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List of state highway loops in Texas (300–399)

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State highway loops in Texas are owned and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

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Loop 300Edit

Loop 301Edit


State Highway Loop 301
LocationHopkins County
ExistedFebruary 23, 1956[1]–present

Loop 301 is a state highway loop in Sulphur Springs, Texas, it starts at the junction of State Highway 19 (SH 19) and SH 154, and ends at Interstate 30 (I‑30) and U.S. Highway 67 (US 67).

Loop 301 was designated on February 23, 1956, from US 67 (later Loop 313; now Business U.S. Highway 67-V) and SH 19 in west Sulphur Springs, northward to SH 154. On September 21, 1965, it was extended southeast to I‑30. On April 27, 1967, the section from SH 154 southwest to Loop 313 was transferred to SH 19.

Loop 302Edit

Loop 304Edit


State Highway Loop 304
LocationHouston County
ExistedMarch 28, 1956[2]–present

Loop 304 is a beltway within Crockett, the county seat of Houston County, Texas. It is 8.584 miles (13.815 km) in length.[2] It was established in on March 28, 1956.[2] Nearly all of the loop is two lanes wide (one lane in each direction), and provides access for long distance travelers and trucks to bypass the downtown core. Populated areas also dot outside the loop, but have less population density.

Junction list

The entire route is in Crockett, Houston County.

  SH 19 (South Fourth Street)Clockwise end
  FM 2110 (Austin Street)
   SH 7 / SH 21 (West Goliad Avenue)
  FM 2076 (West Houston Avenue)
  FM 229
   US 287 / SH 19 (North Fourth Street)
  FM 2022 (Old Rusk Road)
  SH 21 (East Houston Avenue)
  SH 7 (East Goliad Avenue)
  US 287 (East Bowie Avenue)
  SH 19 (South Fourth Street)Counterclockwise end
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Loop 305Edit

Loop 306Edit


State Highway Loop 306
LocationTom Green County
ExistedOctober 24, 1956[3]–present
State Loop 306 before US 277/87 interchange

Loop 306 is a state loop that encircles much of San Angelo, Texas. Loop 306 begins on the north side of San Angelo, at the US 67/277 interchange, and continues south on the eastern edge of town. The highway multiplexes with US 87 while being routed west. The multiplex ends at the US 87/277/Loop 306 interchange, with Loop 306 routed northwest. Loop 306 ends at the Business US 67 (Sherwood Way) overpass, however the freeway continues and is signed as US 67, Houston Harte Expressway; named after the San Angelo-native publishing magnate. The route is often referred to locally as "the Loop" or "Loop 306", despite the terminus of Loop 306 at Sherwood Way. TxDOT upgraded portions of Loop 306 to expand it from a two-lane road to a four-lane divided highway. From the US 67/277 interchange, Loop 306 continues as a four-lane divided highway all the way to US 87. The upgrades included adding two overpasses and improvements to a divided highway.

Loop 306 was designated as a San Angelo Loop on October 24, 1956. On July 30, 1976, the section from US 67 west and southwest to US 67 was transferred to rerouted US 67.[3]

Junction list

The entire route is in San Angelo, Tom Green County.

   US 67 (Sherwood Way) / Bus. US 67 east – Mertzon
Western terminus
0.50.80Southwest Boulevard
1.21.9College Hills Boulevard
2.03.2   RM 584 (Knickerbocker Road)Access to San Angelo Community Medical Center
3.04.8Foster Road
4.36.9   US 87 north / US 277 north (Bryant Boulevard) / Ben Ficklin Road – San AngeloEast end of freeway; west end of US 87/US 277 concurrency
5.08.0   US 277 south / Loop 378 – EldoradoEast end of US 277 concurrency
8.714.0   US 87 south / FM 1223 – EdenEast end of US 87 concurrency
11.017.7  FM 765Interchange
12.620.3  FM 388 (Paint Rock Road) – Goodfellow AFBInterchange
14.723.7  FM 380 (Pulliam Street)Interchange
15.024.1   US 67 / US 277 (Houston Harte Expressway)Interchange; eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Loop 336Edit


State Highway Loop 336
LocationMontgomery County
ExistedSeptember 27, 1960[5]–present

Loop 336, also known as the Veterans Memorial Highway, is a state highway loop in Texas in the United States. It is a 17.439-mile-long (28.065 km) highway circling the city of Conroe in Montgomery County.[5] Through trucks traveling east and west are directed onto this loop, as they are prohibited on SH 105 inside Conroe.

Loop 336 was designated on September 27, 1960, from SH 105 west of Conroe, to SH 105 east of Conroe. On November 20, 1984, Loop 336 extended southward, westward, and northward to FM 2854 west of Conroe. On February 23, 1989, Loop 336 extended from FM 2854 to SH 105, replacing FM 3374.[5]

Loop 337Edit

Loop 338Edit


State Highway Loop 338
LocationEctor County
ExistedSeptember 26, 1960[6]–present

Texas State Highway Loop 338 (Loop 338) is a state highway loop in Texas. The highway is a beltway that encircles the city of Odessa. Unlike Loop 250 in neighboring Midland, Loop 338 is not a freeway at any point. Instead, it runs as a divided expressway, divided highway and undivided road.

Loop 338 was designated on September 26, 1960, from US 80 north, east, and south to I-20. On June 30, 1961, the section from US 80 to I-20 was transferred to FM 1357, while Loop 338 replaced a section of FM 1357 from US 80 northward 2.7 miles (4.3 km). On April 3, 1964, FM 1357 from US 80 to I-20 was cancelled and transferred to Loop 338. On September 30, 1964, Loop 338 was extended southward to I-20. On September 26, 1967, the section from I-20 to SH 302 was transferred to SH 302. On September 27, 1985, Loop 338 was extended southeast to US 385, creating a concurrency with SH 302. On February 25, 1992, Loop 338 was extended northeast to I-20, completing its current route.[6]

Junction list

The entire route is in Ector County.

  US 385 – Andrews, Odessa
  FM 554 north / Grandview Avenue – Gardendale, Ratliff Stadium
Odessa  SH 191 – Midland, Odessa
   Bus. I-20 – Midland, Odessa, Midland International Air and Space PortInterchange
  I-20 – Abilene, El PasoI-20 exit 121
  FM 3503 – Odessa
  US 385 – Odessa, Crane
  I-20 – El Paso, AbileneInterchange; I-20 exit 113
Murphy StreetInterchange
  Bus. I-20 – Monahans, OdessaInterchange
Odessa  FM 3472 (16th Street)
  FM 2020 (University Boulevard) – Odessa College
    SH 302 west / Spur 450 east to SH 191 – Kermit, Odessa, Odessa CollegeInterchange
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Loop 340Edit


State Highway Loop 340
LocationMcLennan County
ExistedSeptember 27, 1960[7]–present

Texas State Highway Loop 340 circles the city of Waco in McLennan County, Texas.

Loop 340 was designated on September 27, 1960, running from US 84 southeastward and eastward to US 77 south of Waco. On February 26, 1964, Loop 340 was extended north to SH 6 and Loop 232, and Loop 232 from SH 6 to US 84 and FM 2418 was cancelled and combined with Loop 340. On February 29, 1968, it was extended northwest to FM 3051. On September 25, 1984, SH 6 was rerouted concurrent with Loop 340. The old route of SH 6 became Loop 484.[7]

Junction list

The entire route is in McLennan County. All exits are unnumbered.

Waco    US 84 / SH 6 north – Gatesville, Waco, MeridianSouthern terminus; continues as SH 6, access to Providence Medical Center
Imperial DriveNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Beverly DriveSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Bagby AvenueNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
  I-35 north – Fort Worth, DallasNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
   I-35 – Fort Worth, Dallas, AustinAccess to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
Robinson  US 77 – Waco, Cameron
12th Street Road
Waco   FM 434 (3rd Street Road) / FM 3400 (University Parks Drive) – Baylor University
Brazos River turnaroundNorth end of freeway; northbound exit and southbound entrance
   SH 6 south / Loop 484 west – MarlinNorth end of SH 6 overlap
Bellmead  US 84 – Waco, MexiaInterchange
  I-35 – Austin, Fort Worth, DallasInterchange
   Bus. US 77 / FM 3051 west – Lake Waco
Northern terminus
Split intersection
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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