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Texas State Highway Loop 335

Loop 335 is a highway loop that encircles the city of Amarillo, Texas. Loop 335 connects to every major highway in the city and passes close to Amarillo International Airport on the east side of the city. Loop 335 is currently not a freeway. Instead, the highway has interchanges at select intersections.

State Highway Loop 335 marker

State Highway Loop 335
Route information
Length39.967 mi[1] (64.321 km)
ExistedJanuary 18, 1960[1]–present
Major junctions
Beltway around Amarillo
CCW end I-27 / US 60 / US 87
  I-40 / US 287 near Amarillo Int'l Airport

Bus. I-40 / US 60
US 87 / US 287
Bus. I-40

CW end I-27 / US 60 / US 87
Highway system
Spur 334Loop 336

Route descriptionEdit

Loop 335 makes a complete loop around the city of Amarillo. The highway usually passes through rural areas of city.


Loop 335 is known locally by the following names:

  • The southern leg is known as Hollywood Road
  • The eastern leg is known as Lakeside Road from the southern leg to Amarillo Boulevard (BL 40)
  • The eastern leg is known as Denmar Road from Amarillo Boulevard to State Highway 136 (SH 136)
  • The northern leg is known as St. Francis Avenue from SH 136 to Soncy Road.
  • The western leg is currently known as Soncy Road. However, there are plans to build a new western leg via a new route between Loop 335 0.5 miles south of SW 9th St to I-40, Helium Road from I-40 to FM 2186, and FM 2186 to Loop 335, thus making this section of Soncy Road part of FM 2590.[2]


Because of I-40 runs east and west in the middle of Amarillo and Highway 87 / I-27 runs mostly north and south in the middle of Amarillo, Loop 335 can be divided into four sections: A Northwestern section, A Northeastern section, a Southeastern section, and a Southwestern section. The two junctions with I-40, the Junction with I-27, and the Junction with Highway 87 / 287 are grade separated. Additional grade separations are listed below.

  • The Northeastern section is a 5 laned road (2 lanes for each direction with a center left turn lane). It becomes a 4 lane divided road east of Glenn St until it reaches S.H. 136 where it resumes as a 5 lane road. South of U.S. 60 is when Loop 335 becomes a 4 lane non-divided freeway with frontage roads. The frontage roads currently end at Barnco Road. There are 7 road grade separations, 3 rail grade separations, and an unspecified bridge.
  • The Southeastern section is a 4 lane divided road for a short distance. It becomes 2 lanes before it reaches 34th street (currently an at-grade intersection). There are 2 road grade separations and 1 rail grade separation. It is currently being upgraded to a 4 lane divided freeway with frontage roads. [3]
  • The Southwestern section is a 4 lane divided road but then becomes a 7 lane road (3 lanes for each direction with a center left turn lane) at Arden Road. This section has additional right turn lanes. There are currently no grade separations of any kind. There are many roads nearby but no rivers nor rail near this section. Numerous businesses opened along the 7 lane road. The current plan is to separate Loop 335 from Soncy Road by building a completely new expressway with frontage roads section, bypassing Soncy Road. [4] [5]
  • The Northwestern section reduces to a 5 road (2 lanes for each direction with a center left turn lane.) North of Amarillo Blvd is when Loop 335 becomes a 2 lane road. North of SW 9th Ave (at grade intersection) Loop 335 has a short Northbound passing lane. It becomes 4 lane divided at N. Western St. (sic) There are 4 road grade separations and 1 rail grade separation.


Loop 335 was designated on January 18, 1960, from US 60 and US 87 south of Amarillo eastward and northward to US 287. On January 31, 1961, Loop 335 extended northward and westward to US 87 and US 287. On July 30, 1965, Loop 335 extended westward and northward from US 60 and US 87 to US 66. On June 21, 1977, a section of FM 1719 from Loop 434 to the new location of US 87 and US 287 was transferred to Loop 335. On July 24, 1984, Loop 335 extended west and south to the point of beginning, completing its current route, and also replacing another section of FM 1719. On April 26, 2018, Loop 335 was rerouted along FM 2186, Helium Road, and a new route from I-40 north. The old route was transferred to FM 2590. However, this will not be effective until construction on this portion is completed.[6]

Junction listEdit

RandallAmarillo    I-27 / US 60 / US 87 – Amarillo, CanyonI-27 exit 116.
Bell StreetInterchange; CW end of freeway
Western Street
Georgia Street
  FM 1541 (Washington Street)Interchange; CCW end of freeway
Osage StreetInterchange
PotterAmarillo    I-40 / US 287 – Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, AirportI-40 exit 75.
  East 3rd Avenue – AirportInterchange
   US 60 / Bus. I-40 (Amarillo Blvd)Interchange
  Spur 591 (NE 24th Ave)Interchange
Amarillo   SH 136 to FM 1912 – BorgerInterchange
Eastern StreetInterchange
Amarillo  Loop 434 (River Road)
    US 87 / US 287 to I-27 – Amarillo, Dumas
  FM 2176 (Broadway Street)Interchange
  FM 1719 (Western Street)Interchange
Hester RoadInterchange
Amarillo  RM 1061 (Tascosa Road)Interchange
  Bus. I-40 (US 66)
  I-40 – Vega, AmarilloI-40 exit 64.
Randall  FM 2590 south
  FM 2186 west
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Unopened


In 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) published the plans for the all new Loop 335 freeway that encircles the city of Amarillo.[7] TxDot has planned multiple multi-level interchanges that intersect with Interstate 40, Interstate 27, and U.S. 287 and 87. The first interchange, on the East side of Amarillo, is a multi-level interchange that provides access to both directions of the I-40 Expressway and Loop 335. The second interchange with I-40, however, is a full stack interchange.[8] On the Northern side of Amarillo, the loop will be completely reconstructed to an Interstate-Grade freeway with complete grade separations and will be expanded to 4 lanes. It also includes a stack interchange that will connect the new freeway to the future I-27 Ports to Plains Corridor (Highway 287, 87).[9][10]. I-27 in Southern Amarillo will be entirely reconstructed from Buffalo Stadium Rd. at the Canyon E-Way Interchange to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It will accommodate 6 lanes at the mainlane bridge along with a complete stack interchange with direct connectors to and from I-27. Furthermore, another triple-level interchange will be built to accommodate Soncy Road, Helium Road, I-27 and the new loop.[10] Also, another new mainlane bridge that accommodates up to 6 lanes is also in the works for I-40 near Helium Rd. providing easier access to the new freeway.[11] Although construction started in 2016, the entire project (which includes converting the entire loop to Interstate Specifications) is not expected to be complete until 2024.</ref>[12]


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