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Born (2004-11-07) November 7, 2004 (age 17)
Cebu, Philippines
Country Philippines
Time zonePhilippine Standard Time
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HobbiesVideo games
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JoinedJune 26, 2019
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Flag of the Philippines.svgThis user is a native of the Philippines.
Flag of the Philippines.svgThis user is proud to be a Filipino.
PHThis user uses Philippine English.
This contributor to Wikipedia is male.
cebAng Binisaya/Sinugboanon nianing tawhana susama sa usa ka lumad.
filKatutubong nagsasalita ng wikang Filipino ang user na ito.
Drbogdan This user has been on Wikipedia for 2 years and 11 months.
Logo of Wikidata, a bar code with red, green, and blue stripesThis user is an editor on Wikidata.
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List icon.gifThis user prefers citation templates.
Sinusuportahan ko ang Wikipedia sa Tagalog sa pamamagitan ng aking mga kontribusyon.

I support the Tagalog language Wikipedia with my contributions.
This user likes to translate articles from English to Tagalog.
451 FThis User is an Anti-Deletionist and will support the destruction of the work of other editors only after fair process.
Nonot.svgThis user rejects using notability as an inclusion criterion on Wikipedia.
Oxygen15.04.1-computer-laptop.svgThis user contributes using a laptop.

Userbox Mouse Left-handed.gifThis user is left-moused but right-handed.*
LAGThis user knows that the lag is real.
Inernet.jpgThis user can't stand a long time without being connected to Internet.
Internet mail icon.svg This user's email is
Google Chrome.svgThis user contributes using
Google Chrome.
NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svgThis user supports the American policies of fair use and threshold of originality.PD-icon.svg
1933-may-10-berlin-book-burning.JPGThis user finds censorship offensive.
DISCORDThis user uses Discord!
Spotify logo without text.svgThis user listens to Spotify.
Twitch logo 2019.svgThis user watches or broadcasts on Twitch.
This user has a
Twitter account.
WikiaThis user edits Wikia as GreatPaul64.
YouTube full-color icon (2017).svg
This user watches videos on YouTube.

Flag of Canada.svgThis user is interested in Canada.
Flag of Japan.svgThis user is interested in Japan.
Flag of Australia.svgThis user is interested in Australia.
cvg-2This user is an intermediate gamer.
ESRB 2013 Mature.svgThis user believes that video games are not as dangerous as parental ignorance of the rating system.
COloredversion.svgThis user prefers to play games on video game consoles.
+This user enjoys playing retro games.Circle - black simple.svg Circle - black simple.svg
Diff EThis user plays Video Games on Easy or the lowest difficulty available.
Diff MThis user plays Video Games on Medium or the default difficulty.
Gamepad.svgThis user is addicted to video games.
Psp45.svgThis user owns a slick lookin'
Sony PSP

Nintendo-Switch-wJoyCons-BlRd-Standing-FL.pngThis user owns a Nintendo Switch.
Minecraft cube.svgThis user thinks in a very cubic way....
ACThis user plays the Animal Crossing series.
SMOThis user plays Super Mario Odyssey.
Mother series logo.pngThis user is a fan of the MOTHER series.

M3This user wants Mother 3 to be localized in his or her home country.
EBThis user tries PSI Rockin Ω! 742 points of damage to the Vandal! The Vandal became tame!
EBThis user completed EarthBound.

M3This user finished Mother 3.

(-o-) This user is a Pokémon lover and proud of it!
International Pokémon logo.svgThis user plays the Pokémon RPGs and other related video games.
N (+PS) (+XBOX)This user believes that Pokémon video games should remain exclusive to Nintendo consoles.
Wikiball.svgThis user is obsessed with the game Pokemon Emerald
LGEThis user plays Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!.
SwThis user plays Pokémon Sword.
PokémonThis user's favorite Pokémon is Togepi!
Wario emblem.svgThis user's favorite character from the Mario series is Wario.
YoshiThis user's favorite character from the Mario series is Yoshi.

SmashBall.svgThis user is a Super Smash Brother!
Smash Ball.svgThis user thinks the best Smash Bros. character is Ness.
SSBUThis user plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Triforce.svgThis user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

Blue circle with white highlight.svgThis user plays the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
TailsThis user's favorite character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series is Tails.
SimCityThis user plays Simcity
Hamburger sandwich.jpgThis user loves hamburgers.
MushroomsThis user loves to eat mushrooms.
Cheese platter.jpgThis user likes Cheese.
Stylized Mona Lisa.svgThis user is interested in
art history.
Manet, Edouard - Berthe Morisot, 1872.jpg This user is interested in Impressionism.
Tokugawa Ieyasu2.JPGThis user is interested in Japanese history.
Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States.jpgThis user is interested in
the history of the United States.
Abraham Lincoln head on shoulders photo portrait.jpgThis user greatly admires
Abraham Lincoln.
lib This user is a liberal and doesn't understand why Americans have demonised the word.
Dome 1.jpgThis user believes in the separation of church and state.ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
Rainbow flag and blue skies.jpgThis user supports LGBTI rights.
HD Television.svgThis user enjoys high-definition television.
NTSCThis user's television receives NTSC/NTSC-variant transmissions, or lives in a region where they are broadcast.
GGThis user watches
Game Grumps.
WPVG icon 2016.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject Video games.
Fez (video game) "BIG GOMEZ".pngThis user is a member of the
Indie Task Force.
Micrologo Nintendo.svgThis user is a member of the Nintendo Task Force.
YouTube Logo 2017.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject YouTube.

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{{User:PaulGorduiz106/UBX/TMBG Lincoln}}
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