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Interstate 35E (I-35E), an Interstate Highway, is the eastern half of I-35 where it splits to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. I-35 splits into two branch routes, I-35W and I-35E at Hillsboro. I-35E travels northward for 97 miles (156 km), maintaining I-35's sequence of exit numbers. It travels through Dallas before rejoining with I-35W to reform I-35 in Denton. This is one of two pairs of suffixed Interstates that has not been eliminated; I-35 also splits into I-35E and I-35W in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Interstate 35E marker

Interstate 35E
Stemmons Freeway
I-35E highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length96.76 mi[1] (155.72 km)
Major junctions
South end I-35 / I-35W / US 77 in Hillsboro
North end I-35 / I-35W in Denton
CountiesHill, Ellis, Dallas, Denton
Highway system

Historically, other interstates were given directional suffixes. On every other interstate, the directional suffixes were phased out by giving the route a loop or spur designation (such as I-270 in Maryland, which was once I-70S), or in some cases were assigned a different route number (such as I-76, which was once I-80S). In the case of I-35, since both branches return to a unified interstate beyond the twin cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, the AASHTO committees allowed the suffixes to remain.

IH-35E in Lewisville looking north from State Highway 121

Route descriptionEdit

Concurrent routesEdit

U.S. Highway 67Edit

Interstate 35E travels concurrently with U.S. Route 67 (US 67) from just north of Kiest Boulevard in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas to the I-30 interchange in downtown Dallas. From there, US 67 joins with I-30. On both segments, US 67 is unsigned.

U.S. Highway 77Edit

From Waco, Texas to El Dorado, Kansas, I-35 (or I-35E) typically runs concurrent with, or lies fairly close to, US 77. This highway travels parallel to I-35E after splitting off of I-35 north of Hillsboro, running through Italy and Milford. It joins with I-35E for less than 1 mile (1.6 km) just south of Waxahachie, before splitting back off to run through Waxahachie. It rejoins the interstate just north of a junction with State Highway 342 in Red Oak. US 77 stays with the interstate through Dallas and up to the southeastern section of Denton. It then breaks off, rejoining I-35 north of the city. Except for the spur sections (Denton and the section between Red Oak and Hillsboro) and the portion from I-635 to the split in Denton, US 77 is unsigned.

From the Dallas–Ellis county line to DentonEdit

I-35E with Renaissance Dallas Hotel at 2222 Stemmons Freeway in the background

From the Dallas–Ellis County line to downtown Dallas, I-35E is called South R.L. Thornton Freeway and varies from eight to ten lanes plus HOV. The section from I-20 to Downtown Dallas will be undergoing a major reconstruction by 2015 to 12 lanes. Reconstruction of I-35E and the downtown Mixmaster interchange with I-30 is planned as part of the Horseshoe project,[2] derived from the larger Pegasus Project.[3][4] From this point, I-35E is named the Stemmons Freeway to Lewisville. This section will undergo reconstruction in three phases. The first, a widening of I-35E from I-635 to Denton, will start in late 2011 to over 16 lanes. The second, the LBJ Project, will include elevated toll I-35E lanes by 2016. Last is the major reconstruction of Stemmons Freeway (I-35E) from downtown Dallas to I-635 to over 20 lanes by 2020.[citation needed]

I-35E interchange with Texas State Highway Spur 366
I-35E in Denton


Interstate 35E replaced most of US 77 between Hillsboro and Denton. US 77 is unsigned along the route, with the exception of the highway that runs through WaxahachieRed Oak and Denton. I-35E was completed in the early 60s.

When first designated, I-35W & I-35E were the only "suffixed" highways in Texas. Subsequently, I-69W, I-69E, and I-69C have been designated.

Exit listEdit

Hill0.00.0370  I-35 south – WacoI-35E south and I-35W merge into I-35
0.20.32370A   US 77 north / Spur 579 – HillsboroSouthbound exit only
0.71.1370B  I-35W north – Fort WorthSouthbound exit only
Carl's Corner2.54.0374  FM 2959 – Carl's Corner
5.89.3377  FM 934
Ellis9.615.4381  FM 566 (Milford Road)
13.621.9384Derrs Chapel Road
Italy15.124.3386  SH 34 – Italy, Ennis
19.731.7391  FM 329 (Forreston Road)
Waxahachie26.642.8397  US 77 – Waxahachie
27.544.3399    FM 66 / FM 876 / FM 1446Signed as exits 399A (FM 66 / FM 876) and 399B (FM 1446) southbound
29.347.2401ABrookside Road
   Bus. US 287 / FM 664 – Waxahachie
31.550.7403   US 287 – Corsicana, Fort WorthAccess to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Waxahachie
33.253.4404Lofland Road
34.355.2405  FM 387
35.457.0406Sterrett Road
Red Oak36.959.4408   US 77 south / SH 342 – Red OakSouth end of US 77 overlap
38.562.0410ARed Oak Road
39.563.6410B  FM 664 (Ovilla Road)
DallasLancasterGlenn Heights line40.965.8412Bear Creek Road
LancasterDeSoto line42.668.6413Parkerville Road
43.169.4414  FM 1382 (Belt Line Road)
44.171.0415Pleasant Run Road
45.072.4416Wintergreen Road
Dallas tripoint
46.074.0417Danieldale Road / Wheatland Road
Dallas47.175.8418  I-20 – Fort Worth, ShreveportSigned as exits 418A (west) and 418B (east); I-20 exit 467
48.778.4419Camp Wisdom Road
49.479.5420Laureland Road
50.180.6421  Loop 12 / Ann Arbor AvenueSigned as exits 421A (east) and 421B (west)
51.482.7422ABeckley Avenue / Overton RoadNo direct southbound exit (signed at Kiest Boulevard)
51.783.2422BKiest BoulevardSigned as exit 422B-A southbound
52.484.3423A  US 67 south – CleburneSouth end of US 67 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
  US 67 southAccess for reversible HOV lane only; southbound exit and northbound right entrance
52.584.5423BSaner AvenueNo direct southbound entrance (signed via Kiest Boulevard)
52.985.1424  Illinois AvenueAccess to Illinois Station
54.187.1425AZang Boulevard / Beckley Avenue
54.687.9425BBeckley Avenue / 12th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
54.788.0425CMarsalis Avenue
55.288.8426AEwing AvenueNo direct northbound exit (signed at exit 425C)
55.589.3426B  SH 180 west (8th Street)
55.689.5426CJefferson BoulevardSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
56.290.4427A  Colorado BoulevardSigned as Exit 426C northbound; Access to Methodist Medical Center of Dallas
56.590.9427CRiverfront Boulevard, Cadiz StreetSigned as exit 428B southbound
56.691.1428A  I-30 east (US 67 north) / Griffin Street – Texarkana, Downtown DallasSigned as Exit 427A northbound; North end of US 67 overlap; I-30 exits 45A-B
56.891.4428CReunion Boulevard, Commerce StreetSigned as Exit 428 northbound
56.991.6428D  I-30 west – Fort WorthSigned as Exit 427B northbound; I-30 exits 45A-B
57.893.0429A   To I-45 / US 75 (via Spur 366) / Singleton Boulevard – Houston, McKinneySigned as Exit 428 northbound; access from I-35E south to Singleton Boulevard
57.993.2429BContinental Avenue, Commerce Street west
58.694.3429CVictory Avenue / Hi Line DriveNo direct southbound exit (signed at exit 430A)
58.894.6429D  Dallas North TollwayNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
59.195.1430AOak Lawn Avenue
59.595.8430B  Market Center BoulevardAccess to Market Center Station
59.595.8430CWycliff AvenueNo direct northbound exit (signed at exit 430B)
60.296.9431Medical District DrivePreviously Motor Street
60.897.8432A  Inwood RoadAccess to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Hospital, and Children's Medical Center
61.799.3432BCommonwealth Drive (SH 356)
62.3100.3433A   SH 183 to SH 114 – Irving, DFW AirportNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
62.2100.1433B  Mockingbird Lane – Dallas Love Field Airport
63.0101.4434AEmpire Central
63.7102.5434BRegal Row
64.4103.6435  Harry Hines BoulevardNorthbound exit and southbound entrance, access to Bachman Station
65.5105.4436A   Loop 12 / Spur 348 (Northwest Highway) – Irving, DFW AirportSigned as exits 436A (Loop 12 south) and 436B (Loop 12 east / Spur 348) southbound
65.7105.7436B  I-35E Express to I-635 Express eastNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; south end of Express Lanes
66.7107.3437Mañana RoadNorthbound exit only
  Loop 12 southSouthbound exit and northbound entrance for Express lanes only
67.2108.1438  Walnut Hill LaneAccess to Walnut Hill / Denton Station
Walnut Hill LaneSouthbound exit and northbound entrance for Express lanes only
68.3109.9439  Royal LaneAccess to Royal Lane Station
68.8110.7440AForest LaneNorthbound exit only
69.0111.0440B   I-635 / I-635 Express eastIncludes free access from Express Lanes; I-635 exits 27A-B-C
440C   I-635 west – DFW AirportSigned as exits 440B (east) and 440C (west); I-635 exits 27B-C
Farmers Branch69.7112.2441  Valley View LaneAccess to Farmers Branch Station
70.7113.8442Valwood Parkway
Carrollton71.8115.6443ACrosby RoadNo direct southbound exit (signed at exit 443B)
72.0115.9443BBelt Line Road
72.8117.2443CFrontage RoadFormer northbound exit only
73.4118.1444  Whitlock Lane / Sandy Lake RoadAccess to Trinity Mills Station
74.3119.6445A  SH 190 / Dickerson ParkwaySouthbound exit via exit 446
74.4119.7445B  Pres. George Bush Turnpike
Denton74.8120.4446Frankford Road
Lewisville76.3122.8447A   Sam Rayburn Tollway – Airport
76.5123.1447B  SH 121
77.1124.1448   FM 3040 (Round Grove Road) / Hebron ParkwayAccess to Hebron Station
78.5126.3449Corporate Drive
  Bus. SH 121
80.4129.4451Fox Avenue
80.8130.0452   FM 1171 (Main Street)Access to Medical City Lewisville
81.6131.3453Valley Ridge Boulevard
82.4132.6454A  FM 407 (Justin Road) / Lake Park Road
83.8134.9454B  Garden Ridge BoulevardAccess to Highland Village/Lewisville Lake Station
Hickory Creek86.1138.6457Lake Dallas Drive
I-35E ExpressSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; north end of Express Lanes
Lake DallasHickory Creek
Corinth tripoint
86.7139.5458  FM 2181 west / Swisher RoadSigned as exit 458A northbound; access to Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge
Corinth458BQuail Run DriveNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
88.1141.8459Frontage Road
89.2143.6460Corinth Parkway
90.3145.3461Post Oak Drive / Lakeview Boulevard
Denton91.5147.3462   State School Road / Mayhill RoadAccess to Denton Regional Medical Center and Medpark Station
91.8147.7463   Loop 288 / Lillian Miller ParkwayAccess to Medpark Station
93.5150.5464  US 77 north – DentonNorth end of US 77 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
93.8151.0Pennsylvania DriveFormer southbound exit only
94.0151.3465A  FM 2181 (Teasley Lane)
94.6152.2465B  US 377 (Fort Worth Drive)
95.5153.7466AMcCormick Street
95.9154.3466BNorth Texas Boulevard
96.3155.0467    I-35W south / FM 1515 (Bonnie Brae Street) / Airport Road – Fort WorthNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; I-35W exit 85A, access to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton
96.7155.6  I-35 north – Oklahoma CityI-35E north and I-35W merge into I-35
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routesEdit

  • Interstate 635, while technically a loop of I-35, only intersects I-35E and neither I-35 nor I-35W.

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