Queen Jeonghyeon

Queen Jeonghyeon or Queen Jung-Hyun (정현왕후 윤씨) (21 July 1462 – 13 September 1530), of the Papyeong Yun clan,[1] was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and third queen consort of Yi Hyeol, King Seongjong and the mother of Yi Yeok, King Jungjong. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1480 until her husband's death in 1494, after which she was honoured as Queen Dowager Jasun (자순왕대비).

Queen Jeonghyeon
Queen dowager of Joseon
Tenure1494 – 1530
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure1480 – 1494
Born21 July 1462
Kingdom of Joseon
Died13 September 1530 (1530-09-14) (aged 68)
Dong Palace, Gyeongbok Palace, Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Hyeol, King Seongjong
IssueYi Yeok, King Jungjong
Princess Sunsuk
Princess Shinsuk
Posthumous name
HousePapyeong Yun
FatherYun Ho
MotherLady Yeonan of the Damyang Jeon clan


Yun Chang-nyeon (윤창년, 尹昌年) was born on 21 July 1462 into the Paepyeong Yun clan to Yun Bo and his wife, Lady Jeon of the Damyang Jeon clan as their second child. On her father’s side, one of her 6th cousins (육촌오빠) was Yun Pil-sang (윤필상, 尹弼商), Internal Prince Papyeong (파평부원군, 坡平府院君) (1427 – 1504). Through her father, Royal Consort Hee-bi of the Papyeong Yun clan and Queen Jeonghui, are her ascendants.

She was elected deliberately when her father Yun-ho served as a high position in 1473, and was rebuked as a queen in 1479 after the demise of Queen Yun (the mother of Yeongsangun). It is argued that she helped to bring Queen Yun’s demise along with her father Yun Ho and her 6th cousin, Yun Pil-sang. But it is unknown how much Queen Jeonghyeon, who was 17 years old at the time, was involved in the abolition of the now deposed Queen Yun. Since it’s speculated that 18-year-old Queen Jeongsun was also behind it, it could be said that the probability is sufficient.

She gave birth to Grand Prince Jinseong and two princesses, Princess Suksun and Princess Sukshin, who died early. Formerly, Yun was one of Seongjong's concubines, instated in 1473 with Suk-ui rank.

But she was then selected as the third queen consort of Seongjong on 8 November 1480.

Seongjong's first wife, Queen Gonghye of the Cheongju Han clan, was also a distant relative of Queen Jeonghyeon. Queen Jeonghyun's great-grandmother, Lady Han of the Cheongju Han clan, is the daughter of Han Sang-jil, and a paternal aunt of one of King Sejo's close associates, Han Myeong-hoe; making them first cousins.

Afterwards, the resuscitation of Queen Yun, Yeosangun, who was resuscitated, grew up knowing her as his birth mother.In 1493, when writing the tombstone of Seongjong and his head, somebody learned of Yun's private affairs and provided the cause of the massacre of the Salims through sudden death.

In 1497, during Yeosangun’s third year of reign, she received the honor of Jasun (慈 順) and Hwahye (和 惠) in 1504 for her posthumous title. In 1506, during a revolt, the leading forces of the anti-government advocated the establishment of Grand Prince Jinseong (later King Jungjong) on the throne and consented.

The Queen consort died on 13 December 1530 at the age of 68 within Gyeongbok Palace’s Dong Palace.

She is buried in Seonreung (Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea) with her husband and his first wife, Queen Gonghye.



  • Uncle - Yun Oh (윤오, 尹塢)
  • Uncle - Yun Dang (윤당, 尹塘)
  • Father − Yun Ho (1424 – 9 April 1496) (윤호, 尹壕)
  • Uncle - Yun Hae (윤해, 尹垓)
  • Uncle - Yun Tan (윤탄, 尹坦)
  • Uncle - Yun Pa (윤파, 尹坡)
    • 1) Grandfather − Yun Sam-San (1406 – 1457) (윤삼산, 尹三山)
      • 2) Great-Grandfather − Yun Geun (윤곤, 尹坤) (? - 11 March 1422)
        • 3) Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Seung-sun (윤승순, 尹承順) (? - 1392)[2]
          • 4) Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Cheok (윤척, 尹陟) (? - 1384)
            • 5) Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Ahn-suk (윤안숙, 尹安淑)[3][4]
              • 6) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Bo (윤보, 尹珤) (? - 1329)
                • 7) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather −Yun Sun (윤순, 尹純)
                  • 8) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Bok-won (윤복원, 尹復元)
                    • 9) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather − Yun Sang-gye (윤상계, 尹商季) (? - 1201)
                • 7) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Lee
              • 6) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Park
          • 4) Great-Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Lee
        • 3) Great-Great-Grandmother − Lady Yi of the Danyang Yi clan (단양 이씨)
      • 2) Great-Grandmother − Lady Han of the Cheongju Han clan (청주 한씨);[5] Yun Geun’s second wife
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Lee of the Goseong Lee clan (고성 이씨)
  • Mother − Lady Yeonan of the Damyang Jeon clan (연안부부인 담양 전씨, 延安府夫人 潭陽 田氏) (1421 - 27 October 1496)
    • 1) Grandfather − Jeon Jwa-Myeong (1424 – 1521) (전좌명, 田佐命)
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Yi of the Jeonju Yi clan (전주 이씨)


  • Younger brother − Yun Eun-ro (윤은로, 尹殷老)
  • Younger brother − Yun Tang-ro (윤탕로, 尹湯老) (1466 - 5 June 1508). Wife: Lady Yi of the Jeonju Yi clan (전주 이씨) (? - 29 June 1509)[6]
    • Nephew − Yun Jin (윤진, 尹珍) (24 November 1498 - 23 February 1543). Wives: (a) Lady Kim of the Gwangsan Kim clan (광산 김씨, 光山 金氏) (b) Lady Hong of the Namyang Hong clan (남양 홍씨) (1505 - 1587)
      • Unnamed grandniece
      • Grandnephew − Yun Yoo-geun (윤유곤, 尹裕昆) (3 March 1526 - 21 January 1549). Wife: Lady Yi of the Jeonju Yi clan (전주 이씨) (1528 - 18 October 1590)[7]
      • Grandniece − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨). Husband: Han Gyeong-sang (한경상, 韓景祥)
      • Grandnephew − Yun Yoo-hu (윤유후, 尹裕後) (11 January 1541 - 13 August 1606)
    • Niece − Lady of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨). Husband: Yi Chang-in (이창인, 李昌仁) of the Jeonju Yi clan
      • Grandnephew − Yi Suk (이숙, 李淑)
    • Half-nephew − Yun Seok (윤석, 尹錫)
    • Half-nephew − Yun Nan-dong (윤난동, 尹蘭同)
    • Half-niece − Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (파평 윤씨). Husband: Kim Won-seok (김원석, 金元錫)



  • Adoptive son − Yi Yung, King Yeonsan (연산군, 燕山君) (23 November 1476 - 20 November 1506)
  • Daughter − Princess Sunsuk (1478 – 14 July 1488) (순숙공주)[8]
  • Daughter − Princess Shinsuk (1481 – 13 February 1486) (신숙공주)[9]
  • Son − Yi Yeok, King Jungjong (16 April 1488 – 29 November 1544) (조선 중종)
  • Unnamed daughter (1490 - 1490)

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Queen Jeonghyeon
Papyeong Yun clan
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Jeheon
of the Haman Yun clan
Queen consort of Joseon
1480 – 1494
Succeeded by
Queen Jeinwondeok
of the Geochang Shin clan
Preceded by
Han Jeong, Queen Dowager Insu (Sohye)
of the Cheongju Han clan
Queen Dowager Inhye (Ansun)
of the Cheongju Han clan
Queen dowager of Joseon
1494 – 1530
Succeeded by
Queen Dowager Seongryeol (Munjeong)
of the Papyeong Yun clan