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Texas State Highway Loop 375

Loop 375 is a beltway that partially encircles the city of El Paso, Texas. The beltway is mostly a freeway, except for its northern section, which includes at-grade intersections. The highway passes through various areas of El Paso, funneling traffic within and around the city. The road is known locally under different names, as Woodrow Bean Transmountain Drive in the northern section, Purple Heart Memorial Freeway in the northeastern section, Joe Battle Boulevard in the eastern section, and the César Chávez Border Highway in the southern section.

State Highway Loop 375 marker

State Highway Loop 375
Loop 375 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length49.21 mi[1] (79.20 km)
Major junctions
Beltway around El Paso, TX
CCW end I-10 / US 85 / US 180 in El Paso
CW end US 62 / US 85 in El Paso
CountiesEl Paso
Highway system
Loop 374Loop 376

Route descriptionEdit

Woodrow Bean Transmountain DriveEdit

Loop 375 begins clockwise at an intersection with I-10 near Canutillo. Heading east, the highway enters and passes through the Franklin Mountains State Park and the Fort Bliss Castner Range before leaving at Northeast El Paso, where it meets US 54. The highway passes through Northeast El Paso before entering Fort Bliss.

The section through Franklin Mountains State Park includes many road cuts which expose outcrops of Precambrian rocks, which are some of the oldest in Texas.[2]

Purple Heart Memorial FreewayEdit

After entering Fort Bliss, the highway bypasses Biggs Army Airfield to the north and east, and meets Spur 601 east of the airfield, before leaving at an intersection with US 62/US 180 in Southeast El Paso.

Joe Battle BoulevardEdit

After leaving Fort Bliss, the highway passes through Southeast El Paso, heading south through residential neighborhoods, before curving southwest to meet I-10 at a stack interchange. Continuing southwest, the highway passes through more neighborhoods before meeting the El Paso Ysleta Port of Entry.

César Chávez Border HighwayEdit

After meeting the El Paso Ysleta Port of Entry, the highway curves northwest, following the Mexico-United States border along the Rio Grande. Heading into downtown, the highway intersects US 54 at an interchange, passing unter the El Paso BOTA Port of Entry. The highway continues west into downtown, ending at US 62/US 85 Paisano Drive in downtown.

Snowfall in the Franklin Mountains State Park forces the closure of Woodrow Bean Transmountain Drive
The largest road cut on Transmountain Drive, at the mile-high crest of Smuggler's Pass


Loop 375 was designated on January 26, 1962 from I-10 southeastward, eastward, southeastward, and southward to the Zaragosa International Bridge. On January 1, 1965, the section of FM 259 from I-10 to US 80 (now SH 20) became part of Loop 375. On April 1, 1968, Loop 375 extended northwestward 12.5 miles, and the section to the Zaragosa International Bridge became a spur connection. On January 29, 1991, the section from SH 20 northeast to Loop 375 was also added, which when constructed, the old route of Loop 375 was to be deleted. On April 24, 2008, this section was deleted, but was restored as Spur 276 on July 31, 2008, but this was changed to Spur 16 on July 26, 2012, probably due to a reference to the old Loop 16.


The Texas Department of Transportation announced plans to add toll lanes to the Border Highway portion of Loop 375 between Downtown El Paso and the Ysleta–Zaragoza International Bridge.[citation needed]

In 2012, construction commenced on an upgrade of the Transmountain Drive section of Loop 375. This expansion was controversial, as this section passes through the protected Franklin Mountains State Park.[3]

TxDOT and the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization offered several plans for building a western leg of Loop 375 from downtown to Canutillo, Texas.[citation needed] This project would later be named as the Border West Expressway in 2014.[4] Preliminary plans for the project included upgrading US 85/Paisano Drive to freeway status from Downtown to Sunland Park Drive, then allowing Loop 375 to run concurrently with Interstate 10 between Sunland Park Drive and Woodrow Bean Transmountain Road at Canutillo.[citation needed] The project is intended as an alternate route to I-10 to relieve traffic congestion in and around downtown El Paso.[5] Funding and construction of the project began in September 2007.[6] The highway is proposed to be a four lane toll road.[7] In March 2018, the original completion date estimate of late 2017 was pushed back to May 2019.[8]

Aerial view of the construction of the Border West Expressway in December 2017.
Panoramic view from Sun Bowl Drive at the University of Texas at El Paso, towards Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, in August 2018, the location of the future Border West Expressway

Exit listEdit

The entire route is in El Paso County.

El Paso0.000.00  Spur 16 south (Transmountain Drive west)
    I-10 / US 85 / US 180 – Las Cruces
Interchange; counterclockwise terminus of Loop 375; I-10 exit 6A; Transmountain Dr. continues west as Spur 16 south
11ANorthwestern DriveInterchange; west (counterclockwise) end of freeway; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; westbound access via exit 11B
  I-10 east (US 85 / US 180) – El PasoWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; I-10 exit 6B
11BResler Drive / Plexxar DrivePlexxar Dr. replaced by Northwestern Dr. on westbound signage
12Paseo Del Norte DriveInterchange; east (clockwise) end of freeway
21  US 54 / Kenworthy StreetInterchange; west (counterclockwise) end of freeway; US 54 exit 29
   Bus. US 54 (Dyer Street) / FM 2529 (McCombs Street)
Signed as exit 24A westbound
24Bomarc Street / Railroad DriveSigned as exit 24B westbound; Bomarc St. not signed westbound
Fort BlissNot a Public Exit – Construction Vehicles OnlyAccess to Biggs Army Airfield and East Fort Bliss
30   Spur 601 west (Liberty Expressway) – Airport
32Iron Medics DriveWill provide access to the (under construction) William Beaumont Army Medical Center
El Paso35   US 62 / US 180 (Montana Avenue)
38Edgemere Boulevard
39Pebble Hills Boulevard
40  FM 659 (Zaragoza Road) / Montwood DriveSigned as exit 40B northbound
40A  FM 659 north (Zaragoza Road)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
41Vista Del Sol Drive
42APellicano Drive / Rojas DriveSigned as exit 42 southbound; signed as Pellicano Dr. only northbound
42BBob Hope DriveNo direct southbound exit (signed at exit 42)
44  I-10No direct exits to I-10 east (signed southbound at exit 42 and northbound at exit 45); exits from frontage road signed as 44B (I-10 west) and 44C (I-10 east); I-10 exit 34
45  FM 76 (North Loop Road) / Rojas Drive
47   SH 20 (Alameda Avenue) / FM 258 (Socorro Road) / Pan American Drive
48Zaragoza Roadto Zaragoza International Bridge
49Padres Drive
Plant RoadEastbound exit and entrance
51Yarbrough Drive
53Midway Drive
56Fonseca Drive
58   US 54 east to I-10 west
59  US 62 (Paisano Drive)/Coles StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance via Coles Street
60ACampbell StreetWestbound right-in/right-out
60BOregon StreetWestbound right-in only; last westbound exit before tollway
62Spur 1966
64Executive Center Boulevard
Toll Gantry; electronic toll collection (TxTag or Pay by Mail)
66ADoniphan RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
66B  To I-10 east / Sunland Park DriveWestbound exit only
66  US 85 (Paisano Drive)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; last eastbound exit before tollway
Race Track DriveEastbound exit and westbound entrance
  I-10 west (US 85 north / US 180 west)Interchange; clockwise terminus of Loop 375; I-10 exit 13
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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