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This DYK STATS/Archive 2014 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2014, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

2014 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)


January 2014Edit

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Silver Cross Tavern   192,300 ... that the Silver Cross Tavern (pictured) is the United Kingdom's only legal brothel?
The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks 6,708 + 22,672 = 29,380 838 ... that the American Horror Story: Coven episode "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks" was inspired by rumors about Stevie Nicks and witchcraft?
PL-01   25,748 ... that the PL-01 (pictured) is a tank designed in Poland?
Stroma, Scotland   23,638 ... that the Scottish island of Stroma was inhabited for thousands of years but was abandoned in 1962, with the last islanders leaving their houses (pictured) to fall into ruin?
Aerial suspension (illusion)   15,278 + 2,011 = 17,289 ... that the aerial suspension illusion (pictured) was first recorded in the early 19th century in India?
Boeing RC-1 17,700 + 205 = 17,905 5,968 ... that the Boeing RC-1, designed to haul ore and oil out of the Arctic, would have been twice the size and weight of the largest aircraft ever built?
Herm   17,206 ... that the 1.5-mile (2.4 km) long island of Herm (flag pictured) has up to 100,000 tourists pass through it in summer?
Sibyl Hathaway 15,304 ... that even Nazi occupiers bowed to Dame Sibyl Hathaway, the feudal ruler of the island of Sark, who was later described as a "benevolent dictator" and a "lady of unusual personality"?
Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain 14,995 ... that Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain was found playing sexual games with two women while blindfolded?
Sideboard (cards) 12,725 + 2,089 = 14,794 ... that a sideboard or side deck is used in some collectible card games to modify playing decks?
Kitty Jutbring   14,519 ... that Kitty Jutbring (pictured) won VeckoRevyn's competition "Plus Size Model of the Year" in 1999?
Hermann Kahan 14,097 1,166 ... that Hermann Kahan was found alive in a pile of corpses in Ebensee concentration camp by American forces who liberated the camp?
Li (surname 李)
Li (surname 厉)
Li (surname 栗)
  6,083 + 4,219 + 3,446 = 13,748 1,718 ... that while Li (character pictured), shared by more than 100 million people, is one of the most common surnames in the world, Li and Li are far less common?
INS Kursura (S20)   12,951 ... that the Indian submarine museum Kursura (pictured) is the first of its kind in South Asia and is visited by about 250,000 people each year?
History of the Great Wall of China   11,092 + 1,502 = 12,594 1,574 ... that while the most visible structures date from the Ming dynasty (1368–1644), the history of the Great Wall of China reaches back to the 7th century BC (Han dynasty watchtower pictured)?
Rebecca Simonsson   12,470 ... that singer Rebecca Simonsson (pictured) and the other members of the music group Sunblock have been called "The sexiest thing since The Pussycat Dolls" by GQ magazine?
Mary E. Clarke   11,551 ... that Mary E. Clarke (pictured) was the first woman to achieve the rank of major general in the United States Army?
His Last Vow 6,798+3,624=10,422 ... that Charles Augustus Magnussen, villain in the Sherlock episode "His Last Vow", was described as "the one man [Sherlock] truly hates"?
Ryan (film) 9,319 + 1,019 = 10,338 ... that Roger Ebert said the animated documentary film Ryan "is hard to describe, impossible to forget"?
Film career of Audie Murphy   9025+1121=10,146 1691 ... that Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy (pictured) starred in over 40 feature films, including his WWII biopic To Hell and Back, but his only starring television series was Whispering Smith?
Thor Heyerdahl Upper Secondary School   9,318 1,164 ... that a Norwegian school (pictured) was named for Thor and built by a hammer?
Sir Richard Paget, 2nd Baronet 9,180 ... that Sir Richard Paget encouraged his daughter to fall from the open platform of a London bus, to demonstrate his theory that a person could do so safely due to air currents?
Mary Babnik Brown 8,192 1,024 ... that Mary Babnik Brown was the first woman to have her hair used as crosshairs in military aircraft bombsightsf?
The Beatles' rooftop concert 8,170 ... ... that at the end of The Beatles' rooftop concert, John Lennon jokingly said, "I hope we've passed the audition"?
List of currencies in North America 8,159 ... that 18 different official currencies are currently in use in the countries of North America?
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 8,129 ... that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was the first game developed by Bethesda Game Studios to not include a character class system?
S. N. Cooke   7,863 ... that S. N. Cooke gave Birmingham a war memorial (pictured) with a Twist?
Buildings and architecture of Brighton and Hove   7,629 ... that Brighton and Hove's Regency-era seafront (one section pictured), "overflowing [with] architectural inventiveness", was nearly demolished in its entirety in the 1930s in favour of Modernist buildings?
Texas Vampires 7,622 ... that because of the Texas Vampires, permission is needed to study blood from Newfoundlanders?
Pass Christian Light   7322 ... that the Pass Christian Light was deactivated in part because neighboring property owners refused to trim their trees?
Yamaha NS-10 7,021 ... that the Yamaha NS-10 sounded so bright that Bob Clearmountain had to hang tissue paper over the tweeter?
Macclesfield War Memorial 6,881 ... that, unusually, Macclesfield War Memorial contains a sculpture of a soldier killed by gassing?
Linda Taylor 6,154+116=6,270 ... that the crimes of Linda Taylor became the basis for Ronald Reagan's mythical "welfare queen" during his 1976 presidential campaign?
Kylie Elizabeth Watson 5,518+705=6,223 ... that Kylie Elizabeth Watson received the Military Cross after saving an Afghan soldier despite his comrades not wanting a woman to help?
Venetian arsenal, Gouvia 5,357+782=6,139 ... that instead of repairing their damaged ships at the Venetian arsenal in Corfu, many captains chose to sink them?
Lufsig 6,088 ... that the IKEA soft toy Lufsig sold out in Hong Kong within hours partially due to a Cantonese pun?
Bridget Holmes 6,041 ... that Bridget Holmes emptied the chamber pots of four kings of England?
Dump months 6,035 ... that The Silence of the Lambs is the only post-studio era movie that went into wide release during the winter dump months to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?
Equality (Titles) Bill 6,023 ... that the Downton Abbey law allows for equal succession of female heirs to hereditary titles and peerages?
Dowding system 5,811 ... that after almost 75 years, the Dowding system remains the canonical example of force multiplication, having achieved 100% effectiveness on several occasions?
Saw Omma of Pinya 5,640 + 153 = 5,793 ... that Queen Saw Omma, when told she was to be killed lest she pass to another man, replied to her would-be killer "Nga Nu, aren't you a man?"
Albert Dubois-Pillet   5,456+206=5,662 ... that Albert Dubois-Pillet added the "Pillet" to his name when signing his paintings (example pictured) in an attempt to hide his art-related activities from the military?
Tsunami fish   5,596 ... that the tsunami fish (pictured) drifted thousands of miles on a ghost ship wrecked by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami before being discovered on the coast of Washington?
Otto Busse (resistance fighter) 5,281 660 ... that during World War II, Otto Busse provided the partisans of Białystok with weapons, clothing and medicines at his own expense?
Trondheim Airport, Jonsvatnet 4531 + 608 = 5,139 ... that during the Second World War, the Luftwaffe landed planes on a frozen lake at Trondheim Airport, Jonsvatnet, where the ice was 1 metre (3 ft) thick?
Space selfie   5,126 ... that after the Curiosity rover landed on Mars, it took its first space selfie (pictured), which was posted on its Facebook account the following day?
Dread Pirate Roberts (Silk Road) 5,122 ... that Dread Pirate Roberts is the founder of the " of illegal drugs"?


February 2014Edit

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Inexhaustible bottle   27,049 3,381 … that the trick to the inexhaustible bottle (illustrated) was so widely known that it became part of a common hydrostatics demonstration for physics students?
Inchdrewer Castle
George Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Banff
  8,317+1,912 + 9,597+2,337 = 22,163 2,770 ... that Inchdrewer Castle (pictured) was where George Ogilvy, 3rd Lord Banff, who "sold his country and religion for a ten shilling note", was murdered, and his body burnt?
Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia   13,956 + 597 = 14,553 2,079 ... that King Stephen Tomašević of Bosnia (pictured) lost two realms and his head to Mehmed the Conqueror, much as he had predicted?
Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura   14,550 1,819 ... that Bimala Prasad (pictured) would be feared as the "lion guru" and respected as a "living encyclopedia"?
Forglen House   11,851 1,317 ... that Forglen House (pictured) has "all the romantic aspirations of the early 19th century poured into it"?
Edward H. Ripley   11,270 1,409 ... that Edward Ripley (pictured) warned Abraham Lincoln about an assassination plot against him the week before he was killed?
Josh Hutcherson 10,983 1,830 ... that during his childhood, Josh Hutcherson once dyed the tips of his hair to match one of Justin Timberlake's looks?
Atlantis House   10,981 1,372 ... that the Art Deco building for studying Atlantis (interior pictured) in Bremen had a crucifix, but with Odin on it?
Laurel Run mine fire 10,426 + 518 = 10,944 1,824 ... that the Laurel Run mine fire has been burning since 1915 and may burn for another century?
Emma Lonsdale 9,451 1,181 ... that Emma Lonsdale is a "fridge kid"?
Cornealious Michael Anderson 5792 + 3462 = 9,254 ... ... that the Missouri Department of Corrections believed that Cornealious Michael Anderson was in prison for 13 years, when he was actually living a normal life and raising a family?
The Crescent (Birmingham) 5,138 + 3,999 = 9,137 1,139 ... that The Crescent in Birmingham stood unfinished for over 150 years before it was demolished?
Sugar Todd   8,235 + 591 = 8,826 1,103 ... that 2014 Olympian Sugar Todd (pictured) convinced her parents to move from Nebraska to Wisconsin when she was nine to further her speed skating career?
Ras ir-Raħeb   8,671 ... that historians have been arguing about the function of the remains at Ras ir-Raħeb (pictured) for centuries, with interpretations ranging from a domestic villa to a temple dedicated to Heracles?
Abbey Road   9,784 - (2,978 + 2,681) / 2 = 6,955 869 ... that the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road is one of the best known in rock music, and regularly imitated by fans (pictured)?
Gullifty's   6,679 835 ... that Gullifty's, a landmark Pittsburgh restaurant known for its desserts (example pictured) and as "the city's premier jazz club, mostly by default", closed in 2013?
Lu (surname 陆)
Lu (surname 卢)
Lu (surname 路)
2,534+302 + 1,661+219 + 1,667+193 = 6,576 822 ... that Lu, Lu, and Lu are different Chinese surnames?
Church of the Holy Archangels, Rogoz 6,483 810 ... that according to tradition the Church of the Holy Archangels, Rogoz was built from two huge elm trees?
Bloodbath of B-R5RB 5,514 + 904 = 6,418 803 ... that the massive video game battle Bloodbath of B-R5RB from Eve Online involved over 7,500 players, making it potentially the largest player versus player battle ever?
No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School RAAF 6,409 801 ... that six ground crew of No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School RAAF were court-martialled for mutiny in October 1941?
Josephine Silone Yates   6321 790 ... that Josephine Silone Yates (pictured) was the first black woman to head a college science department in the United States?
Samuel Aba, King of Hungary   6,143 768 ... that Hungarian king Samuel Aba (depicted) not only abolished all laws introduced by Peter the Venetian, who both preceded and succeeded him, but also had Peter's supporters killed or tortured?
Axenstrasse   5,992 749 ... that the Axenstrasse (pictured) weaves through many rock fall galleries and tunnels along cliffs near Lake Lucerne?
House of the Seven Lazy Brothers 5,970 746 ... that the roof of the House of the Seven Lazy Brothers shows how hard-working the brothers had really been?
Crocodile farming in the Philippines   5,963 ... that meat from crocodiles farmed in the Philippines (pictured) can be found in adobo, burgers, and hot dogs?
Barra Castle 5,893 736 ... that Barra Castle was the seat of Kings?
Eva Ganster   5,413 + 383 = 5,796 725 ... that ski jumper Eva Ganster (pictured) pre-jumped at the 1994 Olympics, twenty years before ski jumping became an Olympic sport for women this year?
Lund's Tower 5,629 704 ... that Lund's Tower is one of two Yorkshire follies collectively known as "The Salt and Pepper Pots"?
Cippi of Melqart   3069 + 2541 = 5610 641 ... that the texts on the Cippi of Melqart (pictured), known as the Maltese Rosetta stone, allowed the deciphering of the Phoenician alphabet in 1764?
Horrible Histories (2009 TV series) 5,383 673 ... that the core concept behind Horrible Histories is "history with the nasty bits left in"?
Emily Scott (speed skater) 5,377 672 ... that 2014 Olympian Emily Scott was preparing to apply for food stamps when a USA Today article about her brought in over $48,000 in donations, allowing her to continue training?
2014 Canadian federal budget 4,392 + 921 = 5,313 664 ... that the 2014 Canadian federal budget redefines the term beer?
Cup   5,142 643 ... that a cup (pictured) is a small container for drinks?
Franz Kamphaus   5,142 642 ... that Bishop Franz Kamphaus (pictured) opposed the pope, "convinced that our way of counselling women would save the lives of many more children"?

March 2014Edit

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
William the Silent (statue) 9050 + 14928 = 23,978 ... that student tradition at Rutgers University says that a bronze statue of William the Silent will whistle if a virgin happens to pass by?
HMS Implacable (R86)   15,828 1,979 ... that HMS Implacable (pictured from above) was the base of Seafires, Hornets, and Fireflies?
Ruby Loftus Screwing a Breech Ring   14,542 ... that Laura Knight's Ruby Loftus Screwing a Breech Ring (detail pictured) was compared to Rosie the Riveter and brought its subject instant fame?
Urania's Mirror   10,502+3619=14121 Unsure ... that the mystery of who came up with the idea behind Urania's Mirror (extract pictured) took over a hundred and seventy years to solve?
Flappy Bird 23711-(10321+11243)/2=12,934 2,963 ... that the creator of Flappy Bird received death threats after pulling it?
Foldscope 10,600 Unsure ... that the Foldscope, a microscope made out of cardstock that costs under US$1, was designed to help detect 12 disease-causing organisms?
HMS Cressy (1899) 9,783 1,223 ... that when HMS Cressy was sunk, 560 men were killed?
Charlotte von Kalb   9,644 1,205 ... that Charlotte von Kalb (pictured) was generally judged unfavourably by women but she "fascinated nearly all the men she ever knew"?
Camp Aliceville 4,146 + 5,280 = 9,426 ... that German POWs, held in Camp Aliceville during World War II, could take courses taught by University of Alabama faculty and receive credit recognized by the Nazi Reich Ministry of Education?
Elly Yunara   7,037 + 2,369 = 9,406 ... that Elly Yunara (pictured) went from film star to housewife after her marriage to Djamaluddin Malik, only to become a producer after his death?
Anna and Ellen Pigeon 8,741 ... that mountaineers Anna and Ellen Pigeon made their most famous traverse in the Swiss Alps by mistake?
Queen Elizabeth Way   8,434 703 ... that the Queen Elizabeth Way (pictured in 1940) featured the longest stretch of continuously illuminated roadway in the world prior to World War II?
9/11 Living Memorial Plaza 8,418 ... that the 9/11 Living Memorial Plaza is the only monument outside of the United States which lists the names of the nearly 3,000 victims of the September 11 attacks?
Chain boat   8,271 ... that a chain boat (example pictured) was a European river craft in the late 19th century that used a chain on the riverbed to haul itself and a string of barges?
Adam Rutherford   8,266 ... that geneticist Adam Rutherford (pictured), host of the BBC Radio 4 program Inside Science, is the author of a book that can be read from either end?
Old Lone Star Brewery   7,851 981 ... that the Old Lone Star Brewery (pictured) has been compared to something Ludwig II of Bavaria might have built "if he had been a St. Louis beer brewer"?
HMS Vindictive (1918) 7,836 980 ... HMS Vindictive served as four different types of ship?
Clara Breed   377 + 7,324 = 7,701 ... that Clara Breed (pictured), a San Diego librarian, is known for the "Dear Miss Breed" letters she exchanged with Japanese American children held in internment camps during World War II?
Dewey Decimal Classification   7,609 ... that before Dewey Decimal Classification (inventor pictured), books in most U.S. libraries were arranged by height and order of acquisition?
Shukri al-Quwatli   7,600 ... that Shukri al-Quwatli (pictured), the first president of independent Syria, attempted to commit suicide in an Ottoman jail to prevent himself from revealing the names of his colleagues under torture?
Liu Shiduan 7,502 ... that Liu Shiduan used secret kung-fu techniques to make himself invulnerable and was executed for an anti-Christian incident in which he didn't take part?
John C. Beale   7,325 ... that EPA climate policy expert John C. Beale (pictured) pretended to be a CIA agent for more than ten years?
Rachel Mahon 7,251 ... that Rachel Mahon played the music of Star Wars in "five-inch stiletto heels and blue sequined spandex"?
Oscar bait 7,068 884 ... that a study by two UCLA sociologists found that the 1990 film Come See the Paradise was the most blatant Oscar bait released since 1985?
Milan Baroš   6,883 ... that Milan Baroš (pictured) was the top scorer at UEFA Euro 2004?
Homme au bain (painting)   6,721 840 ... that Boston's Museum of Fine Arts sold eight works to fund the purchase of Man at His Bath (pictured), reportedly because of donor reluctance to pay for "a painting showing some random guy's naked butt"?
Rywka Lipszyc   2,767 + 3,684 = 6,451 ... that teenager Rywka Lipszyc's diary of her life in the Łódź Ghetto (pictured) during the Holocaust in Poland was published 70 years after it was written?
2014 Football League Cup Final 6,445 ... that Sunderland's semi-final penalty shootout win against Manchester United in order to reach the 2014 Football League Cup Final had no English players scoring any of the penalties?
Destruction of opium at Humen 6338 + 107 = 6,445 ... that in 1839, a Chinese official flushed more than 1,000 tons of smuggled opium into the sea, causing the British to declare war?
The Mistress of the World   = 6,333 ... that Mia May starred in her husband's silent film in eight episodes The Mistress of the World (pictured)?
Jaroslav Šrámek 6,259 ... that only one pilot from the Czechoslovak Air Force has ever shot down an enemy plane?
Ocepeia   5,554 + 671 = 6,225 ... that Ocepeia (pictured), a 60-million-year-old afrotherian mammal, is named after a Moroccan mining company?
Rani Mukerji filmography   6255 - 362 = 5,993 ... that Rani Mukerji (pictured) is the only Bollywood actress to win both the Filmfare Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the same year?
Estonia under Swedish rule 5,969 ... that the time of Swedish rule in Estonia is sometimes referred to as the "good old Swedish times" in Estonia?"
Chen Yumei   5,958 ... that Chen Yumei (pictured) retired from acting soon after being crowned the "Movie Queen"?
Armatix iP1 5,814 ... that the Armatix iP1 cannot be used without the matching iW1 Active RFID wrist watch?
Wan King Path 5,684 ... that the Wan King Path was listed as one of the 100 rudest place names in the world?
Murder of Harriet Staunton   5648 ... that Madame Tussauds displayed models of the four people accused of the murder of Harriet Staunton in 1877?
Lou (surname 娄)
Lou (surname 楼)
3,083 + 2,449 = 5,532 ... that Lou is the 229th most common surname in China, while Lou is the 269th?
Piotrków Trybunalski Ghetto   5,433 ... that Piotrków Trybunalski Ghetto (synagogue pictured), created only 38 days after the invasion of Poland in World War II, was the first Jewish ghetto in occupied Europe?
Savart wheel 342 + 5145 = 5,387 ... that an experimental musical instrument based on Savart's wheel is said to make "the most obtrusive, obnoxious and irritating sound ever known"?
Filippa Lagerbäck 5,383 ... that Swedish fashion model Filippa Lagerbäck has hosted the Italian version of Candid Camera on RAI?
Atopodentatus 4702 + 603 = 5,305 ... that although Atopodentatus had a fearsome set of teeth, it was a filter feeder and not a predator?
Pine Tavern   5,295 441 ... that the Pine Tavern (pictured) was founded in 1936 and is now the oldest restaurant in the city of Bend, Oregon?
Durham's Chapel School 5,241 ... that after the U.S. Supreme Court declared school segregation unlawful, a segregated school in Tennessee received new kitchen equipment for use in classes that trained black girls to work as servants?
Ljubica Acevska 5,114 639 ... that former Macedonian ambassador Ljubica Acevska's male aide was so often assumed to be the ambassador, she said, "I should wear a sash like Miss America saying, 'I'm the Ambassador'"?

April 2014Edit

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Blood Moon Prophecy + April 2014 lunar eclipse 32,393 + 115,399 = 147,792 24,632 ... that, according to the Blood Moon Prophecy, tonight's eclipse could be a sign that the end time is near?
United States v. Article Consisting of 50,000 Cardboard Boxes More or Less, Each Containing One Pair of Clacker Balls 112,300 12,477 ... that the United States once sued 50,000 cardboard boxes and clacker balls?
Fugging 21,722 ... that Fucking was renamed Fugging for an unknown reason?
Garden of Ninfa   16,492 + 2,016 = 18,508 2,313 ... that the Garden of Ninfa (pictured) has been called "the most romantic garden in the world"?
Frontier Series 13,354 + 2,058 = 15,402 ... that Canada's new money features too much pornography and not enough women?
Alois Delug   12,078 + 1,489 = 13,567 1,696 ... that Christian Griepenkerl thwarted Adolf Hitler because Alois Delug (pictured) could not?
Charles Joshua Chaplin   9,557 + 3,923 = 13,480 1,685 ... that judges tried to ban a Charles Chaplin painting (example pictured) as they felt it was "too erotically suggestive"?
Batman v. Commissioner 11,797 1,474 ... that Batman once sued the Commissioner?
Wally Pipp   11,551 1,444 ... that in 1925, Wally Pipp (pictured) "took the two most expensive aspirin in history"?
Herbert Garland   11,122 1,390 ... that Herbert Garland (pictured) taught Lawrence of Arabia how to use explosives?
Cellarette 10,636 1,329 ... that cellarettes were designed with 3-D optical illusion art to conceal their illegal alcoholic beverages during prohibition in the United States?
Mocking of Jesus   10,390 ... that the New Testament narratives of the mocking of Jesus (pictured) are filled with irony?
Dayton Project   10,030 1,254 ... that the Dayton Project (building pictured) produced radioactive polonium in a residential suburb in Ohio?
Utopia University 9,188 ... that Utopia existed?
Public executions in Iran 9,170 ... that as of 2013, Iran is one of only four countries known to carry out public executions?
Martian lava tubes   9,160 1,145 ... that 7th grade science students at Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, California helped researchers discover a new series of Martian lava tubes (pictured)?
Sturehov Manor   8,373 ... that Sturehov Manor (pictured) has been described as one of the most beautiful manor houses dating from the reign of Gustav III of Sweden?
Little Cockup 8,331 ... that a Little Cockup is smaller than a Great Cockup?
Kāhili   7,946 993 that the kāhili standard of Hawaiian royalty was made from the bones of an enemy king and the feathers of a bird of prey?
Echo (elephant) 7,877 ... that scientists observed an echo that lasted 65 years?
Sip 'n Dip Lounge   7,570 946 ... that GQ magazine ranked the Sip 'n Dip Lounge (pictured), a tiki bar in Great Falls, Montana, as the #1 bar in the world "worth flying for"?
Caucasian squirrel 7,536 ... that Caucasians are brown?
Prodigy (video game) 6,473 809 ... that upcoming tactical role-playing game Prodigy met its US$100,000 Kickstarter funding goal in less than three days?
Zachary Rhyner   6,427 ... that for his actions during the Battle of Shok Valley in 2008, Combat Controller Zachary Rhyner (pictured) became the first living recipient of the Air Force Cross since the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993?
Methanosarcina   6,346 = 5,222 + 1,124 793 ... that the single-celled Methanosarcina (Methanosarcina barkeri fusaro pictured) may have played a significant role in both the evolution of early life and the worst extinction event in history?"
Society of Science, Letters and Art   6,315 ... that in the late 19th century those academics who carried the letters "F.S.Sc." after their names, had been duped by a "bogus literary society" (emblem pictured)?
William Swinden Barber   5,249 + 1,037 = 6,286 ... that architect William Swinden Barber (pictured in medieval costume) designed many 19th-century churches in northern England, often in a style based on buildings from the Middle Ages?
Frane Selak 6,226 ... ... that the "world's luckiest man" survived seven brushes with death, then won the lottery?
Yael Stone 6,154 ... that Australian actress Yael Stone's Boston accent on Orange Is the New Black has been called "the most amazing accent on television"?
Quod scripsi, scripsi 4,486 + 1,550 = 6,036 ... that according to the Vulgate translation of the New Testament, Pontius Pilate said "Quod scripsi, scripsi" to Jewish priests who objected to his description of Jesus as King of the Jews?
Kalman Taigman 5,273 + 643 = 5,916 ... that Kalman Taigman did not go back to the Treblinka camp for over 60 years, unable to speak a word of Polish due to trauma caused by the Holocaust?
Manchester United–Arsenal brawl (1990) 5,910 ... that the 1990 Manchester United-Arsenal brawl is the only instance in English league football history in which a team has been docked points due to player misconduct?
Illustrated Treatise on the Maritime Kingdoms   5,805 ... that the 1843 Illustrated Treatise on the Maritime Kingdoms (pictured) is regarded as the first significant Chinese book on the West and had an important impact in Japan?
Amy Garnett 5,771 ... that Amy Garnett is English rugby's most-capped female hooker?
Wankard Pooser 5,761 ... that Jackson County, Florida elected a Wankard to represent it?
Munsö Church   5,540 ... that round Munsö Church (pictured) was built to serve both a religious and a defensive purpose?
Taj Mahal (Randolph Air Force Base)   5,465 781 that Harold Clark designed a Taj Mahal (pictured) at Schertz, Texas?
Cassey Ho 5,461 683 ... that Cassey Ho discovered an image of a model with a photoshopped thigh gap on Target's website?
Flag of NATO   4,766 + 590 = 5,356 670 ... that the flag of NATO (pictured) was first hoisted on November 9, 1953, at the opening ceremony of the Atlantic Exhibition in Paris?
Jack Kinzler 3,711 + 1,391 = 5,102 644 ... that NASA's "Mr. Fix It", Jack Kinzler, used fishing rods to save Skylab?

May 2014Edit

  • Note: "Views / hour" = "DYK views" divided by the number of hours on the Main page (6, 8 or 12)
Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Rosemary's Baby (miniseries) 4,212 + 19,080 = 23292 1,901 ... that the 2014 adaptation of Rosemary's Baby starring Zoe Saldana is set in Paris rather than New York City like the original novel?
Thousand-year Rose   2991 + 12,573 = 15,564 1,297 ... that the Thousand-year Rose (pictured) is believed to be the world's oldest rose?
Daisy Ridley 14,474 ... that J. J. Abrams cast the unknown Daisy Ridley over Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong'o in Star Wars Episode VII
2014 FA Cup Final 14,307 ... that Arsenal reached the 2014 FA Cup Final today without leaving London?
The Winston Blue 10,130+ (1,153+22)/2=10,718 893 ... that The Winston Blue is the largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the world?
Hedwig Bollhagen   9,852 + 869 = 10,721 ... that during the Nazi era, Hedwig Bollhagen took over a Jewish workshop under "questionable circumstances" to make quality ceramics (example pictured)?
Tetrophthalmi 7,363+2242 = 9,605 922 ... that four-eyed harvestmen known as Tetrophthalmi once roamed the Earth?
Neotrogla 9,330+161 = 9,491 791 ... that female Neotrogla have penis-like genitalia which are used to penetrate males during mating sessions lasting up to 70 hours?
One World Trade Center   9,229 ... that One World Trade Center (pictured), at 1,776 feet (541 m) tall, is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere?
Jerzy Zakulski 9,090 1,136 ... that World War II resistance fighter Jerzy Zakulski, who rescued a Jewish mother and child from the Kraków Ghetto, was executed by Poland after the war?
Namibia, Land of the Brave 8,334 ... that anyone convicted of insulting "Namibia, Land of the Brave" can be imprisoned for five years?
Cervical agenesis 7,596 ... that approximately one in 80,000 females is born without a cervix?
Vaginal transplantation 1,046+6,542 = 7,588 632 ... that four women who received lab-grown vagina transplants recently reported normal function during sexual intercourse?
Coat of arms of Fiji   4,696 + 2,670 = 7,366 298 ... that the coat of arms of Fiji (pictured) was retained after independence from the United Kingdom in 1970, partly because of its links to the last Fijian king, who ceded his country to Britain?
Vápenice (natural monument) 4918 + 2336 = 7,254 ... that the natural monument Vápenice in the Czech Republic is a former limestone quarry?
Robbing the Cradle 5485 + 1395 = 6,880 ... that Thief: Deadly Shadows contains a level designed to be the scariest in any video game?
Labial fusion 6,846 ... that most cases of fusion of the labia minora do not require treatment since they resolve naturally?
Focus: A Journal for Lesbians 3328 + 3466 = 6,794 ... that readers of Focus: A Journal for Lesbians could pay extra to buy the magazine in a brown wrapper?
The Treasure of the City of Ladies   6,291 ... that the Three Virtues bothered Christine de Pisan until she got out of bed and wrote The Treasure of the City of Ladies (pictured)?
Mother Lü 6,195 ... that to avenge the execution of her son, Mother Lü beheaded her son's killer, sacrificed his head on her son's tomb, and became the first female rebel leader in Chinese history?
Biertan fortified church
Câlnic Citadel
Prejmer fortified church
Saschiz fortified church
Valea Viilor fortified church
Viscri fortified church
Dârjiu fortified church
  1,861 + 463 +
556 + 141 +
519 + 152 +
420 + 134 +
449 + 139 +
401 + 136 +
506 + 161
= 6,041
755 ... that a World Heritage Site in Romania contains the fortified churches of Biertan (pictured), Câlnic, Prejmer, Saschiz, Valea Viilor, Viscri, and Dârjiu?
Red Skelton 5,889 ... that comedian Red Skelton earned more from painting than his television and radio career?
Ernest Radcliffe Bond 5,865 726 ... that upon his being hired by the police, Commander X was hailed in the press as a "mystery supremo", yet journalists have claimed to know his identity?
List of Major League Baseball hitters who have batted in 10 runs in one game   4,297 + 1,480 = 5,777 376 ... that Garret Anderson (pictured) is the most recent Major League Baseball hitter to bat in 10 runs in one game, accomplishing the feat on August 21, 2007?
Digby Tatham-Warter 5,613 ... that Major Digby Tatham-Warter disabled a Nazi armoured car with an umbrella while wearing a bowler hat?
Victor Vifquain 5,523 ...that Medal of Honor recipient Victor Vifquain attempted to kidnap Confederate President Jefferson Davis?
Martian regolith simulant   4,563 + 888 - ((19 + 42) / 2) = 5420.5 ... that the Martian soil simulant (pictured) used by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is made from Hawaiian volcanic ash?
Boole & Babbage 4,751 + 641 = 5,392 ... that Star Trek's Commander Riker once advertised products for Boole & Babbage?
Hildesheim Cathedral   5,243 437 ... that after the Hildesheim Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, was destroyed in World War II, the westwork (pictured) was restored without the additions made in 1840?
Imperforate hymen 5,236 ... that an imperforate hymen is the most common congenital cause of vaginal obstruction?
Billy Boys 4,936 + 292 = 5,228 ... that the "Billy Boys" was ruled as a tolerated historic song by UEFA despite it being banned in Scottish football grounds due to sectarianism?
William T. Carneal 5,107 638 ... that William T. Carneal was killed on Saipan on July 7, 1944, but his remains were not found until March 2013?
Kalman Mann 5,056 421 ... that Kalman Mann, a seventh-generation Jerusalemite, passed the entrance exam at the London School of Economics though he could barely speak English?
21 Squadron SAAF 5,010 ... that 21 Squadron SAAF has an aircraft called "Fish eagle"?

June 2014Edit

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Operation Overlord   55627 + 13411 - (11519 + 6611) / 2 = 59,973 4,916 ... that Operation Overlord (detail pictured), the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, was the largest seaborne invasion in history?
Speyer wine bottle   31,269 2,605 ... that a 1650-year-old bottle of wine (pictured) found in Germany has been called the world's "oldest existing bottle of wine"?
Natalia Poklonskaya 25,586 - (1,220 + 945) / 2 = 24,501 2,042 ... that the Prosecutor General of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, is barred from entering European Union countries?
Military career of Audie Murphy   19730 + 2413 = 22,143 that Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy saw combat in nine WWII campaigns with the US Army, and was afterward an officer in the Texas National Guard for sixteen years?
The World's Billionaires   14,497 - (2028 + 1942) / 2 = 13,386 + 3,424 - (537 + 465) / 2 = 2,923 + 663 + 463 + 297 +388 = 18,113 1,509 ... that Bill Gates (pictured) topped Forbes' annual list of the world's billionaires in 2014, after not having topped the list in 2013, 2012, 2011, or 2010?
Xu Lai (actress)   1,784 + 15,840 = 17,624 1,469 ... that film star Xu Lai (pictured), who worked as a secret agent during World War II, died in prison following political persecution by Madame Mao?
Pi-Chacán   13,426 + 2,268 = 15,694 1,961 ... that the University of Tübingen has a giant stone vagina (pictured) that weighs 32 tons?
Vénus de Quinipily   14,520 + 674 = 15,194 1,899 ... that during the 17th century many couples performed "erotic" acts near The Iron Lady (pictured), and it was thrown into the river twice for being an object of pagan veneration?
Lucy Li 10144 + 19213 - (6156 + 9283) = 13,936 1,742 ... that golfer Lucy Li set records as the youngest U.S. Women's Amateur Championship qualifier at age 10 in 2013 and the youngest U.S. Women's Open Championship qualifier at age 11 in 2014?
Lang Jingshan   10,935 + 1,450 = 12,385 1,548 ... that Lang Jingshan was the first Chinese art photographer to use nude models (earliest photo pictured)?
Water bull 10,725 + 1,432 = 12,157 1,013 ... that belief in the existence of water bulls persisted in Scotland until at least the last quarter of the 19th century?
Jack Hoffman   11,218 + 817 = 12,035 1,003 ... that seven-year-old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman (pictured) scored a touchdown for Nebraska and subsequently met with President Barack Obama?
Heather Willauer   9,658 + 1,684 = 11,342 1,463 ... that Heather Willauer (pictured) is working to enable U.S. Navy warships to synthesize jet fuel from seawater?
Kuspuk 11,265 938 ... that many Alaska legislators wear kuspuks to work on Fridays?
Katy Perry   19817 - 9030 = 10787 ... that Katy Perry (pictured) is the first artist to spend 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100?
blow book 9,991 ... that a magic trick called the blow book was used in the 16th century to refute the existence of witchcraft?
Russian monitor Rusalka 9,985 1,210 ... that after the Russian monitor Rusalka sank, all that was found in the immediate aftermath were a few lifebuoys, and a sailor's corpse in a dinghy?
End of Watch   9,919 ... that Jake Gyllenhaal (pictured) witnessed a murder during a drug bust while he was preparing for his role as a police officer in the film End of Watch?
Ford Island 8,925 744 ... that Ford Island was used by ancient Hawaiians for a ceremony to swap sex partners, was bought by the US Army in 1917, and was the center of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?
International Institute for Species Exploration   2,076 + 1,443 + 3,338 + 1,000 + 1,112 = 8,667 1,083 ... that the Top 10 New Species of the past year include a 40 foot (12 m) tall tree (pictured), a crustacean that looks like a skeleton, a protist that acts like a sponge, and a fungus named after the King of the Netherlands?
Nasal strip   8,597 716 ... that nasal strips are worn by both race horses (California Chrome pictured) and by human athletes?
Coloman, King of Hungary
Béla II of Hungary
  3702 + 953 + 3110 + 927 - 51 - 88 = 8553 713 ... that an account in the Illuminated Chronicle holds that King Coloman of Hungary (pictured) ordered the castration of his nephew, the future Béla II, but the soldier assigned the task brought him dog testicles instead?
Kakan Hermansson   8,484 ... that Kakan Hermansson (pictured) held an art exhibition during the "West Pride", an LGBT festival in Gothenburg in 2014?
Tsavo Trust
  785 + 129 + 5935 + 788 = 7,637 955 ... that on June 13 the Tsavo Trust reported that Satao, one of the world's largest African elephants, was killed in Tsavo East National Park (elephants pictured) by a poacher's poisoned arrow?
Paul W. Tibbets IV 7,543 971 ... that Paul W. Tibbets IV is one of the few pilots qualified to fly the B-1, B-2 and the B-52?
Lucky iron fish 7,349 612 ... that the lucky iron fish is a fish-shaped ingot used to provide dietary iron to rural Cambodians who cannot afford iron-rich foods?
Prosper Philippe Augouard 6,547 545 ... that the French missionary and explorer Prosper Philippe Augouard was dubbed "Cannibal Bishop"?
The Sun Also Rises (ballet)
The Sun Also Rises (1984 film)
The Select (The Sun Also Rises)
(Jun 9, 2014)
2720 + 232 + 1965 + 187 + 1271 + 114 = 6,489 538 ... that The Sun Also Rises is the first version of Hemingway's novel en pointe; The Sun Also Rises increases the story's death count; and The Sun Also Rises is known for its award-winning sound design?
Sonderdienst 6,461 807 ... that the Nazi Sonderdienst formations included men who did not know German and required translation by their native commanders?
Natural History (Pliny)   4,830 + 1,383 = 6,213 517 ... that Pliny's encyclopedia Natural History includes descriptions of dog-headed men and monopods with umbrella feet (pictured)?
Draganflyer X6 6,169 771 ... that the American Civil Liberties Union condemned government use of the Draganflyer X6?
Locked twins 5,807 ... that when twin fetuses lock together during childbirth, the first twin is sometimes decapitated to save the second?
WonderSwan   5,783 722 ... that the WonderSwan (pictured) sold 3.5 million units in Japan but was never released in Western markets?
Staircase model 5,712 476 ... that there are six floors in the staircase model of terrorism?
Princess Marie Amelie of Baden   5,681 473 ... that Princess Marie Amelie of Baden (pictured), the wife of a Scottish duke, attended the 1856 baptism of Napoléon, Prince Imperial?
Justina Ford   5,562 ... that Justina Ford (pictured) was the only African American woman to be licensed as a physician in Denver for nearly 50 years?
Rudolf Nadolny 5,478 456 ... that Rudolf Nadolny, a German diplomat, replied that the conversation had just begun after Adolf Hitler declared it had finished?
Nia Sanchez 5,392 654 ... that Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez is a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo, and once worked at Hong Kong Disneyland?
Soccer kick 5,235 ... that a soccer kick can cause serious injury?
German Whip 5,146 443 ... that a T-shirt with Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen logos on it was created in homage to Meridian Dan's German Whip?

July 2014Edit

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Normandy landings
"(07:25, 21 July 2014 (UTC) - 19:40, 21 July 2014 (UTC))"
  30,477 ... that a key target for the Normandy landings, Caen (pictured), was not captured by the Allies until 21 July 1944?
Emil Gross 2,115 + 23,753 = 25,868 ... that Emil Gross set a Major League Baseball record by appearing in 87 games as catcher?
Charlie Bennett   15,735 + 3,818 = 19,553 ... that the baseball career of Charlie Bennett (pictured), who reportedly invented the chest protector, ended when both legs were run over by a train?
Pichi 17,604 1,466 ... that male pichis have a penis that is 60% of their body length, even though the females have no vagina?
Deacon McGuire   15,769 ... that an x-ray of catcher Deacon McGuire's gnarled left hand (pictured) showed "36 breaks, twists or bumps all due to baseball accidents"?
The Boat Race 2008 15,470 1,263 ... that the 2008 Boat Race featured the oldest ever competitor, a 36-year-old?
Brita von Horn
"(07:55, 22 July 2014 - 20:40, 22 July 2014)"
  15,305 1,275 ... that Swedish director Brita von Horn (pictured) was the first to stage a Chekhov play in Sweden?
Alligator gar
(05:35, 20 July 2014 - 17:20, 20 July 2014)
  14,312 1,193 ... that alligator gars (pictured) are "living fossils" that can breathe in both air and water?
Reserve Police Battalion 101 10,959 ... that the massacre in Józefów was committed by the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101, who were too old for the regular army?
AI Mk. IV radar 6,513 + 3,619 = 10,127 ... that the AI Mk. IV, the first air-to-air radar, was developed under conditions that "would have caused a riot in a prison farm"?
Portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune   9,864 ... that the stiff wood in Bronzino's portrait of Genoan admiral Andrea Doria (pictured) may represent an erection?
The Banquet of Cleopatra   8673 ... that Tiepolo's The Banquet of Cleopatra (pictured) of 1744, now in Melbourne, shows Cleopatra about to dissolve a pearl in vinegar in order to win a bet?
Eggshell membrane 8,572 ... that eggshell membrane is extracted from many of the 2 billion dozen eggshells produced annually at US egg-breaking facilities?
Hans Baluschek   5,469 + 2,944 = 8,413 ... that the Nazis called the paintings of Hans Baluschek (example pictured) "degenerate art"?
Dascha Polanco   8,130 1,016 ... that when Dascha Polanco (pictured) was cast on Orange Is the New Black, it was her first full-time job as an actress?
Maud Wagner   8,237 ... that Maud Wagner (pictured) was the first known female tattoo artist in the United States?
Statue of Queen Victoria, Sydney 4974 + 2518 = 7492 936 ... that Queen Victoria was abandoned at a children's reformatory, called "the auld bitch" by James Joyce, and now lives in Sydney?
Mukhalinga   6102 + 1164 = 7266 1,038 ... that the four-faced linga (pictured) may be called a "linga with five faces"?
Principality of Nitra 4856 + 2392 - 53 = 7195 900 ... that much of the history of the Principality of Nitra remains uncertain?
Kase Run 5354 + 1509 = 6813 ... that there are 78 disturbances on Kase Run?
Brewmeister (brewery) 6,720 ... that the Scottish brewery Brewmeister put a warning label on its Snake Venom beer, advising consumers to drink only one bottle per sitting?
Angela D'Audney 1,635 + 4,829 = 6,464 ... that New Zealand television news anchor Angela D'Audney caused a national furore in 1982 by appearing topless in the TV comedy play The Venus Touch?
Bhaktivinoda Thakur   6,434 804 ... that, although Bhaktivinoda Thakur (pictured) had fourteen children from two marriages and a well-paid job, he was hailed as "the seventh goswami" (renounced ascetic)?
C. T. Loo 6,396 ... that art dealer C. T. Loo fell in love with a French milliner, but married her 15-year-old daughter instead?
Elsa Billgren   6,197 754 ... Elsa Billgren (pictured) is the daughter of artist and writer Ernst Billgren?
Elmo Hope 6,023 ... that Elmo Hope survived being shot by New York police to become an influential jazz pianist?
Frances McConnell-Mills 4,612 + 1,378 = 5,990 ... that Frances McConnell-Mills' father, a doctor, refused to pay for her medical school tuition because he thought medicine was "too hard a life for a woman"?
Olivia Pope 5,496 - (418 + 470) / 2 = 5,052 455 ... that Olivia Pope was spoofed by Jennifer Hudson when the Obama administration needed a spokesman for its Affordable Care Act?
Chiltern Firehouse 5,027 718 ... that one reviewer wrote that checking in for a meal at London's Chiltern Firehouse restaurant "feels a bit like arriving at a Scientology meeting"?
Sleepy Hollow Country Club   5,473 456 ... that Beyoncé's music video for "Best Thing I Never Had" was filmed at Sleepy Hollow Country Club (pictured)?

August 2014Edit

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Tabnit sarcophagus   24,184 2,015 ... that a "wonderful fluid" in the sarcophagus of King Tabnit (pictured) kept him unusually well-preserved for over two millennia, but its secret was lost when workmen poured it out?
Harold J. Greene   23,949 1,049 ... that Major General Harold J. Greene (pictured) is the highest-ranking American servicemember killed on foreign soil since the Vietnam War?
Comic Neue   12,016 + 9,807 = 21,823 1,819 ... that Comic Neue is "a slightly less horrible version of Comic Sans" (comparison pictured)?
Ginger Pig, Hawksmoor   10,168 + 9,670 = 19,838 1,653 ... that Hawksmoor serves steaks (pictured) from Ginger Pig longhorns?
Ain't 12,631 + 3,386 = 16,017 1,334 ... that there ain't no more?
Murder of Leigh Leigh 12,398 + 2,906 = 15,304 1,275 ... that the murder of 14-year-old schoolgirl Leigh Leigh inspired a theatrical play that was later adapted into a feature film?'
Jimmy the raven 12,781 1,065 ... that Jimmy the raven could open envelopes and ride a motorcycle, appeared in some 1000 films (including It's a Wonderful Life), and earned a Red Cross gold medal?
Stoor worm 12,566 1,047 ... that the stoor worm, a sea monster of Orcadian mythology, could destroy humans with its putrid breath?
Fabien Cousteau 12,300 = 2989 + 5849 + 1336 + 2126

... that Fabien Cousteau commissioned a "Trojan shark" submarine for filming a documentary on great white sharks, and recently spent 31 days living underwater?

Henry Lansdell   11,439 953 ... that Henry Lansdell (pictured) distributed multi-lingual religious tracts and Bibles in hospitals and prisons in Siberia and central Asia?
Halbmondlager 10,827 902 ... that Germany used the Half Moon Camp to recruit fighters for a jihad against England and France?
Nossa Senhora da Graça incident 6,553 + 3,907 = 10,460 435 ... that the Nossa Senhora da Graça fought for four days against samurai before being scuttled by its own captain?
Aimee Fuller 9,551 796 ... that more than 300 complaints were received about British slopestyle snowboarder Aimee Fuller's commentary on her own event at the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Kweilin Incident 9,490 ... that the Kweilin was the first civilian airliner to be shot down by hostile aircraft?
Flag of Tonga   7,879 + 611 = 8,490 708 ... that the Constitution of Tonga stipulates that the kingdom's flag (pictured) can never be changed?
Anna Schaffelhuber   8,340 693 ... that Anna Schaffelhuber (pictured) won all five gold medals in para-alpine skier sitting events at the 2014 Winter Paralympics?
SM U-21 (Germany)   7,560 + 581 = 8,141 679 ... that the sinking of the British scout cruiser HMS Pathfinder (pictured) by the German U-boat SM U-21 in 1914 was the first time a warship was sunk by a modern submarine?
Anna Rüling 8,068 693 ... that Anna Rüling, "the first lesbian activist" and one of the first women to publicly declare her homosexuality, believed that lesbians were more suited to careers than straight women?
Taoriba Biniati 4,565 + 3,463 = 8,028 669 ... that I-Kiribati boxer Taoriba Biniati had never fought against a woman or in a ring before taking part at the 2014 Common­wealth Games?
Spectra (installation)   7,980 665 ... that spectra, London's giant tower of light (pictured), will be turned off on Monday?
Mya (program) 6,834 + 1,110 = 7,944 662 ... that Mya choked up during a demo for president Bill Clinton?
After the Bath, Woman drying herself   7,943 661 ... that Degas said that if "you looked through a keyhole" you might see scenes like his After the Bath, Woman drying herself (pictured)?
Open-crotch pants 7,575 632 ... that while Chinese parents have begun putting their toddlers in diapers instead of open-crotch pants, Western advocates of elimina­tion communica­tion have been moving toward using them?
Aarhus 2,912 + 4,576 = 7,488 624 ... that in 1944 a precision bombing raid on the Gestapo's Aarhus headquarters destroyed all its files?
Between you and I 7,359 613 ... that in The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare may have committed "a grammatical error of unsurpass­able grossness"?
Chicken Licken (restaurant) 7,268 605 ... ... that Chicken Licken, the "largest non-American-owned fried chicken franchise in the world", uses a secret recipe bought in Texas for $1,000??
The Women House of Brescia 7,102 + 574 ... that the 1920 German film The Women House of Brescia was rejected by the British Board of Film Classification and banned in Germany?
Maria Forescu 6,244 + 847 = 7,091 574 ... that Romanian opera singer and film actress Maria Forescu died in the Buchenwald concentration camp?
Navy Annex 6,350 529 ... that occupants of the Navy Annex finally left after the food service was stopped and the ATM removed?
Eva (sternwheeler) 5,920 + 417 – 19 = 6,318 527 ... that the sternwheeler Eva in Southern Oregon hauled dynamite in boxes labeled as containing bacon?
Favorite (steamboat) 5,732 + 159 – 20 = 5,871 489 ... that after the ship Favorite was sunk at its moorings in Oregon, it was refloated within days?
Jack Kilmer 5,843 487 ... that Jack Kilmer first acted at age 18, when he starred in Palo Alto with his father Val Kilmer?
Älgen Stolta   5,776 481 ... that in 1907, the moose Älgen Stolta defeated horses in a harness race?
All-you-can-eat seats 5,692 474 ... that one can eat all the hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, and soft drinks one wants in the "all-you-can-eat" sections found at many Major League Baseball parks?
Kibi Clan Rebellion 5,671 473 ... that in the Kibi Clan Rebellion, Japan lost its hold on the Korean peninsula because of a beautiful woman?
Inkpot Madonna   5,633 417 ... that after an absence of four years, the Inkpot Madonna (detail pictured), holding a naked Baby Jesus with quill in hand, returns to the Hildesheim Cathedral today?
Hundeprutterutchebane 5,620 468 ... that Hundeprutterutchebane, Denmark's "Dog Fart Roller­coaster", takes riders past a statue of a defecat­ing dog and "gives new meaning to the phrase 'the wind in my face'"?
Autumn Sandeen 5,472 456 ... that Autumn Sandeen was the first US service member to publicly have her gender identifi­ca­tion changed on all her military records?
De Akkermolen   5,003 417 ... that De Akkermolen (pictured) was used as a gristmill from the early 1600s until it was damaged in 1950?

September 2014Edit

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Infant swimming   295,306 24,609 ... that babies will instinctively hold their breath underwater (pictured) until the age of six months?
Sonderkommando photographs   18,829 1,569 .... that the Sonderkommando photographs (example pictured) of events around the Auschwitz gas chambers in 1944 were smuggled out of the camp in a toothpaste tube?
Dylan Penn
12213+3149 = 15,362 1340 ... that Dylan Penn—daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright—declined a US$150,000 offer to pose for a Playboy cover, but later appeared nude behind a $6000 Fendi bag on a treats! cover?
Strati (automobile)   13596 + 1084 - (13+92)/2 = 14627 1219 ... that a Strati (pictured), the world's first 3D-printed electric car, was printed in 44 hours?
Rage (roller coaster)   4889+1158+
669+967 = 13,073
1,121 ... that the roller coasters Rage (pictured), Crazy Bird, El Loco, Eurofighter, Falcon, Huracan, Timber Drop, Twist Coaster Robin, Typhoon, and Vild-Svinet all have (or were expected to have) steeper-than-vertical drops?
Venetia James   12,429 1,035 ... that Queen Elizabeth's godmother Venetia James (pictured) was so frugal that she reused unwanted milk from her cat's dish and hosted Catholics on Fridays, when they could not eat expensive meat?
Maupoleum   11,803 984 ... that the ugliest building in Amsterdam (pictured) was demolished in 1994?
Sally Hemings 11,067 922 ... that Sally Hemings was an enslaved woman of mixed race owned by President Thomas Jefferson, and had a long-term relationship and six children with him?
Prelude to Axanar 10,993 916 ... that after seeking funding through Kickstarter, the Star Trek fan film Prelude to Axanar received US$101,000 – more than ten times the amount of financing originally sought?
Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park 8,180+2,188 = 10,368 864 ... that the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park (pictured) has been voted one of the most beautiful landforms in China?
Sandra Bullock filmography 10,105 842 ... that Sandra Bullock is the first person to win both a Razzie and an Oscar on the same weekend?
Seafood pizza   9667 805 ... that the world's most expensive pizza listed by Guinness World Records is a seafood pizza (different example pictured) that costs CA$450?
Joachim Müncheberg Müncheberg 8,349 + 1,291 = 9,640 803 ... that the German fighter pilot Joachim Müncheberg shot down the Hurricane of British flying ace James MacLachlan?
Otto Stadie 7,384 + 1,408 = 8,792 732 ... that Otto Stadie, a male nurse who served at Adolf Hitler's headquarters with the Nazi euthanasia program, kept the register of stolen gold and diamonds at Treblinka?
Acquacotta   8,377 698 ... that acquacotta (pictured), an Italian peasant food dating to ancient times, was originally devised to make stale bread palatable?
Punta Cruz Watchtower 7881 656 ... that the Punta Cruz Watchtower is the only perfect isosceles triangle tower-fort structure in the Philippines?
Tynnelsö Castle   7353 529 ... that the medieval Tynnelsö Castle (pictured) in Sweden was once given to a niece-in-law of Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa?
Lugard Road   6262 521 ... that visitors are advised to walk Lugard Road to enjoy its "spectacular views" of Victoria Harbour?
Knockeen Portal Tomb   6044 504 ... that the Knockeen Portal Tomb (pictured) is one of the finest examples of a dolmen in Ireland?
5 North St 5,921 493 ... that one enters the wine cellar of 5 North St, a Michelin star restaurant, through a trapdoor in the women's bathroom?
32 Old Slip   5527 466 ... that the United States Mint sold the 32 Old Slip site in Manhattan for US$27 million, making it the most valuable US Government property sold at public auction?
William Young (CIA officer) 5428 ... that as a CIA agent, William Young was characterized by the Agency as American on the outside, Lahu on the inside?
Deep Creek (Pennsylvania) 5122 427 ... that Deep Creek is shallow?

October 2014Edit

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Karl-Gottfried Nordmann   16,538 1,378 ... that Luftwaffe fighter pilot Karl-Gottfried Nordmann (pictured) later became president of Mercedes-Benz in North America?
Dumfriesshire Hoard Hoard 13,340 1,111 ... that the newly-discovered Dumfriesshire Hoard (gold bird pin pictured) has been described by experts as "one of the most significant Viking hoards ever found in Scotland"
Molecular gyroscope   12,163+3119=15,282 1,273 ... that a molecular gyroscope (pictured) can spin at 2,400,000,000,000 revolutions per second?
Conversations with an Executioner   15,233 1,269 ... that the Conversations with an Executioner are between the man who destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto (pictured, left) and a fellow prisoner?
Emily Ratajkowski 14,764.5 1,230 ... that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Emily Ratajkowski is featured in the music video for "Blurred Lines", which was the number one song of 2013 in several countries?
Cindy Smart 12,034+138 = 12,172 1,014 ... that Cindy Smart knows five languages and basic mathematics, but is "a little creepy"?
Caitlin Doughty   11,571 964 ... that Caitlin Doughty (pictured), whose web series Ask a Mortician humorously explores death, wrote the 2014 bestseller Smoke Gets in Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory?
Kate Vaughan   11,455 954 ... that Kate Vaughan (pictured), who developed the skirt dance, was considered the greatest dancer of her time?
Old Chicago Main Post Office Twin Towers 11,346.5 945 ... that if built as planned, the Old Chicago Main Post Office Twin Towers will be the tallest building in North America?
Karolina Lassbo 11,256 938 ... that Karolina Lassbo (pictured), creator of A Glamour Princess Blog, competed in the Miss Sweden beauty pageant in 2006?
Trinity (nuclear test) 11,140 928 .. that during the Trinity nuclear test (pictured), Enrico Fermi offered to take bets on whether the atmosphere would ignite, and if so whether it would destroy the entire planet?
Steak burger   9,648 ... that while testifying in a 2004 lawsuit involving the meaning of the word steakburger (example pictured) a corporate CEO was grilled on the witness stand?
HSwMS Visby (K31)   9,623 801 ... that one of the designers of the Swedish Navy stealth ship HSwMS Visby (pictured) said it looked like a "lunchbox"?
Priscilla Duffield 9,161 763 ... that security considerations forbade the judge performing Priscilla Duffield's marriage from knowing the surnames of the bride and groom?
GamersGate 10,364 - (1,004+2,405)/2 = 8,660 722 ... that GamersGate was the result of Paradox Interactive's decision to allow an Argentine fan to download a game?
American paddlefish   7,749 646 ... that the elongated rostrum of the planktivorous American paddlefish (pictured) is used like an antenna to locate swarms of zooplankton?
Hastings Line   7,517 626 ... that shoddy tunnel construction in the 1840s forced the Hastings Line to use a restricted loading gauge and special narrow-bodied trains (Class 33/2 locomotive pictured) until 1986?
Golden Hall (Stockholm City Hall)   7,435 567 ... that the Golden Hall (pictured) received its name when the walls were decorated with mosaics created by the artist Einar Forseth on a proposal by the architect Ragnar Östberg?
Mostafa Salameh   6,963 580 ... that Mostafa Salameh (pictured) rang his partner, his parents, and the King of Jordan via satellite phone from Mount Everest?
Kızıl Kilise   6,710 559 ... ... that the 6th-century Kızıl Kilise (pictured) is one of the oldest churches in Turkey's Cappadocia region?
AI Mk. VIII radar   6,587 548 ... that during work on a predecessor to the Royal Air Force's Airborne Interception radar, Mark VIII (pictured), Herbert Skinner would use its klystron as a cigarette lighter?
Aero Flight 217 6,553 546 ... that the fatal crash of Aero Flight 217 occurred in poor visibility at Mariehamn Airport, Finland, where local land disputes had prevented the installation of an instrument landing system?
Zhang Xi (PRC politician) 5,905 + 431 = 6,336 528 ... that years after Zhang Xi died, he was denounced as a traitor and his ashes were discarded?
Japanese people who conserve Article 9 4,028 + 2,260 = 6,288 524 ... that the Japanese people who conserve Article 9 were among the favourites to win the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, but lost to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai?
Helga – Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens 5,653+502=6155 513 ... that the 1967 West German sex-education film Helga – Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens featured scenes of childbirth which were the first to be shown publicly in Germany?
Chaonei No. 81 5,888 491 ... that during the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards reputedly moved out of Chaonei No. 81, "Beijing's most celebrated haunted house", because they were scared?
Nigel Miguel 5489 + 401 - (24+56)/2 = 5,850 488 ... that prior to becoming the film commissioner of Belize, Nigel Miguel spent seven years as the body double for Michael Jordan?
Three Sisters (Oregon)   5,122 + 750 - (86+181)/2 = 5,738 478 ... that the Three Sisters (pictured) in Oregon are part of a complex volcano?
Görel Crona   5,677 473 ... that the Swedish actress Görel Crona (pictured) played an ex-prostitute in the television series Varuhuset?
Fan Lau Fort 5,164 + 472 = 5,636 470 ... that Hong Kong's Fan Lau Fort was captured by the very pirates it was built to repel?
Beaver attack 5,601 466 ... that a beaver attack killed a fisherman in Belarus?
Quakake Tunnel 5479 457 ... that with a discharge of over 6,000 gallons per minute, the Quakake Tunnel is the largest abandoned mine discharge in the Lehigh River watershed?
Idstein Castle 5,375 + 361 = 5,736 475 ... that Idstein Castle has a witches' tower?
Lady Meng Jiang 5,347 446 ... that Lady Meng Jiang is one of the Four Great Folktales of China?
Bill Walker (American politician) 5,332 444 ... that after the construction business of 12-year-old Bill Walker's family was ruined in the 1964 Alaska earthquake, he worked as a janitor?
Bowfin 5,151 429 ... that bowfins can survive up to five days' exposure to air because they can breathe both air and water?"

November 2014Edit

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Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Smiley (alligator)   19154 + 1475 = 20,629 1,719 ... that Smiley (pictured), an American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) living at Gothenburg's Maritime Museum, died after the heat was turned down in her pond to save money?
New school (tattoo)   17,779 1,481 ... that new school tattoos (example pictured) are not limited to traditional subjects and have included cultural icons like the USS Enterprise?
Robert J. Healey   9179 + 8432 = 17,611 1,467 ... that Bob Healey (pictured), founder of the Cool Moose Party, ran for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island in 2010 in order to abolish the office?
Von Sydow murders   13,231+1396=14,627 1,304 ... that Swedish politician Hjalmar von Sydow (pictured) was murdered by his own son with an iron in March 1932?
Zhong You   14,540 1,212 ... that when Confucius learned that his disciple Zilu (pictured) was pickled, he ordered all the pickle in his house be thrown away?
Flying river 11491 957 ... that the 2014 drought in southern Brazil is believed to be due to failure of the flying rivers?
High Line (New York City)   9412 + 1957 = 11,369 928 ... that the High Line (pictured), once an abandoned elevated railway slated for demolition in New York City, is now a linear park with about 5 million annual visitors?
George Bacon (CIA officer) 11,075 923 ... that George Bacon fought as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War, a CIA paramilitary in the Laotian Civil War, and a mercenary in Angola, all by age 30?
Mariam_al-Mansouri 9,863 821 ... that U.S. Air Force tanker pilots were struck dumb when they radioed in to speak with a United Arab Emirates mission during air refueling and heard a female voice answer?
Carolina Norén   8,422 701 ... that Swedish radio presenter Carolina Norén (pictured) took over the job of hosting the chart show Svensktoppen from Annika Jankell in 2007?
Lime Green Icicle Tower 8,147 679 ... that the color of Lime Green Icicle Tower, a 42-foot (13 m) glass sculpture at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, has been described as Kermit the Frog?"
Rubber room (bunker) 8,104 675 ... that there are rubber rooms below the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center?
Nuestra Señora de Candelaria Parish Church (Mabitac)   8,012 668 ... that the Mabitac Church (pictured) is known for its panoramic view, but you have to climb 126 steps to see it?
William_McLeroy   (7,415+589) 8,004 667 ... that Command Sergeant Major William McLeroy (pictured) was the first amputee to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom?
Betty May 7,889 657 ... that Betty May testified under oath that her husband ritually sacrificed a cat and drank its blood?
No. 77 Squadron RAAF   77 Squadron RAAF 7,706 642 ... that the crest of No. 77 Squadron RAAF (F/A-18 Hornet pictured) features an oriental temple lion nicknamed the "grumpy monkey"?
Quoit brooch   7,665 ... that only about 40 objects in the fifth-century Anglo-Saxon Quoit Brooch Style of metalwork (example pictured) are known?
Steak burger 7,522 626 ... that while testifying in a 2004 lawsuit involving the meaning of the word steakburger, a corporate CEO was grilled on the witness stand?
Bayume Mohamed Husen 6,644 + 618 = 7,262 553 ... that Bayume Mohamed Husen served in the German army but died at Sachsenhausen concentration camp?
Zombie star 6,816 568 ... that some kinds of supernova may create zombies in space?
Battle of Baguio (1945) 6,677 ? ... that the Battle of Baguio involved the U.S. 33rd and 37th Infantry Divisions, and the guerrilla organization USAFIP–NL?
Harald Jäger 6,312 + 1,357 = 7,669 526 ... that twenty-five years ago tonight, Stasi officer Harald Jäger gave the order to open the gate at his border crossing on the Berlin Wall?
Anna Karoline   6,437 ... that the museum Nordland fylkesmuseum bought the Nordlandsjekt Anna Karoline (pictured) after their first choice, Brødrene, was shipwrecked?
The Conquest of the Pole   5,319 + 697 = 6,016 501 ... that for The Conquest of the Pole, Georges Méliès built a man-eating marionette frost giant (pictured) that required twelve puppeteers to operate?
How to be a Redhead 5,498 458 ... that two redheaded sisters are behind the How to be a Redhead website and the "Rock it Like a Redhead" beauty and fashion event?
Taliesin (studio) 5,294 433 ... that in 1914, a disgruntled worker killed seven people at Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, and set it on fire?
Eva and Abraham Beem 4345+751=5096 ... that although Dutch Jewish siblings Eva and Abraham Beem tried to hide from the Nazis in the home of a Christian family, Abraham's circumcision gave them away?
Operation Triangle 5079 ... that U.S. President Lyndon Johnson approved Operation Triangle the month before the Tonkin Gulf Incident began the Vietnam War?
James William Lair 5032 ... that CIA case officer James William Lair recruited Vang Pao, and they founded a covert 30,000-man guerrilla army?

December 2014Edit

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Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Sigma war games 18,164 ... that as early as 1962 the Sigma war games predicted that American intervention in the Vietnam War would be unsuccessful?
Trimma nasa 9447 + 3861 = 13,308 1109 ... that nasal dwarfgobies live for only three months?
Hermann Graf 11,826 985 ... that Hermann Graf was the first fighter pilot to claim 200 aerial victories?
Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly   11,756 980 ... that Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly spent over 20,000 hours sitting on flagpoles in the 1920s and 1930s, including hundreds of hours in the rain and subfreezing weather?
Native Americans in German popular culture   11,104 925 ... that due to the peculiar role of Native Americans in German popular culture, "Indianer reenactment" (pictured) was quite common in communist East Germany?
Harrison B. Tordoff   11,008 917 ... that Harrison B. Tordoff (pictured) said he was passionate about restoring the peregrine falcon because his experience as a fighter pilot "was as close as a human could get to being a peregrine"?
Andries Jan Pieters 10,352 863 ... that since the execution of Andries Jan Pieters and a German soldier for war crimes on 21 March 1952, no further executions have taken place in the Netherlands?
2011 White House shooting 9,643 804 ... that it took the Secret Service four days to realize that bullets had struck the White House on 11 November 2011?
Battle of Nam Bac 9,242 757 ... that although it outnumbered its attackers at the Battle of Nam Bac, the Royal Lao Army was routed by the People's Army of Vietnam?
Autonomous spaceport drone ship 8,881 ... that rockets can now land on an autonomous spaceport drone ship?
Bacon and Hams   and Hams 8,474 + 347 = 8,821 735 ... that Bacon and Hams includes a portrait (seen here) of "The Author in Fancy Dress as a Side of Bacon, designed by himself, which took the First Prize of Forty Guineas at the Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball"?
Lake Tremblant   5,735 + 2,789 = 8,524 710 ... that there is a distinct difference in land use between the northern and southern half of Lake Tremblant (pictured) in Quebec, Canada?
Harriet F. Rees House   8484 707 ... that the Harriet F. Rees House (pictured in 2010) in Chicago was recently moved one block north to make room for a basketball stadium and a 1,200-room hotel?"
Sigma I-64 war game 7,906 ... that the Sigma I-64 war game held in April 1964 predicted that the U.S. could put 500,000 troops into Vietnam and still lose?
Wapi Project 7,720 ... that the Wapi Project was a victim of its own success?
Operation Booster Shot 7,713 ... that Operation Booster Shot parachuted shoes into trackless muddy wilderness?
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain 7,628 636 ... that although the shooting of the film based on "the worst industrial disaster"was completed in 2009, it was not released until 2014?
Armenian Orphan Rug   3514 + 3896 = 7,410 617 ... that the Armenian Orphan rug (pictured) was woven by 400 orphans of the Armenian Genocide, and contains over four million hand-woven knots?
Operation Pincushion 7,347 ... that Operation Pincushion training continued despite desertion of half its second class?
I, a Woman 5,598 + 1,670 = 7,268 488 ... that the popularity of the 1965 Scandinavian erotic film I, a Woman inspired Andy Warhol to make his experimental film I, a Man?
Benin Pendant Mask   6,321 + 619 = 6,940 578 ... that there are two almost identical Benin Pendant Masks, one in the British Museum and the other in the Met (detail pictured)?
Sepp Angerer   6,743 + 539 = 7,282 606 ... that Nazi art dealer Sepp Angerer sold Vincent van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gachet (pictured) for Hermann Göring?
Dolores (Ziegfeld girl)   6,807 567 ... that Ziegfeld girl Dolores (pictured) has been described as the first celebrity clothes model?
Cereal Killer Cafe 6,561 ... that the owners of the Cereal Killer Cafe came up with the idea for the business after being hung over?
HMS Alceste (1806) 6,479 540 ... that HMS Alceste was wrecked, then later burned, by Malayan pirates?
Thorleiv Røhn   6,432 536 ... that Thorleiv Røhn (pictured), a gold medal–winning Norwegian gymnast at the 1906 Intercalated Games, was convicted of treason after the Second World War?
Operation Hardnose 6,428 512 ... that illiterate Operation Hardnose spies used modified survival radios to count and report traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail?
Operation Momentum 6,006 ... that Operation Momentum's three-day training program raised a secret guerrilla army of 9,000 in just over six months?
Death of Benito Mussolini 5,884 490 (12 hours) ... that after the death of Benito Mussolini, his body was stolen and was missing for four months?
Camas pocket gopher   4,817 + 675 = 5,492 458 ... that the Camas pocket gopher (pictured) has been described as "morose and savage", yet can be tamed in captivity?
The Honest Company 5,318 + 135 = 5,453 451.3 ... that The Honest Company, which was co-founded by Jessica Alba in 2011, is valued at approximately US$1 billion?
Pettakere cave 3,629 + 1,684 = 5,313 442 ... that the Pettakere cave in Indonesia has hand print paintings estimated to be between 35,000 and 40,000 years old?
Project Hotfoot (Laos) 5,348 ... that Project Hotfoot was disguised as a working party of the U.S. National Geodetic Survey?
Table of organization and equipment for an ADC company 5,251 ... that equipment for a 100-man Auto Defense Choc company could be parachuted on 11 pallets?
Anti-Greek sentiment 2,005 + 3,296 = 5,301 412 ... that anti-Greek riots occurred in Australia, Canada, and the United States during the early 20th century?
Down Street tube station 5,246 437 ... that early in World War II, Winston Churchill took refuge in the Barn?
Domingo de Vico 5,087 ... that 16th-century Spanish friar Domingo de Vico was sacrificed after scolding an Acala Ch'ol ruler over how many wives he had?
Walter Hofer 5,007 416 ... that Nazi-era art dealer Walter Hofer was the main buyer for Hermann Göring's art collection?
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