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Prime Minister of Haiti

The Prime Minister of Haiti (French: Premier ministre d'Haïti, Haitian Creole: Premye Minis Ayiti) is the head of government of Haiti. The office was created under the 1987 Constitution; previously, all executive power was held by the President or head of state, who appointed and chaired the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister of Haiti
Premier ministre d'Haïti
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Jean-Michel Lapin

since 21 March 2019
StyleHis/Her Excellency
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
AppointerJovenel Moïse,
as President of Haiti
Inaugural holderMartial Célestin
Formation9 February 1988


The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and ratified by the National Assembly.

Duties and powersEdit

The Prime Minister appoints the Ministers and Secretaries of State and goes before the National Assembly to obtain a vote of confidence for his declaration of general policy. The Prime Minister enforces the laws and, along with the President, is responsible for national defense. In addition, the Prime Minister oversees the National Commission on Government Procurement (CNMP), a decentralized body.[1]


Gérard Latortue served the longest time in office, serving 1,550 days in office. Jacques-Édouard Alexis served the second-longest time in office, serving 1,526 total days during his two terms in office, and was the longest-serving prime minister appointed to the position by an elected president.

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