römer Römer
Kaiserdom Kaiserdom Sankt Bartholomäus
Paulskirche Paulskirche
Goethehaus Goethe House
Alte Oper Alte Oper
Eschenheimer Turm Eschenheimer Turm
Saalhof Saalhof
Hauptsynagoge Frankfurt Main Synagogue
Messeturm Messeturm
Commerzbank Tower Commerzbank Tower
Justinuskirche Saint Justinus' church

History & CultureEdit

Geschichte History of Frankfurt am Main
Freie Stadt Frankfurt Free City of Frankfurt
Synode von Frankfurt Frankfurt synod
Goldene Bulle Golden Bull of 1356
Schlacht bei Höchst Battle of Höchst
Frankfurter Wachensturm Frankfurter Wachensturm
Nationalversammlung Frankfurt Parliament
Friede von Frankfurt Treaty of Frankfurt (1871)
Religionen in Frankfurt am Main Religions in Frankfurt
Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt Jewish community


Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof
Flughafen Frankfurt International Airport
Frankfurter Kreuz Frankfurter Kreuz
HaFraBa HaFraBa
Nahverkehr Public transport
U-Bahn Frankfurt U-Bahn
S-Bahn Rhine-Main S-Bahn
Straßenbahn Trams in Frankfurt am Main
Taunus-Eisenbahn Taunus-Eisenbahn
Häfen Port of Frankfurt

Articles for translationEdit

Sources for German Frankfurt-related articles:

In Progress
German article English article Translation status
de:Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt
de:Geschichte von Frankfurt am Main History of Frankfurt am Main Needs some translation and proofreading
de:Naturmuseum Senckenberg Senckenberg Museum Needs proofreading
Exists but needs merging from German article
German article English article Translation status
de:Innenstadt (Frankfurt) Innenstadt (Frankfurt am Main) Needs merging from German article
de:Frankfurt-Altstadt Altstadt (Frankfurt am Main) In progress
de:Frankfurt-Bahnhofsviertel Bahnhofsviertel (Frankfurt am Main)
de:Frankfurt-Bockenheim Bockenheim (Frankfurt am Main)
de:Frankfurt-Bornheim Bornheim (Frankfurt am Main)
de:Frankfurt-Gutleutviertel Gutleutviertel (Frankfurt am Main)
de:Frankfurt-Höchst Höchst (Frankfurt am Main)
Does not exist
German article English article Translation status
German article English article Translation status
de:IG Farben Haus IG Farben House Complete + additions and inline citation - FA status

and many more pages at de:Kategorie:Frankfurt am Main

District MapsEdit

I made locator maps for all Frankfurt districts. If you wish you can use them to illustrate the articles: commons:Stadtteilkarten Frankfurt. Cheers --Magadan (?!) 13:58, 18 October 2005 (UTC)


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