Queen Jeonghui

Queen Jeonghui or Queen Jung-Hee (Hangul:정희왕후, Hanja:貞熹王后) (8 December 1418 – 6 May 1483), of the Papyeong Yun clan, was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and queen consort of Yi Yu, King Sejo. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1455 until her husband's death in 1468, after which she was honoured as Queen Dowager Jaseong (자성왕대비) during the reign of her son, Yi Hwang, King Yejong, and honoured as Grand Queen Dowager Jaseong (자성대왕대비) during the reign of her grandson, Yi Hyeol, King Seongjong.

Queen Jeonghui
Grand Queen dowager of Joseon
Tenure1469 – 1483
Queen dowager of Joseon
Tenure1468 – 1469
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1455 – 1468
Born8 December 1418
Hongcheon, Kingdom of Joseon
Died6 May 1483(1483-05-06) (aged 64)
Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Yu, King Sejo
IssueYi Jang, Crown Prince Uigyeong
Yi Se-seon, Princess Uisuk
Yi Hwang, King Yejong
Yi Se-Hui, Princess Uiryeong
Posthumous name
HousePapyeong Yun
FatherYun Beon
MotherGrand Internal Princess Consort Heungnyeong of the Incheon Lee clan

She is the first Joseon royal consort to receive the title grand queen dowager. During her tenure as grand queen dowager, she also served as regent for her young grandson from 1469 to 1477 with her daughter-in-law, Queen Dowager Insu, as adviser after the sudden death of Yejong in 1469.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Queen Jeonghui was born on 8 December 1418, in the eighteenth year of King Taejong's reign. Her father Yun Beon (Hangul: 윤번, Hanja: 尹璠) (1384–1448) would later become Chief State Councilor. Her mother was Yun Beon's wife Lady Lee (Hangul: 이씨, Hanja: 李氏).

She married the then-Grand Prince Suyang in 1428, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth lunar month in the tenth year of King Sejong's reign.

She became Queen consort upon her husband's accession to the throne in 1455 after a coup d'état against his nephew Danjong.


In 1469, King Yejong died suddenly at the age of 20 and was succeeded by his nephew, Queen Jeonghui's grandson King Seongjong, who was third in line to the throne, rather than his son, Prince Jean. The official reasons given was that he was deemed to young at 4 years old to become king and that Sonjeongs elder brother was too sickly but the more likely reason Seongjong was picked was due to his marriage to the daughter of the powerful Han Myonghoe. As Seongjong was only 13 at the time of his accession, Queen Jeonghui ruled the nation in Seongjong's name as regent along with her daughter-in-law, Seongjong's mother, Queen Insu (whose husband had never actually been king). During her regency, common farmers were granted the right to cultivate fields that had originally belonged to the military. In 1474, the code of law, first ordered by King Sejo, was completed and put into effect.

Later lifeEdit

Queen Jeonghui's regency ended in 1477, when King Seongjong, now 20 years old, assumed the reins of government himself. She died on 6 May 1483, in the fourteenth year of King Seongjong's reign.



  • Father − Yun Beon (1384 – 1448) (윤번)
    • a) Grandfather − Yun Seung-Rye (윤승례, 尹承禮) (? - 13 October 1397)
      • b) Great-Grandfather − Yun Cheok (윤척, 尹陟) (? - 1384)
        • c) Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Ahn-suk (윤안숙, 尹安淑)[2][3]
          • d) Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Bo (윤보, 尹珤) (? - 1329)
          • d) Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Park (박씨, 朴氏)
      • b) Great-Grandmother − Lady of the Jeonui Lee clan (전의 이씨)
    • a) Grandmother − Lady of the Andong Kwon clan (안동 권씨); Yun Seung-rye’s second wife
  • Mother − Grand Internal Princess Consort Heungnyeong of the Incheon Lee clan (흥녕부대부인 인천 이씨, 興寧府大夫人 仁川 李氏) (1383 - 1456)
    • Grandfather − Lee Mun-Hwa (1358 – 1414) (이문화)
    • Grandmother − Lady Choi of the Chungju Choi clan (충주 최씨)


6 older sisters, 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother

  • Older sister − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨, 坡平 尹氏). Husband: Hong Won-yong (홍원용, 洪元用) of the Namyang Hong clan (남양 홍씨) (1401? - 1466)
  • Older sister − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (정경부인 윤씨, 貞敬夫人 尹氏). Husband: Seong Bong-jo (성봉조, 成奉祖) of the Changnyeong Seong clan (창녕 성씨) (1401 - 1474)
    • Nephew − Seong Yul (성율, 成慄)
  • Older sister − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (정경부인 윤씨, 貞敬夫人 尹氏). Husband: Lee Yeon-sun (이연손, 李延孫) (? - 1463)
  • Older sister − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨, 坡平 尹氏). Husband: Lee Yeom-ui (이염의, 李念義) (1409? - 1492)
  • Older sister − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨, 坡平 尹氏). Husband: Oh Deok-gi (오덕기, 吳慶基)
  • Older sister − Princess Consort Ahnseong, Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (정경부인 안성군부인 윤씨, 貞敬夫人 安城郡夫人 尹氏). Husband: Han Gye-mi (한계미, 韓繼美) (1421 - 1471)[4]
  • Older brother − Yun Sa-bun (윤사분, 尹士昐) (1401 - 1471). Wife: Lady Jang of the Deoksu Jang clan (정경부인 덕수 장씨, 貞敬夫人 德水 張氏)
    • Nephew − Yun Heum (윤흠, 尹欽)
  • Older brother − Yun Sa-yoon (윤사윤, 尹士昀) (1409 - 7 December 1461).[5] Wife: Lady Choi of the Suwon Choi clan (수원 최씨, 水原崔氏)
    • Nephew − Yun Bo (윤보, 尹甫)[6]
      • Grandnephew − Yun Yeo-pil (윤여필, 尹汝弼) (1466 - 1555)[7]
      • Grandnephew − Yun Yeo-hae (윤여해, 尹汝諧)
  • Younger brother − Yun Sa-heun (윤사흔, 尹士昕) (1422 - 1485).[8] Wife: Lady Kim of the Gyerim Kim clan (계림 김씨, 鷄林 金氏)
    • Nephew − Yun Suk-gyeom (윤숙겸, 尹叔謙)
    • Nephew − Yun Gye-gyeom (윤계겸, 尹繼謙) (1442 - 1483)[9]
      • Grandnephew − Yun Uk (윤욱, 尹頊) (1459 - 1485)[10]
      • Grandnephew − Yun Rim (윤림, 尹琳)
    • Nephew − Yun Yu-ui (윤유의, 尹由義)
    • Nephew − Yun Yu-rye (윤유례, 尹由禮)
    • Nephew − Yun Yu-ji (윤유지, 尹由智)



2 sons, 2 daughters

  • Yi Jang, Crown Prince Uigyeong (3 October 1438 – 20 September 1457) (이장 의경세자). Wife: Queen Sohye of the Cheongju Han clan (7 October 1437 – 11 May 1504) (소혜왕후 한씨)
    • Grandson − Grand Prince Wolsan (월산대군, 月山大君) (5 January 1455 - 22 January 1489). Wife: Grand Internal Princess Consort Seungpyeong of the Suncheon Park clan (승평부대부인 순천 박씨, 昇平府大夫人 順天 朴氏) (1455 - 20 July 1506)[11][12][13]
    • Granddaughter − Princess Myeongsuk (명숙공주, 明淑公主) (1455 - 1482). Husband: Hong Sang (홍상, 洪常) (1457 - 1513)
    • Grandson − Yi Hyeol, King Seongjong (성종대왕, 成宗大王) (19 August 1457 - 19 January 1495). Primary wives: a) Queen Gonghye of the Cheongju Han clan (공혜왕후 한씨, 恭惠王后 韓氏) (8 November 1456 - 30 April 1474),[14] b) Queen Jeheon of the Haman Yun clan (제헌왕후, 齊獻王后) (15 July 1455 - 29 August 1482), c) Queen Jeonghyeon of the Papyeong Yun clan (정현왕후 윤씨, 貞顯王后 尹氏) (21 July 1462 - 13 September 1530)
  • Yi Se-seon (이세선, 李世宣) (1442 – 3 December 1477), Princess Uisuk (의숙공주). Husband: Jeong Hyeon-Jo (1440 – 13 July 1504) (정현조) of the Hadong Jeong clan (하동 정씨, 河東 鄭氏)[15]
  • Yi Hwang, King Yejong (14 January 1450 – 31 December 1469) (조선 예종). Primary wives: a) Queen Jangsun of the Cheongju Han clan (22 February 1445 – 5 January 1462) (장순왕후 한씨),[16] b) Queen Ansun of the Cheongju Han clan (12 March 1445 – 3 February 1499) (안순왕후 한씨)
  • Yi Se-Hui (이세희, 李世熺), Princess Uiryeong (의령공주) or Princess Uihwa (의화공주).[17][18] Husband: Kim Cha-dong (김차동)[19]

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Queen Jeonghui
Papyeong Yun clan
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Jeongsun
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Queen consort of Joseon
1455 – 1468
Succeeded by
Queen Ansun
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Queen Dowager Uideok (Jeongsun)
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