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Texas State Highway 29

State Highway 29, or SH 29, runs from 3.0 miles (4.8 km) south of Menard, Texas, east to SH 95 in Circleville (6.0 miles north of Taylor) via Mason, Llano, Burnet, Liberty Hill, and Georgetown in central Texas, United States.

State Highway 29 marker

State Highway 29
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length143.3 mi[1] (230.6 km)
Existedbefore 1939–present
Major junctions
West endUS 83.svg US 83 near Menard
 US 377.svg US 377 in Mason

US 87.svg US 87 in Mason
US 281.svg US 281 in Burnet
US 183.svg US 183 in Liberty Hill
I-35.svg I-35 in Georgetown

SH 130 Toll in Georgetown
East endTexas 95.svg SH 95 near Taylor
CountiesMenard, Mason, Llano, Burnet, Williamson
Highway system
SH 28SH 30

In Georgetown, SH 29 is known as University Avenue and is the main east–west artery through the city, passing in front of Southwestern University, which has been on the same road since its Georgetown campus opened in 1873.

An open house meeting at East View High School in Georgetown was held on September 1, 2015. The meeting's purpose was to review the upcoming plans on widening SH 29 from 2 lanes (80 ft.) to 6 lanes (160 ft.). Construction will not start until after the Summer of 2016 and will occur from Southwestern Blvd extending all the way to Hwy 95 in Circleville, TX.

Previous routesEdit

SH 29 was proposed on October 8, 1917 on a route from Port O'Connor to Austin.[2] On August 21, 1923, the section from Port Lavaca to Port O'Connor was cancelled. On January 21, 1924, SH 29 extended to Mason, replacing the section of SH 43 from Leander to Mason and SH 29 extended on a new route from Austin to Leander.[3] On July 27, 1926, SH 29 extended back to Port O'Connor. On January 17, 1928, SH 29 extended to Rocksprings.[4] On October 25, 1932, the southwest end was shortened to Junction.[5] On February 14, 1933, it extended back to Rocksprings.[6] On June 20, 1933, the southeast end was truncated to north of Cuero, with the portion southeast of there transferred to SH 27.[7], On March 13, 1934, SH 29 was extended through Goliad to Refugio, ending near Gregory, replacing SH 190 and part of SH 119.[8] On July 17, 1934, SH 29 was rerouted to end in Karnes City, replacing part of SH 80 and part of SH 112. On November 27, 1934, SH 29 Spur was created in Goliad.[9] On January 19, 1935, it was rerouted back to Refugio over part of SH 80. The old route was transferred back to SH 80 and SH 112.[10] On February 28, 1935, SH 29 Spur in Goliad was taken over.[11] On July 15, 1935, the sections from Cuero to SH 119 and La Bahia Mission to Gregory were cancelled.[12] On January 21, 1936, the section from Cuero to SH 119 was restored.[13] On November 23, 1937, the section from La Bahia Mission to Gregory was restored.[14] On September 26, 1939, SH 29 Spur was renumbered as Spur 71. On May 23, 1951, the stretch from Liberty Hill to Gregory was reassigned to U.S. Highway 183, and the section from Mason to Rocksprings was reassigned to U.S. Highway 377. On August 22, 1951, SH 29 was extended farther east along former SH 104 from Liberty Hill to Circleville, and was also extended west from Mason along former SH 151 to Eldorado. By 1966, SH 29 had been signed along part of RM 33, all of RM 1980, FM 1257, and part of FM 305 to I-10. On June 30, 1977, the section from Menard to Eldorado, along with the signed section west of Eldorado, was redesignated U.S. Highway 190. In December 1985, SH 29 lost its 3 miles concurrent with US 83 into Menard, shortening SH 29 to its current designation.

SH 29A was a proposed spur route designated on March 19, 1919, splitting at Luling and travelling northwest through San Marcos to Johnson City.[15] On August 21, 1923, it had been renumbered SH 80, which the west end was shortened to end in San Marcos.[16] SH 29A was under a feasibility study from Mason to Menard on February 20, 1928.[17] On June 22, 1928, the feasibility study was completed, and SH 29A was designated.[18] On March 19, 1930, this had been renumbered as SH 151.

SH 29B was a proposed spur route designated on January 15, 1923 from Cuero to San Antonio.[19] On August 21, 1923, it had been renumbered SH 81, which extended northwest to Bandera over part of SH 27.[20]

Route descriptionEdit

US 83 to BurnetEdit

SH 29 begins at an interchange with US 83 south of Menard. SH 29 travels east to Mason, where it begins an overlap with US 377 west of town. The two highways travel into town together where at US 87 SH 29 separates from US 377 and heads south on US 87 for about 1/4 mile before separating and heading east towards Llano. West of Llano, SH 29 begins an overlap with SH 71 that lasts until SH 16 in Llano. Leaving Llano, SH 29 travels on the south side of Buchanan Lake traveling near the Buchanan Dam. Less than a mile after the dam, SH 29 crosses the Colorado River/Inks Lake. The highway then heads towards Burnet, where it intersects US 281.

Burnet to SH 95Edit

Leaving Burnet, SH 29 travels through the towns of Bertram and Liberty Hill before intersecting US 183 at Seward Junction north of Leander. SH 29 then arrives in Georgetown, where it intersects I-35 and serves as the south boundary for Southwestern University. On the east side of town, SH 29 intersects SH 130 then travels through unincorporated Williamson County before ending at SH 95 north of Taylor.

Junction listEdit

Menard  US 83 – Junction, MenardWestern terminus; Interchange
  FM 2092 west – Menard
Hext  RM 1221 south – London
  FM 1311 north
Mason  RM 1222 north – Brady
  US 377 south – JunctionWest end of US 377 overlap
Mason   US 87 north / US 377 north – BradyEast end of US 377 overlap; West end of US 87 overlap
   US 87 south / RM 1871 south – FredericksburgEast end of US 87 overlap
  RM 386 north – Fredonia
  RM 1900 north
Llano  RM 2768 south – Castell
  SH 71 west – BradyWest end of SH 71 overlap
Llano   SH 16 / SH 71 east – Comanche, Fredericksburg, Marble FallsEast end of SH 71 overlap
  RM 2241 north – Paradise Point
  RM 1431 – Paradise Point, Marble Falls
  SH 261 north – Paradise Point
 Bridge over Colorado River/Inks Lake
Burnet  RM 690 north
  PR 4 south – Inks Lake State Park, Longhorn Cavern State Park
  RM 2341 west
Burnet  US 281 – Lampasas, Marble Falls
Bertram  RM 243 southWest end of RM 243 overlap
   RM 243 north / RM 1174 north (Grange Street) – FlorenceEast end of RM 243 overlap; West end of RM 1174 overlap
  RM 1174 south – Balcones CanyonlandsEast end of RM 1174 overlap
WilliamsonLiberty Hill  Loop 332 east – Liberty Hill
  RM 1869 – Balcones Canyonlands
  Loop 332 west – Liberty Hill
  US 183 – Lampasas, Austin
Georgetown  I-35 – Belton, AustinI-35 exit 261.
  Bus. I-35 (Austin Avenue)
  SH 130 Toll – Austin-Bergstrom International AirportSH 130 exit 415.
Jonah  FM 1660 south – Hutto
  SH 95 – Temple, Taylor
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

In popular cultureEdit

Texas State Highway 29 is mentioned in Doug Supernaw's song "State Fair" where the narrator describes his cousin getting killed by a drunk driver on "route 29"


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